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keine Kommunikation mehr zum VRM-Portal

ich habe seit dieser Woche keine Kommunikation mehr zum VRM-Portal. In den letzten 3 Monaten war alles gut , jetzt habe ich das CCGX gegen ein Raspi getauscht, beides 3 Wochen nebeneinander laufen gehabt, vor 7 Tagen den CCGX entfernt und in der Installationsliste gelöscht. Nun stelle ich fest, daß keine Daten mehr seit 4 Tagen zu sehen sind, weder live noch die Historie. Laut Venus ist eine Ethernetverbindung vorhanden, die IP ist auch korrekt und in meinen privaten Netzwerk komme ich auch an die Daten. Kann es sein das Victron da ihre Finger im Spiel haben ?

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Adjustments to charging 12/12 30 dcdc

Hi I was recommended to ask a question regarding the charging of my gel battery on this forum. I have a gel 110ah under seat battery in my VW T6, which has a smart alternator. I have the 12/12/30 set to auto charge and on the pre-set for gel 1.

So what i noticed is the battery only charges when the alternator kicks in to top up the main van battery, this kicks in once the volts drop below 12.5v and then charges for about 5 seconds, at which time the Victron kicks in and charges my auxiliary battery, then the alternator drops out and stops charging and the Victron ceases. Is there a way to make the Victron charge even if the alternator is not charging the main battery in Auto mode. Or do i have to connect an ignition wire to get this behaviour to happen. advice would be great. thanks



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Mppt 250/100 MC4 anschließen


kann ich wie auf dem Bild zu sehen ist, meine 15 Module an den Mppt 250/100 MC4 anschließen??

Oder gibt es eine bessere Lösung??20220426_193150.jpg

Gruß Martin

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correct command for dbus inverter on/off/eco ?


i have a phoenix 24/1200 inverter. what is the correct command to switch on/off/eco with dbus command?

dbus -y com.victronenergy.inverter /Mode=4

this give my not output any other an error.

please what is the correctly command?

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issue with Isolated SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100


Please find here a video of the new issue we are facing:

The voltage on the source battery is 393 V , and the target battery is 43V. Is there a max voltage 8 times factor from the In voltage to the Out voltage ? (we have discovered the documentation mentions a factor 8 between In and float).

Initially we were getting the message “short circuit”, but after increasing slightly the voltage on the target battery we are now getting the message “charger excessive current”.

What is your diagnostic on this new issue ? is there any solution other than having a source with a voltage lower than 360 V ? (450V being possible only if target battery is at over 56 V !...)

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Qualified Victron Elecrical Engineer needed urgently

Hello to the Victron Community,

I have just finished a major Victron digital switching system installation on my yacht and I need the services of a qualified Victron Electrical engineer to link up the system to the boat. Can anyone help me please? Sebastian

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Victron Controller - super high yields?
I've had my boat on shore power all winter. Just moved it up to the lake, now it's at anchor and relying on solar power, which appears to be working well.

The issue I'm wondering about - when I first disconnected from shore power, for the first 2 days the history in my VictronConnect app showed very large solar panel yields, like the first day was 1.16kWh (giant for two 110W solar panels?!) and the second day was 560Wh, also very large for one day. This is in April, in Seattle, so we really don't get that much sun anyways.

On the first day, it appears that most of the yield was from Bulk mode and the rest in Absorption mode, with nothing in Float mode. On the second day, there was some Float mode.

After this, the yields have slowed down to a more normal reading between say 120 and 240Wh per day, with floating occuring for some part of every day.

I'm wondering a couple of things. First what could explain the above huge yields.

Two, is it normal for the Victron controller to report only that yield that battery bank can accept? In other words, I expect more yield on some days but it appears low because it appears that the controller is only reporting the yield that the battery can accept. When the battery is full, almost no yield is showing.

Finally, is there a way to track the total solar yield regardless of the battery status? In other words, I want to know the total photovoltaic watt hours that were available, even if the system didn't use those.

Hope this makes sense, and thank you for your help with these questions.

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48v Multiplus Invertor with 12v batteries


I'm fitting out my boat and have bought a 48v Victron Multiplus 8kw Charger Invertor. I went big as I'm looking to reduce my reliance on gas and got fed up with a 3kw invertor and the limitations of it when I want to run a lot of items. I also bought 4 x 205ah 12 volt batteries to satisfy the 48v, which I believe have to be wired in series.

I am told that if I wire in series then I effectively lose the 820ah potential of 4 batteries and would only in effect have the ah of just the one battery, or 205 ah.

Can anyone advise if this is correct and how I would go about accessing the 800+ amp hours I thought I'd got access to? Do I need 16 batteries to achieve 820 ah or can I in fact wire in parallel whilst keeping the invertor happy?

Thanks for any guidance here, I'm out of my depth :)

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How much voltage is needed to start the MPPT?

My VOC of PV - 93.5V

and battery Voltage showing as 53.4V

i have user 450W 4 pannels serial+parrel

pls tell me is this engough to start MPPT 150/100

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Überschuss als Heizstab oder ähnliches verwenden,

servus, bitte um hilfe, habe victron multiplus2 5000/48, 3x pylontech 3000, mppt 150/60, gavazzi em24,

und ein Balkonkraftwerk,

batterien sind voll und kein verbrauch mehr, habe immer vormittags überschuss, so dass energie ins öffenliche netz gespeiset wird, gibt es da keine möglichkeit den überschuss zu verbrauchen wenn nötig ? vielen dank.

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Multiplus and Multiplus Compact - Reliability and Bluetooth

Is there any difference in reliability between Victron MultiPlus and Victron MultiPlus Compact? Ive lost the link but read a link where someone had dismantled the newer Victron MultiPlus and said there had been some cost cutting. They're both a similar price. I appreciate this is a victron forum so may get flamed for asking such a question :-)

Can both be monitored using the plugin VE direct bluetooth adapter? inverter voltage/current output, charge output/status? IIRC On the same page I read that the new Victron MultiPlus doesnt display this accurately. Not sure if the Victron MultiPlus Compact allows you to monitor these parameters.

On a side note, would have been nice to name a new product something completely different to reduce the google search confusion.


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Fusing inverter/converter from Lynx distributor

I am currently in the process of changing my system from GoPower to Victron, however, it's an expensive endeavor. I have new Victron DC-DC charger, 100/30 Solar Charge Controller and a battery shunt. I have just ordered a Lynx distributor and was wondering what the best way to fuse the GoPower ic2000 is. I have a 300 amp classT fuse between the battery and the inverter/controller now, but I will soon have the lynx connected to the batteries. I want to keep the classT fuse connected between the battery and the lynx. Is it ok to run the inverter/converter through the lynx? If so, I'm not sure what size fuse to use. It's a 2000 watt inverter. Any suggestions? Also, it's a 12 volt system running off 2 100ah Battleborn batteries running in parallel over 2/0 gauge cables.

I will be switching over to a Multiplus in the next few months, but still need to use the RV until then. So, I'm stuck with the GoPower for now.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Victron Cerbogx issue

Hello Everyone,

I have been using Victron Cerbogx for 7months. Suddenly i got an issue with that. The wifi access point is always Orange color Disabled and bluetooth light is not at all blinking. There is no way to access the Wifi network of my Cerbogx. I tried with Ethernet cable to access the victron Icon on my MFD screen. it is also not coming. I don't know where exactly the problem is. I did short reset and long reset but Wifi access point is always Orange color disabled. could some one help me how can i overcome with this issue.

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Victron 100/15

Hi there , could someone please help ?

my system is victron 100/15

two 395w panels tied together to make 24v each are 9.55a Imp, vmp is 41.40

Voc is 49.50 ,

two 260amp lead solar battery's not agm
5000w pure sin inverter

is this system ok to run , ? Or is the controller too small ?
it has been running for a month in southern spain ok , controller is hot, but you can hold it with you hand ok ,

the fuse to the pannels is 20a and a little hot on a sunny day ,

is this system ok to run ? Or is the controller too small ?


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Questions Victron ESS communication cables


I am planning a Victron ESS with the following components

- Multiplus 2 48V / 5000 (only one in a 3-phase-system)

- Cerbo

- Touch 50

- MPPT RS 450/200 (all 4 PV inputs connected to solar modules)

- EM24

- home made 23kWh LiFePo4 battery with SEPLOS BMS

- grid parallel topology (only one phase connected to L1)

I have the following questions:

1) I EM24 ethernet or RS485 version ?

In my special case I have a long distance (20m) between the EM24 and the Cerbo GX.
Which one (ethernet or rs485) do I need ? Are both OK ? If I use the RS485 version, I understand it is connected to the cerbo with a USB/RS485 converter ? Is this correct ? And is this USB/RS485 converter included when I order the EM24 ?

2) Which cables do I need for interconnections, I am confused about VE BUS, VE CAN , VE Direct ?

So which cable do I need

- between Cerbo GX and Multiplus2

- between Cerbo GX and MPPT RS 450/200

- between Cerbo GX and Touch 50


Thanks in advance for your help



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