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TWO multiplus-II 5k parallel problem. DUAL standalone options?


I am having difficulty running two multiplus-ii 5000 in parallel. Located in Europe i have a 3-phase incoming connection, but for parallel connection using 1-phase off-course.

They do function alright in parallel and system is stable if i do run them from DC (solar mppts and batteries) but as soon i apply incoming AC there is some issues and so far i have 2 different scenarios:

Both multis are connected on the same phase AC-in with common ground and earth.

AC-out-1 and ac-out-2 are also paralleled between multis with common ground and earth.

Both multis connected to the same battery bank.

All DC and even AC-in and ac-out cables are same dimensions and lengths.

Scenario #1. Both multis connected (and set up) in parallel without any assistants installed:

When AC-in is switched on (after a 60s delay) they start to hum quite loud in wave pattern - louder-quieter. Meanwhile the loads on AC-out are being supplied.

I cant accept that as normal, therefore i do not connect them to AC-in at the moment.

Scenario #2. Same connection but now with ESS assistants installed on both multis:

When AC-in is switched on (after a 60s delay) a very rapid LOUDER than without ESS humming takes place that is VERY short and results in disconnect with the slave unit displaying the overload red led for a sec. Loads eventually being dropped as well.

This happens WITH or WITHOUT connected loads on AC-out.

That is a scary event so i am not repeating it.

Meanwhile CERBO does not give any other error except "grid lost" so no clues there.

I did test both units standalone, with ac-in and ess installed. works as expected.

I did test and replace data cables between multis and cerbo. also tried to place them in different routes. no change.

I suspect one of the multis is defective as it is different from the other - it is louder in normal operation and it has "more noises" inside of it. Also it does not follow the AC-2 out relay assistant setting and start switching on-off the relay at 90% SOC while it is set to turn on only when SOC is 95% higher and turn off below 92%. same setting on both multis. and the internal battery monitor is not enabled.

i see there has been a very similar issue:

unfortunately data cable replacement and relocation did not change a thing.

I understand there is a possibility to connect them multis in parallel-standalone connection when one of them is connected to cerbo through MK3. but that is not a solution to solve the current issue as i expect to be able to use all advertised applications.

please help me to solve this mysterious issue.

I have spoken to my local distributor but their knowledge/experience is not sufficient to solve this.

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Incorrect GST-18 connectors supplied with MultiPlus inverters?

I'm just wiring up a MultiPlus 12/500/20 on my van. The connectors supplied for the A/C in and A/C out are these GST-18 connectors:


These won't take cables with the correct current rating, and so are pretty useless. The strain relief will only just take a cable with a 7mm diameter, so (in the UK, at least) you're limited to cables which have 1.0mm2 conductors. However, the MultiPlus manual says that the AC cable should have "a cross-section of at least 1.5mm2". This makes sense, but it's likely that most people will actually be using 2.5mm2 cable in their AC installations.

Mains cable sizes in the UK are:

  • flexible, cable diameter about 7mm, for 1.0mm2 conductors
  • flexible, cable diameter about 8mm, for 1.5mm2 conductors
  • flexible, cable diameter about 10mm, for 2.5mm2 conductors
  • Standard T&E cable, max dimension 10mm,2.5mm2 conductors

The GST-18 connectors that Victron should be supplying are the Wieland 92.931.3053.1 (female) and 92.932.3053.1 (male). These have a round strain relief and can take cables of 6.5-10.5 diameter.

These are very expensive in low volume (, £34.85, MOQ 5 pieces).

Dear Victron: can you send me one of each of the correct connector, please? :)

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Victron connect only finds one out of 3 devices -- what happened to the other 2?

My android victron connect only picks up 1 of my 3 devices. Not picking up inverter/charger or batteries. I have gone thru the trouble shooting checklist several times but havent been able to get the missing two to show up. I have tried three different phones and the same thing happens on all three. Any suggestions?

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BSC IP65 12/10 charging problems


I have a BSC IP65 12/10 installed in my camper van (VW Transporter) which is connected to the extra battery and a power socket. The last few years everything worked fine and the voltage, when connected to power supply, went up to 14.4 without a problem.

Since a few weeks the charger is going into Absorbtion mode and only goes up to 13.1 (even goes down when our fridge is turned on). When I disconnect the power a few times en reconnect it it suddenly works fine again. I always have to try several times to find a good connection.

The battery was tested and is in perfect condition. The CEE connector for the power supply to the BSC is also brand new so shouldn't be the problem.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

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VRM Portal Embed code error

we have a problem with the embeded code that produce of our VRM portal a looks like doesn’t work in our website so we had to put a Buton


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Multiplus 2 3000/120v version AC wiring..

New owner of a Victron Multiplus 2 48/3000, it is the North American 120v version. I was a little taken off guard with the push in AC connectors, was not expecting this feature. I was hoping to use smaller wire than 6awg, will these connectors work properly with varying wire/cable gauge? For example I had planned to use 10awg cable and appropriate circuit breaker for in and out 1 connections. The inverter will be used in an off grid cabin where the load center is 30 total amps. Seems silly to use 6AWG in such a case. AC in will be a 2000w generator used for battery charging only, power assist will be disabled.

In summary:

1) Will these push in AC connectors happily accommodate varying gauges? Is there a range to be respected?

2) Will these connectors work with solid/non stranded wire? If not what is the required stranding?

Appreciate any of your comments, have scoured the internet and there is very little information to be found on this. Can't say I am particularly fond of these connectors so far, hopefully that will change.


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Update Victron Connect App 5.72

Nach dem aktuellen Update wird mir in der Geräteübersicht folgendes dargestellt:


Je nachdem welches Gerät ich wähle erscheint ganz kurz eine Anzeige der Parameter wie beim SmartBatterySense zu sehen.

Beim SmartBatterySense ist es dauerhaft.

Kann man da irgendwie etwas einstellen, so das ein anderes Gerät seine Parameter darstellt bzw. kann man das beim SmartBatterySense deaktivieren?

Mir erscheint es so das darunter irgendwie die gesamte Bluetooth Konnektivität zu den anderen Victron Geräten leidet.

Ich habe permanent Verbindungsabbrüche bis hin das sich App komplett aufhängt.

Das stellt sich auf mehreren Victron Anlagen und auch verschiedenen Endgeräten ähnlich dar.

Ich kann mich leider nicht des Eindruck erwehren das dieses Update (mal wieder) ein unausgegorener Schnellschuss war.

Eventuell sollte man einfach mal mit einer Beta Version Freiwillige testen lassen, anstatt bestehende Systeme mit mängeln einzudecken.

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Connecting Multiplus-II, Cerbo GX, Pylontech batteries and a Fronius Primo

While trying to connect everything I realise I made a mistake on the first cable, so I'm trying to make sure I got everything right before returning the wrong cable and buying the right ones.

Cerbo-GX <--> Pylontech US2000C : I need a "VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable 1.8m" from "BMS.Can" port to "A/CAN" port right?

Multiplus-II 5000 <--> Cerbo GX : I need a RJ-45 UTP cable right from MP's "VE.Bus" port to Cerbo's "VE.Can" port right ? Is this just a standard Ethernet cable?

Fronius Primo <--> Cerbo GX : I just need both device connected to the same network through their LAN ports? Is it enough if both devices are on the same WiFi network?

Thanks for the help !

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Cannot connect to VRM Portal

Hello, About one day ago my Cerbo GX stopped communicating with the VRM Portal. I have reset the system, verified it is connected to the wifi hotspot, and it still does not connect. All else seems to be functioning nominally. I have included some screenshots of what I am seeing. Any ideas on how I should proceed to get things back online will be much appreciated.






All the communications errors listed below up until the most recent on 6.30.22 - were from driving through areas without cellular coverage. The error on 6.30 at 5:46 was the start of this problem but the RV was parked in my driveway and I was asleep when this error occurred so I have zero ideas on what has caused it.


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Solar charger not seen in Device List for days on Easy Solar 2 what's wrong?

48/5000/70-35 GX, connected to VRM for 5 days and it says the Solar Charger has not been seen for 3 days. ES2 is connected using Ethernet cable.

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VictronConnect can't see any devices on Local

I've drastically shortened my original post, as I had no replies.

I have a Cerbo GX which is connected on my LAN with a BMV-700 Battery Monitor and a MPPT 100/50 Solar charger

My desktop PC can see the Cerbo in it's list of Network devices.

I can Ping the Cerbo, and can connect to the Cerbo GX by clicking on the network icon. or by entering "venus.local" in the browser.

I have VictronConnect running, and can access the Cerbo via the VRM online portal, However under "Local", VictronConnect says "No Devices found".

I need VictronConnect to talk to the Cerbo directly as I normally have no internet at this site.

Can anybody help please?

Thanks ..... Zim

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Smartshunt cannot connect via Bluetooth


I just got myself a second Smartshunt 500A. The problem is it won't connect to my phone. I've repeatedly tried disconnecting the Smartshunt and wait, but it doesn't make any difference. Gone through the entire Victron troubleshooting guide, but there's not much to be done from there: I can't remove it from paired devices because it never pairs in the first place, restarting the phone does not help, GPS positioning is turned on in the phone, I'm as close to the Smartshunt as I can be, the Victron Connect app is up to date – and then finally the fact that my phone can connect to my old Smartshunt. However, it does show up in the devices list in the app. The problem is that it never asks for a PIN code, it just loads for a while and then comes then error message, same thing when trying to reset the PIN code. The only reaction I get is the error LED on the Smartshunt flashing quickly once every time I press connect on my phone.

Any ideas what the reason could be? Is the unit damaged/faulty, or is there anything more to try?

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MPPT 100/20 lädt nicht



Image CaptionHallo zusammen,

man liest dieses Problem öfter, leider komme ich mit den bisherigen Einträgen bei meinem neuen Regler nicht weiter.

Verkabelung ist richtig, Sicherung ist heil. Spannung liegt an. Aber er lädt einfach nicht.

Einzig auffällig ist, dass die Spannung an der Batterie deutlich höher ist, als im System angezeigt wird. Geht weder mit normaler AGM, noch mit meinem LiFePo4.

Danke für die Hilfe!

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Quattro not detected by Cerbo GX

I connected a Quattro via the VE.bus to a Cerbo GX. However, the Quattro does not appear in the device list in the Cerbo GX. I am on Cerbo GX firmware 2.85 (latest) and the Quattro has firmware 2634430.VFD (as read from the label of the micro of the Quattro).

I already tried the following :

- cold rebooting both Cerbo GX as well as the Quattro

- tried both VE.bus ports on Quattro as well as the Cerbo GX

- tried different utp cables

I have a solar charger connected via VE can bus, and a BMV702 connected via which are both detected by the Cerbo GX. I also have a Digital Multicontrol panel connected on the VE.bus (on the Cerbo GX) and I can Switch the Quattro on and off via the panel, so it looks like there is communication over the VE.bus.

Components :

- Quattro 12/3000/120

- BMV702

- Cerbo GX

- GX touch 50

Can anyone please help me, how I can get the Quattro appear in the device list of the Cerbo Gx ? Thanks in advance !

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Andoid application cannot detect MPPT 75 | 15

Hi, I attempted to connect to my MPPT 75 10 via USB with Android application installed a few days ago.

I have a working USB connection to a desktop PC via FTDI cable but when I plug this into the Android phone it says it cannot find anything. At the moment I plug in the USB , the phone asks for USB access which I confirm. A few seconds later it says there are no connected devices.

Is this a known issue ? Does USB work?


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