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PowerAssist how does it work? Boosting starts well below Current Limit! Batteries cant charge! help!

Theres a foot of snow and its freezing out. I need to heat multiple buildings to keep pipes from bursting. And though my hydro (shore) power is producing ~30amps the "power assist" keeps turning on at about 50% of my current limit rather than as the description says, to supplement power demand after the 30amps! (Quattro: 2x10Kw (240V SplitPhase)

State A: Load near Limit - battery discharges at 2Kw! (1000Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Discharging

Input Current/Limit: 16/29Amps (3800W / 6960W)

Output Load: 6000Watt

State B: Load around 50% - battery doesn't charge! (2500Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Float

Input Current/Limit: 18/29Amps (4500W / 6960W)

Output Load: 4500Watt

I've tried changing the power assist boost factor value from 2 to the minimum of 0.3 which I would assume is 9amps. Isn't it supposed to give me an additional 9amps? so I can boost up to 39amps but have a load of up to 30amps?

Well I have a consistent load above 15 amps and the quattros keep draining from the battery rather than using the available load!

Now that my batteries are below 50% the occasional load spike will shut off the quattro system! And the batteries are continuining to discharge. By the end of the weekend the system isn't going to work anymore! I would be better off without the quattros! (and this has been pretty much my entire experience w/ the product).

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Comment parrametrer MultiPlus-II pour implémenter les fonctions PowerControl et PowerAssist et optimiser l'autoconsommation grâce à une sonde de courant externe 100 A : 50 mA.

Bonjour ,je souhaite optimiser la production sur l’autoconsommation en journée en me servant des batteries qui compléteraient le manque de puissance sur de courte utilisation. Ex sèche cheveux, Grille pain, lave vaisselle .....

Par la suite le surplus serais renvoyé dans les batteries qui sont déjà programmer pour être rechargé en journée et déchargé le soir SOC 70% à partir du moment ou il y a plus de production suffisante pour couvrir le besoin.

Actuellement la production est consommée et le surplus renvoyée sur le réseau une fois les batteries chargée à 100%. Le réseau compense, le manque quand il y a une demande plus forte que la production solaire.

J'ai le Transformateur de courant de 100 A : 50 mA pour MultiPlus-II qui permet d'implémenter les fonctions PowerControl et PowerAssist et d'optimiser l'autoconsommation grâce à une sonde de courant externe mais je ne sais pas comment faire la programmation.

Je suis sur un multi-plus II ,venus GX, sur cette configuration réseau.


Merci pour votre aide.

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Power assist with 80a shore 3 phase

Is it possible to increase the power assist only from 80A on a 15kw quattro or would you need to install 2 inverters in Serie?

Combined loads between AC1out and AC2 out can reach up to 100amp for short bursts and I would like to use power assist above 80a

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Multi RS Solar 48/6000 Power Control

I have been looking at the Multi RS Solar 48/6000 Power Control setting in the manual and cannot fine the minimum 230 volt input current limit lowest setting. In the Technical Specifications of the manual I cannot see it . I have seen the input current limit in the manual for my MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 which has a current limit settings of 6 A – 50 A

Does anyone know what the lowest "maximum current" setting for the Multi RS Solar 48/6000?

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EasySolar 48/5000 and AC coupling with Multiplus II 48/5000

I have an off grid installation with an EasySolar 48/5000/70 MPPT 150/100 running at full output power. I've installed a new Multiplus II with its own PV and batteries so completely separated from the EasySolar. Is it possible to do AC Coupling with both installations ? AC Out 1A of the EasySolar with AC Out 2 of the Multiplus II or install the Multiplus II AC out as a power Assist to the EasySolar ?

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Multiplus II en power assist avec un autre Multiplus II en site isolé

Je suis en site isolé et j'ai 2 installations avec 4 multiplus II 48/5000. Les installations sont complètement séparées, une en monophasé et l'autre en triphasé.

Je n'ai pas de générateur ni d'autre source d'entrée AC et est-il possible de faire un "Power Assist" de mon installation monophasée avec une des phases de l'installation triphasée pour avoir une sortie AC (pas de charge batterie) de 10 KVA ?

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no load power consumption

Because high power inverters use more idle power than low power inverters, is it possible to parallel 2 or more victron multiplus inverters on low power 3000va and only have one inverter active, with the others in standby (not drawing no load power) until the 3000va power is exceeded? is this possible?

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Powerassist in ESS system development

In an ESS system, the powerassist function is disabled by the ESS assistant.

In Belgium the government is going to charge a tax based on the peak power, besides the existing taxes on the amount of imported energy.

This will make the powerassist function of the Multiplus II or easysolar important.

Now we are dependent on integrators to add the powerassist software on a raspberry pi-based module that adds this function to the ESS.

I find it disappointing that Victron is not willing to integrate this function in the ESS assistant.

Is there really nobody in this community that is able to make this work? I am willing to pay a fee for that...

I have a 9kwh battery pack that is set on min SOC of 25%, to be able to deliver backup power when necessary, like an outage of the grid, or the grid voltage raising above the max allowed grid parameter, making the inverters disconnect from the grid.

But there are 2 situations I can think of, in which I want a deeper discharge of the battery.

  1. Powerassist: When the AC input grid power of the house exceeds 4KW, the battery should assist the grid with extra power, so that the input gridpower stays below 4kW. After the power demand in the house gets lower again, the battery may charge back to 25% SOC with low charging gridpower. By the way, Charging the battery with grid power must always keep the total import ac power below 4kW, which is not the case now when setting a higher SOC for instance... A button in the ESS control with a boost charge power would be handy though, when you want to charge the battery asap.
  2. Weather forecast-based deeper discharge: Nothing to do with powerassist. But the battery may discharge deeper in the evening, when the next day a lot of sun is predicted.

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AC assist to battery bank?

I've just installed a Multiplus 24v/3000w/70a on a 24v/2700wh battery bank. Everything I read seems to indicate AC assist or power assist is designed to supplement AC, or shoreline, from battery bank. I'm setup in a house with my solar and I'd like to reverse that, to have AC only assist the batteries, when over 1000w or the battery is below a certain SOC. However in current tests the AC takes over completely when wattage goes over 1000w. Ideally I'd like the AC to "assist" the battery with only a certain amount of amps to assist the battery until a certian SOC level is reached. i.e. I'd like the batteries to be my primary source, bringing in AC only when needed, is this possible?

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Minimum input current limit Quattro 1931

Can someone tell me what the minimum input current limit is for the Quattro 1931 when using PowerAssist, this model is not listed in the spreadsheet on Victron Professional. Thank's in advance.

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ESS as an extra power supplier

Hi all

For an installation I want to use 3 Multiplus II to supply 14 kVA more than the limit of my power contract. This will be happening during two hours per day approx. For this I think I will select each multiplus to have a power of 5kVA.


I saw in the manual of the multiplus II gx this configuration that is near to the one I want to install.

I need to fix the Grid power input to a maximum of 36kVA and my loads will have a peak of 50kVA. I know that is possible to change the grid metering with external meter. Each multiplus II 5000 accepts an external current sensor of 100 A. That will be more than the power that I need.


My question is if this installation can limit my power input (Grid) using the limit grid setpoint on a GX device. I want to configure this parameter to 36kVA or a little lower to limit my grid consumption. All this using the external current.

And also if the internal control of Victron is reliable to not surpass this limit?

Thanks for reading and for any advice.

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Absence débit des MPPT en « Power Assist »

Pb absence débit des MPPT en « Power Assist »

Type d’installation :

  • Alimentation d’une maison
  • Installation Victron raccordée au réseau EDF

Composition de l’installation :

  • 1 Quattro 48-10000-140-2*100
  • 2 MPPT :
    1. 1 MPPT 250-100
    2. 1 MPPT 250-60
  • 1 Cerbo GX avec écran
  • 1 colonne de 8 batteries Pylontech US2000 connectée au Cerbo par BMS Can Bus
  • 15 Panneaux PV sur le toit

Problème initial :

Avant la mise en place de notre installation VICTRON le disjoncteur EDF déclenchait fréquemment, de façon aléatoire, car la maison a des pointes de consommation supérieures au calibre du disjoncteur EDF : 40A

Problème de l’installation Victron :

Pour faire fonctionner l’installation on a le choix entre 2 modes de fonctionnement

Avec ESS.

  • Dans ce cas Power Assist est invalidé,
  • L’installation fonctionne bien, je vois bien que lorsque le soleil brille les MPPT débitent 4KW, donc les panneaux PV et le MPPT fonctionnent bien

Pb : Ce mode de fonctionnement ne convient pas car Power Assist ne peut pas être activé.

Sans ESS, avec Power Assist validé

  • L’installation fonctionne bien, Power Assist fait son travail,

Pb: lorsque les batteries sont chargées a 100% et que le soleil brille, les MPPT ne débitent aucune énergie.

Pourquoi les MPPT ne débitent pas ?

Quel est le paramétrage que je dois appliquer pour faire débiter les MPPT ?

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Power assist not available at minimum SOC

I live in South Africa and installed a Victron system with the following in mind. Save money through self consumption, have load shedding backup and to reduce my connection size via power assist. I installed an oversized battery so that I could set a high minimum SOC to provide for all three functions. Unfortunately it now seems that power assist and self consumption are mutually exclusive and I don’t understand why. Is there perhaps a way to get power assist to work at the minimum SOC just like it does when chosing "keep battery charged"?

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Power Assist Issues

My installation consists of 2 Multipluses 12/3000/120 (in parallel), Lynx Smart BMS, Cerbo GX, 4x Victron Lithium 330ah batteries., and 4 Smart Solar 100/50 with all DC loads on a SBP. All components have the latest firmware. This is on a sailing catamaran.

After months of flawless performance, I’m experiencing some intermittent strange behaviors that are occurring more frequently with the power assist capability of my system. I get slightly different behaviors if I’m on shore power vs generator power.

  1. Shore power: Occasionally I’ll wake up to see my batteries are somewhat depleted as the system is using assist unnecessarily. You can see in the first picture where my Multipluses are accepting only 1185W of power, but my AC loads are 1918W. My input limit in this case is set to 25amps as I’m currently on a 30amp shore pedestal. Additionally, I’ll observe that the reverse polarity light on my panel glows slightly brighter with increasing loads. NOTE: When bypassing the Multipluses, or while solely inverting power, the reverse polarity light is completely dark.


  2. Generator Power: After degrading performance which started similar to what I’m experiencing with shore power above, the system has mostly stopped accepting generator power, and I get a fault. See picture 2. I found I can sometimes trick it by turning off all AC loads prior supplying generator power in. But I’ll often get the little triangle error on the device list page of my cerbo. However, I don’t see any actual notifications for my multiplus. I also experience glowing reverse polarity light on my panel. In the tricked mode, none of my air con units will start (even the 8kbtu). In my troubleshooting, I removed the ELCI breaker from the output of the generator and it appears I’m back to flawless performance. ABYC codes require an ELCI, so I’d like to return it to service.


Has anyone experienced similar error conditions? Could it be that my Generator’s output ELCI has failed and is causing the inconsistent behavior? Could I have some other grounding issue? Like possibly Ground Relay issues?

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Current limit at 15 but only using 10?

Anyone know why when I set the limit to 15amp, the Multiplus is only allowing 10-11amps and pulling the rest from battery? I tried 20amp but then the generator gets killed by the spike when AC kicks on.


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