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Solution for weak wifi signal EV Charging Station?

I have the following problem when setting up the Victron EV Charging Station:

When scanning for Wif-Fi networks, the EV Charger sees the Cerbo. When I want to connect to it, the message "An error occured during applying of new settings!" appears.

I think the problem is that the EV charger has a very weak wifi signal. At more than a meter away there is already almost no signal. If I stand behind the wall where the charger is hanging, there is already no signal at all.

It seems to me that the charger's wifi signal cannot possibly reach the Cerbo (about 4 meters away).

Is there a solution?

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Cerbo GX WiFi issue documentation

Cerbo GX H21xxx vintage : Venus OS 2.92. Touch 50 installed

I have my Cerbo GX connected to local WiFi (Peplink) and publishing to VRM. 90% of the time it works fine but occasionally the WiFi becomes unresponsive. I have it configured to restart if it is unable to publish to VRM after X period of time. Every time it becomes unresponsive, other clients on the local LAN remain fully operational and when Cerbo restarts it recovers wifi without touching the local LAN.

Today I observed the WiFi became unresponsive shortly after a voltage drop on the Quattro shore power AC2-In and the Quattro switched to inverter mode.



[Edit:] At the time the Quattro kicked into inverter mode there was also a brief DC voltage sag, which I forgot to mention when I first posted.


I believe my vintage cerbo is not impacted by the Touch 50 problem that is well documented. Peplink's DHCP reservation is set to 1 month.

The Cerbo self-restart hack is my workaround. Functional but far from ideal.

I don't have a question per se but thought I would share a data point with the community for observation and commentary.

Thanks - John

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Wifi issues - only in cold weather - is there another dongle I can add?

Hi, I'll preface this with I know nothing. Our system was installed, and I've let it be for the last 2 years. All Victron, very fancy. Every winter though, wifi won't stay connected if weather is less than -5 degrees Celsius. I can reset the Cerbo and I can hear it click from the back of van where all the heart it is.... and it will then pick it up and I can get it working for a short minute or two then fail to connect. I am getting wifi from my house, van is parked in front. Strength is roughly 65% and I have placed extenders. Works great in summer, so I'm wondering if I have a hardware issue I have to look to replace... or I'm wondering if there is another wifi dongle I can buy that will be better and compatible. If someone can tell me what may be the best for better hardware/signal, or if there is something I can look at for connections, and on what device that I look that makes the wifi magic and post any videos on how to connect your suggestions (again I know nothing). it's -30 this week, and I don't want to spend another winter checking the van from inside 4 times a day when we are not using her. haha.

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Cerbo GX Remote Console connection issues after FW update to 2.62 (also in 2.63 and 2.65)

Yesterday I updated my Cerbo GX from firmware 2.60 to the newly released 2.62.

Cerbo GX is connected to my Internet router using WiFi.

Several times already (first time it happened yesterday, while looking into the Cerbo GX settings after the FW update) Cerbo GX was not accessible using Remote Console via LAN for several minutes.

After a few minutes I can access it again (without doing anything to fix the issue).

When this happens, on VRM there are no updates for a few minutes (VRM portal log interval is set at 1 minute).

Not sure if this is a WiFi issue (haven't got a chance to try it with a LAN cable since updating the FW) or if Cerbo GX freezes for a few minutes and that is why I can't access it with Remote Console over LAN.

The WiFi and Bluetooth LEDs are blinking normally even when this happens (or I did not catch them in time).

Yesterday, after the first time it did this, I did a Cerbo GX reboot (from Remote Console menus), but again it had the issue today: once when I tried Remote Console from a phone and second time when I tried from a PC (both devices were in the same LAN with Cerbo GX).

I never observed this problem with 2.60 firmware.

Anyone else has this issue after updating the firmware to 2.62?

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Cerbo GX Turn off Wifi?

My Cerbo GX (v2.63) is connected via an Ethernet cable to the router (very stable now). Is there a way to turn off the WiFi on the Cerbo GX?

I've been looking in the menus and this forum, find references to the reset button, etc. but still confused if can turn it off.

Thank you

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Venus GX wifi connection

If my WiFi router is turned off Venus GX will not automatically re-connect to router when router is turned on again. The only way to get GX to reconnect is to remove power cable and replace it - in effect rebooting the GX. The WiFi signal to the router is good at 75% and has disconnected and reconnected without a problem in the past.

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Best Wifi USB for CCGX (As of August 2020)

I'm adding solar to a boat that I built and it's docked at my brother's house on the river. His wifi is good, but the boat will be about 120 feet away from the house, so I need a long range usb wifi dongle.

I'm confused on the best solution for the CCGX.

The current documentation (Section 1.6.2) found here: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ccgx:start#internet_connectivity

says that there are 4 solutions, but only shows the 2 with victron part numbers. What are the other 2 options?

Also, when I google BPP900200300, the result is a 1 antenna device, and the ASUS model has 2 antennas.

Which is better?

Has anyone experienced this weird gap and confusion of information in the documentation?

Any insight would be very helpful!



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I just tried a wifi antenna to improve the signal of Cerbo GX


My Cerbo GX had a Wi-Fi signal of 55%, I bought a Wi-Fi Dongle antenna for 2 dollars and this increased the signal by 26% reaching 81%, I think this information can be useful to someone, I hope it helps them improve the Wi-Fi of your system.

ralink mt-7601

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CCGX Wi-Fi unreliable since 2.84?


I have a CCGX with USB wifi dongle (BPP900100200).

It has been working pretty well, allowing me to view my system on vrm.

When i updated the firmware to 2.87 I noted that wifi only works/connects for a short while after reboot, then says that there are no access points. Works briefly after each reboot.

I reverted to 2.84 but it is showing the same problem. I did not use 2.84 after I installed it since the system was switched off for a period of time, so I did not notice the problem.

Anyone seen this problem?

The wifi dongle may be broken/flakey. The new firmware may have an issue.

I would like to read out some system log and see if there is some error report from the device driver.

Any help appriciated!


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Currently available and cost-efficient USB Wifi adapter for **GX devices

It would be good to have an updated list of Wifi modules that the CCGX supports. Because the article about it on the Victron website (https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2014/12/12/color-control-gx-accessories-tips/) is almost 3 years old and for example the ZyXel NWB2105 isn't available anymore!

I tried 3 other USB Wifi modules: 1 works, but doesn't fit in the CCGX housing (Sitecom WL-344), 1 doesn't work (Sitecom WLA-2100 v1001 > no driver support, isn't recognized), 1 sort of works, but is very slow and unstable. (Generic Nano USB)

Could someone please provide the brand/type specification of a few USB Wifi modules that work with the CCGX and that are generally available. (I am curious which USB Wifi module Victron uses in house for testing purposes at this moment.)

What would help me (and other users) mostly is the specific brand and type of USB Wifi module that 100% works well with the CCGX and is generally available at this moment in time.

I have been trying to figure out which currently available USB Wifi module is a good replacement for the ZyXel NWB2105 (antique by now), but the "buy-and-test" approach is costing me a lot of money and time, as I am down to my 3rd module that doesn't work...

If other users have good tips (with a link to the shop that sells them. I am in The Netherlands, BTW, but we should aim for a Wifi module that can be bought everywhere), that would be appreciated as well! ;-)

Thanks in advance! :-)

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Raspberry Pi 2 Wifi Dongle


I have installed Venus OS on a Rasberry Pi 2 but it does not recognise any of my wifi dongles. Is there a way of installing suitable drivers? I remember doing this for Raspbian a while ago before it recognised them automatically.

I have a TP-Link TL-WN725N and a TL-WN723N dongles.



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BMV 712 and wifi: what do I need? I have wifi (hotspot) in the van.

Hi, I would like to monitor my battery remotely. Is the Global link 520 the cheapest solution? I have wifi in the van and a BMV 712. Thank you

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Cerbo GX not connecting to WiFi

Cerbo GX Running Firmware 2.63 with GX Touch 50 Display.

I just got home from having the solar install completed. The installer connected to my Verizon MiFi without a problem and it worked for two days while learning the system and on the two days to drive home.

HOWEVER, when I got home I noticed it was no longer connected. The last time the stars updated was 17 hours ago - so it disconnected sometime around midnight. I tried reconnecting using the VictronConnect app and all I get is a "Connection to XYZ network Failed" error. This is just a reconnection attempt to the same MiFi that it was connected to for the past two days. No configuration changes to either the MiFi or the Cerbo GX.

I tried connecting to my home eero WiFi network and I get the same connection failed message. The eero WiFi system broadcasts both 2.4 and 5GHz networks under the same SSID. It has the ability to turn off the 5GHz and only broadcast 2.4GHz for 10 minutes to help with connection problems. But, that didn't help. I also tried turning off the 5GHz on the MiFi and only broadcasting 2.4GHz with no joy.

This is not a bad password issue, because I did mistype the password on one connection attempt and got an "Invalid Password" error - completely different.

It is very frustrating to have just spent all this money of a state of the art system to have it not work before it's a week old.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Multiplus-II 5000 GX no wifi reconnect

Hi there,
I have an MP II GX which is connected via Wifi to local my Internet Router (Fritz box). Ethernet is plugged out.

IP is manual, everything works fine.

But when I switch off the Wifi Router and reboot, the Multiplus GX does not reconnect to the router. I have to reboot the MP and then it connects to it.
Is this an error by design?

I don't want to use the ethernet connection because I want to connect from MP to the EM24 without having an ethernet switch between to minimize hardware faults.

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Ethernet and wifi access CerboGX to VRM and external ressources

Hi community ;)

After installing my system I connected my Cerbo GX to my wifi network and linked it to my VRM portal and was very happy to find that everything was automatically detected (including my Fronius inverter, wired over ethernet to my network) and was communicating smoothly.

After this 1st commissioning, I changed to static IP addresses as else, when the router was restarting and new addresses assigned, some communication wasn't reestablished automatically. This was easily done and everything continues working fine between Cerbo, VRM and Fronius.

Now I'm trying a new step which is to switch my Cerbo to wired instead of wireless (supposed to be more reliable), and this is the point were I'm in trouble with my Victron device and portal. Before to start with detail, all links (Wifi or Eth.) are up and running fine, I can access the console through any of the links

- when trying with Ethernet link (disconnecting the Wifi network), my CerboGX loose the link to fronius and VRM is also loosing the link to CerboGX : I still have access to the console remotely by typing the Cerbo's IP but VRM doesn't log any data

- with both links on, it works for VRM but Fronius is not reconnected automatically when it restarts by sunrise, I have to disconnect ethernet link to make Cerbo and fronius communicating again

Question if anybody already experienced that:

1) can CerboGX works only with an ethernet link?

2) case yes, how to get my installation back to work when removing wifi connection?

3) Is there some detail I forget (by each attempt I always make a reboot of the CerboGX) or is this a bug?

Thank you in advance for your help

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