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Venus GX Remote Console White Screen

A strange thing has happened to my Venus GX Remote Console today. I connected using my laptop browser through VRM early in the day and all was fine, then later the screen just shows a white panel. Nothing I do seems to change the Remote Console display.


The Dashboard and other pages in VRM work fine and data is being measured by the Venus GX from my system, it is just the Remote Console that is blank. I have tried the following things:

1. Connect via VRM on my mobile phone: the screen is also white

2. Connect directly to the Venus GX using its WLAN connection from an iPad: also white screen

3. Power cycled the Venus GX: no change

4. Disconnected everything from Venus GX, power cycled then connected with WLAN on iPad: still no difference.

I am setup to receive beta Firmware drops automatically and the WLAN connection from VictronConnect shows Firmware: v2.60~21

Any ideas anyone? I love my Remote Console and really need it working again!



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VRM Remote AC 1 input limit

Is it possible in VRM remote to change the AC 1 input limit as you would with VE configure

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Remote console not working

I have been unable to connect to remote console for some time, Used to work no problem. I have looked at all the other posts of it not working for people and none of the suggestions have worked for me (Like others).

I have a cerbo gx which is connected to an ee mini router. Password is disabled, logging is enabled, 2 way communication etc etc is all as it should be. I can connect to VRM via mobile phone, laptop, all without issue. As soon as I try remote console i get the "Failed to set up a connection to the GX device" message with the red triangle.

In the settings it is enabled on VRM, is showing online but if i go onto devices (gateway) on vrm it says remote console is enabled but not online.

I have tried resetting/rebooting, disabling password etc about a 100 times.

I can connect to it via LAN no problem via my phone or laptop using the victron connect app

Nothing has changed on my router, it just decided to stop working one day. Something reported by many others.

Please help.

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How long is VRM data kept online?

How long are the advanced history stats available via the VRM portal. It looks like I’m missing data older than about 6 months under the advanced reports, but have older content from the dashboard. It looks like I might need to export these on a regular basis if the historical data is purged.

Steve Mullins asked
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VRM app display render issue with remote console

With the most recent update of the VRM app, the remote console in my app will connect but half the screen is rendered outside of the usable screen space in the app. I can tell it’s connected, but I can’t see the whole display. See picture below.

Any ideas on a fix?

My local network victron console at the cerbo ip works without issue.


tacos asked
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Cerbo GX Version 2.93 SSH connection again

Sorry. I read all the comments in this forum, but I have some trouble to get SSH running over Putty.

On my Cerbo GX I enabled the Remote connection. After that I restart the Cerbo.

I have a direct connection over local network (for a short test I also deactivate the Firewall on my PC system).

If I open Putty and try to get connection to local IP of the Cerbo, then I get no connection. Ping is running, well. Connection over local IP Address to the web server (remote console Lan) is also working well.

Do you have an idea? Do I forget something?



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Affichage ACout2 sur la console

bonjour à tous, je fini l'installation de MPII , j'ai une ligne dédié sur l'ACOUT2 qui est piloté par un assistant.

je souhaiterai retrouvé l'affichage de l'ACOUT2 sur la console, au début il me semble qu'elle apparaissait .

si quelqu'un peut m'aider

lex33 asked
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Timer remotely?

Problem: we are going tohave an outdoor live camera on an Osprey nest.

It is on a lake island and we have to bring the system with solar panels in March on ice when the lake is frozen.

The solar does not bring enough power in March (Estern Finland) and we would need to remotely adjust a timer when the system with camera/router is powered (say 1h/day in the beginning).

Later in April solar would be enough to run systen 24/7. We have 4G connection to the router. Cerbo GX?

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USBIP Support in Victron GX devices?

Does anyone from Victron think it could be possible - in time - to equip at least the modern GX devices with usbip support? Richt now we have a dedicated RasPi for that in some projects where we e.g. left a Mk3 on site to be able to remotely adjust parameters of VE.bus devices when necessary.

Should be not too much of a hassle to add that functionality and it would IMHO greatly extend the remote service capability of the installation. (not just for the Mk3 application, we also need to pass data incoming via a RS485->USB cable to another monitoring station).

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Remote Console unusable after recent website update

Hi all, just offering feedback/looking for advice. I am now finding the Remote Console completely unusable on my phone because the latest website update puts a huge margin/padding at the top of the age. This pushes the Remote Console display down so that it only shows the top half of the display. There no way to scroll down to it, as the page just re-centres. Also made worse by being forced to use landscape mode.

This issue makes remote console unusable on a mobile device, a major pain. As an installer I regularly like to use remote console when setting things up on the system.

This issue is on both the website and the VRM app. I’m using an iPhone 11.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ian Jordan asked

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Remote Console not reachable


I need help with the following problem please .

VENUS OS 2.93 large version is installed on an RPI4.

In addition, an MQTT Gridmeter via dbus.

It works fine for some time, but after some time I can't reach the remote side by webbrowser anymore. (Edge/Chrome/AVast-Browser)

This picture comes up.




Remote console


Remote console

Password *


Forgot the password?

Enter a new one on the device.


I have not assigned a password

I have already cleared the browser cache, without success !!!

I see all components in the VRM portal and it is also displayed correctly.

By VRM Portal, i can open the remote-Console .

Does anyone know this error and can help me?

Thank you

w-burg asked
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Remote Console display

When I access the remote consol thru VRM the graphics are missing and I only see color squares with the values in the squares for each device. Did I change a setting wrong or how can I get the graphics back. Thanks Douglas

skyhhi asked
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firmware update older mppt 70|15

So i have an older mppt running firmware 1.07 victronconnect won't see it, ( mk3 to usb cable) but via serial connect i get a response:

manf    Victron Energy
prod    MPPT 12..24V/15A
ser#    HQ1302XWRZ9
ver#    1.07

How can i update it there must be away to directly upload via serial or hell maybe even via rom reader directly on the chip. these device's used to be updated via older software what that is i have no clue but without access i can't configure it so its rather important i can update it or atleast configure,

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VRM & remote console - PV CT sensor data disappearing & reappearing after a GX reboot

Another issue now, the PV generation data on the VRM portal & the PV 40A addition in the remote console keeps disappearing in both. The only way to get it to come back is to reboot the Multiplus in the remote console (GX side) and wait for it to reappear, only for it to disappear again an hour or so later. One day I might have a fully working system as expected. Please see the below video.

Jason - UK asked
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Multiplus 48/5000 switch to "on" via remote console -slow.

Hello there:

It's the winter and during cloudy weather I sometimes turn of the Multi overnight to save a few % of battery.

No problem turning off, but when switching to "ON" using remote console (via wifi access point of the cerbo) there is a 25 second (or so) delay before the multi starts up. I'm sure it used to be pretty much instantaneous - or a least only a second or two.

The system is off grid and the batteries are Pylontech U2000b's

Not a serious problem - just wondering if this is normal?

Firmware of the cerbo is 2.92 and the multi is 430

Any thoughts?

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