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connection issue

VictronConnect can't see any devices on Local

I've drastically shortened my original post, as I had no replies.

I have a Cerbo GX which is connected on my LAN with a BMV-700 Battery Monitor and a MPPT 100/50 Solar charger

My desktop PC can see the Cerbo in it's list of Network devices.

I can Ping the Cerbo, and can connect to the Cerbo GX by clicking on the network icon. or by entering "venus.local" in the browser.

I have VictronConnect running, and can access the Cerbo via the VRM online portal, However under "Local", VictronConnect says "No Devices found".

I need VictronConnect to talk to the Cerbo directly as I normally have no internet at this site.

Can anybody help please?

Thanks ..... Zim

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Smartshunt cannot connect via Bluetooth


I just got myself a second Smartshunt 500A. The problem is it won't connect to my phone. I've repeatedly tried disconnecting the Smartshunt and wait, but it doesn't make any difference. Gone through the entire Victron troubleshooting guide, but there's not much to be done from there: I can't remove it from paired devices because it never pairs in the first place, restarting the phone does not help, GPS positioning is turned on in the phone, I'm as close to the Smartshunt as I can be, the Victron Connect app is up to date – and then finally the fact that my phone can connect to my old Smartshunt. However, it does show up in the devices list in the app. The problem is that it never asks for a PIN code, it just loads for a while and then comes then error message, same thing when trying to reset the PIN code. The only reaction I get is the error LED on the Smartshunt flashing quickly once every time I press connect on my phone.

Any ideas what the reason could be? Is the unit damaged/faulty, or is there anything more to try?

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MPPT 100/20 lädt nicht



Image CaptionHallo zusammen,

man liest dieses Problem öfter, leider komme ich mit den bisherigen Einträgen bei meinem neuen Regler nicht weiter.

Verkabelung ist richtig, Sicherung ist heil. Spannung liegt an. Aber er lädt einfach nicht.

Einzig auffällig ist, dass die Spannung an der Batterie deutlich höher ist, als im System angezeigt wird. Geht weder mit normaler AGM, noch mit meinem LiFePo4.

Danke für die Hilfe!

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Quattro not detected by Cerbo GX

I connected a Quattro via the VE.bus to a Cerbo GX. However, the Quattro does not appear in the device list in the Cerbo GX. I am on Cerbo GX firmware 2.85 (latest) and the Quattro has firmware 2634430.VFD (as read from the label of the micro of the Quattro).

I already tried the following :

- cold rebooting both Cerbo GX as well as the Quattro

- tried both VE.bus ports on Quattro as well as the Cerbo GX

- tried different utp cables

I have a solar charger connected via VE can bus, and a BMV702 connected via which are both detected by the Cerbo GX. I also have a Digital Multicontrol panel connected on the VE.bus (on the Cerbo GX) and I can Switch the Quattro on and off via the panel, so it looks like there is communication over the VE.bus.

Components :

- Quattro 12/3000/120

- BMV702

- Cerbo GX

- GX touch 50

Can anyone please help me, how I can get the Quattro appear in the device list of the Cerbo Gx ? Thanks in advance !

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Andoid application cannot detect MPPT 75 | 15

Hi, I attempted to connect to my MPPT 75 10 via USB with Android application installed a few days ago.

I have a working USB connection to a desktop PC via FTDI cable but when I plug this into the Android phone it says it cannot find anything. At the moment I plug in the USB , the phone asks for USB access which I confirm. A few seconds later it says there are no connected devices.

Is this a known issue ? Does USB work?


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Cannot connect to my phone.

Hi there, I have been using the MPPT 75/10 Smart Solar charge controller in my campervan. Suddenly, I can’t see the devise anymore in the connect app.

The bulk light is constantly shining blue (sometimes blinking). I don’t know what to make of this or what to do.

I have been able to connect it to my phone in the past but not anymore.

Thank you for your help

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VRM suggestion: internet connection tracking

A graph option in the Gateway widget - or maybe in Errors - about internet outage would be nice. Similar like now you can see e.g. time of overload situation.

If I see correctly, a GX device has that information anyway and in the concrete case which led me to this suggestion, it even seems the Quattro Voltage/Frequency instability leads to such outages.

That graph could help us (or others) to better correlate the cause for outage if there is suspicion it could be related to operational parameters of the microgrid.

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Cerbo GX changing the existing but unknown pin to enable bluetooth pairing

Hi I have bought a narrowboat with a fantastic Vitron system sadly none of the PIN codes are available and annoyingly many of the units are wall mounted in a cupboard hiding the PUK codes.

Anyhow I need to change the PIN code for the cerbo - as i cant get the phone app to show its details or update the firmware etc - but i see it doesnt have the 3 dots that you click in the app to access the puk code section (see attached pic - Elini Rosa cerbo GX)


- so how do i change the PIN? the manual says this

Make sure that the Cerbo GX is powered on, and the Bluetooth LED is blinking.

Open the VictronConnect App within 10 meters of the Cerbo GX and wait for nearby devices to be discovered.

Once discovered, Click or Tap on the Cerbo GX.

On first connection you will be asked to enter a bluetooth PIN code - the default PIN is 000000

You will then be asked to change this insecure default PIN code to a more secure unique code. Please set your unique code, and then put it in a safe place for passwords in case you forget.

but i get no success with the 6x0s so its clearly been changed previous and i cant access the PUK neither can i see the option to enter a PUK anyhow? help please

many thanks in advance Mik

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Quattro 12v 5000va wire socket connection problem AWG 4/0 - 120mm2

The manual prescripts that we need to use 120mm2 wire, but the sockets don't fit on the quattro.

Problem solved by cutting the socket, but offcourse this is not the correct way of working.

What am I missing here, why are the connection points to small for the correct wire sockets?

I have 28 mm wide 120mm2 sockets.



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Venus GX Losing contact with VRM

We've got a Venus GX connected with LAN to a Huawei router, very often the Venus dissappears from the VRM, rebooting the Venus GX makes it register again for a little while, then above repeats itself. In the meantime, all other equipment keeps on running fine, just the Venus loses contact to VRM. It has the latest firmware installed (2.85 at the time of writing), tried DHCP and fixed IP, both give the same problem. Our other installations on Huawei routers do work properly. We're kind of stuck with this, any thoughts on this issue?

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cabble keeps disconnecting

I have a MPPT 100V 30 amp 12/24-Volt

I can not tighten my cabble hard enough should I add some crimp ?

or force the screw more ?

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Unable to connect IP22 12/30 Charger by Bluetooth

Hi all, I am running into a problem while trying to connect via bluetooth to my smart ip22 12/30charger. I have gone through the app promps as well as the trouble shooting guide with no success. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

So, this is what's going on..

After I click on device in the app list, it loads to 60 and drops down to 1, then 40, then 1, then 40, then 1 and then a screen prompt appears " unable to connect". Its not the same sequence of numbers every time, but always to either 40% or 60%.

One day I unplugged it (as I have done before) and when I plugged it in later that evening this connection problem started.

There were no changes to the device, my phone, the app, or anything that I can think that could contribute to the issue.

However, I also have a victron smart orion dc to dc changer and it connects without any issues whatsoever.

Here's some info and what I've tried:

The product is in range and reads 4 bars.
I have reset/restared my phone 3 times.
I have updated my phone (android version 9).
I have updated the victron app (ver 5.59).
There are no other phones connected to this device (I am the only person who has ever connected to it.)
I am trying to connect via bluetooth through the victron app, not through my phone.
As recommended in the guide I unpaired the charger with my phone via my phone bluetooth menu.
Both bluetooth and location is turned on. I have also turned them off and turned them back on.
I checked victron app permissions, it has permission to use location.
I tried to reset my pin on the victron app and get and error code that says "An error occured during pin reset. Remove the pairing information before trying again." As mentioned above, I have already done this.
I have unplugged and plugged the unit back in a few times already as well.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the victron app. It prompted me to allow location. I agreed (it is turned on on my phone). The again a window popped up that said it needed bluetooth to function, I clicked okay. My orion dc to dc charger connected without issue. Then I plugged in the IP charger and waited, it appeared on the list of my devices. I clicked on it, it loaded to 40 & went back to 0, loaded to 60 went back to 0, again to 40, back to 0 and same screen "unable to connect."
Out of curiosity I have tried to connect to the device from my phone menu and receive a pop up from my phone that says " couldn't pair, make sure device is ready to pair."
Lastly, I installed the victron app on someone elses phone and had the same result. Unable to connect to IP charger, but connect to orion just fine...

Also, I've only had the device a couple months and bought it brand new.

I'm stumped. Hoping someone can help. Thank you.

Edit: I was asked to upload a service log. For some reason it will not let me upload it. I saved it from the app the google drive, (I dont see an option to save it to my phone) then i download it to my phone and try to upload it here, it gets to 100 then says error, try again later... there is no option for me to share with victron or victron community as listed in the guide to creating a service report.. Here's a google drive link, although I dont see how anyone could read it lol.

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My victron 24v 5000w can't turn on at all

my victron 24v 5000w when turn on manually it stays off no lights to indicate overload or any other issues..can anyone help please

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Grid connecting isn´t possible

Hi guys!

I´m running the following system: 3 x Multiplus II 48/5000, 1 x Cerbo, 3 x MPPT, 9 x Pylontech US 3000, EM 24 for measuring the grid. The system runs since about 7 months without any problems.

All units on the newest firmware, the cerbo runs on 2.84.

Since yesterday I´ve a problem: allthough the grid is here as all the time, the cerbo shows grid lost and doesn´t reconnect to the grid. I´ve started the system a few times without solving the problem.

My energy supplier has measured the grid and says everything is fine.

So I don´t understand this behaviour. The system tries about every 15 minutes to reconnect to the grid, then the relais in the Multiplus are switching and immediately comes the message: time synchronisation failed or one of the expected units were not found.

Anyone an idea why the Multis don´t switch trough to the grid?


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Help with internet connection

We had solar installed and the installer connected the system to his wifi to show us how Victron works. Now we are out touring the US but our system continually is searching for his wifi and we not allow us to remove his wifi network. How do we remove his wifi and connect to our own? Thanks


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