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Problems connecting to multiplus with mk-3

Although I have in the past been able to connect just fine, after a remote panel firmware upgrade I am now unable to get past the loading data in victron connect or any other app. Seems the mk-3 is connected but cannot find the multiplus. I have tried Uninstaling the apps and drivers, and have used a second pc and dongle.

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Multiplus not switching back on with Venus GX


When I switch off the MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 with firmware 413 with my Venus Gx Remote Console with firmware 2.60, I can't switch it back on.

The workaround is to disconnect the network cable on the MultiPlus and reconnect it again.

This should be a known issue because I got the workaround by one of your installers.

My question is: Can VictronEnergy do something to fix the issue?

Thanks and regards,

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Multiplus Compact no communication through VE. Bus


I've been trying to configure a parallel system with 2x Multi Compact 12/2000/80.

But cannot communicate at all with one particular unit. I've been able to configure the other unit using a MK3-USB & Victron Connect software. I was able to update the firmware to 2608481.

I cannot connect to the other using the same setup (pc, patch cable, MK3, Connect software.) In connect it recognizes the MK3 and tries to retrieve the data from the multi - this fails to connect and the "Force Detection" button also fails to connect.

I have tried VE.Config to connect but this also fails. I have downloaded the firmware and also tried to force it to update using VE.Flash & this fails to connect as well. - As far as I am aware the firmware currently on the unit is 2608430.

I tried to use VE. Bus Quick configure to setup the parallel system, the program recognized the first unit as the master, recognized the second unit as the slave but was not successful because of the difference in firmware. Any ideas on where I can get version 2608430 would be helpful, then I can try VE. Bus quick configure with matching firmware numbers.

To ensure the equipment was not at fault I have now managed to try 4 different PC's & several different patch cables.

I'm resisting having to take the unit out and returning to the supplier until I know I've done everything possible.

Any help/things I haven't thought of would be appreciated.

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Updating Multiplus yes/no

Dear readers,

In my boat I’ve got a Multiplus since 2013 (former owner placed it). I don’t think it has ever been updated. But now I want to connect it to a Cerbo which I bought recently: do I have to update the firmware of the Multiplus? I understood I have to buy a MK3-dongle then and it’s a waste of money when not necessary.

Please your advise.

Kind regards,


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Why "overpriced" Victron products ?

Hi everybody ! Lately I am reading comments regarding "overpriced" hardware from Victron, and in many comments we can see examples of cheaper alternatives. Ok, but people if there is a higher price, it might be a reason.

Usually, when you buy a branded product from a valuable company, you get SUPPORT, WARRANTY and SERVICES. This has a cost, and it is also calculated in the final price.

I'll tell you my story : I created from A to Z my installation, buying cheaper components from Chinese products. They were working fine (Inverter with integrated MPPT), but it was no way to perform equalization. Then, I bought two MPPTs from the same brand, supposedly being able to be paired and providing enough energy to equalize my battery bank. The problem is they were not correctly fine tuned and the voltage was different from what my Fluke Meter was measuring. I had a serious fight with the seller, and finally the manufacturer connected on my PC remotely to fine tune the MPPTs. Unfortunately, my battery bank was already damaged (sulfation).

I decided to buy the Smartsolar 150/100 MC4 with screen, and since, no more problems with the battery banks (I still use the "damaged one"), but had also to buy new batteries. I spent 8 months with the Tech.Support from the battery manufacturer trying to fix them, and at a point I recovered part of them.

Conclusion : some cheaper solutions do work, some others don't ! If I consider the time spent trying to find a solution, the costs of the "unadapted hardware", the damaged battery bank, it would have been better buying from the start a brand with a serious tech. support. Unfortunately, when I designed my RE Solution, I had not all the needed money, nor the knowledge I have today.

So, better wait to have the financial ressources and buying branded products, than a cheaper solution that will cost you a lot more within a year !

My two cents..

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MK3 to USB with Mac OS is this available?

I have been following the community post on this topic and it looks like that option was being developed. Is it available today? I currently only use a Mac.

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MK3-USB unstable connection

my mk3-usb connection with either Mac or RPI venusos is very unstable. I have tried several RJ45 cables but no changes and even bought an original from Victron. Do You guys experience the same issues?

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Mk2 vs Mk3


What is the difference between MK2 and MK3 interface? I have one MK2 now. Will I get stuck on certain products?


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Connection issues with MK3 and laptop

Trying to use the Config software with the MK3 USB connection. I have downloaded the drivers to my laptop but I don't think they are installed correctly. I can't get past the finding a com port, the software times out and just gives me a help box. I know the MK3 is working as well as the RJ45 cable because if I connect it to my cerbo GX the Multiplus appears on the color control 50 display.

Can I set the charging currents any other way or is this the only way to set the Multiplus up for my new Battle Born batteries ?

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VE.Bus hotplug-fähig - also Geräte im laufenden Betrieb mit Bus verbinden/trennen?


Habe hier den Cerbo GX, den MPII über VE.Bus damit verbunden, und zur Programmierung des MPII einen MK3-USB.

Kann ich im Betrieb den VE.Vus-Anschluß des beispielsweise MPII aus dem Cerbo ziehen und in den MK3-USB stecken?

Vermutlich gibt es hier zwei Gedanken: Technische Möglichkeit - ja/nein, und Sinnhaftigkeit unter Beachtung der Steuerung, da der Cerbo ggf ohne die Verbindung diverse Parameter nicht mehr kontrollieren kann und es dementsprechend zu Störungen kommt...?

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Multiplus Compact Mains Switch is not working!

My Multiplus Compact’s transfer switch doesn’t flip to mains when connected to shore power. It’ll start with the ‘inverter’ light lit, but then flip to ‘charger’ without any explanation. The problem with this is that when it is just in ‘charging’ mode, no power goes through the mains to the rest of the bus; no power to the outlets

Don’t have a VE.Bus to diagnose it, and according to my SmartBMV the battery system is getting power (charging through bulk/absorb/float) through the shore hookup, but the whole point of why I bought Victron was really for that transfer switch to run the mains.

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MK2 Interface and Venus sharing VE Bus on MultiPlus Compact Inverter


I have an existing application which 'talks' to a Multiplus Compact inverter through an MK2 interface. I now wish to connect up Pylontech batteries UP2500. This requires connection of a Venus GX to the same VE Bus that hte MK2 currently uses.

I noticed from the documentation that the VE Bus is an RS485 bus capable of daisy chaining. Also, the devices on the VE Bus are addressable. Is it possible to connect both the MK2 and the Venus GX to the VE Bus of the Multiplus Compact at the same time?

Thanks in advance

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Earthing and Solid Red Alarm EasySolar 12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

Hi All,

We purchased an Easy Solar

12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

We installed it in a caravan with two 230amp Victron super cycle AGM batteries.

We are having issues getting the system to operate. The red alarm is staying on all the time. We commissioned it using the dip switches as per the manual. Will it only function if we commission it with the MK3 tool ?

I am getting conflicting information on what it could be.

AC input voltage is correct. We have no AC voltage on the output side ( inverter charger )

Battery Voltage is low 11.9v but the MPPT solar charger is not functioning. The light is staying on bulk but we have over 28v charge from the solar.

We have been trouble shooting the installation by removing the AC input, making sure the Victron is the MEN ( should the Victron be earthed to the van ? )

We also removed the DC solar / MC4s from the MPPT.

The van was originally wired up with 12v circuits to the batteries, these have just been re connected.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, the dealer we purchased it through don’t have any technical knowledge when it comes to electrical.



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MK3-USB interface not recognized by Victron Connect v5.8 on mac.

I'm trying to connect my older Macbook Pro to my Multiplus 24V3000/120v. I'm using a new out of the box MK3-USB interface. I've followed all the procedures: my Mulitplus is powered by DC. All other components are disconnected. I am using a Victron RJ45 Cat 5 cable to connect to my Macbook pro running Victron Connect v5.8. I tried running the older version of Victron Connect v3.2 and the newest on my wife's new Macbook, without success. The sticker inside the Multiplus reads: 2012120.HEX. What am I doing wrong?

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USB MK3 cable length limit?

I wonder if there is a maximum length for the network cable that goes between the VE Bus port on the mulitplus, and the MK3 USB adapter that plugs into the PC.

I have my Multiplus II 48/3000 installed in a space where it is a hassle to rig up a laptop and play around with settings, so would be more convenient to run a network cable about 20-30m.

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VictronConnect Mac vs. Windows (Multiplus MK3) - Asking for password to update

I have a little problem.
When I'm connected with VictronConnect on Windows via USB MK3 to my MultiPlus (2609) I can see the MultiPlus, connect to it.

When I do it on my Mac, I get information that it has found a MultiPlus MK3, and I to update.
When I click update, it asks for a password. Can't seem to find it anywhere.

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What's needed to configure PowerControl and PowerAssist on Multiplus II?

I have ordered a Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32. It does not have the GX panel, it's just the simple inverter with the LED indicators. It is going to be used in an off-grid cabin with a 48V battery bank with solar panels. I also have a Honda EU20i (1600W) generator which I want to use use for backup charging when needed.

However, as the Multiplus II charger can draw close to 1700W when charging at full rate on its own, and also passes through AC from the generator to the loads, it can easilly overload the generator unless the correct limits are in place. So I need to set up PowerControl and PowerAssist correctly to do this.

I can mention that the loads in the cabin probably won't ever exceed 1600W so I probably don't specifically need the "PowerAssist" feature, but it doesn't hurt to enable it. All I need is to limit the draw from the generator.

But I find very conflicting info about what is needed to set this up. Can this be done with the MK3 USB adapter and the PC software? Or does it need one of those fancy GX units or control panels to handle it? I don't need any panel to change or monitor settings "on the fly", I just need to set it up once and leave it as is.

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Unable to connect with Multiplus via MK3 USB


I am installing a system using Multiplus charger/inverter. I need to configure the Multi. Hence communication between PC (Lenovo Win10) and Multi is required.

I have installed the VE configure III and I have a MK3 USB interface.

When I let the VE Config auto detect nothing happens i.e. the programme is doing a search and eventually times out.

When I try manual connection to e.g. Com3 an error message apperas saying "Cannot open Com3" - it does not help to change Com port no.

I have removed and re-installed the MK3 driver. In device manager I am able to locate the virtual serial port i.e. that part seems to work fine.

I have also tried to use the VE Bus Quick Configure software - and the error is the same

Any good suggestions?

p.s. I have tried on a different Multi and the error message is still the same. I have not tried a different PC yet - not so easy due to remote location

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Unable to change MultiPlus settings in VictronConnect because firmware is too old?

Hey folks,

I cant access the settings of my Multiplus via Victron Connect. The software tells me that the firmware version of the Multiplus is out of date and therefore cant connect to the software. Then it gets stuck when retrieving the settings (see pictures).

I am using:

  • Victron Connect 5.31
  • macOS 10.15.6
  • MK3-USB


Any help?



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Mac user configuration of Multiplus using MK3 USB

I've downloaded the Mac VictronConnect app on the Victron website, but it doesn't see my Multiplus, even while I'm connected using the MK3 USB. All other discussion here discusses using Wine or Parallels, yet there is a Mac app on the site for this purpose. Anyone have any luck using the app and seeing their device?


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Conection to Multiplus with MK3-USB not possibile

Hey Guys,

I can´t connect to my Multiplus 12/1200/50 I followed the instruction of the victron videoI found here, I tried using both a mac and a win 10 laptop, both with the same result, that the Victron connect or VEConfig app won´t go beyond the point “fetching data from VE-Bus” and then times out. I double checked the drivers in windows and COM port 7 uses FTDI driveres I also tried the VE Config app with “auto detect port” and manualy selected both com3 and COM7” with the same result that it can´t connect. If I go to force connect it times out as well.

If I use a Color Control on the VE-Bus port the Multiplus is recognized but I can´t really change any setting or setup an ECC.

From the Color Control I see the following firmware details of the Multiplus.


Fimrware 416

Device Instanz: 257

VE.BUS Version: 2662416

MK2 Device MK3

MK2 version 1170207

Any help on how to properly connect would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for your support.

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Multiplus 12/2000 will not connect to laptop with MK3

I installed a 12/2000 Multiplus compact in my travel trailer with 100ah Battleborn batteries. I am having two issues.

1) The Multi will not connect to neither of my two laptops using two separate MK3’s. The RJ45 cable I am using is from Victron and connects to my Smart Dongle without any issues. I need to program my Multi with the laptop as it has not been yet. This is making me feel like I wasted a lot of money of it.

2) When I am plugged into 30A shore power, the Multi will not let me use shore power for large loads (starting my AC) and it tries to do all of the work. My smart dongle then reads that it overloaded and the Multi shuts off and then back on. When plugged into shore power, this shouldn’t happen. It should just pass the power through (even power boost if needed) but it does not.

Previous posts have not been helpful with resolving this.

So far very frustrated with Victron products and will be selling this on EBay if it can’t be resolved.

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Which old Multiplus are compatible with MK3-USB


I just bought an older Multiplus Compact 12/800/35-16. Before I buy the rather expensive MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB) Interface I'd like to know if my Multiplus can connect to the computer, because I heard, that with old models it isn't posible.


That's the lable. Anyone able to answer my question?

Thanks a lot,


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Why can’t I use Bluetooth instead of MK3 to change settings on VE.Bus Devices

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) , I've been trying to find a post on this forum that explains why we cannot use VictronConnect / VE.Bus Smart Bluetooth Dongle to configure VE.Bus devices.

I imagine that Multis and the like are among Victron's best selling devices. Why would Victron not make at least a basic quick configure available through VictronConnect via Bluetooth for them?

I think I read once (perhaps from @mvader (Victron Energy Staff) somewhere) that this is a constraint that stems from the design of VE.Bus vs VE.Direct but I don't understand the details beyond that.

Interested. It is a real PITA having to use MK3 on installs. I am a Mac User and this means VirtualBox and Windows and taking my Mac onto sites. It is seriously schleppy.

It would be ideal to be able to use VictronConnect via Bluetooth on my iPhone instead.

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Problem with connecting to Multiplus 12/3000/120 with MK3-USB using VE Configure 3

Hello everybody,

I connected to my Victron Multiplus 12/3000 via Windows 10 PC and MK3-USB interface with VE Configure 3 and only made adjustments (absorption voltage, charging curve) on the "Charger" tab. Then I sent these settings to the Multiplus and saved them. So far so good.

After this I did chose the "Show Panel" option from the "Target" menu. The panel appeared briefly, then the connection to the multiplus was broken.

Since then it is no longer possible to establish a connection to the Multiplus via PC and MK3 USB interface with VEConfig. During the connection establishment (bar runs through) the process aborts every time and my Multiplus switches off. I can switch the Multiplus on again by using the Cerbo GX console or VictronConnect App with Bluetooth. After switching on, the input current limit is always set to 3 A (normally set to 16 A).

With the VictronConnect software, the Multiplus can be easily reached via Bluetooth as well as via PC and MK3-USB interface. The Multiplus also works flawlessly.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem?


By the way:
A similar phenomenon I had before, when I first started up the Multiplus months ago. Back then I tried around and activated the AES search mode. (with the current problem described above concearning AES mode nothing was changed.) Immediately after activation, the connection was broken and I could no longer establish a connection. At that time I canceled the setting via VictronConnect (PC and MK3-USB interface), then it worked again.

mooncallisto asked

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ESS without GX device?

I have a Multiplus a Venus and many other Victron sensors my questions is: Is it possible to used the MK3-USB to control the ESS command "Grid Set Point" on the Venus?If so, Can I avoid using the Venus to set the "grid set point"?

diego-quintero asked
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Can I convert an MK3 to USB to run over Bluetooth?

Is there a Bluetooth device sold on the open market to plug in the MK3 USB so I can convert my MK3 to a BT option without having to purchase a new Smart Victron Bus Dongle? Why does Victron sell outdated products when new ones come out?

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VE configure will not see my Phoenix 24/5000

Need to disable internal earth relay on my new Phoenix 24/5000. Have followed VEConfigure instructions using MK3-USB interface using autodetect, but the program does not detect the inverter. Help please?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 no Connection to Venus and VictronConnect


My Multiplus loose the Connection to the Venus and now its not more posible to find it in the Victron Connect App.
I have an 12/3000/120 and I use an RPI with Venus Image and it still works fine, till last Week.
It was not posible to see him on the Venus and I tried to connect him with my PC and Samsung Tablet to the Connect APP.
Normaly it works fine with the MK3 but now it do not work.
With VEConfigure3 it still works fine.
Can somebody help me please?
Sorry for my bad English.

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which RJ45 pinouts are in use of MK3-USB

Which RJ45 pinouts are in use of MK3-USB.

I have only 2 pairs left of my UTP cable crossing my home from my MultiPlus 1600 in the basement, to my monitoring pc on the second floor.

With a 4 pair utp using all 8 pinouts everything is working but using only 2 pairs in pinouts 123 and 6 like a regular network , connection is not succed.

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