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Configuration with VE Config (3phase Quattro 2)

Hi @ all

Maybe this question is obvious, but not so much for me.
It seems that some configurations can only be made (like Assistants) with MK2/3 USB interface directly from the PC with VictronVE Config. However my entire house runs over the system. Does that mean I have to power down everything in case I want to change the config? Or can I just unplug the VE Bus from the Cerbo and can do everything while the system keeps going (maybe switched to Passthrough for the time being)? How does the procedure go normally?

I want to check how AC-2-out is connfigured. I have ESS mode so I would think when Power on AC-in goes away, that AC-2-out is dropped. However I want to have a way to "force" the system to power AC-2-out again if I want to (I guess the AC2-out relay somehow is controllable - but how?).

PS: Is there a modbus register I can read to figure out that "Mains" went away?

Thanks in advance

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Easy solar, solar dump, programmable relay

Feel a fool for asking such a simple question. Easysolar 3kw 24v system. I'm trying to use the programmable relay to initiate a solar dump. (I'm on a boat, dump will be immersion heater) Ive dedicated one AC out to the heater. There is an external relay in that circuit (solid state, 24v dc controlled, 240v contacts) which I'm trying to control with the on board programmable relay, by setting it to close when the battery is in float/storage state. I have a voltage controller to limit the demand of the immersion element (normally 1kw, but can adjust accordingly) This is where it gets tricky for me. I am led to believe the programmable relay is on the top right of the pcb. And is by default the alarm relay. I have fed this relay with 24v+dc into both NC and NO (com out to one terminal on the external relay. (Other terminal returns to batt-) If on NC I get no signal regardless of the apparent state of programmable relay. If on NO I get a permanent signal regardless of the apparent state of programmable relay. What am I missing? This should be such a simple task?

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ACout 2 programming for Deferrable Load (water heater) control.

We are trying to get the ACout 2 relay work as a deferrable Load controller, the issue we are facing is that we need the following condition to happen in AND not OR logic to activate our water-heater so we can make sure that we are

1- Not affecting the batteries absorption cycle by sucking current from it during Absorbution, which will be the case if we use ONLY a voltage set point.

2- Create a very narrow operation window for the deveriable load to work in

Is there any possibility to make a programmable relay logic conditions in AND not OR?


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Which Relay assistant for Conditional AC, DV switching

I want to program some relays in the Multi II for conditional AC, DC usage instances and am confused as to which assistant/relay I should use, the programmable relays, general Flags or AC-related relays. The conditions I'm trying to set are as follows:

  • If MAIN AC and SOC is greater than 98% and PV is greater than 100W then use PV for loads, when not enough PV use Bats to 75% SOC
  • If MAIN AC and BAT SOC less 75% PV Charges bats to 100% SOC and use 100% Grid for loads
  • If Main AC and PV is less than 100W then charge bats
  • If Main AC and no PV use Grid
  • If no Main AC and SOC is greater than 98% and PV is greater than 500W then use PV, when not enough PV use Bats to SOC 55%
  • If no Main AC and Bat SOC is less than 55% use PV to charge to 100% SOC, don’t use Bats for loads
  • If no Main AC and PV less than 500W charge batters to 100% SOC
  • If no Main AC and no PV Run loads on Bats to SOC 55%

* Note: in the instance of no MAIN AC, AC OUT 1 is the only source of AC to essential loads.

For PV conditions, should I use W or VDC? I'm more interested in utilizing the PV when requisite Watts are available as the system generates between 85-75 VDC between sunrise and sunset.

If anyone could kindly take me through an example routine step-by-step, or screenshot their own so I have a model to work off of I would appreciate it! Any tips, suggestions or helpful hints would be great too. Or, if there is an easier way or a better method to condense these to achieve the same result feel free to let me know. Not using ESS btw. Thanks! :)

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MultiPlus II 3k - detect AC IN


I have a MultiPlus-II-48V-3k.

Sometimes the grid fails and this is correctly detected, so the AC IN shows 0.

But when the grid comes back it takes 30 minutes until it get's recognized.

Can this testing time or delay be shortened?

Thank you,


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Relay 12-24 turn it off consume battery


I get it the relay 12-24 | 120Ah. When the car is turn it on works well, but when I turn it off it consume energy, 0.3 ah. When I disconnect it the consume is normal (everything turn it off consume 0.01 ah).

It is normal this consume for long time? It could be charged the the van's (first)battery? The second it is an AGM victron 12-170 super cycle.


Pd: It has a pre-contact to connect?


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Using BMV-702 relay to power a boiler when battery is almost charged ?

Dear community,

I've setup an off-grid system (while finishing to build my house) and would like to automatize the powering of a small boiler (100 liter / 1200 W) when battery charge is near 100 %, and to stop powering the boiler when battery SOC falls to 85 %.

I've tried to play with the different settings on the BMV-702 screen, but did not find the right config for now. (the BMV-702 relay with command a bigger relay .. of course !)

So any help is welcome !

Thanks in advance

- Jean-Claude

PS/ my config : MultiPlus II 48/3000/32 - 4 x 100 Ah 12v carbon-lead batteries - 6 x 300 Wc panels - MPPT 150/35 - BMV-702 - Venus GX controller. (see it on VRM :


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remote on/off on Orion-TR from Cerbo GX relay?

Hey, I have a 48v Lifepo4 bank with a Multiplus 2 inv/charger. I also have a 12v lead acid bank, charged from the 48v bank with an Orion TR isolated 48/12 DC-DC. What I need help with is how to use the Cerbo GX relay to be able to turn the Orion on/off through the Cerbo GX remote console. How do I wire those together to get that function? cheers,

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Cerbo GX Active Relay Output Has Zero Volts

I have a temperature sensor plugged into my Cerbo GX. The GX recognizes the sensor and reports the correct temperature. I set the temperature sensor to turn on relay #1 based on a temperature threshold. That works as the readout on the Touch 50 says that the relay is "Active". I also tried it with relay #2 and it also goes active. I can hear the relay click on.

However, I'm not seeing any voltage produced by either relay. I have a small 12v computer fan that draws less than .3 amps and it won't turn on. This is on a 12 volt system that includes a Multiplus 12/3000, two MPPT 100/50, BMV-712 and a Battery Protect 65. I've tried a lot of things to troubleshoot.

1. Switch pos/neg wires

2. Switch between NO and NC

3. Press the ferrules in as far as possible

4. Check with a voltmeter both with and without the plug that the ferrules are inserted into

5. Tested the ferrules by touching them to my common bus bars and the fan comes on just fine.

6. Upgraded the Cerbo GX firmware to the latest version

I'm pretty new to the Cerbo GX, so maybe I misunderstood how this should work.

Is there a minimum length that the ferrules have to be in order to make contact with the Cerbo GX relay pins? I don't think this is the problem because the voltmeter showed no voltage on the pins without the plug installed.

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Orion and MultiPlus - Disable charging at zero degrees (Celsius)

Hi All. I would like to disable charging on an Orion and MultiPlus when it hits zero degrees Celsius.

I have a Cerbo GX and Touch 50 as part of the system, and a temperature sensor on the Cerbo GX.

For the Orion - To the best of my knowledge, I have set up the configurations correctly on the "Relays" option on the GX to work off "Temperature", and activation/deactivation settings.

Where I need advice is:

1. How do I connect the NC/COM/NO relays to the Orion Remote L/H? I have tried various combinations without any success.

2. What assistant can I use on the MultiPlus if I ran wires from Relay 2 of the Cerbo to AUX of the MultiPlus? And which NC/COM/NO wires do I need to use.

Thanks in advance.

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Can CerboGX gen start/stop relay work with SolidSwitch104?

On a boat, can I wire the gen start/stop relay on the CerboGX to a SolidSwitch104, which will be connected to the ignition wire on my Balmar voltage regulator?

The way I understand it, this is possible by connecting a 12v source to COM and then run a wire from NO to the SolidSwitch. And so I program the gen start/stop relay to go on at 30 SOC% and off at 75 SOC%, for example, should close the circuit, activating the SolidSwitch (and therefore closing the circuit on the ignition wire). When SOC% reaches the set value, the relay returns to NO state (opens again) and this de-activates the SolidSwitch (thus, stopping the alternator).

Is this right?

Thanks in advance!

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Can BMV-7xx relay control multiple charge sources

On my boat I have a MultiPlus 120/3000 which I use when connected to shore power, or with a diesel generator. I also have a propulsion engine with a large frame alternator and a Balmar voltage regulator.

I understand that I can wire the relay from the BMV-700 to the Balmar voltage regulator, and using a Victron SolidSwitch 104, I can program the BLM-7xx relay to enable/disable the Balmar based on SOC%.

I also understand that I can wire the relay from the BMV-7xx to the MultiPlus - via the AUX1 or AUX2 inputs - I can similarly get the BMV-700 relay to enable/disable the charger/inverter based on SOC%.

Is there any reason I can't wire the BMV-7xx relay to both? As in wire the BMV-7xx relay to a terminal block and then from there run a wire each to the SolidSwitch104 to control the Balmar, and another wire from the terminal block to the MultiPlus.

As far as I understand how electricity works, this should not be a problem. I was also thinking I could run a 3rd wire to a latching relay connected to the solar panel charge controller (a MPPT 75/15).

Will this work? Thanks!

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Load control on smartsolar 100/30 and current readings

morning. I went from an Epever tracer 3210AN mppt controller to a smartsolar victron in my solar RV system. Basically to have an all victronenergy system because I already had some victron components. But I was happy with the quality of the Epever controller for the price. Previously I had the whole 12v line of the rv controlled by the LOAD epever tracer output. This allowed me to have many protections integrated in the Epever controller electronics (overdischarge, overload, short circuit etc etc). But above all the reading of the 12v consumption in amperes and amperhours on the Epever controller. This was separate from the Phoenix inverter consumption, which I see on the victron smartshuunt. The smart solar controller does not have all these possibilities because it does not have a real load output with integrated schunt. What do you recommend to return to having electronic protections on the 12v line? Buy a victron smart battery protect that does everything by itself, a victron battery protect controlled by the virtual load, or a solid state relay controlled by the virtual load? How can I also retrieve the consumption reading of the 12v line without buying a second smartshuunt (too expensive at the moment for me)? Thanks

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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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