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Multiplus-II 48/5000 ESS with external grid CT & ET112 on critical loads


I have an ESS setup where the original consumer unit has been replaced with a primary CU to serve non-maintained loads such as electric shower, range cooker, EV charger and the Multiplus-II 48/5000 via AC-In. I then have a secondary CU, powered from AC-Out1 which serves all the other house loads as maintained loads.

I have a Victron external CT clamp around the main meter tails to sense grid power, mainly because I know this is the best way to get fast response to ramp up/down and therefore to maintain a given grid set point.

This setup works fine but on the VRM dashboard and remote console I only see a single value for "AC Loads" which is a combination of the loads from the primary and secondary Customer. What I would like to see is separate values for unmaintained and maintained loads.

So, I decided to add an ET112 inside the secondary consumer unit to measure the maintained loads directly, expecting that this would show up in VRM and the console but it doesn't. This is probably because I have the ET112 set to the "AC load" role which it says in the Cerbo GX manual is only for monitoring purposes. I can read the data from the ET112 via the advanced section in VRM and it's still useful to be able to do that but would be much better if I could see the loads split graphically in the main dashboard or console.

I'm pretty sure I could get it to work the way I want by ditching the external CT clamp and moving the ET112 to the primary CU but then I'd lose the fast response of the grid set point.

Any other way I can get this working the way I want? Any chance Victron's software team might make this topology a supported option to discriminate between maintained and unmaintained loads in the user interface?

Many thanks, Craig.

craigc asked

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MP2, ESS Can not discharge below 19% SOC

Hallo All :)

I'm using the Multiplus II + Cerbo + 3x SOK48V100Ah (16x3.2V LiFePo4) in an ESS setup with AC coupled PV. Batteries are weeks old. Using ESS without battery live only.

I noticed that when I set the lower SOC limit (that triggers ESS#1) below 20%, this limit is never reached. At 17%(with load)-19%(without load) the Multiplus starts charging from grid will 3000W for one or seconds and repeats this after some seconds. Voltage is around 51.2V - 51.8V at that time.

I tried to find a setting in VE.Config & Cerbo without luck. Sustain voltage is set to 48V. Dynamic shutdown is set flat to 48V. Nowhere in the system is this voltage mentioned. The BMS (connected via CAN) anounces no discharge limit, no notification in the Cerbo menu.

When I set the SOC limit to 20%, the ESS#1 is triggered and the battery idles as expected.

I tried to find similar questions in the forum, but only got this one:


which might be a similar problem, but at much lower SOC. I can not discharge that deep.

I even tried to set the grid setpoint above zero, zero, and even at -3500, but with no luck. At about 17% the discharge is interrupted with frequent short charge cycles.

I know that this is not a serious problem, but it really bothers me that I don't understand why this happens.

Sven Ewald asked

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Multiplus II and Hoymiles Microinverters

The Multiplus II can control the output power of an inverter using the frequency: the higher the frequency the MP2 creates, the lower the output of the inverter. This works well with Fronius inverters.

Question: Does this also work with Hoymiles inverters? HM-1500 for example.

markus32 asked
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Inverter data reported to Cerbo incorrect, dual Multiplus II system

The system is made up of dual Multiplus II units in split phase (180 degrees), wired to a Victron Autotransformer (for inverter output balancing).

When connected to grid, in this case 50 amp split phase, L1 is displayed at zero or slightly negative on both input and output. L2 is displayed correctly. When inverting both L1 and L2 are displayed correctly on the output.

In previous systems using the regular Multiplus or Quattro, this issue has not been present.

Screen shots below taken moments apart. Same load throughout.


with grid power


without grid, same load


solseekerssolar asked

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Multiplus II + ESS + Blue Solar MPPT + 5.5kw panels - want to integrate SMA grid tie inverter

Hi there community of helpful people :)

I have the above system installed and want to integrate an existing SMA Sunny Boy inverter (2.5kW) with zero feed in.

I know it needs to be connected to the output of the Multiplus, but I don't know if I need an energy meter Carlo Gavazzi ET112 as well.

Any assistance greatly appreciated :)

mikenr asked

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Fronius + Multiplus + Pylontech grabbing 10% from grid, why?

Hi all!

I have a Fronius Primo 6.0.2 with a Victron Multiplus II and 3 Pylontech 3000c batteries.

And during this first week I've seen how the system is grabbing roughly 10% of the energy from the grid, when there is enough solar power and batteries. Is this expected behaviour?


jesusginard asked
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Multiplus 2 VE.bus not communicating

I have the following commented - a battery monitor via the VE direct port, a solar charger via the internal VE direct port. When i now go onto my device list it says that the VE.Bus system was last updated an hour ago whereas all the others are showing last seen within the last minute. I have added the ESS assistant as well to try to use the solar energy generated and that is where it has all started to go a bit wrong.


davidwilsondoors asked
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Configuring Multiplus II for 48v LiFePo4 Home

Hello all,

My configuration, 2 months old:

4.4kWp PV modules

Multiplus II 48V 3000VA

Smartsolar MPPT 450/100

16xLifepo4 3.2V 280 Ah (only 15 connected now as one pole needs maintenance)

Minerals BMS + Active Equalizer

No Cerbo / Venus

Using the grid only as a backup when the batteries are empty, and not feeding energy to it.

My supplier doesn't have the knowledge to configure correctly the Multiplus in order to set the right priorities for the house loads:

1 From DC storage / solar production

2 When batteries are below 44.3V (15S), switch to grid Passthrough

3 When batteries get charged again above 46V, switch back to DC.

Here is the Ve Config 3 File: conf_15s new.zip

We tried with the Virtual Switch, but seems to me that this DC input low shut-down parameter is interfering with it. Making some tests, opening the DC breaker, the Multi doesn't switch towards the grid, and only shutdowns...


Thank you very much in advance,


mellegerard asked
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Multiplus current reading inaccurate

I have a three phase system, 2x5kW Multiplus per phase with an ABB grid meter. Multiplus current readings 30-40% higher than ABB current readings. ABB meter readings match my hand held multimeter.

achtertuin asked

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Multiplus says AC input disconnected

Hello All

So after 4 months at sea we arrived in Ushuaia, argentian and i went to plug in the shore power and the Multiplus shows AC input - disconnected.

I have power at the shore power cable, through the ELCI> Victron iso transformer> and on the input posts of the multiplus. So essentially it is not seeing the power.

The voltage is reading 205V, 50HZ at the multiplus.

settings in the MP for AC low disconnect at 180 and low connect at 187


Iso transformer

Multiplus 230/500 100-120 Firmware 497 ( VRM says current version is 498 , but using VE connect it says 497 is current)

Digital multi control

Cerbo GX Firmware 2.92

GX touch

Lynx smart BMS

I keep trying to update the firmware to 498 m but for some reason Victorn connect doesnt see it

Im super confused. everything looks good.

Ive tried unplugging on the VE BUS cables so nothing is plugged into the Multiplus and still i cant get it to going charger mode, either in 'On" or "charge only"

I am now getting # 15 Ve bus error randomly

i am also getting the low battery alarm randomly , the batteries are at 26.3

all the firmware looks up. to date.

Any thoughts.



gringosailingexpeditions asked
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2 X 50A Type B MCB simutaniously tripping as of last week after 6 months of no problem.

OK I'm a little stumped at this, I've had no problem for 6 months and there have been no changes except the recent addition of Home Assistance which only polls some Modbus TCP values. I can't really see that being the cause.

So there is a 50A MCB feeding a Small consumer unit via 10mm2 Armored in the CU a 50A MCB feeds AC-IN on a Multiplus II 10K (limited to 50A). There is also an EV charger connected to the same CU on a 32A RCBO.

Randomly both upstream and local 50A MCB's have almost tripped once a day for the last week. I have checked and there is hardly any load at the time (2 - 3 AMPs). This is in contrast to 00:30 to 04:30 every night when there is an ESS Scheduled charge and the EV charges. Both have dynamic load limiting which works perfectly. I see the load sitting at 50A for hours every night.

Normally I might think faulty MCB but I can't see 2 MCB's failing at the same time, and I'm sure a faulty MCB would manifest when fully loaded not at a couple of amps.

One strange thing I noticed, I happened to have the HA screen and Cerbo GX screen in sight when it tripped. The load info etc on the HA screen showed unavailable, which meant the HA Server lost communication with the Cerbo, and then I saw the Cerbo Screen reboot. This is odd as the Cerbo is powered from the battery not from the AC side so should not be affected by Grid Loss.

MCB's only trips on over-current there was no sign of that, not only did 1 but 2 MCB's tripped. Is there any logs or anything I can look at for more info or any suggestion as to the cause?

bm97ppc asked
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Low battery - Inverter idle @ 18% 48.78v

Hi all

Is it normal for a Multiplus 2 48/3000 to give a low battery warning at 18% SOC and then show as idle, I assume the system is now waiting for the voltage to increase by 1.2v as per settings

VRM is showing 48.86v currently (battery)

I have attached screenshots of my settings, anyone notice anything I have set incorrectly, battery is a Pylon US5000

Setting were obtained from the ESS design and install guide and also the Victron / pylontech guide








simon-jukes asked
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Victron Multiplus II 48/5000 and SOFAR SOLAR 11ktl-x

Is it possible to cooperate/ connect the pv ongrid SOFAR SOLAR 11ktl-x inverter with Victron multiplus II, one or three phases?

martin-lzy asked
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MultiPlus-II 2x120V 24/3000/70-50

Is there a system schematic or wiring diagram for the 24V version of the Multiplus II 2X120v?

robkhoo asked
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Parallel Multiplus II - Current Sensor readings?

I saw an issue raised elsewhere, but as an "answer" so both it, and my reply, will likely not be seen... so trying as a question:


[pcbl answered · Sep 28 2022 at 5:35 PM ] I have used the current transformer CT (5m Long) clamped to the Grid AC line, on a multiplus ii 48V 70/5000 + cerbo gx + touch control with success, ESS more or less obeys the grid set point of 50W. However when I expanded to use two units of multiplus, current sensor to the master, nothing to the slave, cerbo gx reports Grid current incorrectly, although the 2 multiplus's functioned as it should, keeping the power at grid at grid set point, as measured by the Utilities Smart meter. Is there any setting on the cerbo gx that I might be missing...


[me earlier today] Has anybody got an answer to the issue just above:

ESS more or less obeys the grid set point of 50W. However when I expanded to use two units of multiplus, current sensor to the master, nothing to the slave, ...

I have the same issue - current sensor to MulitPlus II GX, Grid Set Point to 20W, dashboard reported 20W approx from Grid. Added second MultiPlus II and the Grid current reading is incorrect (and negative as above) - yet a separate meter shows the actual current from grid is the ~20W.

I can only assume it is a setting error on my part - any advice / suggestions much appreciated :)



In short, we both have had current sensor and dashboard work fine with 1x MultiPlus II. Parallel a 2nd MultiPlus II, and although the system correctly follows the Grid Set Point, the dashboard reports an incorrect value ?*!



solarnovice asked

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