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Temperature from Smart Battery Sense not in VRM via Globallink 520


I added a Smart Battery Sense to my installation and is connected w/the smart Bluetooth network. i also enabled the Smart Sense on my GlobalLink 520. I see data on the VRM portal, but not the most important one :) the temperature of the battery. Why is it not showing it? Bug?

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Multiplus 12/1200VA Relay output usage for cooling fan?


Im planning on installing a Multiplus 12/1200VA inside a steel enclosure with a lithium battery.

The enclosure will be outdoor wall mounted and will receive sunlight in the afternoon. Im going to be adding a cooling fan to keep temperatures inside the case down. So ive read you can set the alarm relay to turn on when the multiplus internal fan turns on.

First question, what is the current rating for the relay? I cant seem to find a current rating for the relay anywhere? Id like to fit quite a large fan.

Second question, at what temperature does the internal multiplus fan come on? I want to avoid a situation where the multiplus is under no load so it doesn't deem it necessary to tun on its fan while the ambient temperature in the enclosure is lets say for arguments sake 60 degrees celcuis and busy cooking my lithium battery.

Third question, im going to have the external temp sensor of the multiplus mounted on the battery obviously. Would i be able to control the alarm relay using the battery temp reading?

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Ruuvi Tag Pro doesn't show humidity.

Hi! I have 3 Ruuvi Tags and 1 Ruuvi Tag Pro linked to my cerbo that I monitor via VRM. The 3 normal tags, show everything, but the tag Pro, only shows the temperature. Am I missing any settings here? Can't find anything on Remote Console that I can change.


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BMV-702 temperature sensor type

Is it a thermocouple, resistance (PT-100, PT-1000, other) or some other kind of sensor?

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Temperature sensor with two battery and smart shunt

Good afternoon Please tell me how to connect a temperature sensor to this circuit?


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How many temperature sensors are required for a new setup with Quattro,Cerbo GX & SmartShunt?

My first post! I have a monohull sailboat, living off grid for about 6 months a year, 24V setup.

The smart shunt is nearest to the battery bank, the Cerbo GX about 3m away and the quattro 6m away. I imagine that temperature data is exchanged over the VE.direct cable to the Cerbo GX, and I suppose the Cerbo GX is capable of transmitting the temperature data to the Quattro. So is just one temperature sensor necessary and where should it be? Closest to the battery bank, ie shunt?

The main reason is I want the quattro to know the battery temperature so it can reduce the charge current if necessary. At the moment I have AGM batteries but when they die I would like to replace them with lithium (LiFePO4) from China.

My solar charger is not from VE and has its own temperature sensor, as has the external alternator charger.



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BMV-712 Temp Sensor not working

For the life of me, I cannot get the temp sensor to work on my BMV-712. Years ago, I ordered the sensor from AM Solar and installed it only to not get any reading in the VictronConnect app. I called AM Solar and they advised that the circuit board of the BMV shunt was most likely to blame (they claimed that the temp sensor is very unlikely to be faulty). They shipped a new board, I installed it, and still no temp readings. I gave up.

Fast forward to my new install and I ordered a new temp sensor just in case. The old one still didn't work. The new one arrived and even has the yellow sticker stating "For BMV 702/712 ONLY" on it. Still doesn't work.

I've set the Aux input to Temperature and applied a temp coefficient of 1.1%cap/degF. The BMV otherwise functions correctly.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Output difference of Victron temperature sensors

Is it possible to calibrate or adjust the temperature reading?

Below is the chart where two sensors read from the same battery simultaneously.

One below is connected to the SmartSolar charge controller MPPT RS 450/100-Tr is showing -2.2C and the other one connected to the inverter Quattro 48V/5000VA, is showing -6C. However, an independent control sensor is showing -3.7C.


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Solar Charge Controller low Temp shut off

Hello community hope all is well. I have a question for y’all though. I have a V.E Bus Smart Dongle it’s attached to one of my two batteries for the temperature reading. I noticed my Solar charge Controller has a low Temperature shut-off. Can I use the V.E Bus Smart Dongle on the V.E Smart networking as the temperature gauge to shut off my solar charge controller if the batteries are too cold. Or do I need to buy a Victron Smart battery Sense instead to make sure my Solar charger doesn’t charge when the temperature is to low.

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Temperature calibration Multiplus compact?

The battery temperature sensor is off by about 8 degrees, reading low. Swapping temperature sensors gets the same result, problem is in the internal circuit reading the temperature sensor. Is there a way to calibrate this?

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No temperature data in serial output?

Hey - I've got a LUA script on a piece of hardware that monitors my SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 and BatterySense.

I swear when I tested it a while ago (previous firmware) I was getting temperature data.

Currently running FW 1.61 and have no temperature (raw serial dump with time stamp) :

023-01-19T08:06:38.088 - SER#1234567890
2023-01-19T08:06:38.093 - V12110
2023-01-19T08:06:38.098 - I-30
2023-01-19T08:06:38.100 - VPV10
2023-01-19T08:06:38.104 - PPV0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.108 - CS0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.112 - MPPT0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.122 - OR0x00000001
2023-01-19T08:06:38.127 - ERR0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.129 - LOADON
2023-01-19T08:06:38.134 - IL0
2023-01-19T08:06:38.138 - H19598
2023-01-19T08:06:38.142 - H200
2023-01-19T08:06:39.075 - H210
2023-01-19T08:06:39.077 - H220
2023-01-19T08:06:39.080 - H230
2023-01-19T08:06:39.084 - HSDS138
2023-01-19T08:06:39.088 - Checksum
2023-01-19T08:06:39.093 - PID0xA060
2023-01-19T08:06:39.097 - FW161

I can see the temperature in Victron Connect.

Anyone able to confirm if this used to work / what happened in v1.61?


EDIT - I re-read the VE.Direct Protocol PDF and see that temperature data isn't one of the fields output on the MPPT units. Can this be a feature request please? Seems an odd field not to have.

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Cerbo GX temperature relay to start up a cooling fan

I'm looking to use the Cerbo GX to activate a blower fan in an electrical assembly box at a certain temperature and stop once a differential temperature has been achieved. The blower fan is 12VDC and draws only 10 watts. I would incorporate a VE temperature sensor in the temp sensor port.

I'm looking for detail how to make all the connections and do the programming to achieve this. The programming seems somewhat self explanatory from the manual, but I'd like to confirm plus confirm the physical wiring that needs to take place.

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Battery Sense Temp Calibration

Is there any way to calibrate a battery sense sensor reading? I have several and none seem to give the same temp reading when connected to the same battery at the same time. Also tested with a fluke ir temp gun. All read on the low side, worst is off 8 deg f.

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How to connect the temperature sensor

Hello all,

I have the branded temperature sensor from victron. I am currently figuring out how to connect it to my battery bank. I currently have 4 batteries in series. I have the victron 702 monitor.

Now, in the manual, I see that I am support to replace the two probes with the temperature sensor. I do that and place the temperature sensor on the most positive terminal. When I do this, I lose my voltage calculation and the midpoint and I do not get a temperature sensor reading.

So I am coming to hte community here. What is the best way to connect the temperature sensor to a bank of 4 batteries?

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Using “Programmable relay” depends on battery temperature?

Dear community,

a short introduction of my system: I’m issuing a MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 GX with a 16S lifepo4 Batteries and Fronius inverter as an ESS system.

The goal is, to use the Multiplus relays to control the battery temperature.

But, first issue is, I don’t see the relay button in my remote console. Do I need to activate relay option somewhere in the settings?


I also tried to use the “Programmable relay” assistant but without success so far.

The idea is, to use the ACOut 2 relay to power a heating pad depends on the battery temperature.

Temperature <5° --> relay on

Temperature >10° --> relay off




Did someone this kind of setup and can support me?


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