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Is their a 3 phase energy meter alternative as there is no em24 availability at the moment
  • I have just installed a 3 phase ESS system with 3 quattro 8000's on a 100 amp supply and found it impossible to get hold of a Em24 or alternative to use with CT clamps.. Carlo Gavazzi UK told me today it would probably be April by time they have the parts and have started shipping them..!(That is a long time to wait!) No one has any thing in stock...Is their an alternative or is it possible to make another meter work for 3 phase victron users?

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UPS design with Victron

I had Victron for short time, but then was forced to dismantle the units and replace with other system. There is no Victron support in my country and also for this reasons installers does not want to install Victron. As my current system is significantly underperforming (but reliable) I'm searching to have again power that is closer to my needs, but with reliability of current solution.

Maybe someone able will be able to help. I would like to build UPS like install with battery, ideally charged by solar cells. There is cca 8kWp on the roof, battery I would like to have cca 10kWh and maybe also with generator. I need 3phase 240V minimum 5kW per phase.

Known prolems with Victron units:

1. Random shut down with "unknown error" message and also shut down all other units

2. By shutdown grid is disconnected

3. Long transfer times when grid fails causing shutdowns

4. Discharging battery under minimal SOC

5. Extra loud (mainly during night when charging batteries depleted by point2) on full power

I heard that Victrons are used on boats in large scale. How it is done that unknown error does not power down whole ship.

What I had was 3x 5kVA multiplus, BYD battery, 2x MPPT charger, very powerful but not reliable

What I have now is GoodWe 10kW + Pylontech, very reliable, but greatly underpowered and no scaling possible

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Is it possible for the 5KVA MultiPlus -II to draw maximum power (9KW) without PowerAssist?


Reason being, when the 2 loads are connected, 2 machines (LO5 Screw Air Compressor & Oven) and the grid is off the MCB for L1 is tripping, This happens so quick that it's not displayed on the AC consumption graph on the portal, however before tripping i can see it's drawing a power of +15KA also L2&L3 MCBs don't trip.

In the Victron Energy Blue Power manual page 10 it says for a 5KVA a 50A rated MCB must be used, can I up the MCB rating? (I think not but it's just for a few seconds for the initial intake draw) or I can still use a 50A rated MCB but with a higher breaking capacity (from a 10KA to a 15KA) will that help?

Here's the connection:

It's a three phase system with 5KVA| 70-50 MultiPlus-II Victron Inverters using a Freedom Won Battery LifePO4 Lite Home 52V 20KWH. From the battery it goes to the busbar from busbar to the 50A MCB (for each line) from the MCB to the inverter.

Thank you

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2 x Multiplus 2 in 2-phase ESS configuration on 230V IT (3-Phase Delta Norway)


I know that 3-Phase Delta is not supported. But what about using 2 inverters in a 2-phase configuration with 120 degrees shift? The goal is to be able to feed in more than the max 16A on a single phase limitation we have here in Norway, and still be able to control everything from one single Cerbo. I have no need for a real 3-phase network on the back side of the Multis. Some single phase critical load on one of them is basically enough. The second Multi should only act as a grid-tie inverter on a different phase to even out the power between the phases.

I got this drawing from a Norwegian Victron distributor. I assume it comes from Victron. I understood that this was somehow tested, and it works. There were some instabilities in the voltage on large load variations between L1 and L3, but except from that it worked. This setup may work in an non-ESS environment, since you can disable the N-PE ground relay. In ESS-mode you cannot disable the relay, and you will short L2 and L3 to PE on the output. The picture also states that "Ground/PE must not be joined"


So what if we modify the above slightly to something like this:


It is possible that the phase rotation will be wrong on the second unit. I'm not sure, but if we assume this is ok, this would allow ESS and feedback. In case of a grid failure, it will look like this:


The internal relays will disconnect the inputs. The ground relay will kick in and join N and PE. Since we here have a common phase for N (the L3), this will not short out anything. It will create 2 separate single phase TN networks on the output. As long as you don't connect any load between the 2 inverters I cannot see that that is more problematic than running one single unit, which works fine.

Can anyone here confirm if above solution will work or not?


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Using U.S. split phase to power single phase Multiplus

We work in Congo, Africa, and receive 3 phase 220Vac from the grid. However, due to the constant and lengthy power outages, I'd like to run my single phase 220Vac Multiplus off of a backup generator. Unfortunately, the generator provides "split phase" 220Vac as what you would find at the outlet of a drier in the U.S. The inverter refuses to recognize the input and has a bottom input threshold of 180Vac, blocking me from using it in its current configuration or from using one 110Vac leg of the generator output to power it. Here in a remote jungle village, we always have to improvise, so I am looking for a solution, understanding that it might not follow normal practice or meet "code". Thanks for the help

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Three phase ess - not working in inverter mode

Hello from Sweden

I’m Daniel and have installed a three phase ESS system at VRM ID: 48e7da8858fb May I ask @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) to have a look of what I might have missed out on?

I have two issues:

1. With the manual flick switches (one on each inverter) at the outside bottom RH of the multiplusses in ”charger only” mode, the pass through works so I can currently feed the house (-5c outside doesn’t gove room for too much downtime) but the relay test is in pending satte even though battery is fully charged.

2. When I flick the 3 switches mentioned before over to ”inverter mode” the system make attempts to start up but does not succeed. I reloaded the ess assistants today and restarted but no difference. In this case, during the start up attempts i can see in the CerboGX Display menu that the relay test is completed.

Best regards

Daniel Cronblad

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Limit battery oscilations with ESS


I have a 3 phase MPII setup with AC coupling (fronius symo) on AC OUT, grid feed in is allowed

I use a small battery bank (I know, but a larger bank is not economical at this point.)

I need the system to use the grid for surge loads (e.g. switching on of induction cooker ) not the batteries!

It makes much more sense to draw 3kw for 10-30s from the grid than from the battery.

If I use scheduled charge during the day with a low SOC (when I expect the batteries to be charged from AC coupled PV) the surges still are drawn from the battery if minimal SOC is below current SOC, so this is a NO GO.

If I limit the inverter power to 0 during day, it wont invert surplus PV power from e.g. L1 to L2 if there is surplus.

My current idea is to use node-red and gradualy increase minimum SOC as the battery is beeing charged, so that it is always 2-3% above current SOC, this enables maximum inverter power between L1/L2/L3, disables battery discharge and enables battery charge from surplus AC coupled PV. And is AC coupled PV is not enough to power loads, grid will be used.

Then, at night, I will drop the minimum SOC to 40% and the battery will be gradualy discharged till morning with a constant draw of 300-500w.

Any other ideas?

Thank you

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MP2 connected to L2 - Where to configure this?

I am in Germany, I am using a Fronius energy meter on a three phase system with one Multiplus2 running an ESS with Pylontech batteries.

I have two questions concerning the phases used.

  1. Who defines what L1, L2 and L3 is in my system?
    In my eyes, this is the energy meter that I am using. Whatever physical cable I connect to its L1 terminal will get reported as L1 in the system.
  2. I have my Multiplus2 connected to L2.
    Is there a way to tell the ESS system that the MP2 is on L2?
    I have found options for single phase inverters to be configured to L1, L2 or L3. But I cannot find such an option for the MP2 itself.

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3-phase 230V

Reading the manual for Multiplus 2 and the appendix for three phase connection, it seems that it describes a 3-phase 400V grid (L1, L2, L3, N and PE). In a 3-phase 230V grid (L1, L2, L3, PE), what am I doing with N? And do I still need three Multiplus 2 to feed back to grid in 3-phase?

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ESS Assistant on 3 phase with PV Inverter at AC-Out1


while attaching a Fronius Symo on AC-Out1 to a 3-Phase ESS Installation with 3xMP2, i'll upgrade the MP2 firmware (through VRM), i'll also changed the ESS Assistant config for the Fronius at the same time. All went fine and during the 'merge' phase of the configs (with VEConfigure) i've added the PV Inverter for the phase 1 MP2 as documented, but for phase 2 and 3 VEConfigure just ask for the PV-Inverter and following the 'Yes' selection, no further power parameters were asked ! Is that a feature - so that the MP2 on phase 1 pushes that information during runtime to the other 2 ?

best regards,


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Multiplus II, 3-phase, ESS, Ignore AC

Hello guys,

I am from Czech Republic and I have following device setup:
3x MultiPlus-II 48/5000 in 3-phase configuration
DC coupled system with PV array (2 strings, 2 MPPTs)
Pylontech batteries
VenusGX - devices are connected to the VE.Can (Battery & MPPTs) and VE.Bus (Multis)

Next, the software configuration:
VenusOS version: 2.92
Multiplus-II firmware version: 500
=== Multis settings: ===
The same settings on tabs: General, Grid, Inverter on all Multis; Charger settings only on L1 Multi
Grid code: "Europe (EN50549-1:2019)" on all Multis
== Assistantants: ==
ESS on all Multis
generator start and stop (load & battery SOC conditions on L1, load conditions on L2, L3)
general flag user

Goal of configuring assistants:
To be able evaluate load on L1, L2, L3 and based on defined conditions set "Ignore AC" to off and take additional power from grid.

So far I have been working with a 1-phase installation - it has worked well. But in this 3-phase system it doesn't work, no reaction on any assistant conditions.

The question:
Is there any recommended/supported settings for this solution?

I have used mainly following documentation for my setup:
Victron & Pylontech US2000, US3000 and Phantom-S [Victron Energy]

Thanks in advance for the responses and advice.

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Dual phase angle

I am putting together a dual phase system using 2x 48/10000 Multiplus II for a client who is supplied 3 phase from grid, but only uses 2 of the phases. When commissioning, what phase angle would be required?

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Three phase Multiplus nominal / max power


I read some messages with a Multiplus overloaded at lower power than nominal power.
I read documents from Victron with max power at 130% of nominal power (during 30min).

So I am looking for installation feedback to figure out what is the real capabilities.

What is the nominal/maximum power (for how long) you get from your three phase Multiplus system on DC supply ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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ESS (mode 3) - separat control-register for parallel configuration

Hello everyone,

I am using an ESS system in „mode 3“-configuration. The installation and control via Modbus TCP is principially working, but there is an open question regarding the usage of parallel configurations / several inverters on one phase.

From my point of view there are only 3 registers / values - one per phase - in the register-list to control the operating-point of the MP-II inverters. Is there a possibility to set the values independently for multiple devices on one phase or is the sum always splitted automatically?

The efficiency of the MP-II varies widely on the usage and especially in low-load situations it would be very useful to only use one inverter. In ESS (mode 1) the system does it automatically, but in ESS (mode 3) there seems to be a lack of control-registers to achieve this goal.

Has anyone an idea how to realize this functionality? Is it possible to configure the second set of inverters as a seperate ESS (with therefore own modbus-registers)? Can separate ESS exist in parallel and be controlled by the same cerbo, shunt, etc. and use the same battery system? Does it help to configure the MP-IIs to a separate 3-phase input group?

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ESS (Mode 3) - 3 phase - different MultiPlus 2 sizes


I am interested in adding a ac-coupled battery-system using a set of 3 MultiPlus 2 inverter to a already working pv-system.
Since there is a asymmetry in pv-inverter sizes (and in consumption too - heatpump on 1 phase) my favourite configuration would be the combined usage of 5kVA (L1, L2) and a 10kVA (L3) MultiPlus 2 units. Is this „asymmetric“ configuration in ESS mode 3 possible?



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