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cerbo gx remote console android tablet full screen?

Is there a way to make the remote console bigger or even full screen on an android tablet?

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Remote Console Does not Work


Image CaptionReposting a question I posted last week after solving part of the issue.

I recently purchased a Cerbo S to replace a Cerbo with a broke LAN port. With the old Cerbo I was able to connect to remote console without any issues. With the Cerbo S I have the same exact settings and have never been able to connect to remote console unless I’m connected directly to it via Wi-Fi or via my Garmin MFD that is connected to LAN.

VRM works fine.

Here is just a snippet of what I have tried:

Updated software to 3.00~15 candidate release. Reverted to previous release. Done this several times.

Rebooted numerous times (both through pulling power and through remote console when at my boat).

Deleted the installation on VRM and reinstalled.

Confirmed in VRM that it says remote console is enabled and running.

Changed settings to turn off remote console and then turned them back on again.

Plugged the old Cerbo back in and tried it without any issues connecting to remote console.

I have seen other postings about people having issues with Cerbo S. Is this a Cerbo S issue? I thought the Cerbo S was essentially the same as a Cerbo without a couple of inputs that I don’t need. Looking for other ideas on what to try.








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Multiplus 48/5000 switch to "on" via remote console -slow.

Hello there:

It's the winter and during cloudy weather I sometimes turn of the Multi overnight to save a few % of battery.

No problem turning off, but when switching to "ON" using remote console (via wifi access point of the cerbo) there is a 25 second (or so) delay before the multi starts up. I'm sure it used to be pretty much instantaneous - or a least only a second or two.

The system is off grid and the batteries are Pylontech U2000b's

Not a serious problem - just wondering if this is normal?

Firmware of the cerbo is 2.92 and the multi is 430

Any thoughts?

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Installation won’t delete and Remote Console Issue


I recently installed a Cerbo S to replace a Cerbo that had gone bad. This was a fairly easy swap out but now I’m having some VRM and remote console issues.

For the old installation I am not able to delete it. Many times when I hit delete I just get the page again with the delete option but the installation is still present. Sometimes I get a message saying that it can’t be deleted. I have seen other postings of others having a similar issue but it’s not clear to me how they resolved this issue.

In addition, on my new installation I can connect to it via VRM just fine so I know jr is connected and transmitting from my boats Wi-Fi. But when I attempt to go into it via remote remote console I get an error (see screenshot). While I was at my boat connected to the Cerbo S via Wi-Fi I am able to connect to remote console and all of the appropriate boxes are checked. Is this because of my old installation that I am attempting to delete? Any other ideas on things I should try? I have already updated the software while I was on the boat and also rebooted numerous times.

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Venus GX Remote Console White Screen

A strange thing has happened to my Venus GX Remote Console today. I connected using my laptop browser through VRM early in the day and all was fine, then later the screen just shows a white panel. Nothing I do seems to change the Remote Console display.


The Dashboard and other pages in VRM work fine and data is being measured by the Venus GX from my system, it is just the Remote Console that is blank. I have tried the following things:

1. Connect via VRM on my mobile phone: the screen is also white

2. Connect directly to the Venus GX using its WLAN connection from an iPad: also white screen

3. Power cycled the Venus GX: no change

4. Disconnected everything from Venus GX, power cycled then connected with WLAN on iPad: still no difference.

I am setup to receive beta Firmware drops automatically and the WLAN connection from VictronConnect shows Firmware: v2.60~21

Any ideas anyone? I love my Remote Console and really need it working again!



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Remote console not working

I have been unable to connect to remote console for some time, Used to work no problem. I have looked at all the other posts of it not working for people and none of the suggestions have worked for me (Like others).

I have a cerbo gx which is connected to an ee mini router. Password is disabled, logging is enabled, 2 way communication etc etc is all as it should be. I can connect to VRM via mobile phone, laptop, all without issue. As soon as I try remote console i get the "Failed to set up a connection to the GX device" message with the red triangle.

In the settings it is enabled on VRM, is showing online but if i go onto devices (gateway) on vrm it says remote console is enabled but not online.

I have tried resetting/rebooting, disabling password etc about a 100 times.

I can connect to it via LAN no problem via my phone or laptop using the victron connect app

Nothing has changed on my router, it just decided to stop working one day. Something reported by many others.

Please help.

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Cerbo GX/VRM- Remote Inverter shutdown/startup

I was told I would be able to remotely turn off the inverter from the Cerbo GX. Where in the Cerbo GX or VRM portal would I configure this?


Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 Inverter

Victron SmartShunt

Victron 100|50 (MPPT 1)

Victron 100|50 (MPPT 2)

Victron Cerbo GX (connected directly to batteries)

Use case: Off-grid power at cabin. I want to keep the inverter on while I'm away. While at home, I'd be occasionally checking battery SoC to make sure they are staying topped off or at close to 100%. In winter, if the solar panels get covered in snow and dont get cleared off on their own, I would want to power off the inverter so I am not spending 1500-2000 watts/day eating away at the battery SoC (~60-80 watts/hr idle consumption). I understand this means that I am no longer able to get into the Cerbo via VRM since the internet gets shut down when the inverter gets powered off. Of course, remote access wont be available unless I travel back to the cabin and turn on the inverter, or have a nearby neighbor turn it on for me. However, my 1500-2000 watt per day idle consumption will drop to almost zero and allow the batteries to trickle back up to full as the snow melts off the solar panels.

Where do I program the Cerbo/Inverter/VRM to automatically shut down the inverter at, for example ,30% SoC, then automatically turn the inverter back on after the batteries reach 80% SoC? If this isnt possible to do as I described, is there another way to accomplish what I described in my use case?

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MPPT 50/100 non-inverted cable, turns on when plug disconnected/possible to change this?

Hi all,

I have 3x MPPT 50/100 and steer them via non-inverted remote cable from the Electrodacus BMS, so BMS switches on/off the MPPT to charge

Problem is if the plug of the non-inverted cable in the VE-Port of the MPPT goes out the MPPT switches on by default. That’s really bad because that plug sits very loose in the connector and gets disconnected easily, 2nd if remote cable gets damaged or disconnected the bank gets charged and could be damaged. One of the 3 is not smart so I need the VE-Bus connector to program the MPPT via BT dongle, on the other 2 I just glue the connector in.

Is there any way that remote functionality can be adjust so if plug disconnects it shuts off, I hope so….if not an extremely bad design….

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Question for Victron staff? - Dealer id setup

What is the process for Dealer setup on VRM? Where is the Dealer id code obtained from?


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Remote console via VRM not working

Hi. I am new to the Victron world, having recently installed a MPPT solar controller, BMV 712, and Venus GX. MultiPlus in box to install next. All in a RV with new lithium batteries too.

All is working great so far with the exception of the Remote Console via internet with the website or the VRM iOS app. I can use remote console when connected to the RV WiFi hotspot or using the built-in IP address in the Venus GX.

Other VRM functions work fine over the internet - and I have it set to update in 1 minute intervals.

I’ve spent hours reading online and trying different settings, without success.

Can someone please give me the specific settings for the Venus GX to enable remote internet Remote Console access? I think I have everything set properly - but it does not work. I must be missing something. Do I need to set SSH? What about 2-way communication?

It seems odd that all other VRM functions work fine via remote internet with the exception of Remote Console.


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Remote Console Data (not VRM) via a HTTP GET?

Is there an (easy) way to receive data from the Remote Console (not VRM) e.g. via a HTTP GET request (SSL). I am using Venus OS.
I need it for a local ESP32 data logger which saves the grid data (Pmin, Pmax, P) every 10 seconds. To dedect consumer analysis (peaks).

Or does anyone know a good local data logger (SD-Card) extension for the Raspi?

I assume that the remote console is only a web server or? If not is there a call/protocol description?

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Venus GX remote console password

Good day guys,

Good day guys, i have multiple Venus gx units that i need to submit an RMA for,

I need to test these units but all of them have a remote console password,

How can i access the cosole without the password or can i reset the password?

Please help

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Could not find in the doc what Geofence is for!

Any tip? Thanks

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How long is VRM data kept online?

How long are the advanced history stats available via the VRM portal. It looks like I’m missing data older than about 6 months under the advanced reports, but have older content from the dashboard. It looks like I might need to export these on a regular basis if the historical data is purged.

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Fronius "Running (Throttled)" - what does it mean?

In my Remote Console I see info that my Fronius has status "Running (Throttled)".

My Fronius is connected at AC-in side of MP-II so there is no need to use FQ throttling when battery is full and no grid.

If Fronius is throttled, how it is done and why?


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