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Multiplus 12/1200VA Relay output usage for cooling fan?


Im planning on installing a Multiplus 12/1200VA inside a steel enclosure with a lithium battery.

The enclosure will be outdoor wall mounted and will receive sunlight in the afternoon. Im going to be adding a cooling fan to keep temperatures inside the case down. So ive read you can set the alarm relay to turn on when the multiplus internal fan turns on.

First question, what is the current rating for the relay? I cant seem to find a current rating for the relay anywhere? Id like to fit quite a large fan.

Second question, at what temperature does the internal multiplus fan come on? I want to avoid a situation where the multiplus is under no load so it doesn't deem it necessary to tun on its fan while the ambient temperature in the enclosure is lets say for arguments sake 60 degrees celcuis and busy cooking my lithium battery.

Third question, im going to have the external temp sensor of the multiplus mounted on the battery obviously. Would i be able to control the alarm relay using the battery temp reading?

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Pourquoi le relais AC IN de mon multiplus se ferme et s'ouvre de manière incontrôlée
  1. Bonjour, nous avions installé 3 Multiplus ll en système triphasé mais on avait tout le temps l’erreur numéro 10. Et pour comprendre réellement le problème, nous avons déconnecté la batterie et avons seulement conservé le AC in. C’est à moment qu’on s’est aperçu que l’onduleur en question ouvrait et fermé son relais AC in comme s’il était temporisé.

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Remote generator start with 4 wires

I'm currently installing a Multiplus II/Smartsolar system in an off-grid setup and intend to use my generator as a backup using the relay function on the Colour Control. However my generator (a Lister Petter Alpha series) has a 4 wire remote start (grey, black, blue, brown). Does anyone know whether it is possible to re-wire/bodge this so it will be compatible with the 2 wire remote start relay from CC? Unfortunately there is no information that I can find from Victron or Lister as to whether this is possible

Many thanks

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Relay / contacteur multiplus


J'ai un multiplus 3kva/48v version 1.

Je souhaite démarrer un appareil en 230v avec le multiplus.

Pour vous donnez un exemple, je souhaite démarrer un chauffe-eau en fonction des paramètres de Ve.config.

Que faut-il pour pouvoir le faire sachant que la puissance est de 2kw à 5kw en 230v?

Je pensais avec un contacteur 230v avec disjoncteur 32a et 2a mais il semble que cela ne soit pas possible.

Merci de votre aide.

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relay in MP2 or CerboGX relay

Dear All

I have been looking on this platform if old posts can assist me but I find myself still having a few questions.

I have a MP2 (5kva) and a CerboGX with all the other necessary items for 48V to 220V configuration (Grid-tie).

My kitchen is some distance from the MP2/GX and most of the "heavy lifting" happens in the kitchen. So for this reason, a touch 50 / 70 will not be able to reach the preference place (view point) so that all can see when they switch on loads.

Our local grid is terrible (to say the least) and we have daily outages that can last 2 to 4 hours.

My question : is it possible to install a LED to one of the relays in the MP2 (green connectors) or use the GX relays (built in) to turn on the LED when the grid is out (either by NC or NO relay configuration).

If so, should I connect a 5V (or 12 or etc.) load to the green connectors (that passes through the relay) or can this be configured to power itself.

If anyone can point me to the literature that gives a detailed explanation to what each slot do within the GREEN connector (or GX) with the its current/voltage limitation, I will be able to figure it out on my own.

However, If any of you have done this previously, I would highly appreciate it if you can send a photo or diagram my way.

Thanks in advance

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Cerbo GX and multiple relay control

It seems to me that the Cerbo should be able to control the relay's of all the attached Victron devices. In my whole system, I must have 5 unused relays that could controlled and managed from a central device and ruleset. You could do a lot between the data available in the system and a complete integration of all those relays. For example, currently to start an onan genset we need a couple extra timer relays, or a genset control unit. But we have all the data and relay functionality we need in even a small system.

Battery below 20%, trigger Genstart sequence

1. Cerbo, close relay 1 for 10 seconds (prime genset)

2. Cerbo, command Multiplus to close relay for 10 seconds (start genset)

3. Cerbo, does multiplus detect input voltage? If no, repeat 2x.

4. Cerbo, battery 95%, close relay 1 for 3 seconds (stop Genset)

This is a very simplistic operation, but a good example of something the system should be able to do. Integrate other devices like the relay on the solar controller and dc/dc converter and all the other devices in the system, and you could do some wild stuff. Especially with a little program that would let you write and upload rulesets.

Anyone have a hack that will allow me to do this?

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Cerbo GX temperature relay to start up a cooling fan

I'm looking to use the Cerbo GX to activate a blower fan in an electrical assembly box at a certain temperature and stop once a differential temperature has been achieved. The blower fan is 12VDC and draws only 10 watts. I would incorporate a VE temperature sensor in the temp sensor port.

I'm looking for detail how to make all the connections and do the programming to achieve this. The programming seems somewhat self explanatory from the manual, but I'd like to confirm plus confirm the physical wiring that needs to take place.

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Basic Multiplus Relay Operation

I have a Multiplus 12v/3000/120 unit (and a BMV712 and MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge Controller).

The Multiplus Manual mentions 3 programmable relays with connections for K1, K2 and Alarm Relay. I want to simply turn off AC power output when the battery voltage is low and turn it back on when the battery voltage is high (i.e. excessive solar input)

1) Are these relay just low voltage/current outputs for a separate (power) contactor/relay to wire the AC output through?

2) Can the output be controlled "internally or programmed" so that I don't need to use the relays?

3) Can I set the SOC levels for this using the App for the BMV-712 or does that just control the relays of the BMV-712 itself? Do I need to download/install the VE Configure software?

4) Can the ACOut2 be set to be ON/OFF for SOC levels versus just for AC Inputs being connected or not?



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Aux relay internal fuse? - MultiPlus-II 2x 120V

Hello, I have MultiPlus-II 2x 120V. The Aux Relay stopped working and has no voltage at the terminals. Is there an internal fuse or someway to reset this?

Thank you!

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Cerbo Relay - no voltage

Cerbo GX relay - what am i doing wrong. I put 12V dc on common and dont see any voltage on nc or no. I can hear the relay move but i am not able to get voltage. Switching manually. There's no continuity either.

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Cerbo GX Active Relay Output Has Zero Volts

I have a temperature sensor plugged into my Cerbo GX. The GX recognizes the sensor and reports the correct temperature. I set the temperature sensor to turn on relay #1 based on a temperature threshold. That works as the readout on the Touch 50 says that the relay is "Active". I also tried it with relay #2 and it also goes active. I can hear the relay click on.

However, I'm not seeing any voltage produced by either relay. I have a small 12v computer fan that draws less than .3 amps and it won't turn on. This is on a 12 volt system that includes a Multiplus 12/3000, two MPPT 100/50, BMV-712 and a Battery Protect 65. I've tried a lot of things to troubleshoot.

1. Switch pos/neg wires

2. Switch between NO and NC

3. Press the ferrules in as far as possible

4. Check with a voltmeter both with and without the plug that the ferrules are inserted into

5. Tested the ferrules by touching them to my common bus bars and the fan comes on just fine.

6. Upgraded the Cerbo GX firmware to the latest version

I'm pretty new to the Cerbo GX, so maybe I misunderstood how this should work.

Is there a minimum length that the ferrules have to be in order to make contact with the Cerbo GX relay pins? I don't think this is the problem because the voltmeter showed no voltage on the pins without the plug installed.

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Onan Auto Gen Start with CCGX

So i have read what i can find on Victron's website about setting up the Auto gen start via the CCGX relays. I have an Onan that operates via a mom/off/mom(Start/off/Stop) switch. I saw the $80-$100 time delay relays that they reference and i understand their design but is there a better option for way to make the generator start and stop through the CCGX?

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BMS to control remote on/off?

I just bought a Multiplus II 3000/48v and 16 LifePo4 cells. Im researching what BMS to get and leans to 123BMS.

I wonder if I need to get a power relay (to break connection between MP II and battery) for the BMS to control when to not allow charge/discharge or is it safe to let the BMS control the Remote On-Off switch of the Multiplus II? Or is that a stupid idea that I should just forget?

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CCGX Generator start/stopp


CCGX is not start/stopping generator after FW upgrade, no changes is made in settings. Someone who has same issue ?

FW is now v2.91 , is it a good idea to downgrade to v2.90?


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How can I use Victron Cerbo GX Relay to Activate Heat Pad in Green House

Dear Community,

I am using a Cerbo GX + Ruvvi Temp Sensors in a Greenhouse. When Temperature falls below a certain point, I want the relay to close, and the heat pads to activate. When the temperature exceeds a certain point, I want the relay to open, and power to the heat pads to disconnect.

I have built the setup, and it's running, but I believe the configuration on the Cerbo GX, and relay control is designed to operate for cooling principles NOT heating. I believe the program is directional, and the user would benefit from being able to determine the direction that the program operates. One should be able to determine if the activation value or de-activation value triggers the relay based on direction.

Below is my current setup, 'Activate' at 11 degrees, and 'de-activate' at 17 degrees, yet its currently 8 degrees outside and the condition is 'active'.



Its active because at some point in the day, the temperature exceeded 11 degrees, so the relay activated, yet even though its fallen below 11 degrees it remains active. It would only shut off if the temperature exceeded 17 degrees.

How can I set it up, so that if the temperature falls below a certain point the relay is activated, (as I think the relay works only when the temperature EXCEEDS a certain value.

It's designed for a hot cabinet, activate when temperature is 30 degrees, de-activate when temperature is 20 degrees as an example.

I believe the activation direction is the limiting factor, since once temperature exceeds 17 degrees the relay would deactivate. Yet if it falls below 11 degrees It won't activate, only once it INCREASES past 11 degrees.

A link to the setup is here, in-case you wanted to have a look.


I am using Carbon heat pads, which are incredibly low energy, but will give enough heat to the plant pots to improve growing conditions.

Let me know if you have a better way of programming this.

Thank you

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