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VE.Direct entre un MPPT bluetooth et un Phoenix


J'ai un MPPT 75/15 Smart (donc bluetooth) et un Phoenix 12/500. Puis-je raccorder l'onduleur au régulateur de charge par un cable VE.Direct<=>VE.Direct afin de scruté l'onduleur sur l'appli VictronConnect?


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VE Direct common negative with battery?

I have a 100/50 SmartSolar MPPT charge controller that I am using to charge 6 AGM's to power a small 240v inverter.

This model has VE Direct (no separate load outputs).

I intend to use the VE Direct to drive a logic level MOSFET or transistor, which will then actuate the solenoid in a relay that will be able to cut power to the inverter if the battery voltage drops too low.

To do this, I will need to common the VE Direct negative lead to the system battery negative line, in order that my transistor has the correct voltage reference wrt system ground and the VE Direct power pin (+5V).

Are the VE Direct negative pin and the battery negative terminal isolated from each other inside the controller? If so, will commoning them cause issues / be dangerous?

Thanks, Clint

clintc asked
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Cerbo GX stopped seeing smart shunt

My boat has been sitting idle for a couple of months. At some point over the last few weeks, the Cerbo GX suddenly was not longer able to see the smart shunt connected via a VE Direct cable (it has worked flawlessly for 1.5 years). I checked everything including reconnecting the VE cable on each end, updated all firmware on cerbo and smart shunt and testing out the shunt via bluetooth. I was not able to reset the shunt (by removing the red power cable) yet and not sure if that will help. Is there any other suggestion?

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Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can connected to the Cerbo in ESS?


I am planning an ESS system with a Cerbo.

Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can ?

For example, one MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) and several MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct) connected to the Cerbo?

Thanks in advance!

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VE.Direct HEX protocol for the Phoenix Smart IP43

Hi. This question has been asked before with no response.

If anyone can point me to any further information on this product I would really appreciate it.



@mvader (Victron Energy)

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

brad asked
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VE Direct Networks Functionality.

Hello, so I have the 150/35 charge controller and a smart shunt from Victron, I have created a network, can someone explain how does each of these 2 components affect each other?

friaras asked
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Smart Battery Senser, MPTT and VE.Direct

Hi all!

I have Victron SmartSolar 100/30 and Smart Battery Senser installed. I also added VE.Direct connection to the SmartSolar to connect to my own systems.

However, I found that the temperature data from Smart Battery Senser isn't available. Is there a way to get it available to VE.Direct? I think it would be smart addition to the system that the SmartSolar would send that data if it's available.

Thank you!

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Smartsolar 250/85 and Cerbo via VE-Direct

Hi there,

I have a problem with my Smartsolar 250/85, which is connected to Cerbo GX via VE-direct. I always can see the solarcharger on Cerbo and consquently in VRM, however, since a few days the connection is quite instable.

I am under the impression, it is a heat problem, since the last days have rather high temperatures.

Did anybody experience the same?

Is there (as it is the case of Cerbo with Bluetooth) a function that VE-direct will be switched off if a certain temperature is reached?

I would be pleased if somebody has a hint for me.

Best Regards


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VE.Direct not working on SmartSolar 150/70 MPPT

SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 Tr

This one is not communicating with GX on the VE.Direct.

Bluetooth is working, and the charger is operating as expected.

I checked in Bluetooth and cannot see an obvious option to turn VE.Direct on/off ????

andyalford asked
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VE Direct to USB data to VRM Portal Advanced Tab

I have 3 VE Direct cables to my Cerbo (from 3 MPPT controllers) and 1 VE Direct to USB cable (from a MPPT 100/20) all to my Cerbo GX. I receive detailed data on the VRM Portal for the 3 MPPTs connected by the VE Direct cables, but I do not receive any of the detailed information on the Advanced Tab on the VRM Portal for the MPPT that is connected to the Cerbo GX by the VE Direct to USB cable. How can I add that detailed info to the VRM Portal from the VE Direct to USB cable and MPPT? Thank you.

Gordon Scriba asked
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VE Configure III range check error

trying to make sense of a range check error that apperes when i am using configure to commission a new 230 volt multi II 24v with VE config III

am using windows 8



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Mobile MultiPlus-II and SmartSolar setup


I'm planning a mobile marine setup and have some questions to those knowledgeable about this device.

In this context, can the MultiPlus-II be configured to seamlessly use the grid to assist the inverter during loads exceeding the capacity of the inverter?

Can the MultiPlus-II connect with a Victron SmartSolar charge controller via without a GX device involved?

I assume that the MultiPlus-II can be used in a mobile setup, connected to the grid with a power plug where AC-IN L and N are occasionally shifted. I assume that the AC-OUT N/PE coupling relay will remain open while connected to the grid and the MultiPlus-II will remain indifferent to the actual AC-IN "polarity".

Due to the marine environment the grid PE would go through a galvanic isolator.

Thank you in advance.

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VE-direct that will trigger an SSR?

First, my friend and I are in the USA so, that may be part of our problem. What I have gathered navigating this website/forum is that the VE-Direct doesn't like steady loads and voltage sags at 25ma of current draw.

Does Victron make a turn-key cable and SSR that will support a 10A 24VDC load? Or, do we need to put a buffer/amp in line to drive an SSR and isolate our 150/35 charge controller from the SSR?

The problem we have is that connecting our SSR to the VE-Direct line causes a voltage sag to ~2V which won't trigger the SSR. My thought is that the SSR is drawing enough current to cause voltage sag when connected to VE-Direct.

The other solution would be to buy an SSR that doesn't require much current and would latch the logic state and release the VE-Direct line.

TIA, Sid

sidpost asked
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How to connect both virtual load and mppt control to smartsolar TX port?

Good morning. Is it possible to modify the ve direct cable to connect both the mppt control monitor and a solid state relay to control the virtual load to the smartsolar?

Because in the manual it is written that the tx port continues to be able to manage the virtual load even in "normal communication" mode.

"Normal communication" mode is used for connecting mppt control. But how to connect even a virtual load together?

FRA asked
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4 inputs for Cerbo GX needed

How can I connect more inputs to the Cerbo GX, as it has only 3? I need 4 or 5.

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