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VRM Portal issue trying to add new installation (Venus GX)


I'm writing here because I have some problems with VRM Portal and my installation...

For 2 years I didn't go to VRM Portal because I didn't need. It seems that my account has been deleted (I asked for forgotten password but I never received any e-mail). So I created a new account. I did a firmware update on the Venus GX (now 2.73), "she" is now on the internet via wifi. I try to add it on my "installation" (on VRM) using VRM Portal ID but nothing happens. A short message indicates that I will receive a confirmation e-mail but... nothing happens too. Really, I spent a lot of time trying by myself but I have no solutions yet.

Thank you per advance if you think to have a solution !

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VRM & remote console - PV CT sensor data disappearing & reappearing after a GX reboot

Another issue now, the PV generation data on the VRM portal & the PV 40A addition in the remote console keeps disappearing in both. The only way to get it to come back is to reboot the Multiplus in the remote console (GX side) and wait for it to reappear, only for it to disappear again an hour or so later. One day I might have a fully working system as expected. Please see the below video.

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Smartsolar remote

Hi there

I am a new member and happy to be in a possession of two SmartSolar MPPT 150/11 controllers as well as one MultiPlus 24/5000/120 charger/inverter which I have installed for supporting 2x2500 ( nearly 5000 total watt output) independent group of solar panels. Have downloaded the Vilctron connect app but cannot see the multiplus device, is it perhaps because it does not work remotely whereas the controllers are ''visible''?. Also, can I see remotely when I am not at home how the controllers and charger/inverter perform?

Thank you in advance for any reply and assistance

christos-skarabeos asked

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Ess remote konsole kritische lasten ?

bitte um hilfe, was sind in der ESS remote konsole kritische lasten ?

vielen dank

gromheisei asked
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HTML Grid Power Information

I want to help a Friend of mine in a project.

He has a Cerbo GX and want to get a relay working, when he is pushing energy into the grid.

I want to do this with a Raspberry Pi.

When i go to the VRM-Portal the HTML-Information i want to grab in a script is this:

<span class="load" ng-switch-when="grid">-184 W</span>

But when i go to the LAN, i'm unable to get the information from the HTML Code.

In the atteched Picture you can see the Information i want to grab.

Where can i find this information in the HTML?

Hope you can help me :)


rommadun asked
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Controller Compatibility

I have a customer with a Phoneix Multiplus 2500 Combi probably about 2007 manufacture, it is working fine but the remote controller is defective, it is the older Phoneix Multi Control with the analog current limiter, my question is, will the latest controller with the digital current limiter work with this unit and is it plug and play to replace? grateful for any help, thanks.

mick-braddell asked

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Cerbo GX + Smartshunt as DC Energy Meter not showing up

I have connected a smartshunt to my cable between the alternator and the batteries and configured it as a DC Energy Meter, connected it to the Cerbo It shows up as a device in VRM Device List, but not on the graphical display? In the Remote Console I does not find this under the menu Energy Meters? It does not show up on the monitor screen in Remote Console either. The DC Poer is on and shows, but I would like to see the charging current from the alternator separately. How is that done?

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Cerbo GX , Pumpe , Einstellung und Anzeige sind unterschiedlich


- wenn ich die Pumpe in der Remote Konsole einschalte, bleibt der Status auf "Aus". Woran liegt das?


- Egal ob ein- oder ausgeschaltet, zurück auf die Übersicht / Symbole geschaltet, erscheint immer "Auto". Wieso wird nicht die aktuelle Einstellung angezeigt?



vectra asked
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Unable to open remote console

I have a Multiplus ii GX

Initial setup use wired lan to configure the unit onto my WIFI network and disable wifi AP

The unit has a wifi ip from the DHCP server and has internet conectivity and VRM access.

The remote console became unavailable both on local lan and via VRM

in vrm device list the GW shows:

  • Product = MultiPlus-II GX
  • Firmware version = v2.51
  • Remote on LAN = ""
  • Firmware updates Automatically checks for updates to official release
  • Last connection 17 minutes ago
  • Logging interval 15 minutes
  • Last power up or restart 2022-03-14 07:05 (1 hour, 21 minutes ago)
  • Remote Console on VRM = Enabled but not online
  • Two way communication = Disabled
  • Remote support = Disabled

should remote on lan not be the local IP like ?

When I open remote console it fails:



f i use the mobile app i only have the option of vrm , the remote connect option is not shown

Is there a way to do a factory reset of get console up and running?

phhenning asked
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How do I change the battery type on the Phoenix remote panel

Hi I have a Phoenix 12v/50a charger with the Phoenix Remote Panel, how do I change the battery type to Lithium using the Phoenix Remote Panel ?

Thank you


richard-3 asked
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MultiPlus 3000VA 24V Remote On/Off issue

Hi all,

I have problem trying to install simple 3-way switch as a remote On/off/Charger only switch for MultiPlus.

Inverter is turned ON from the original switch.

Shorting H terminals Left-Mid turns Inverter ON

Shorting H terminals Right-Mid seems to be turning it OFF (Maybe goes Charger only mode?)

The problem is: While keeping all terminals open with switching the remote switch in the middle, the inverter is still turned ON.

I am not using any remote panels with the system. I have VE.BMS but the Remote Control port is empty.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

muhkel asked
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Temperaturanzeige in Remote Console

Ich bin ein absoluter Linux Dummy. Wie schaffe ich es, die Werte meiner vier Ruuvi Temperatursensoren auf der Remote Console einzublenden; z.B. in der untersten Zeile?

wilhelm-hombach asked
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How to add a switch to Phoenix 12/1200 inverter?


I just bought an inverter for my RV, the Phoenix 12/1200 model, and I would like to be able to turn it on and off remotely.

I have seen that I can buy a 20$ switch from Victron, which seems to be a normal switch, just overpriced.

Also I would like to use a switch that I have in a dashboard, already installed.

How can I plug a basic switch? I have seen those L and H remote ports at the back, but I don't know if it should be powered, if I have to make a loop from H to L with a switch in the middle or anything else.

I'm pretty new to electricity stuff and wiring and would like to get some help, thanks!

Your help is much appreciated, have a nice day


houdayec asked
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Victron Orion-TR Smart DC-DC 12/12 (non-Isolated) Continues Charging with Remote Inputs Removed

I purchased a Orion TR Smart 12/12 - 30amp last year but only installed it recently. The unit is working fine except it is totally ignoring the remote inputs. Software is up to date.

With the jumper cable removed, it continues to charge my lithium battery bank. This is very dangerous for a lithium battery set up as the Orion-Tr only monitors pack level voltage and not individual cell voltage, for which it relies on the BMS's intervention via the remote inputs.

Searching the Community, others seem to have similar issues with the remote not responding correctly, but no answers from the Community or from Victron Support?


Has anyone had this issue and resolved it? Right now my 30amp DC-DC charger is no better than a paper weight.

marinepower asked
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Smart solar MPPT VE.Can - Venus - Remote Console - Daily history only 2 days

Hi All,

I have a question on the smartsolar VE.Can MPPT and the Remote Console.

have 2 sites, both have venus controllers -

site 1 uses 2 x 250/100 VE.Can + 1 x 150/70 VE.Direct

site 2 uses 2 x 150/100 VE.Can + 1 x 150/100 VE Direct

At both sites on the remote console when i look at the Daily History - the VE.Can MPPT will only show the Today, Yesterday data - the VE.Direct MPPT will show Today + 30 days data.

Why is this - is there a setting i have missed.


Alex Rodgers asked

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