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VE.Bus Erreur 8: Echec du test de relais de terre

Depuis 2 mois, j'ai eu 5 erreurs concernant le relais de terre sur mon Multiplus II entraînant l'interruption du courant sur l'AC-Out pour un bref instant.

L'installation n'est pas connecté au réseau. Rarement, elle est raccordée à un générateur pour rebooster les batteries lorsque la batterie a chuté en dessous des 20%. Aucune corrélation avec le branchement du générateur n'a été observée.

D'après les informations lues sur la documentation, VE.Bus Error Codes (, et différents messages sur ce forum, il me semble que ce relais devient défectueux et qu'un RMA devrait être demandé.

Pouvez-vous m'aider à valider ce diagnostique ? L'appareil ayant été acheté en Belgique pour être installé dans le Sud de la France serait-il possible de s'adresser à un distributeur à proximité pour prendre en charge ce RMA ?







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Relay switching on PV generation

Hi Everyone,

I have a Multi2 inverter, with a 250/100 VE.CAN MPPT and a Cerbo GX.

I would like to switch a relay based on the current PV generation (Watts or Current will work, but not Voltage as this does not relate to available power very well).

Idea would be: [If (PVGen > 1000W for > 5 min) then Relay on for 5 hours.]

This relay will then switch my pool pump on. This would ensure that the pool pump will only run if the sun is out - I do not want it running while it's overcast or raining.

I would prefer not having to rely on SoC as I want the pump to switch on before the batteries are charged up. I cannot find a way to do this - please point me in the right direction?



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Is it possible to automatically power on the generator when an overload occurs on multiplus II ?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to automatically power on the generator when an overload occurs on multiplus II ?

It is a multiplus II 24-3000, to power a small house and sometimes it can happen that the owner consumes more than 3kVA and the multi is overloaded.

Currently, the generator is turned-on automatically from a BMV700 when SOC or voltage is too low but to prevent damage or early deterioration of the multi I would like to be able to turn the generator on when an overload occurs to toggle in AC transfer mode. Does anyone have a solution ? Can I program the multi relay for that ? Any problem having to relays simultaneously (BMV + multi)?




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BM-712 Smart What is the relay used for? Is it just an alarm or does it shut off power to the battery bank?

I've had the alarm go off according to the parameters that I set in the Relay module but I don't think anything else happened other than the alarm. The coach was still receiving power and the batteries seemed to continue getting charged. The alarm was for over current to the batteries during charging.

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Orion smart TR - bypass for engine start assist?

Hi all,

I just got two Orion smart TR 12/12-30s to wire in parallel and update my current vehicle to leisure charging system.

One thing that has been handy at times is using the leisure batteries in an emergency to help start the vehicles if for whatever reason they need the assist.

So what happens in a system where i have bypassed the orions input/output while they are still connected? Will it damage them? I would be effectively joining the in/outs....

I plan to have the on/off of the Orions controlled by a relay which will send a 12v signal to them as well as a fan cooling unit as i hear they get quite hot.

So what happens if i do this while they are "off"

And what happens if i do it if i accidentally left them "on"?


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grid relay not closing

we have a 3phase supply, only using two of the phases. we have two Multiplus 2 48/5000/70,one on each phase with 10 x Pylontech us2000c batteries. we recently had a power cut and since then the mains AC in on the inverters won't come in. we also have a wind turbine fitted.

Also we have taken the inverters away and tested the grid relay offsite and its works fine, any ideas would be appreciated.

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Relay to activate contactor on ac input

Hello All,

I want to add a contactor on ACinput, ie, when supply fails, the contactor must open so it cannot feedback to grid. When grid returns, the contactor must close again. This is a legal requirement here in SA, and I want to use Quattro and not Multi II

Can I do this on either the relay in the quattro, or the relay in GX device?

How would I program this?


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AUX1 and general flag not working

Hello, I have one multiplus 48/3000 and I'm trying to disable the grid and go full on batteries when the grid is not needed, the grid will be enabled only when the load is above 1850W and I want to charge the battery during the night from 22:00 to 7:00. Unfortunately with the standard ESS I cannot get it work so I used the programmable relay, the general flag and the generator start/stop.

the multiplus correctly switch to the grid when the configured load is above the value, when the load return to normal values he switch off the grid. this part works properly.

But when I try to close the AUX1 relay (both manually and both using the Cerbo relay port) the multiplus did nothing.

Do you think my configuration is correct?

thanks in advance


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temps de commutation du relais du mppt 250/60 sur tension d'entrée

Bonjour à tous

J'ai remplacé complètement un système 48v obsolète avec des opzs en fin de vie par du victron avec des batteries BYD. Bien entendu, pour les champs PV j'ai utilisé des MPPT et tout va bien, mais là où j'ai un problème, c'est que le site comportait une éolienne, dont le régulateur existant ne permet pas le paramétrage de tensions de charges compatibles avec les batteries BYD. Il faut donc que je trouve un moyen d'exploiter la sortie de cette machine avec par exemple un mppt victron.

Je pensais utiliser un gros redresseur triphasé, avec un mppt 250/60 derrière. Mais problème : il est possible qu'a vide (donc typiquement en fin de charge) la tension de sortie de l'alternateur dépasse 250V. Je pense donc utiliser un contacteur pour dériver la puissance vers la résistance de freinage qui était utilisée par le régulateur d'origine. La question étant : est-ce que le basculement du relais disponible sur le mppt est assez rapide (par exemple si je le programme avec une tension de seuil de 200V ) pour que le freinage soit activé avant que la tension dépasse les 250 ? Ou y a t'il un délai de traitement de l'information conséquent, et il vaut mieux que je bricole un truc avec un comparateur analogique ?


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External Ground Relay Control Current

How much current can the ground relay control signal on a multiplus or a quattro provide to operate an external ground relay?

My understanding is that the signal is an active voltage at either 12V (per the manual) or 27V (per posts on this forum).

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Multiplus Ground Relay Voltage

I am troubleshooting the ground relay function. I have two multi plus II’s and an autotransformer. The autotransformer is not bonding neutral to ground when inverting, even though I have the ground relay wiring in the place and the ground relay option unchecked in the multi plus configuration. If I put a multimeter in the ground relay on the multi plus what should I read? Also what voltage range / amps can I supply the auto transformer to force the neutral to PE bond.... trying to isolate the problem....

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MPPT RS 450/100 Programmable Relay Status Always Closed


I have just had two MPPT 450/100 (Firmware version v1.10) solar charges installed in my residential hybrid/solar system. They are synchronised via the CAN bus and the programmable relay of one is wired via the N.O. contact to a Selectronic SP Pro to signal it to go to Float.

The moment the MPPT is powered up the relay closes even though it's not in Float. I changed the configuration of the relay to Always Off but that makes no difference (to either MPPT).

This issue was raised on this forum back in Jul 19 2021 and answered by Victron as follows:
"This should be fixed in the 1.04 firmware version that is shipped with VictronConnect v5.42 or later."

My MPPTs are at v1.10 and still have a problem. Has this ever been resolved?



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Error #8 Ground relay test failed during active load shedding

The twist here is that the error ONLY happens when the grid is OFF, during the 2-4 hours of load shedding.

Syncing to the grid works perfectly every time. Never a problem when the grid is on.

MPII 5kva, installed for a long time, never a problem.
Latest firmware on the inverter, MPPT's and the Cerbo.
Carlo Gavazzi, so not using AC_Out1.

Tests done:
Manually testing syncing syncs perfectly with the grid.
Also disconnecting the inverter, L&N from the DB during load-shedding, the error still appears.
Checked all loads.
No DB tripping either.

Inverter output during load-shedding event:
Live /Neutral = 231v
Neutral /Earth = 0v
Live /Earth = 231v

I repeat, never a problem when the grid is on, or when it syncs with the grid, just when the grid is off due to load-shedding, that the error randomly appears

See 2022-09-19 at 2:14 am, not a problem during that load shedding event.
The one starting on 2022-09-189 at 10:16 am, had the most errors ever.


Still getting errors, just not as frequent, since I am switching off the L&N between AC_In and DB.


The actual Error:


The volts on AC-Out1 drop for no reason, eliminated loads already. Just happens suddenly, and ONLY when the grid is off.


Batteries are normally charged, volts are perfect, BMS has no errors or warnings, checked all the battery connections.

Is this a unit problem/relay?

Does anyone have any more suggestions I can check, please?
This is not a normal error, no-one seems to have reported this ever that I could find.

To take the inverter in, during the current load-shedding woes, which will take weeks to check/repair assuming there is a fault, would be a complete disaster. Am also told it would be a repair, not a swap.

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Cerbo to turn on my Xantrex inverter?

Can I use the relay feature to remotely turn on my Xantrex XC2000 inverter? The inverter has a 12V input turn on seems like the Ignition Auto-On would work here.

Ignition Control The Freedom XC provides two user selectable options for ignition control:

Ignition Auto-on: The Freedom XC can automatically turn the inverter/charger on and off in tandem with the vehicle's ignition circuit or a manually operated remote switch.

Ignition Lockout: The Freedom XC features the ability to inhibit the inverter/charger from operating in the absence of a voltage signal from a vehicle's ignition circuit. This is particularly useful if the inverter/charger is required to operate only when a vehicle's engine is running.

Is it possible to configure the Cerbo so I can turn the inverter on and off via the VRM?

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