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Constant disconnection from VRM

I am experiencing a constant loss of connection to VRM. What I mean is my system is connected to the internet via cerbo + wifi I checked again this morning in the boat no issue with internet (I have 2 cameras streaming no issues) and not issue IP address from both ethernet (internal switch network) and wifi from cerbo (internet router) and yet I lose the connection multiple times a day. any issue with your cloud? I have the boat on anchor with geofence and I would like to ensure there is constant contact! thanks


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Quattro and BPP no connection



I’ve got an issue where my 10 year old Quattro (24v/5000va/120amp) and BPP are not connecting. I’ve just replaced the boat with new batteries so turned everything off to do this. Turned everything back on and Quattro didn’t come on. This happened a year ago so I disconnected the cat5 cable and the Quattro came to life so plugged the cable back in. The charger and inverter works but the BPP (version 0.0402) shows no connection to the Quattro. The battery monitor side seems to work. Any ideas how to connect? Should I update the software on the Quattro or will this not work with the old BPP? Or should I just replace the BPP to a GX colour but I see someone else has had a similar issue with the GX?



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PWM LCD USB 12V 5A : 1.1v voltage at PV terminals while PV disconnected


Equipment : PWM LCD USB 12V 5A + PV victron 30 wc + battery superpack 12.8v lithium.

With the PV (30 wc) disconnected, there is always 1.1V displayed by the "PV voltage display" and by voltmeter measurement of the +/- PV terminals of the controller. The battery is 100% charged. Is this normal? Is this residual voltage coming from the battery?

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How to best connect two different series of solar pannels. Autonomy

How to best connect two different series of solar pannels. Autonomy

- one series of 4 400w 24v

- one series of 4 280w 24v

Right now they are connected on the same mppt, but. I onlyet about 1100w max

Can I have two mppts charging the same batteries? Do they talk to each other?

Thanks for your reply

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Connecting two Victron distributors


I want to connect two Victron distributors, but with the connections coming in from both sides. (see the attached picture)

So the top on have wires coming ind from the left and the bottom one from the right.


If I connect it as shown on the picture, I will be fusing the negative wire on the top distributor and the positive on the bottom one.

Do you see any problems with this approach?

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VRM Portal no connection

Hi everybody, since yesterday noon I have the problem that VRM Portal/Venus OS hangs.

After a reboot, it goes back for 15-30 minutes. AC IN and power are also hanging on the remote console. EM24 keeps counting, just as the device view keeps counting. Have already updated to V.3 14 today, no improvement. i also checked the internet connection, everything fine.

What could that be?

thank you







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Bluetooth Connectivity Victron Connect

Hi - one of my friends has an older samsung and it doesnt connect to the Victron Connect. Just wondering what is the cheapest phone to reliably connect? I know iphones all work well but they're more expensive than android.

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Cannot connect to my phone.

Hi there, I have been using the MPPT 75/10 Smart Solar charge controller in my campervan. Suddenly, I can’t see the devise anymore in the connect app.

The bulk light is constantly shining blue (sometimes blinking). I don’t know what to make of this or what to do.

I have been able to connect it to my phone in the past but not anymore.

Thank you for your help

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Is this PV connection OK?


Just climbed up on the roof to install tilts when I Lifted one of the panels I found a open exposed PV connection. Is this ok? The shop I went to I was going to chalk off and a few mistakes but after this I don't know? There's no heat shrink on the ends I can see bare copper. I would think eventually this would impact the performance of the PV .


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Cerbo GX duplicate IP addresses


(originally posted here, but realise my problem is actually different)

Home network controller (UniFi) complains about duplicate IP addresses on the network. On further inspection this is somehow related to the Cerbo WiFi packets "leaking" onto the wired LAN.

Ethernet settings:


WiFi settings:


Duplicate IP address on Ethernet:


Note the detail box to the right of the screen grab, indicating that Victron HMI, connected by wire, has an IP address which belongs to "Einstein". Details of "Einstein" below:


What I find really weird is the intermittency of the problem. Every few seconds the wired device drops its "nom de plume", and transmits correctly again:


Note on the right of the screen how the same device, connected to the same port on the same switch, now has a different (correct as per Ethernet settings!) IP address.

To add to the weirdness, here is the Link-Local interface doing the same:


Background, in case someone asks why I maintain two connections: Cerbo is connected to LAN via Ethernet as well as WiFi to try and avoid repetition of an incident where the Victron intermittently lost connectivity a few months ago, causing me to replace a switch as well as the Cerbo without fixing the problem. So just to be very explicit about this: I had a Cerbo which lost connectivity. I replaced the switch to no avail. I purchased a new Cerbo and set it up from scratch, and the problem still persisted. This may have been related to a firmware upgrade and may even have been fixed in a later update - I would not know. I also appreciate that I can just switch off WiFi (which does seem to fix the problem), but fact remains the device should not be doing this. As a last comment, I somehow suspect the current problem may not be unrelated to the one I just described.

If this is indeed a bug and I should report it elsewhere, please advise.



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VE connend doesn't see Multiplus 24 3000 70

Hi everybody! I have a problem and I really need help. I have bought 3 2nd hand inverters Phoenix Multiplus 24 3000 70 and I'm trying to configure them in parallel but I'm not able to connect. All downloaded softwares are connecting to MK2-USB adapter but cannot detect the device. The firmware version is: 1812143. I also tried to configure them using the DIP switches following the instructions of the manual but unsuccessfully. Please help, I'm in Africa and I cannot contact anybody

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Venus - reboot when no contact with ethernet?

The "Reboot device when no contact", in the Venus device, under "Settings" / "VRM online portal", is useful with an unreliable wifi connection.

Do you still need this if you use an ethernet cable to the venus device, to a router that is not always on? The scenario here is a Venus GX that is connected to a Thales satellite router that is not always on. The router will be switched two or three times a day, and we need the Venus to then upload the locally stored records when the router becomes available.

Or, maybe a different question - is it harmful for the Venus to reboot all the time ;-)

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Losing connection Victron portal #153

Hi, I get a lot of alarm logs for communication monitoring - at least 3 times a day my installation can't connect to the Victron portal. Sometimes it takes hours before connection is restored. I checked all the #153 questions, my time settings are right, I rebooted my Cerbo, my installation has access to a strong Wifisignal. Is there anything else I can do to prevent this from happening?

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MacbookPro will not connect to Victron connect

I have 2 MBP one 2012 & 2015. To connect to Victron MPPT 150/60 controller. The older laptop connects the newer will not. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

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Faston for 30amp in Orion DC-DC Converter

Hi, i got an Orion DC-DC Converter Isolated 12-24 (360W). It comes with four 6.3mm Faston connectors. I normally use 6 awg or 4awg (16 or 25mm2) wire for 30 amp installations, but Faston terminals accept a maximum of 13 awg (2.5mm2) wire. how should i do the installation? I don't see any information about it. Thanks.

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