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Connection more MPPT 450/100 with Ve.Can occupied by Pylontech

Hello, considering extension of system composed from MPPT 450/100, Multiplus II GX 5000 and Pylontech US5000. Due to Pylontech I need run Ve.CAN bus at 500kb/s which pushes me to connect MPPT by VE.Direct.

Speciffic matters of my instalation are requirement to avoid to distribution to grid (AC ignore on virtual switch), keeping Pylontech waranty (system is driven by Pylontech BMS).

1.) Lets consider I want to add some more MPPT 450/100 .. is it possible just to connect MPPTs together by VE.Can and let one of them connected to GX by VE.Direct or I shall use VE.Direct-USB cable for each such MPPT? If the second option is only suitable, how many additional MPPTs can I connect by USB adaptors?

2.) For purpose of additional Multiplus II (no GX) units I suppose connectivity by VE.Bus, right?

3.) Is that possible to run two Multiplus II with different phases on AC in with decoupled AC out? Nothing like rotating electric field on the output required.. only AC ignore on virtual switch (it s AC IN phases load optimisation).

Tq for resposne, Jakub

kubba asked

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balanced battery charge

did anyone get a good setup of the DIYBMS with Venus?
For me, it is discharging around full charge, charging again and doing so at high power.... instead of pulling the current at sufficient PV power from the MPPTs.

buddhafragt asked

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Mppt 3 blue leds no communication


I have the mppt 100/30 and it stopped working after disconnecting the battery's.

I got battery voltage 25v on the input.

9v solar input.

When i disconnect the solar panels the leds are all off.

I cannot acces trough ve direct. It foes not discover the mppt.

What should i do?

marc-heide asked

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MMPT 150/45 self consumption figure during night (no sun :))


I am running some power balance calculations. Does anyone having used an MPPT15/45 know if the stated self consumption of 20mA @12V is continuous or reduces during night when the MPPT is not producing?

Many thanks

trickynicky asked
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Stored trends : bug report and easy fix


Just sharing a bug that's been a pain, and the simple fix i finally found, for anyone who may have the same issue!

On my victron smartsolar mppts and bmv712, the stored trends would NOT upload to the app.

Every time i would open the trends page, i would only see the current data appear, starting at the second i opened the device. Every time i closed or disconnected the device, it would clear everything. No access to stored data!

If you have that too, the fix is simple!

Just click on the three horizontal lines button on the bottom (between the zoom and play functions), then "clear all data"

I never thought of that since data was already clearing itself... but now it records and uploads without problem to the trends page for all my devices!

Hope that helps

Joka GIMENEZ asked

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Victron-Energy BlueSolar MPPT 150/45 tr

Hi, is it possible to connect the Victron-Energy BlueSolar MPPT 150 45 tr with the victron app? What is the difference to the one with the bluetooth sign on, Victron-Energy SmartSolar MPPT 150 45 ?

kugelebaum asked

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250|100-Tr VE.Can MPPT to computer - cables needed?

Hi, as the title suggests, I'm looking to see what cable is used to connect a 250|100 VE.Can smart solar controller to a computer to monitor and control the device. As I understand it this can be done with a VE.Direct cable, and possibly the VE.Can port. So in this case you'd use the VE.Direct--> USB dongle, but I'm not sure how else you could monitor through VE.Can protocol - would that just be standard RJ45 ethernet cable from charge controller --> computer?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

cklio asked
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MPPT as voltage stabilizeer


I would like to use the MPPT 250/100 as a voltage stabiliser, I have a DC Equipment That needs 48v and at most 49V but the battery is giving between 49 and 51 V (operating / Charging )

Can I use this MPPT (of course need to match Amps) as a stabilizer where the PV input of this MPPT will come from my battery and charging infrastructure and the Battery output of this MPPT will go to DC Load

Thanks for ur replys

khalil-kettani asked
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Why sudden drop in watts when charging ?

System : 2X 285 w 24 v panels in series on a victron 100/50 mppt controller ,

Starts great at sunrise , will push easy350 watts and suddenly drops to barely 30 watts even if battery is at 80 % ,,,,,if I dont rebooth ,it wil never get to 100 %

Cant leave the RV , have to watch meter all the time



bigdan asked
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Mppt float too early on tail current

I'm using a 150/85 and set 13.85V ab with a 6hr ab time as I often get heavy cloud during the day, and a tail current set to 14A.

On bright full sun days the mppt goes to float very early like at 36A tail.

On dull days, it behaves its self.

I also have a 100/50 that is set up exactly the same settings.

I usually run it together with the 100/50 over VE smart network where they work well until I get a full sunny day and the 150/85 takes us to Float way to early before reaching the tail current limit!

When I turn off the 150/85 and run the 100/50, it does what I want and cuts off when tail reaches 14A.

Why is my 150/85 going to float early??

greenbimoon asked
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Victron MPPT 100/20 sleep mode and Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 sleep mode

Hi friends, I would like to know if I can set the Victron MPPT 100/20 either in sleep mode or in minimum power consumption when not using the VAN for a while. I´ve seen in the datasheet that it says 12V: 25 mA, so a sleep mode if exists might help to reduce more the mAs. Same question applies to the Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30. I see < 1 mA for Standby current in the datasheet, but I am not sure if that is the right parameter to look at, looks very low consumption.

Many thanks,

juampa2023 asked
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Temperature alarms on charge controllers

I’ve got to MPPT 250/100s that are simultaneously reporting battery temperature high alarms. There’s no battery temp sensor connected. The battery temps are in the 50s F. Nothing is hot. It’s below freezing outside. It’s 50 degrees where the controller is. The controllers are not charging the batteries now.


aviva1964 asked
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Mppt charge settings

Morning community. I have 1x mppt100/30 and 1xmppt150/35 on same battery bank. Did connect the 2 recently to communicate with each other. Battery manufacturer recommend charge settings in attached pic.

Current ABS setting is 29v, Float is 27v on mppt

What I have noticed from history screen, the batteries never reach 29v as max. Only get to 28.7 or 28.8 on average since install. I have enough solar 99% of time to easily achieve this. Think this is small twee required.

I use batteries cycle use every day. Does that mean they do not really reach full charge and how will that affect lifespan. Batteries are still most expensive component and want to secure best life out of them.

Is my float of 27 ok?


gb76 asked

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Which Victron mppt charger is suitable for dual battery charger?

I have a Truma solar panel which comes with its own mppt solar controller specifically designed to charge two batteries ( in my case car engine battery and habitation battery) I changed the habitation battery to lithium(LiFePo4). I want a programmable controller like Victron controllers. I bought Blue solar MPPT 100/20

Can I use the “Load” outlet to charge the engine battery? If not which Victron MPPT solar controller has ability to charge two batteries.

Many thanks


muratti asked

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MPPT Does not charge. Shows PV voltage = BATT voltage

My MPPT controller shows 0W yield from PV charging. When I measure the 140W panel directly, I get 18-24V from the panel. As soon as I connect it to the MPPT controller, I measure ~12V on the cables while connected. I am confused :)

I do not recall any changes to the system made. I might have once reset all my Victron devices (SmartShunt + MPPT) so it could be related to some setting.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

wessel-du-plooy asked
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