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Increased Data usage with V2.60 and/or VRM

I am using a color control GX on my boats system, it is connected to a 4G Wifi router, Since this week I notice quit high consumption of data, which could only be used by the GX! (4.5GB in 5 days!)

Could it be the new version 2.60 is using more data?

And/ or will the new VRM protal use more?


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CCGX Wi-Fi unreliable since 2.84?


I have a CCGX with USB wifi dongle (BPP900100200).

It has been working pretty well, allowing me to view my system on vrm.

When i updated the firmware to 2.87 I noted that wifi only works/connects for a short while after reboot, then says that there are no access points. Works briefly after each reboot.

I reverted to 2.84 but it is showing the same problem. I did not use 2.84 after I installed it since the system was switched off for a period of time, so I did not notice the problem.

Anyone seen this problem?

The wifi dongle may be broken/flakey. The new firmware may have an issue.

I would like to read out some system log and see if there is some error report from the device driver.

Any help appriciated!


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What is the range spectrum radio and transmission power for Cerbo in wifi and Bluetooth?

We are having issues in customs because the local regulator has non technical information of the Cerbo and Solar controllers with bluetooth and wifi functionality. As they consider that there isn't information in manual and datasheet they are denying the importation of these parts.

Please could you help us with the following information for the technical person in our Telecom and Transport ministry?

If the module transmits in the radio spectrum with a power equal to or less than 10 milliwatts (mW) on the antenna (effective radiated power), please confirm.

What is the frequency bands in which it operates, in order to determine if the module operates in bands allocated to public services?. (We read 2.4GHz and 13 channels in forum).

Please, do you have this information in a white paper of Victron products?



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Cerbo WiFi Won't Auto Connect to WiFi

My Cerbo will not automatically connect to any wifi source. All connections have to be manually initiated through the menu. Rebooting the Cerbo or the WiFi router does not help. Other networks and phone hotspot all show exactly the same behavior. Connections can be manually initiated, but never automatically.

The installation is on a sailboat where the wifi environment is challenging. A connection rarely lasts more than a few hours, so having a lack of automatic reconnection is more than a bit of a pain.

Is there a setting I am missing?

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Can't detect WiFi on Easysolar 2 GX

Just bought a new house that came with solar installed. Trying to setup EasySolar-II GX on new WiFi.

Found the steps to follow once logged into the system which requires a wifi connection from a device to the Easysolar system. Problem is I can't pickup any WiFi networks for Easysolar system.

What can I do to get the WiFi working so that I can connect to the system to configure a WiFi connection to my new WiFi Internet?

Side bar, I tried direct connect between laptop and system with LAN cable which didn't seem to work. Found an instruction somewhere later saying that you shouldn't do it directly. Not sure if it actually is possible without another piece of hardware or device needed I between laptop and Easysolar system.

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Cerbo GX (2.84) loses LAN connection on Wifi and Cable

Good morning,

Cerbo GX on remote location loses LAN and backup Wifi connection. Cerbo keeps working. No LAN mean also no WAN so no VRM. No errors in the display or in the log files. Have to pull the power to reconnect the LAN (An ordinary reboot doesn't fix the problem). Works for a few hours than loses LAN connection again. What can I do to diagnose the problem? Go back to older firmware or problem with hardware?

Anybody any idea? Tips are welcome ;).


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Cerbo, WiFi and internet connection reliability

This problem relates to several different Cerbo installations, including my own in my house, and three other installations I have made for friends locally. Common to all is a set up with Cerbo set to home WiFi network to connect with Victron VRM. In the case of my own home, the router is 50cm away from the Cerbo, so no question of weak signal. In all the cases, the Cerbo shows more than 55% signal strength from the WiFi.

The problem is that the Cerbo occasionally disconnects from the home WiFi and will not reconnect. In the case of my home system, it has been running perfectly for over a year, then one day, it disconnects and refuses to reconnect, despite strong WiFi signal. There have been times when the router has been turned off and back on again, and the Cerbo auto-detects and connects. But on rare occasions, Cerbo disconnects and fails to reconnect even though the WiFi signal is strong

Solution has been to connect a computer or phone to the Cerbo WiFi, go into settings and turn off and on the WiFi connection setting, it then finds the WiFi and connects again.

Currently, I am not in the area, and four systems i have installed all seem to have disconnected themselves and refuse to reconnect all about the same time. This in itself is curious?

Cerbo is a pricey piece of kit for what it is (could do similar with an SBC for a fraction of the cost) and it would be really good if I did not have to drive around to several installations to reconnect them to the internet every few months. Does Victron have a reliable WiFi device that could overcome this issue. Obviously its not the home WiFi because this is common problem to several different installations, common denominator is the Cerbo


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Reconnect to internet

Morning, i have an easy solar 48/5000/70 mppt 150/100

remote connection was fine, but on monday we lost connection with our internet completely and only got it back today. For some reason i cannot connect now to the system. It is connected via a lan cable to the router. would a setting have been disabled when the internet was off?

please can you advise where i check the system to reconnect?

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Easysolar-II GX wifi and bluetooth

Hi, our easysolar-II GX stopped connecting to bluetooth and wifi. It used to work just fine. But after few months away from the cottage the Victron connect app wont find our system via bluetooth. I have tried With several different phones. Also the system wont connect to the wifi eventough i have tried it via remote lan. It founds the network but always errors.

so at the moment I dont have access to VRM or local bluetooth

what should i do?

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Connect bmv 602 to wifi
Hi I have bmv 602 that I want to connect to wifi. Is it possible? Or do I have to replace it with a bmv 712 and connect it to a venus or cerbo gx?

I am also thinking about to buy and connect solar panels with an MPPT regulator

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Cerbo GX not connecting to WiFi

Cerbo GX Running Firmware 2.63 with GX Touch 50 Display.

I just got home from having the solar install completed. The installer connected to my Verizon MiFi without a problem and it worked for two days while learning the system and on the two days to drive home.

HOWEVER, when I got home I noticed it was no longer connected. The last time the stars updated was 17 hours ago - so it disconnected sometime around midnight. I tried reconnecting using the VictronConnect app and all I get is a "Connection to XYZ network Failed" error. This is just a reconnection attempt to the same MiFi that it was connected to for the past two days. No configuration changes to either the MiFi or the Cerbo GX.

I tried connecting to my home eero WiFi network and I get the same connection failed message. The eero WiFi system broadcasts both 2.4 and 5GHz networks under the same SSID. It has the ability to turn off the 5GHz and only broadcast 2.4GHz for 10 minutes to help with connection problems. But, that didn't help. I also tried turning off the 5GHz on the MiFi and only broadcasting 2.4GHz with no joy.

This is not a bad password issue, because I did mistype the password on one connection attempt and got an "Invalid Password" error - completely different.

It is very frustrating to have just spent all this money of a state of the art system to have it not work before it's a week old.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Wifi gateway IP address is wiped easySolarII GX

Hi all,

I have a EasySolar-II GX ( firmware 2.84 )

I have defined a static IP and Gateway on the wifi interface and a static IP address on the Ethernet interface. For some odd reason the wifi Gateway IP address gets wiped ( four times yesterday and twice today).

Is there some reason for this ? or are there logged files I can debug somewhere on the device?



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Easysolar wifi

I need urgent help

What is the wifi model built in the EasySolar|| gx?

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Venus GX wifi connection

If my WiFi router is turned off Venus GX will not automatically re-connect to router when router is turned on again. The only way to get GX to reconnect is to remove power cable and replace it - in effect rebooting the GX. The WiFi signal to the router is good at 75% and has disconnected and reconnected without a problem in the past.

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How to restart ColorControlGX remotely when remote connection isn't working?

How to restart the Wifi connection or the complete GX, from remote, when Remote Connection is not working?
VRM still show actual data, so a connection excists!

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