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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.

cerbo gxVRMVenus GX - VGXorion-tr smartalternator
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harold avatar image harold commented ·

Maybe this post need to be moved, to suggested modifications ;-)

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jwfrary avatar image jwfrary harold commented ·

Totally agree for those of us using it in van or boat setups would be amazng to track the alternators contribution

Perhaps a smart shunt could be adapted with a little bit of a firmware change to do this?

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I'm bumping this as I'm pondering if anyone's thinking about its.

Right now I'm watching our vessel in use on vrm, with really low consumptions, but that consumption is actually just coming from the alternators and it would be great to be able to quantify the figure.

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Sarah avatar image Sarah jwfrary commented ·

A new smartshunt configured as a dc power monitor may do the trick. It would however predicate having an isolated dc/dc charger to separate the negative battery feed.b Based on the feeds in Venus modifications this is currently in development. That said I do like the sound of a CanBus Regulator mentioned below.

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safiery answered ·
@alnavasa We are working on a new display for this requirement. We specialize in alternator control and will have a way to bring that onto a new display with our 3kW buck boost or CANbus alternator controller.

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alnavasa avatar image alnavasa commented ·

though, integrating everything together would make more sense, having the possibility to link everything, and check the alternator input on the same GX device, and same VRM portal,

Same as you can do with solar input, generator input, or shore input. that would make more sense.

If that screen that it's being developed, would have connectivity to the GX device, it could forward that info to that device, and integrate everything on it.

I wouldn't want to think that I should have chosen another brand (MV) that does have this features, and it is marine orientated.

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45matches avatar image 45matches commented ·
@safiery Did this progress at all? Would love to see what it’s coming through the Wakespeed into the SmartShunt as a DC input like PV.
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pwfarnell avatar image pwfarnell 45matches commented ·
If you have the WS500 this can have its own alternator output shunt and this communicates to the Cerbo via VE Can and on gui2 ( beta v3.40 of Venus OS) will display as a separate box.
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Paul B answered ·

No quite what you want but it will give a NET boat DC system figure and this will include the alternator charge.

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yuwire avatar image yuwire commented ·

Due to my setup, it won't capture the alternator current. Due to location, it's a big task and not advisable to have long power cables just to read the voltage/current. Having a system like this would be ideal.

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