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Multiplus Error 3

Eine neue Installation mit 3x Multiplus 2, cerbo und MPPT als 3Phasensystem zeigt immer den Error 3.

Ein Multi kam mit einer alten Firmware und wurde mit dem „Flash-Programm“ gleichgezogen.

Alle 3 Multis im Verbund über MK3 usb adapter und Victron Configureation tool zu einem 3Phasennetz verschalten.

Netzwerkabel nun beim Cerbo eingesteckt und über VRM Portal alles upgedatet.

Error 3 steht leider immer an.

Netzwerkabel mit Netzwerktester getestet, OK

Endwiederstände gesteckt und gemessen 120 Ohm, OK

AC In und Batteriespannung liegen an, mehrfach gemessen.

Nochmal alles neu konfiguriert, jeden Multi für sich, firmeware neu aufgespielt mit mk3 neu zu einem 3Phasensystem verschalten mit dem „Quick config tool“.

Immer wieder derselbe error.




gangl79 asked

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Three phase solar system to home



Could this type of set up work as a one phase and three phase home solar system? Does this plan have any problems or something to fix?

Im not the best one to create professional electrical circuit diagrams.

All help will be useful! Thank you!

crimu asked

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Data Showing incorrectly - 3 Phase Grid, 3 Phase PV (Enphase), 1 Phase ESS (MultiPlus-II)

We are using two ET340 Meters, one for the incoming Grid and one for the PV.

The calculations of AC Loads and Critical Loads are very obviously wrong.

Basic Drawing:


Tests Done:

With no PV


With just L1 Enphase inverters on:


With all 3 phases on:


If we change the Meter programming to AC Input (intentionally wrong but just testing):



Incorrect load showing on critical (as expected because the PV is physically on the AC output.)

It seems that the loads are being calculated wrong. L2 and L3 are showing critical load when there is no MultiPlus on there phases and the total calculated plus the grid export is higher than the Production by nearly double.

Try turning “Inverter AC output in use” which removed the Critical load calculation and the AC Load calculation still reads wrong values.



Anything else we can try?

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3-Phase Multiplus-II ESS with Enphase - current sensor placement

I am planning a 3-Phase ESS with 3 MultiPlus-II, a Pylontech battery and would like to attach an AC coupled photovoltsic system with Enphase microinverters because of shading issues.

As long as the grid is available, the diagram below should work and Envoy would sense battery charging like another consuming device. Due to the built in backup capability of the MultiPlus-II it is not possible to place the grid-side current sensors the usual way between battery system and cutoff switch As soon as the grid there is a problem with the grid and MultiPlus-II cuts it off, the current sensor (light blue in the diagram) is cut off as well, so Envoy has no means to control the supported Solar energy.


My concern is that the two systems MultiPlus and Envoy could counteract and hinder each other doing their job.

Can this sensor be placed that it works with and without grit?
Could Envoy get the current sensor data directly from the three MultiPlus-II?
Is there a direct way to control Envoy or the Microinverters from MulitPlus-II or Cerbo?

(This is my first post in an energy community and im not firm with the termIndology epecially in English)

K.G. Friederich asked
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PV Inverter Assistant - unbalanced PV


In the PV Inverter Assistant it says 'Each phase must have the same solar power installed'

So what happens if it is not balanced? If the 1:1 rule is adhered to on each phase will it be ok?


stevo07 asked
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Single phase PV Inverter (AC Out) in a three phase ESS system?

Is it possible to add a single phase PV Inverter on one Multiplus-II AC Out1 in a three phase ESS system, or does it have to be necessarily an three phase PV Inverter in this setup?

The PV Inverter Assistant states load must be symmetrical:

"Each phase must have the same Solar power installed". Is this really a must? I would like to add a small Fronius Primo onto one phase in a three Phase ESS

pvmaker asked

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6 multiplus 3 phasen System

Guten Abend, ich bin dabei meine 3 Phasen Anlage mit 3 Multis 48/5000 zu erweitern und noch 3x 5000 mit dran zu hängen! Wie das konfiguriert wird usw ist kein Problem!

Laut Victron soll man aber gleich lange Kabel nutzten was mir natürlich auch klar ist!

70mm2 auf der Dc Seite mache ich bei allen 6 Multis gleich lang das ist logisch!

Die Ac Variante soll gleiche Qualität der Kabel inkl wiederstände aufweisen! Ok! Also gleiches Kabel auch gleiche Längen nutzen!

Was ich aber noch nicht heraus gefunden habe welchen Querschnitt auf der Ac Seite ? Jetzt habe ich 10mm2 drann! Da Victron schreibt nicht zu großen Querschnitt meine ich gelesen zu haben bin ich am überlegen auf 6mm2 zu reduzieren und die dann alle gleich lang von den 6 Multis zu machen bis sie sich treffen und ich von dort dann mit 10 oder 16mm2 wieder weiter gehe!

Hat wer Erfahrungen in Sachen Querschnitt auf der Ac Seite?

mathias-hessmann asked
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Split Phase 120° with 2 multiplus II on 3X400+N


Here in belgium we are restricted to max 10kw inverters for residential settings. On a three phase system with 3x400+N normally you would use 3 multiplus II's 3000. But in theory you can configure a split phase system with 120° phase angle. So my question is can I use 2x multiplus II 5000 in split phase mode and let the ESS compensate for the usage on phase 3?

Thanks in advance!

siebe-r asked

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Factor 1.0 Regel mit drei Phasen

Hallo, ich plane unser Hausnetz mit einem Batteriepack und 3 Multiplus 5000 auszustatten.

Aktuell haben wir eine 28kWp PV-Anlage mit West/Ost Ausrichtung. Der Wechselrichter (SMA Tripower 20000TL) schafft 20kW. Mein Plan ist es den Wechselrichter auf 15kW zu begrenzen und ihn am AC-Out der drei Multis anzuschließen.

Ich finde aber keine konkrete Aussage, ob die Factor 1.0 Regel nur für den parallelen Betrieb mehrere Multis gilt, oder auch für den drei-Phasen-Betrieb. Könnt ihr mir da weiterhelfen?

Vielen Dank


jansen asked
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What is the best solution for ESS on a 3 phase 230V IT (delta) network?

Our house has three phase 230V IT network with no Neutral. (3x63A). All the loads in the house are 1 phase and distributed ca. evenly. I know that Victron doesn't support Delta-network configuration, but what other options are possible? I was thinking out loud:

1) Just put one big inverter on one of the phases and run ESS on only this phase. And move the loads most critical / for optimizing to this phase, and let the other phases live a separate life (no optimalization / backup power on these).

2) Mount 3 separate ESS systems with 3 inverters - one for each phase. 3 cerbo's and 3 completely separate solutions, but powered from the same battery / PV system.

3) Use two big inverters in 120 degrees split phase, and try to distribute the loads on the two main phases, since the third is a virtual phase that draws power from the first two. Run ESS on this.

4) Using a large transformer changing our house input to real, 400V three phase with neutral. I don't like this solution since the transformer consumes too much power due to inefficiency.

Do anyone have any suggestions regarding this? Or other solutions? I know there are other brands which support 3P/230V IT, but I love Victron ;-)

urs4-2008 asked
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2 multiplus2 for phase compansation?

okay this is the problem :

in a nother question i asked why my quattro 8000 does not feed in any more after fw update. still wait for answer ;)

anyway this is a new one till i figured the first question out.
i have 3x 3000 multiplus 2 and 1 quattro 8000. first my idea was the 8000 for one house and the 3x3000 for a nother.

new idea the 8000 for "house1" grid l1 to ac 1 and then ac 1 out to house l1.

multiplus 1 ac in 1 to grid l2

multiplus 2 ac in 1 to grid l3

multiplus 3 ac in 1 to grid l1 "house2" so there is at least some phase compensation happening ;)

configure multiplus 1 & 2 to phase compansation for house 1

em24 is infront of all victron gear at grid.(both houses...)

can this work? the quattro does not need to be connected to the cerbo gx but can if it is possible?

there are no 3 phase motors or machines anywhere in the house1.

Thank you for ur answers.

wudycool asked
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Fronius not producing ESS AC Coupled

We have a problem with our system for a client. The AC coupled Fronius inverters only supplies loads and doesn't charge the batteries. I've updated the firmware's on all Victron devices, batteries, and Fronius but still does the same.

I followed this guide as main setup: Victron Three phase setup
Then this guide after main guide: Victron Fronius setup
Then lastly the ESS setup with zero feed-in (4.3.11): Fronius Zero Feed-in

The system is up and running, all devices are detected and running as should, except the Fronius's are being throttled.

We first had the system off-grid (Client only later on decided he want's the grid as backup), the grid codes were set to Microgrid 50 and was only using Frequency shifting when throttling, when we tested it like this (About 3-4 days) the system operated 100% correctly, we switched off and left as site was still being established.
A month later the client pulled in the AC supply (from grid) cable and we went back to connect it, I noticed the system didn't throttle the PV when batteries are full because (obviously) the system stuck to 50Hz as it came in from the grid. I changed all grid codes to South Africa (NRS 097) and then I used the Fronius Zero Feed-in guide above to limit the Fronius inverters via TCP. This works and only feeds back minimally, but the PV throttles when loads drop, it shouldn't- it should charge batteries and then only throttle.

The system consists of:
Three phase setup
6x 15kVA Quattro's (2x per phase)
10x SolarMD SS4143 (143kWh)
4x Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S Inverters (1:1 rule was adhered to on DC side)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

francois asked

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MultiPlus ll and MultiPlus ll GX in parallel???


I have an ESS system with a Multiplus-ll 48/3000 / 35-32 on L1

and would like to set one more in parallel or on L2.

I have a 48/3000 / 35-32 GX

I want to hear if the two devices can run together or if a brand new one can run together with the old one I have.

They have the following number.

Multiplus-ll (it is running today with a Cerbo GX)

PN: PMP482305010


hw rev 12

Multiplus-ll GX (the one I would like to add)

PN: PMP482306000

SN: HQ201572K91

hw rev 05



jens-due asked
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Redundancy in a 3 Phase Parallel system


I have been asked by a customer to provide an off-grid system using 6 x Quattro 15000/48 inverters, parallel, 3 phase, connected to a common battery, common AC output and a common gen-set connected to the AC input. He would like redundancy so if one inverter were to fail it only takes out a group of 3 and not all 6. That way he still has 1/2 power to get by with in the event of a single inverter failure. With the typical configuration, this is not possible, however I ask the community, does anyone have any ideas if this can be achieved?


Wes Corbet

wesley-corbet asked
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Interconnect 2 separate off grid Victron 3phase systems 100m apart

I want to connect two existing systems together

System A:

3 x 15KVA Quattro

4 x 250/100 MPPT

2 x 30kWh Freedom Won Lithium

1 x 45KVA Generator

System B:

3 x 10KVA Quattro

2 x 250/100 MPPT

2 x 15kWh Freedom Won Lithium

1 x 30KVA Generator

These two system are 100m apart and I know they can complement each other with excess power by sharing it between each other via an AC cable acting as a 'grid'

Maybe connect output1 of system A to input1 of system B and vice versa. Then both generators to input 2 (separately per respective inverter)

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