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Atlas Combi Temperature sensor for Ukraine friends

I've recently bought a Victron Atlas Combi (12V 800W) for my friends from Ukraine.
Unfortunately the device came without a temperature sensor. The manual says, there must be one, temperature sensor type is specified as V.T.S. (Victron Temperature Sensor).

1. Will the modern temperature sensors for Multiplus/Skylla work with Atlas Combi ?: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/temperature_sensors

2. Is there a way to make the charger charge without the sensor (now it does not charge but shows no failure when no sensor connected and the jumper HD6 set to ON) ?

BTW. In Ukriane they have electricity now only at night for c.a. 4H (september 2022). Victron products are like blessing for them now. The goal is to run heating pump for few hours more. Atlas Combi, though an extra old device is exactly what should help them survive the winter.

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connexion et parmétrage sonde T° sur cerboGX


après avoir connecté 4 sondes T°(autoconstruites LM335Z) sur les entrées analogiques d'un cerboGX, je n'arrive pas à les nommer , personnaliser et calibrer dans la liste d'appareil, meme en rentrant dans le sous menu configuration ou appareil (qui ne laisse que 3 choix tres restrictifs batterie, generic, refrigrerateur) et ce malgré ce qui est annoncé dans le manuel cerboGX :

Le paramètre de la température peut être configuré comme Batterie, Réfrigérateur ou Général. Vous pouvez également déterminer un nom personnalisé dans le menu de l'appareil.Vous pouvez régler le décalage et l'échelle de température.

pour info la version micro logiciel est v2.56

merci de votre attention.

bonne année autonome


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J'ai une sonde température d'un BMV702 sous la main, puis-je l'utiliser directement sur l'entrée ANALOGIQUE INPUT TEMPERATURE de mon CGX ?!

Alexandre PY BLOUCH asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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What is the temperture measurement accuracy of Victron sensors?

I've purchased a new MulitPlus II with included battery temperature sensor but the sensor is reading many degrees high, while I'll be using the sensor on LifePO4 batteries the low-temperature reading is the most critical in my situation. What accuracy should I be expecting from Victron temperature sensors?

Can the temperature sensor be corrected with software?

What temperate sensor is glued into the battery sensor? is it just a simple LM335?


raymiller asked
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Venus GX temperature operated relay

i just want to operate the relay on a temperature value. i have the temperature showing on the dash board but cant find a way of linking it to the relay control. It just shows alarm, generator, tank pump, or manual.



Richard Weir asked
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Why is the CanBus Battery T° is not available in the parameters to control temperature relays on the GX device?

I'm using a Multiplus II/Cerbo GX to charge my LiFePo4 Pylontech battery with solar panels.

The relays on the GX device can now be controlled by temperature, for example to switch a fan, or heating pad.

That's really great and saves me from installing the Venus Large image with NodeRed !

BUT (yes, sorry ;-) )

The CanBus reported Battery t° is not available in the parameters to control the relay.

Here is the scenarios where it can be VERY usefull (for me at least):

- An external t° sensor does not give the same t° as an inside battery t° sensor (due to the great inertia of a battery) I measured as much as 7° between the external case of my battery and the Internal t°. The outside shell heat up way quicker than the internal cells of the battery.

- The CanBus batteries are connected with the CanBus to the controller (My CerboGX/Multiplus II)

- If I want to and another external "dumb" charge source like an alternator charge who has no access to the CanBus, I would like to be able to disable the charge trough the relay controlled by the CanBus INTERNAL temperature of the battery to prevent high current charging when the battery is in the freezing range.

Is it possible, did I miss something ?

If not, can it be added in a future release ?

Thanks a lot for the good work ! :-)


Edit: below you can see that the internal battery t° sensor cools down and heat up way slower than an external battery t° sensor.


Battery Temperature Sensor [512] : Internal CanBus sensor

Temperature - T* Batterie [26] : Victron external sensor glued to the battery case (with offset -1°)

Temperature - T* Inside [25] : T° of the room where the batteries are stored (Van)

Temperature - T* Outside [24] : T° outside... ;-)

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Cerbo GX overestimates the temperature of the sensors

Hello colleagues! In many of our systems, I connect the temperature sensors that come with the inverters to the GX devices (Victron Part Number ASS000001000: Temperature sensor Quattro, MultiPlus and GX Device). The batteries that we install have a built-in temperature sensor, so we use these "extra" sensors to measure the temperature of the environment, water heaters and so on. We already have quite a few of these sensors, and they all work very well. Here is an example:


In one of the new systems with Cerbo GX, I noticed that the displayed temperature is about 10-11°C higher than the actual one. At first I thought that I got a defective sensor, so I connected two more of the same sensors (from other lots) to this Cerbo, but they all showed approximately the same wrong temperature.



P. S. I know that the type C temperature sensor that comes with RS products (Victron Part Number ASS000020000) is not compatible with GX devices.

Then I connected one of these sensors to the Quattro inverter, and it immediately showed the correct temperature:


It looks like there is some problem with this Cerbo GX. Interestingly, the serial number of this Cerbo GX falls within the "HQ2201xxxxx up and including HQ2220xxxx" range, for which Victron officially announced a problem with the power supply and recommends installing a capacitor on the power terminals. Here is an excerpt from a letter from Victron about this "What started the issue is a recent design change. The change was needed to overcome a sudden semiconductor failure and ensure a stable supply of Cerbo GX-es. But unfortunately we made a mistake in that re-design."

Is it possible that this Cerbo GX is supplying a slightly incorrect reference voltage to the temperature sensor? How can this be fixed?

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Inverter Temperature on VRM "Monitoring "

Hello, Why we cant monitor on VRM the internal Temperature of the Inverters and solar chargers?

Please Add this Option by Victron designers.

It's very Useful

All The Best

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mopeka 8.5kg tank settings

Hi everyone,

Wondering if someone could help me setup the app and the GX for the Australian propane tanks?

App has only 6 or 9 kg but we use 8.5.

Thank you

gabriele-rossi asked
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temperature probe for Multiplus reference

Hi all

does somebody know the temperature reference for a multiplus.

my one 've been cut by former owner.

is it a lm335 as I saw elsewhere or a simple CTN?

best regards

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where is the battery temperature in vrm portal?

When I connect via Bluetooth to my smart solar MPPT 450|200 I can see the battery temperature from the connected sensor. But in the vrm portal I can't find it. What am I doing wrong? I have the cerbo gx as central device.

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Temperature calibration Multiplus compact?

The battery temperature sensor is off by about 8 degrees, reading low. Swapping temperature sensors gets the same result, problem is in the internal circuit reading the temperature sensor. Is there a way to calibrate this?

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Cerbo GX Coolant Temperature Sensor Recomendations

Are there any recommendations for a threaded water or coolant temperature sensor that will work with the Cerbo GX. 1/8" or 1/4" NPT. 1) I would like to use the Cerbo GX to monitor my hot water tank temperature. I know I can use a standard temperature probe on the outside of the tank, but would prefer to have it in the tank. 2) I would like to be able to monitor the coolant temperature of my hydronic heating system. Thanks

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Temp. Sensors (RUUVI) not show on cerbo GX after update

The temperature sensors (ruuvi) does not longer show on the cerbo GX ( Remote Console, diagram). All setting same, as before the update to 2.92. In VRM all temp. sensor are showing, so the setting, bt , and else are working !

Someone of the users or Victron have an explanation of that ?

maddin asked
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Shortening Temperature Sensor

Would there be any problem with shortening the cable on the Multiplus temperature sensor , its far to long , i need it to be less than half its length ( ASS000001000 )

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