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issue with Isolated SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100


Please find here a video of the new issue we are facing:

The voltage on the source battery is 393 V , and the target battery is 43V. Is there a max voltage 8 times factor from the In voltage to the Out voltage ? (we have discovered the documentation mentions a factor 8 between In and float).

Initially we were getting the message “short circuit”, but after increasing slightly the voltage on the target battery we are now getting the message “charger excessive current”.

What is your diagnostic on this new issue ? is there any solution other than having a source with a voltage lower than 360 V ? (450V being possible only if target battery is at over 56 V !...)

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As previously, the mppt is a pv to battery charger.

It is not a battery to battery charger.

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@klim8skeptic but it works if the input voltage / output voltage < 8.3. we need clarification whether this is a hardware limit or a configuration that can be changed.

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@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) you can help us to find an answer to our problem

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You will not get an official answer because that is not a supported configuration.

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