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Power assist with 30 amp RV

The manual suggests that wiring to my power distribution should be upgraded because of the power boost feature. However, the manual only addresses 50 amp services. I have a 30 amp RV, so…from what I can tell I should use 6AWG wire from the multiplus to the the power distribution panel, and then upgrade the breaker there to handle any additional load from the power boost feature. Is there any documentation about using power boost in a 30 amp camper?

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Multiplus-II GS - is dual purpose operation possible with a simple external mode switch?

Hi, only my second post so please be gentle, and excuse my terminology.

I have a Multiplus-II GS and lead battery bank that spends most of its time functioning as an ESS system, self consumption from our PV system being the objective, it's working well.

However, we are in a deep rural location that suffers quite regular grid power failures, for these times we have a 6 kVA diesel backup generator.

What would be really useful is the ability to use the Multi in PowerAssist mode quickly and easily. Obviously this needs a changeover switch for the input but I can easily sort that.

So the nub of the question, is it possible to have two very different operating modes programmed into the Multi and quickly swap between them? Ideally using a simple digital input?

At the moment the only way I can see to do it is get the laptop out and delete the ESS assistant?

Thanks, Guy

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How to switch from ESS to powerassist mode (external)


I have a question, and hope you can help me.

We have the following components:

- Multiplus II 24/3000/70/32

- Cerbo

- MPPT 100/30 (with 2 395wp solar panels)

- BMV712

- Digital control.

- 500Ah (C5) 24VDC flooded tubular plate battery.

- Generator. With 2 simple relais switching between grid or generator supply to the Victron multi.

De installaties is running on ESS, works fine!

I want to use powerassist. I understand that powerassist and powerlimit is not working (as designed ) in combination with ESS. Therefore my question: how to switch from ESS mode to "normal mode" with powerassist? Preferbly by means of an external switch ( for example on the cerbo of multiplus).

Already thanks for jour creative solutions and options ;).

Regards Mark

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Current limit and power assist with ess

with ess and all the loads in AC / IN in a multiplus II with cerbo, can it be configured so that in case of going over the contracted network power the inverter stops consuming (if it is charging the battery) and goes on to inject energy from the battery to the network input and thus avoid jumping the icp??

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Will Multiplus II Powerassist help with low voltage in a RV Park

Will Multiplus II Powerassist help with low voltage in RV Park? If it can powerassist to help with amperage can it also kick in to help when the RV Park voltage drop from 120 to 110 or lower, will the Multiplus II Powerassist kick in to provide clean power?

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Multiplus 12|3000|120 AC-Out-1 wire size

Multiplus 12|3000|120 AC-Out-1: 75A possible. AWG 6 recommended.

AC-In says to use three-wire cable, AWG 6 gauge. Rated for 50A.

I've seen 6/3 cable say 55A per conductor, so is 6/3 cable sufficient for AC-Out-1? Or use three AWG 6 wires, or a lower gauge like 4/3?


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How to programme an alarm for powerassist

I am installing a multiplus (24/3000/70) on a large houseboat permanently connected to shore power. The boat has frankly too many systems for the 16a shore breaker, and the idea is that the PowerAssist feature will prevent startup spikes from AirCon etc. from tripping the breaker. My concern, however, is that the occupants will abuse this feature and destroy their own battery bank. Ideally, I want to set an alarm to let them know when PowerAssist has been on for more than 1 minute, or failing that, set a limit after which PowerAssist will stop and simply trip the breaker (cheapest way they’ll learn!). It seems like this should be a feature as there are three programmable alarm outputs, but I can’t find anywhere how to achieve this. Any help appreciated!

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Power assist does nothing, never activates

Hello, I have...

Dual Multiplus 3000 currently running in parallel on 30 amp shore power

bmv 712

cerbo gx

touch 50 screen

800 amps of lifepo4

Power assist on in both units

When I set "input current limit" to 15 amps and I run 20 amps of load the power asssist never helps out. The system just keeps charging the batteries. It never actually shows the correct amout of amps bieng drawn. Can this be corrected?



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Multiplus 5k ignores input current limit with power assist

I have a Multiplus 24/5000 that I am using to run the dive compressor on my boat (2.7kw) and a Honda 2kw generator connected to the AC1 input to provide the power when solar doesn’t keep up.

The Multiplus runs the dive compressor (3 phase motor driven by a single to three phase VFD) easily on its own.

When I’m not running the dive compressor, the multiplus honors the 8.5A input current limit I’ve set, however when I fire up the dive compressor it seems to ignore that limit and will try and pull all of the power from the generator, with little to no power assist.

Running the compressor at full speed the generator will overload and trip. If I lower the compressor speed with the VFD I can get it to a point where the genny can just keep up at around 10A, with the multiplus saying it’s assisting by maybe 200W on top of the 2000W from the gen. It's not ideal running the compressor this slow.

So it appears that power assist is doing a little bit, but no where near enough and the input current limit is being ignored. I can turn the input current limit right down to 4 and the behaviour doesn't change at all.

The minimum input current limit for my 5k is supposed to be 3.9A and I’m on firmware 430. Any ideas?

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Adding Victron Multiplus in Parallel

I have a Victron Multiplus 3kVA 120V purchased June 2020 (Part #: PMP123021102). I'm realizing I'm in need of more (faster) charging power and more inverting power on occasion. Some questions:

1) Will my Multiplus be compatible to wire in parallel with a new one purchased now?

2) I've read through the parallel wiring manual and understand the considerations to AC and DC wiring, etc. I'm bummed to read on these forums that wiring in parallel means both Multis need to always be powered on and turning one off means the first Multi drops output/faults unless reconfiguring for standalone use. Is this still the case? This would be extremely limiting in my case as my need for faster charging (4x 200A Victron LiFePO4 in parallel, 800A bank on a boat) is only on occasion. I could wire for standalone of both units but (a) I have a single CCGX installed on a Raspberry Pi for monitoring and do not want to add a second just to monitor another Multiplus, and (b) I need more inverting power as my 2 air conditioning units (16000 BTU and 10000 BTU) are wired through the inverters and there is not enough inverting power to turn on the compressor of the larger unit, even with soft starts installed.

3) A bit unrelated, but in my installation I have never seen Power Control work quite right, though I believe it is my fault for going on assumptions. While running on generator power, I tend to limit current with the multi control panel to 40A. I have a Victron AC current sensor installed on the Multiplus and it shows up on the CCGX as "PV Inverter" (wish I could change that label). A few loads on the boat do not run through the inverter as they are very large loads especially on startup (dive compressor, watermaker, and a separate 100A battery charger which I intend to replace with the new Multi). Taking these loads into account when switched ON was my reasoning for installing the current sensor so that the Multi would know about them for Power Control reasons. Will the Multiplus limit charging in also taking the AC current sensor loads into account? I'm finding that it does not, but maybe there is some configuration required.

Appreciate any guidance.


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Multiplus II Questions - Humming and adding power with other inverter

Hi. I am the lucky new owner of a Multiplus-II 24/3000-70/32. Just installed it and started using it. I have two questions, the first purely informative and the second more practical.

1. It's humming loudly (relatively). The less load on the inverter the louder. As I go long days with low loads (50-250W) it seems that it will be humming a lot under my ownership. I'm just thinking - sound means vibration and vibration means wear. How will all the solder joints, capacitors and everything hold up with that constant vibration. Maybe I am just paranoid but no other inverter I have used before have had that kind of hum constantly. Can someone put my mind to ease about this and explain if it is just the way they are designed and that it is ok, or otherwise?

2. I have PowerAssist in this inverter which is supposed to combine the inverter ac current with incoming current from the grid or genset if needed upon high enough demand. I have a 900W 24V sine wave inverter from another brand laying around. I wonder if, in the situation I needed it, I can connect that other inverter to the battery pack and feed it into the multiplus to get 2400+900=3300W? Is that a dumb idea or a reasonable thing to do in a pinch?

Best Regards,


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Power Assist Boost Factor and overloading MutiPlus

I have a 12/3000/120 MultiPlus and I'm trying to understand some Overload issues that I'm experiencing and wondering if the Boost Factor is potentially causing the issue.

Setup is as follows:
Input Limit: 30A
Power Assist: Enabled
Boost Factor: 2.0
UPS: Disabled
Input Power: 4500W Inverter Generator (3800W running)

I've noticed when a large load comes online that the MP will overload and disconnect. I also get an error from my EMS that the voltage has gone "out of spec" (sadly it doesn't tell me which way). What is interesting is that the load is under the 30A input limit and can easily be handled by the generator alone. I'm wondering if the MultiPlus is "preparing" to power assist approximately 7200W (Boost Factor * Input Limit) and causing the overload itself?

If I set the MP to "Charger Only" the Generator can handle these loads just fine. So it seems to be something specific to Power Assist causing the issue. I do plan on turning down the Input Current and running this same test to see if Power Assist successfully assists without disconnecting but I haven't ran this test yet.

Should I lower the Boost Factor down to 1 (or maybe even lower) to stay within the 3000W that the MP can provide? Is there anyway to configure this so that it is not reliant on the input limit? For instance if I'm connected to 15A power I would want a higher boost factor.

Thank you!

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Site Survey etc

Can I use a Cerbo GX , EM112 to monitor site power consumption. I am looking for a way to get Data onto VRM, without Victron Inverter Chargers etc, to help specify Victron equipment.. I would then have continuous data and would be able to demonstrate to customer that " I can get you 200A from an 80A supply " !

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Multiplus entering power assist unnecessarily; draining batteries

The power system (components listed here; all devices have the latest firmware as of this posting) I installed in my fifth wheel is entering power assist mode despite the AC input being less than the input current limit. For background, one goal of this system was to be able to run a pair (15 and 13.5 kBTU/hr) of air conditioners on 30A/120VAC single phase service, with the inverters/batteries supplementing the grid power for intermittent loads like a Keurig, microwave, etc. The trailer came with one air conditioner on L1 and the other on L2. Of course, when only single phase input is provided, the second inverter inverts from 12 VDC but its continuous output must of course be limited by the first inverter's charging capacity of 120A. After conversion losses this is inadequate to power the second AC without pulling from the batteries (side note for any Victron employees lurking: *please* implement a way for the second inverter in a split-phase system to accept AC input that's in-phase with the first inverter! This is obviously something that can be done in software and its absence is driving customers with RV applications out of their minds). To get around this problem I installed a 20A switch that allows me to switch the second air conditioner from L1 to L2. I thought that was clever.

But not really; the stubbornness of the Multiplus defeats my ingenuity. See pics below.



As you can see, it is drawing well below the input current limit from the grid, yet "assisting" and drawing down my batteries. The total draw is around 28-29A although it can't be seen in the pictures (but you can infer it from the "AC Loads").

Please help me figure out how to force the inverter to draw up to the input current limit before it goes into assist mode; I really can't stomach the thought that I paid ~$15k and put in dozens of hours of work to actually lose capability.

Edit: The system is plugged into a 30A 120/240VAC split-phase connection. Inside the rig I have a 50A breaker upstream of the Multis, and I cut the little metal link joining the two poles of the breaker so that I can switch L1 and L2 on/off separately. In the example above, L2 is cut off to simulate how the Multis behave when only given a 30A/120VAC input (the first inverter switches to grid input while the second simply inverts from the batteries, as I ranted about in bold above). It is connected through several long extension cords, hence the voltage drop. Nevertheless, there is sufficient input amperage available to power these loads from grid input alone (and it certainly should be pulling more than 23A when it has a 30A input current limit).

Here's a VRM link: https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/66058/share/6019a575

And here's a link to the RVMS file with the current inverter configuration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JUNAxmPHIBWKNB6Saglhysvo8FdTxRsx/view?usp=sharing


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Why Does Generator Power Drop When Load Applied?

I have a Quattro 24/5000. When I add an AC load, the Quattro drops the AC 1 In current (connected to a 4800 W generator). The inverter/batteries make up the difference. See attached screen shot.

Settings: 120V, 60hz, Power Assist = on; Boost Factor = 2.0, max; AC 1 input current limit = 15 amps. See screen shots. The only difference in conditions in these two screen shots is the AC load applied.

This is strange behavor and I am at a loss. Any ideas?



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Is there an option to extend the "assist" while using an inverter generator?

I have a 12v 3000 multi in a RV. Cerbo is monitoring the system. I've checked everything. The power assist works fine with everything I load the system with. Except the microwave, assist doesn't even try to kick in. The whole load is diverted to the generator and it will overload it.

If i run the A/C and partially load the generator it has no trouble picking up the microwave. So I know the generator will handle the loads.

I want to know is there a way to have the inverter to load the generator slower.

Or is it the microware that is causing the issue. I can run space heaters the air conditioning and the assisting is showing on display for a few seconds while generator spools up. But the multi doesn't even try with microwave starting by itself.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Comment parrametrer MultiPlus-II pour implémenter les fonctions PowerControl et PowerAssist et optimiser l'autoconsommation grâce à une sonde de courant externe 100 A : 50 mA.

Bonjour ,je souhaite optimiser la production sur l’autoconsommation en journée en me servant des batteries qui compléteraient le manque de puissance sur de courte utilisation. Ex sèche cheveux, Grille pain, lave vaisselle .....

Par la suite le surplus serais renvoyé dans les batteries qui sont déjà programmer pour être rechargé en journée et déchargé le soir SOC 70% à partir du moment ou il y a plus de production suffisante pour couvrir le besoin.

Actuellement la production est consommée et le surplus renvoyée sur le réseau une fois les batteries chargée à 100%. Le réseau compense, le manque quand il y a une demande plus forte que la production solaire.

J'ai le Transformateur de courant de 100 A : 50 mA pour MultiPlus-II qui permet d'implémenter les fonctions PowerControl et PowerAssist et d'optimiser l'autoconsommation grâce à une sonde de courant externe mais je ne sais pas comment faire la programmation.

Je suis sur un multi-plus II ,venus GX, sur cette configuration réseau.


Merci pour votre aide.

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Sizing question regarding MultiPlus / PowerAssist feature

I would have a short question regarding the sizing of MultiPlus hardware:

If I would like to operate it only to make use of the PowerAssist functionality (e.g. to run a 230v device with 8 amp peak power on a max. 6 amps AC socket, but never off the grid on the inverter alone), what system sizing will I need then?

Is it okay to count only the additional power delivered by the inverter (e.g. the 800VA model, to top off the "missing" 2 amps plus losses), or will I nevertheless need to go for a larger model covering the complete overall power consumption?

Would be perfect if one of the experienced users could help with this question.

Thanks a lot!

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Power Assist function on AC IN Quattro

Hi, Experts.

The picture shows the connection and functions. Will this work? Any HELP! Thanks


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AC circuit protection In vs Out while using Powerassist with Multiplus 3kVA

I am planning out my first ground up installation with a Multiplus 3kVA in a cargo trailer buildout. I'm trying to figure out how to plan circuit breakers and panel layout for using both AC out 1&2.

Inverter input will draw from either a 30 amp shore inlet or a 3.5kW generator with 30 amp 120v output. On AC out 1 I will have one main and two branch GFCI circuits. On AC out 2 will be an air conditioner.

In theory, the powerassist will only come on to supply the inverter AC out 1 with power when necessary, such as when the AC unit is drawing a large load on the generator.

My question is, when 30 amp shore/gen power is present and the Multiplus offers power assist, is it possible for AC out 1 to output more than 30 amps of power? And in this case do I need to put a 50 amp main circuit breaker on the inverter AC out 1?

Ideally, I'd like to use a Progressive Dynamics PD5500 panel with two 30 amp main circuits to house both AC out 1 and AC out 2, but this is not possible if one of them needs to be fused at 50 amps.

Thanks for you input!

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When did power assist start to be available and whats the minimum supplied AC capacity

I am looking for a used Multiplus or Multiplus Compact to have Powerassist for providing power in a shed 150 metres away, usually the powerdraw will be under 50W, to run bigger startup currents the likes of a truck battery should do the trick. I would like to know whats the lowest required wattage that needs to be provided via AC. I am hoping around 250W because the cable will only be 1.5 sqare mm and the volts might otherwise drop too far.

Or am I better off using a charger and Inverter individually?

I have a very old Multi which cannot provide Powerassist. How can I determine whether it is available with the unit in question when I see it in an ad?


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Multiplus Power Assist Noise Level


Might be just me, but I think my Multiplus has a louder audible sound when going into power assist than it used to.

Can someone who also uses this very helpful functionality confirm if theirs too makes this noise when going into power assist?



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Multiplus 1600VA and lagging on instrument

Hello everyone!

I am using a Multiplus 12/1600/70 with two 255AH batteries. Also, a 600W solar panel is connected to a MPPT 100/50. Also, I have a generator as a backup (3Kv Honda). A bmv is controlling the generator. It will turn on when soc drops to 50%.

The load is an instrument with 20A DC consumption. It is using 20A continuously.

The instrument is collecting data every second. I have some issue with lagging specially when the generator turn on. In this moment I have data every 10-20 seconds instead of every second.

The power assist is off on Multiplus configuration.

How can I fix this delay in the instrument. Should I turn the power assist on?

When the Multiplus is just invert from batteries and solar panels are able to charge the batteries, I don't have any problem.

I would appreciate if you could give me some advice.

Thanks in advance,


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MultiPlus and source prioritization

I'm planning an installation for a small workshop in a location where grid power is limited (230V/10A). There will be a constant load (heat pump) plus peak loads for a short period of time (say up to 6kW nominal power for a minute or so, when power tools are being used). I would like to supplement the available grid power with batteries for those peak loads.

I found the MultiPlus (48/5000/70-100) and it seems that its PowerAssist feature is exactly what I need. So far so good.

But — I could also add a small amount of solar to the mix. And that's where I don't understand things anymore.

Ideally, I'd like this ordering of power sources:

1. Use as much solar as is available at the moment.

2. Use the AC grid connection to pull up to 10A.

3. Use the batteries for anything on top of that.

But it seems that the MultiPlus does not have a separate DC connection for a solar power source. I found a system example (https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/MultiPlus-system-example-5KW-24V-230V-AC.pdf) which is fairly close to what I want, but it seems that the output of the MPPT controller is connected directly to the batteries. It seems to me that in this system, if I configure the PowerAssist feature, the solar source can only supplement battery charging and supplement the power peaks over the 10A I can pull from the grid, but it can't participate in small loads if the batteries are fully charged?

I would like to avoid discharging the batteries as much as possible, to extend their lifetime. They should be used only for supplementing peak power above what grid+solar can supply at the moment.

Additionally, I do not understand this example: I thought batteries need to be charged according to a charging profile, and it seems like there are two chargers connected to the same batteries. How does one ensure proper charging?

I think what I was expecting was an inverter/charger with separate connections for battery and for DC in (from solar/wind), with source prioritization.

Can this kind of prioritization be done with the MultiPlus?

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Powerassist on Victron Quattro 48V 5KVA inverter below 13A AC input?

Is it possible to have Victron powerassist kick in below 13 amps load? I have an AC line in source that can only supply a maximum of about 4 amps. I want the quattro to use the AC input line up to about 4 amps and then anything above that should be supplemented from the attached LiFePo4 Battery. When I set the input current limit to anything less than 13 amps from my Venus GX device (Attached to the inverter by a MK3-USB cable) the Venus GX display automatically reverts the entry to 13 amps. When I try to set the input current limit directly on the inverter via Remote VE Configure, it does not seem to actually change anything in the inverter. In other words powerassist never kicks in when a large load is applied to the inverter. The inverter just switches from bypass mode directly to battery supply only mode because the inverter load overloads the external AC source input.

The latest Quattro firmware has been installed.

I have tried with "Overruled by remote" checked and unchecked.

I have tried with "Dynamic Current Limiter" checked and unchecked.

The whole point of spending this much money on this inverter was so that I could take advantage of a small AC input source from a separate hydro-electrically charged system here on the property to supplement the solar charge system that the Quattro is attached to..

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Multiplus 12/1600/70 overloading generator when running loads


can somebody help me setting up my multiplus with victron connect.

the problem is that when I charge my batteries with a 1000watt generator

all is fine until either the central heating burner or the cooker burner on my boat switch on. they each have power consumption of 10 amp but the power spike is much much higher.this results into the generator being overloaded when on eco mode

i tried the soft ramp option but it is not effective enough I also limited the power input with the multi control panel . this now results into the multiplus switching off and than after a few seconds to come on again .

I want the multiplus to take the power load from the batteries and not from the generator when charging.




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ESS mode not transferring to grid when Multiplus 2 5000 is overloaded

I have a site that when the customer uses more than 4000 watts for a period of time that the Multiplus 2 48/5000/70-48 (firmware 477) unit turns off on overload rather than going into grid transfer mode, site is setup up with the ESS assistant (grid connected), colour controller (firmware 2.6) and 14.0kW of BYD batteries. Looking at some other posts it appears that the powerassist is turned off when ESS is active, I thought this was rectified with some of the latest firmware or perhaps I have missed a setting somewhere.


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Power assist


I have a system that requires the multiplus to have Ac out only when there is shore power (Ac in) And use the powers assist

The shore power is limited to 10 amps and the system has very short spikes of 15 amps And generally runs at around 6.5 amps so will charge the lithium battery in between spikes

Is there an assistant that can manage this or would the use of a relay be required.



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Honda 2200 with Multi Plus 12/3000/120 driving a 10000 BTU AC

I configured the current limit to 13A and run the AC which consumes about 7A while running the compressor. Assist and dynamic current limiting are enabled. When the compressor kicks in, the assist is unable (or too slow) to compensate for the startup current to avoid the generator from disconnecting. Boost factor is 2 and the breaker is set to 30A.

is there a better way to configure this?

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What's needed to configure PowerControl and PowerAssist on Multiplus II?

I have ordered a Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32. It does not have the GX panel, it's just the simple inverter with the LED indicators. It is going to be used in an off-grid cabin with a 48V battery bank with solar panels. I also have a Honda EU20i (1600W) generator which I want to use use for backup charging when needed.

However, as the Multiplus II charger can draw close to 1700W when charging at full rate on its own, and also passes through AC from the generator to the loads, it can easilly overload the generator unless the correct limits are in place. So I need to set up PowerControl and PowerAssist correctly to do this.

I can mention that the loads in the cabin probably won't ever exceed 1600W so I probably don't specifically need the "PowerAssist" feature, but it doesn't hurt to enable it. All I need is to limit the draw from the generator.

But I find very conflicting info about what is needed to set this up. Can this be done with the MK3 USB adapter and the PC software? Or does it need one of those fancy GX units or control panels to handle it? I don't need any panel to change or monitor settings "on the fly", I just need to set it up once and leave it as is.

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