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[Feature Request]: Tank 140 -> Venus OS Voltage resolution

In case the Victron crew is following: Voltage readings from a Tank 140 device can be calibrated with 0.1 V precision in Venus OS. My problem: the sensor delivers around 0.09-0.12 V at empty tank level (drifts a bit with temperature). Now, when a set the zero point to 0.1 V i receive sometimes errors at empty tank states. When I set the zero point to 0.2 V, the tank level is 20 liters incorrect at empty state. In case the Tank 140 has enough A/D precision I would appreciate if the zero point calibration could be made with 0.01V (or 0.05V) precision. Thanks for considering.

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Cerbo GX Tank Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!? https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-RV_Sewer-pt-Probe_Sensors.aspx

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Use existing gauges in paralel with Cerbo tank level input?

I have 4 different tanks in my boat. Diesel tank x2, fresh water tank, and waste water tank. Each of the tanks has one tank level senders connected to analog gauges. I want to be able to read the values from my Cerbo GX, but i still want to able to use the existing gauges. it possible to show the tank level on the Cerbo GX and at the same time on the existing tank gauges?

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Tank GX Reading Always 1v

Hello. I have a tank GX plugged into my RPi based set up. I have this sensor: Longzhuo Liquid Level Transmitter, TL-136 Liquid Level Transmitter Water Level Sensor Detector 12-32VDC 4-20mA Signal Output for Precision Measuring(1/2/3/4/5M)(0-2M) https://amzn.eu/d/6hyLNjz

The signal from the tank reads 1v continuously no matter how full or empty the tank is

What am I doing wrong? Thank you

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Tank adapter to LPG?

I would like to use the CCGX to monitor my LPG tank, which has a 0 to 90 ohm range from the sender. Is there a way to connect it to the tank sender adapter so that it will correctly display the tank level?

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Help connecting/configuring a second Cerbo GX (needing more resistive tank inputs)

I have two Cerbo GX units and am wondering if there is a specific way to configure the second (slave?) to show the tank inputs on the display connected to the first (main?) Cerbo.

The two units are connected via VE.Can (with a termination plug at both ends of the system), perhaps I should try VE.Bus?

The Touch 70 on the main shows a second device.

I turned on and configured the tank inputs on the slave by plugging in the Touch 70 into the slave.

Cannot figure out how to get the tanks plugged into the slave to show on the main unit.

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Generator fuel tank Cerbo GX


I have a question regarding using the cerbo GX to measure the generator fuel tank.

What would I need to add to the cerbo and is there anything specific to use with a diesel Generator? Is there as well certain peramaters regarding the fuel tank size?

Thank you in advance

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VRM Tank Level Notification configuration


Thought this would have been answered but as yet can't find. Wishing to understand what options are available / configurable to have push notification for a tank level sender connected to Cerbo GX. Spoke to local dealer who couldn't answer either, looked like needed to have it setup to see what the options are and their hardware to investigate on was currently offsite.

Is there some screenshots or a manual somewhere i'm missing?

Do you have to use an alarm to do this, is it configurable for user % of capacity to trigger or is this pre set, can there be multiple notifications for a single tank eg <50%, <75%, <20% for example.

Anyone can point me in the right direction for the documentation online would be great.



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connect tank 140 gx over long distance with cerbo gx

Hi @ all

My main victron installation is more than 50meters apart from my two water tanks. is there a way to connect a tank 140 gx device wirelessly to a cerbo gx? the aim would be to see tank level and solar power on one screen in VRM portal. First I thought to buy a second cerbo gx, connect the tank 140 gx device and map the second cerbo gx to my existing installation in VRM portal. But if I am right, I can't have 2 cerbo in one installation, right? I could add a installation with the second cerbo but then can't see all information on one screen, right?

Such a long cable connection would be very difficult to install on one hand and on the other hand I have only found actively reinforced USB cables up to 30 meters, alternatively would be perhaps USB2LAN... But just, very complicated. Am I the only one who does not have his water tanks next to the batteries?

Am very grateful for your thoughts on this setting.

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GX Tank 140 Issue

I recently installed Safiery Tank Level Sensors IP65 on grey and fresh water tanks using the Cerbo Gx Tank 140 for voltage. The install and calibration went well. However, when I went to use my RV a few weeks later (all tanks were empty), all three sensors would not read voltage. Each sensor was displayed on the Cerbo device list, and the status displayed "OK." I reset each sensor, and re-calibrated each (the new empty voltage now displayed was different than the first setup). Each sensor seemed to be working properly. After the trip, and all tanks were emptied and left that way for several weeks, the same thing occurred. The sensors status displayed "OK," but they did not read voltage (voltage did not change as water was added). Any ideas on what is going on?

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Tank 140 Rounding

I am having an issue with the tank 140 and there seems to be a bug in the calculations of full.

Also, I would really like to see the sensor value reading go to the hundredth decimal place and also have the ability to set the full and empty values to the hundredth decimal place.

Is there a reason behind this? In this scenario I would really like to see 100%.


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GX Tank 140 with Wema/Kus S3U Sensor

I am trying to get a GX Tank 140, plugged into a Cerbo to properly display water tank data using the currently installed Wema/Kus S3U. The data-sheet can be found here:


The Cerbo properly sees the GX Tank, displays all four ports,

It appears that my tactical error was that my current onboard tank sensors are not compatible with the GX Tank. I am surprised since they are standard resistance sensors. I have seven onboard tank sensors all the same brand and style. Is there anyway to convert the currently installed tank sensors to work with the GX Tank?



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How to monitor 8 resistive tanks?

I have 8 tanks on my boat which are all resistive. The CerboGX can take 4. How can I add 4 more? Is there a way to convert a resistive sensor to be voltage or current based so the Tank 140 will support it?

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Relay 1 water pump not working as expected with GXTank 140

Made an installation with a Cerbo, Tank 140 and a water pump that needs 7,5A.

Configured it in the OS as relay 1 for a pump. Configured the pump to see the sensor of the fresh tank from the tank 140.

Connected the COM on the relay 1 to the fuse in 12V positive. Connected the NO to the pump.

No matter pump button ON or OFF, pump always receive +12V.

Made the same installation in other vehicle without the GX Tank and works perfect. Where am I wrong?


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Tanks showing disconnected

I have 2 tanks connected to my Cerbo, on the VRM portal the tanks levels can be seen, but not on the GX touch. When I go into device list it says they are disconnected, when I go into each sender it says the status is disconnected. when I go into the device it says it is connected. I have updated the system, I have been into the setup and turned them off off and back on again. The sender are obviously working because the info is on the VRM. Any ideas where to go next?

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