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VE Configure III range check error

trying to make sense of a range check error that apperes when i am using configure to commission a new 230 volt multi II 24v with VE config III

am using windows 8



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I have a MPPT charger and a raspberry pi running Vinus OS connected to the VRM portal. Is there a way to link the MPPT controller to the RPI using bluetooth instead of the USB/ cable ?

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MPPT 75/15 VE Direct Voltage Fault

I have lost power on pin 4 (Power +) of the VE Direct port. I still have data coming through but no power. Is there any way to test or repair this further or does it mean replacement a unit is required?

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RS 48/6000 battery SOC discrepancy between CCGX & Inverter

System is including:

  1. RS 48/6000
  2. CCGX
  3. BYD LVS

RS 48/6000 is connected to the CCGX via VE.Direct

Problem: CCGX shows 49% SOC but Inverter shows 98%

Dose anybody know how I should fix this problem?



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Phoenix Inverter 24V 1200VA 230V Does not follow lowest voltage cut-off

Dear All ,

I have a peculiar issue that the inverter even with hard coded lower voltage cut-off at 18.7V
and alarm at 20V ( Via VictronConnect and latest FW )

and still the inverter cuts off at 24 V exactly.

The current shunt and MPPT controller reports the same voltage during the shutdown

I hope someone could provide some light ?

Thank you

The Harvester

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Victron Phoenix inverter 24/1200 with Ve.Direct to Generic Venus Device how to change lower Voltage cut off.

Dear All ,

As far as I understand there is a way to change the inverter lower cut-off values for battery voltage.

when I installed the Inverter I didn't change any of the default settings ( I think, I couldn't get the software to work on my pc ), and now I have an issue with the Inverter not working under 24V when the battery bank gets drained under 24V

The main question is, IF I can change the setting for the lower cut off value from my raspberry pi running the official Generic Venus Device image and uploading data to the vrm of Victron.

and this preferably to be done remotely since I can't physically get to it.

Thank you in advance

The harvester.

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GX touch device not showing energy flow from batt to inverter

Hello guys.

The GX device is not showing energy flow to the inverter??

I am a experienced Victron builder, but have encountered this new problem.

Just finished a DC system for a customer ( AC inverter for the aircondition )

All devices in the system are updated to the latest firmware.

Inverter is connected via VE direct to the cerbo






Yours sincerely,

Lasse Myrén
Technical supervisor


(+45) 21771535

We support Sustainable Development Goal 7
Ensure access to affordable, reliable,
sustainable and modern energy for all.

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Smart Shunt range extension with ve direct

Can I use the Smart Shunt’s ve direct port to put a Bluetooth dongle on an extension for additional coverage? Also can Smart Shunt use the ve direct to USB cable to connect to a computer?

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Phoenix VE.Direct and Cerbo GX work fully together?

Do Phoenix VE.Direct and Cerbo GX work fully together? Or are there differences with VE.Bus? Do I have any restrictions with VE.Direct regarding Cerbo GX and VRM Portal?

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Feature Request - GX and VRM - devices tracked through serial/unique identifier NOT the device ID

It seems to be pretty well documented that there are issues with devices shuffling around device IDs in a system. This is an extreme nuisance for multiple reasons. Firstly, your device history in the GX and VRM essentially get lost. Secondly, if you have a well defined Advanced view in VRM with many widgets, these have to be redone every time the device IDs get shuffled which is a considerable pain due to the interface. While a pretty interface, it is NOT at all an enjoyable process to arrange your widgets in VRM.

I have had this happen twice now in my system in the last 3 days and it is very frustrating and really breaks your historical data used for trending and analysis.

It seems that currently, devices get tracked by their device id (288+). This is a transient value that appears to get assigned to devices when they are connected/on power up (or if a random reshuffle occurs?) and is simple a bus communication port. Given that every device has a unique serial number (and likely other under the hood identifiers as well) why isn't data logged against that vs against the device ID which seems to change randomly without reason. This would represent a much more "stable" view into your data and allow me to trust the long term trends much more.


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multiple MPPT charger questions

Hey all,

I'm running 2 100/30 smart solars on my boat(each one connected to a single 350 watt panel). I'm noticing that one tends to think we are in float while other is in bulk or some other state.

I'm wondering, is it possible to use the VE. to sync the two controllers together?

Another thing I'm trying to figure out, is doing a load dump of excess power when the batteries are full, however the larger chargers don't ahve a load dump port.

Does anyone have ideas on how i could do this?

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1 Answer pins: power and logic levels


a) does the TX pin provide enough power to drive an optocoupler LED (5mA should suffice)?

b) as VCC is 5V, will the RX pin start to recognize a HIGH level from 2.0V upwards?

Thanks for helping out :)

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Phoenix Inverter 12/375 - Venus OS - show AC Loads

Hello, I am new in the forum and german. so excuse my english. I have a Phoenix Inverter 12/375 with the lastest firmware 1.21 connected via to a venus os 2.65-3 on a raspberry connect to the vrm portal. Both, the portal an the venus shows the loads as a factor of 23 Watt like 23, 46, 69 and so on. Why the loads are not the right value? is that a problem by the firmware or general? Will that be fix in the future?

Thank for an answer and I wish a happy weekend.

Greats from Berlin, Germany Norman

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Smart Solar 100/20 and SmartShunt

Hi, I am new to this. Just installed a Smartshunt, the Bluetooth range is very poor. Mainly due that the batteries are deep down in the engine room in my boat. If i connect the VE.Direct from the shunt to the Smart Solar will the Smart Solar be able to relay the info on it's bluetooth ? The Solar charger is way better placed than the shunt. there is also a possibility to connect the Bluetooth dongle to the shunt and place it a little better, but will that work ?


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VE.Direct LoRaWAN module connected to which LoRa Network by default?

To which LoRa Network does a "VE.Direct LoRaWAN module" connect by default? TTN? If yes will the devices out in the field switch to cluster V3 automatically?

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Phoenix VE.Direct inverter remote interaction

Can anyone explain how the remote on/off switch on the Phoenix VE.Direct inverter interacts with Victron Connect control of the inverter.

Does the remote switch need to be in the on position to control the inverter from Victron Connect?

If the inverter is turned off from Victron Connect then the remote switch is turned off then back on again, will the inverter start or is it necessary to go to Victron Connect and turn it on there also?

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VE Direct LoRaWAN - Voltage measuring

Is it possible that a VE Direct LoRaWAN measures the voltage from it's supply? If yes: does it transmit this voltage to the portal? This would allow to use it for remote monitoring the voltage without any other capable device.

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Smartshunt + VE.Direct LoRaWAN are compatible to send SmartShunt data to VRM Portal?

I think to connect a Smartshunt with a VE Direct LoRaWAN, to read remotely the battery State of Charge and other parameters Smartshunt may send to the VRM Portal.

Is this a legitimate, feasible use case supported by Victron? Anybody tested this configuration?

I read VE Direct LoRaWAN manual but I do not see compatibility with the SmartShunt. Thus my questions above.

Below an excerpt form the VE Direct LORaWAN manual:

Product compatibility

This module has one VE.Direct port and is compatible with:

  • All MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which have a VE.Direct Port
  • BMV Battery Monitor 700 series
  • BMV Battery Monitor 712 Smart series
  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct models

The module is not compatible with our Peak Power Packs - even though they have a VE.Direct Port.

More information is also available on our website:

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BMV-702 vedirect not working ?

I tried to connect my BMV-702 to custom GX (raspberry pi) using VE.Direct to USB interface. No device recognozed. I also tried connecting to windows pc where I just get error usb device is not working incorrectly etc. I tried with a all new VE.Direct to USB cable and excatly same behaviour. What could be the problem,

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Victron charger settings etc via the vrm portal are you able to change these via the portal

Hi all
am i doing something wrong if i use victron direct to my pc with mppt 100/20 connected
i am able to change voltage setting etc with out any issues, when i use my smartphone
using blue tooth i am able to connect to the charger and go to settings and change voltage etc
without any issue.
But when i use the online vrm portal using my rasspberry pi i connect to the portal ok
and i can see my mppt 100/20 ok and i assumed that from the portal i would be also able to change settings
voltages etc but cannot see any setting to do this.
Am i missing something or in fact you cannot change the voltage setting etc via the portal.

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MPPT RS case interferes with the VE.Direct connector

I am using a Victron VE.Direct cable with my MPPT RS 450/100. The position of the MPPT case means that the cable plug won't fully seat home in the socket of the MPPT. More than once it has not made a connection between my MultiPlus II GX and the MPPT. This seems like a design flaw and could be rectified by making up my own cable rather than using the Victron cable. Alternatively I could cut away some of the case but would rather not do this. Any advice?



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VE Direct to USB interface not detected by computer


I am trying to connect my window 10 to a VE direct interface cable to a BlueSolar MPPT Charger. my computer doesn't see the cable. Do I need a driver?

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Smartsolar VE Direct vs VE CAN

Hi. Just wondering whether or not there is any difference in terms of functionality and remote control between Smartsolar VE Direct and VE Can products. Is there anyone that have some experience with both that can explain?

Thanks in advance for your help

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2 Ve.Can MPPTs 1 Ve.Direct

I have a client with a 150/85 Ve.Can MPPT and 1260w of panels but he wants to add 840w more. Both of which charge the same battery bank. The current 150/85 is connected to a Color Control GX via a Ve.Direct cable. If I add another Ve.Can MPPT and use a RJ45 to connect them in parallel will the Ve.Direct to the GX display the information for both MPPTs?

I know that a RJ45 would of done this to the GX per the manual, but I can't find anywhere if the Ve.Direct will work the same.

Or should I just use the Smart Networking to put the MPPTs in parallel? And if I do that will the Ve.Direct send the info to the GX for both controllers?

The two MPPTs will be on different arrays and have thier own wires. It's just a pain to run another Ve.Direct or RJ45 to the GX, plus it will save the customer on labor cost.

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BMV 712 Smart to MPPT 75/10

We have a BMV 712 Smart monitor. This year we added a MPPT 75/10 solar controller. I bought a Victron VE direct cable and routed it to both. When the cable is not connected, both units function perfectly. When I connect the cable, the display on the BMV displays all characters. However when connected by Bluetooth to the BMV, it still provides correct battery information. Does anyone know why this would be happening and how to correct it?

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Victron and Redarc

Hi Guys,
I have a Redarc BC/DC charger with MPPT built into and solar panel that charges my AGM battery, i have the Victron 500A smart shunt to monitor all the loads. Will Victron ve direct Bluetooth module connected to the shunt detect my solar input?

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Phoenix going offline after change?

Hi everyone! Long time first time.

I recently bought the Cerbo GX unit to add to my existing installation, which has a Victron MPPT Charge Controller and a Phoenix 12/1200 inverter. Prior to the Cerbo, I was using bluetooth dongles to connect to the controller and inverter separately. With the Cerbo, I am using cables to connect both inverter and controller to the Cerbo. I am *super happy* with this upgrade and the VRM portal; however, my inverter has mysteriously shut itself off 3-4 times since I changed the bluetooth dongle out for the cable (24 hours). I was initially worried that it was some kind of software issue, but the more that it happens, I am increasingly convinced that the remote control jumper, which is right next to the port on the inverter, is a little loose, and the normal vibration of the inverter during use is causing it to jostle out of place, which then turns the inverter off. The only way I am able to reconnect is to go to the inverter and jiggle the power switch, re-plug the cable, etc, and it appears that all of these things are mounted on the same piece of hardware inside the device, because they all move in unison when I jiggle one of them.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is this a plausible explanation? Could this be being caused by a software issue instead? I am planning a major upgrade to my whole system and bought the GX first to play around with it. I love Victron products, which are otherwise awesome, and really want to get to the bottom of this. TIA.

ETA: I don't know why this would start happening upon swap-out of the bluetooth dongle -- that sure points to a software issue. But I think it's possible that it just was stable from having not been touched for over a year, and my messing with it caused a new hardware issue.

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VE Direct - chain devices for monitoring?

I just got my first Victron controller (BlueSolar 75/15) and am very pleased with it, and finally decided to swap out my old and junky inverter with the very solidly made Phoenix 12/250 unit. So far so good - basically I only need to charge my laptop and tool batteries with 220v when working in the garden.

However I do want to know how much current my inverter is pulling and have that tracked on the Android app (I'm a techie and a bit of a control freak - it's why I'm replacing my garden setup bit by bit with better equipment) and am a bit dismayed that the BlueSolar charge controller is not able to poll the Phoenix inverter for status and current amp consumption (I know now that this is approximate, but hey, it's a garden!). I understand that VE Direct is a bidirectional serial bus, so it would make total sense that a user can chain the devices using VE Direct instead of having to buy a € 50 Bluetooth dongle - or the € 150 smart shunt! Actually, I'd even be willing to pay €2 a month for a premium app version instead...

I am positing that a vast majority of the first-generation users of Victron tech are like me - two batteries, maybe 100w of solar, a good charge controller and matching inverter. So why can't I have the BlueSolar charge controller front the inverter for monitoring?

Am is missing a trick?

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connect BMV 700 by VE.Direct to EasySolar II GX- what more must I do?

I have already the EasySolar II GX and the BMV-700, both up and working but not connected to each other.

However I don't get State of Charge information in the Remote Console or VRM portal. The only place I get SoC is on the BMV-700 display.

Since both the EasySolar II GX and the BMV-700 have VE.Direct ports, I have bought a VE.Direct cable, hoping that if I connect them then I will start to see SoC remotely.

My questions:

1. Must I wait until the EasySolar is shut down before connecting the cable?

2. Once the cable is connected and EasySolar is back running, is there anything I need to do to get the two talking to each other?

3. Will connecting them in fact get me the benefit I am hoping for? Or is there something else I should be doing?



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VE direct to NMEA2000 using a BMV702 and CCGX

Have a VE Direct to NMEA 2000 converter connected to a BMV702 and the NMEA2000 network and I can see the battery voltage and Amps on the NMEA2000 network all is well

Now we have installed a CCGX Fw2.23 and connected the BMV702 via the VE direct port to the CCGX and the correct battery details apear.

Now comes the issue

I then plug the VE direct to NMEA 2000 converter into the CCGX and no data is seen on the NMEA 2000 network

on the CCGX the VE direct to NMEA2000 unit is not seen in the device list

I have tied a secound ve direct to nmea2000 unit just in case I have a faulty one still the same

The targeted result is to see volts and amps on the NMEA 2000 network

has anyone got any suggestions

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