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What does "Charger Accept Mode" mean?

Have been plugged into shore power (electricity) at an RV park for 3 days. Unplugged today, drove to the desert, batteries at 100%. Checked batteries around 9:30 pm, down to 80%. Fired up the generator and after an hour or so the batteries read 100% but my wall panel where the inverter info is said "Charger Accept mode". I know what bulk, absorbtion and float are but what the heck is "Charger Accept Mode". What does that mean???

mbujo asked
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Recording the power consumption of different devices using the EM24 / Cerbo GX

Hi everybody,

in the near future I will uprade my existing installation with a battery and victron components.
The system will look like this:
Energy-Meter: Victron EM24 (replaces the exisiting Sunny-Home-Manager 2.0)
System-Controller: Victron Cerbo GX
Battery Inverter: Victron Multiplus 2 48/5000
PV-Inverter: SMA Tripower 15000

Now the question:
Is it possible with this Victron-setup to record the power consumption of single devices (e.g. heat-pump)?
At the moment I'm doing this with the Sunny-Home-Manager, which reads the S0-Signal of a standard DIN-Rail-meter using the Smart-Appliance-Enabler running on a Raspberry PI.
All the data is shown in the SMA Sunny-Portal.

I havent't read anything about reading the S0-Signal with an EM24 or the Cerbo GX.
For sure another option would be to install an additional energy-meter (ET340) just for the heat-pump.
But this would be an expensive solution.
Has anybody another idea how to realize that?

mb4331 asked

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MPPT 450 200 - Leakage current

I have installed MPPT RS 450 200 with Multiplus II 8000VA and BYD Batteries.

There is a leak voltage between the body of the electrical panel and earth. the leakage is only when the MPPT is charging (not in idle state). 6-7 volts are measured between the body and earth. So I guess there is a PV voltage leak from inside the RS? did anyone experience this and what is the most convenient solution.

Thank you in advance,

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Appairage BatteryProtect HQ2132JXTXE et Orion Smart HQ2137XNUMZ par Bluetooth


Mon installateur m'a installé BatteryProtect HQ2132JXTXE et Orion Smart HQ2137XNUMZ.

Sous son contrôle, j'ai installé l'appli Victron Connect. Lors de la première utilisation dans son garage mon téléphone Galaxy A20 ne s'est pas appairé par le Bluetooth avec les 2 appareils.

Arrivé chez moi, j'ai reussi à appairé mon téléphone avec les 2 modules et j'ai pu changer les 2 mots de passe et voir les informations.

Depuis, j'ai renouveler l'accès plusieurs fois sans succès...

Merci pour toute information.

pri asked
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Victron VE panel

Dear Victron Community

I have been looking for a pre-wired distribution panel for multis and quattros. While watching one of the videos from the explolist, i learnt that catualy victron has one called VE panel. I have asked so many distributors and they seem to be green about it. There is no video on youtube or victron website of the same item. Do you guys know where i can get one?Is there anyone with an experience of using one?

Secondly i am also looking dor Multi RS with two trackers again there are not available with so many dealers in Europe. any help

atwijukye asked

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Adjustments to charging 12/12 30 dcdc

Hi I was recommended to ask a question regarding the charging of my gel battery on this forum. I have a gel 110ah under seat battery in my VW T6, which has a smart alternator. I have the 12/12/30 set to auto charge and on the pre-set for gel 1.

So what i noticed is the battery only charges when the alternator kicks in to top up the main van battery, this kicks in once the volts drop below 12.5v and then charges for about 5 seconds, at which time the Victron kicks in and charges my auxiliary battery, then the alternator drops out and stops charging and the Victron ceases. Is there a way to make the Victron charge even if the alternator is not charging the main battery in Auto mode. Or do i have to connect an ignition wire to get this behaviour to happen. advice would be great. thanks



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correct command for dbus inverter on/off/eco ?


i have a phoenix 24/1200 inverter. what is the correct command to switch on/off/eco with dbus command?

dbus -y com.victronenergy.inverter /Mode=4

this give my not output any other an error.

please what is the correctly command?

micha854 asked

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issue with Isolated SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100


Please find here a video of the new issue we are facing: https://we.tl/t-c8i7abNNeC

The voltage on the source battery is 393 V , and the target battery is 43V. Is there a max voltage 8 times factor from the In voltage to the Out voltage ? (we have discovered the documentation mentions a factor 8 between In and float).

Initially we were getting the message “short circuit”, but after increasing slightly the voltage on the target battery we are now getting the message “charger excessive current”.

What is your diagnostic on this new issue ? is there any solution other than having a source with a voltage lower than 360 V ? (450V being possible only if target battery is at over 56 V !...)

zelfani asked
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Fronius symo light with cerbo gx


I have two 10kW fronius symo inverters. I would like to monitor these devices via the cerbo gx.

In order to do this, i need to purchase a fronius datamanager (2.0) to take input the inverter(s) in the same network as the cerbo. (conform this method: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ac_coupling:fronius).

My questions:

- is it necessary to buy two datamanagers for the fronius inverters because they are coupled via modbus i think?

- When I want to monitor the power consumption and powerdelivery, is it even necessary to connect the inverters to the cerbo? Can't i just connect 3 currentmeters to the cerbo and do it like that?

Thank you very much

Kind regards

aernoo asked

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Multiplus2 en Corse / Mavisun

Bonjour Thierry,

Suite à nos discussions interposées via William de chez Mavisun, je souhaite avoir ton avis sur la situation actuelle, en effet depuis dimanche le système est en alerte (0 conso sur la batterie)

c'est marqué "internal error" donc j'ai purement est simplement avec victron connect arrêté les rapports d'erreurs, car le victron sonne nuit et jour.

Avant ce dernier évenement, nous avons remarqué que le victron annoncai des charges de plus en plus basse, j'en ai parlé a william, nous avons redémarré l'installation completement mais pas de changement.

les batteries sont elles entre 90 et 100% vu grace aux leds SOC (PYLONTECH US2000)

installation MAVISUN CORSE

enr-maintenance asked

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Connection Victron IP22 24/16 & Cyrix & Smart Hunt


I have an Landcruiser from 1983. 24V system, so double battery in the front as starter. I added 2 batteries in the back so have also 24V. These are household batteries.

I connected the Smarthunt on the starter battery pack, the Victron Cyrix relais in between the front and back battery pack. I connected the IP22 Charger in on the back battery pack.

My first question is: My alternator will charge while I'm driving the starter pack and when these are full the relais will switch to the household pack. But will this also be the other way around. If I'm parked and I'm connected with the charger on 220v. Will the relais also work the other way around and charge the starter pack when the household pack is full?

My Second Questions: I have connected the Smart Hunt to see what happens with the battery starter pack. If I'm connected to the 220 Volt in the back, I see in the front the Smart Hunt says it takes around 4-5amps form the front starter pack. This can't be the Cyrix Relais or the Smarthunt, as they take just 0.1amp.

I hope you can help. I don't want to be stuck in the woods with no power to start the engine :-)



ecrijns asked

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Mppt 7510 to SCADA system

Any advice on getting a SCADA system on a MPPT 7510?

Landon LeBlanc asked

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Victron 24/3000/70 not working

My electrical has just wired in my inverter charger and nothing works no lights are coming on there is power there (27volts I think he said) he’s never wired one up before so I’m hoping it’s something simple if any one can help cheers

c-simpson asked
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Victron Phoenix Compact inverter not working


My Victron Phoenix Compact inverter is showing the perminent red alarm light. Seems like it's not tripping on to charge the batteries. When the batteries are off and it's just the shoreline it's just switches off.

I don't know how old it is or who the original dealer was.

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Ich habe den Solarregler victron 75/15 ..meine Frage wie viele Solarpanele kann ich anschließen würde mich über Hilfe freuen

Abmasse (H x B x T) in mm: 1200mm x 540mm x 35mm

Gewicht in Kg: 7,6

Zellentyp: Monokristallin

Leistung max.: 100 Watt

Leerlaufspannung max.: 19,35 V

Spannung max.: 22,6 Volt

Strom max.: 5,17 A

Kurzschlussstrom max.: 5,53 A

Modulwirkungsgrad: 15,43 %

Modulstecker: MC4

Max. Systemspannung: 1000 V

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