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VE.Direct between SmartSolar and MP2GX dropping out

I have a SmartSolar 150/35 and a MultiPlus II GX.

They are connected using a Victron VE.Direct cable.

The connection works, when it works. But it randomly drops out without any clear cause (no physical disturbance to the cable or connections, random times of day).

The charge controller and MP2GX continue to function but the PV information is no longer displayed by the MP2GX or on the VRM portal. This is very, very annoying as it makes it impossible for me to accurately monitor my generation vs my consumption.

I also use the VE.Direct to share the MP2GX temperature sensor data with the SmartSolar. I'm not sure whether this continues to work when the PV information stops being displayed.

To make them communicate again I have to turn the MP2GX off and on again, which is inconvenient. When I do this, VRM does not display the missing PV data for the period where they were not communicating, but they do start communicating again and VRM gets the live PV data once more...

Until they randomly stop communicating again, for no apparent reason.

I'm after any advice around this please.

Multiplus-IIMPPT SmartSolarVE.Direct
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