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Suggestion: Generic Digital in on gx devices


Im using a cerbo gx in my van with the large image for node red. Id be really convinient if one could define custom names on the digital inputs of the gx. E.g: im running a rainwater collection system and id like to monitor when its turned on and react to it with node red. The settings allow me to do that, but currently i have do define the input as bilge pump.

What id like to do is: give it the type "custom" with the name "Rainwater" and log into vrm when its turned on (same view as with relays).

Could this be a future feature or is this possible by modifying setting files on the device diretly?

Thanks a lot!


edit: I dont know if this belongs in Questions or Modifications, please move the topic if it doenst belong here.

Venus GX - VGXcerbo gx
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