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Gestion de deux pack de batteries LFP de marque différente

Bonjour à tous.

je n'ai pas trouvé la réponse à ma question. si c'est que j'ai mal chercher effacez mon message.

j'ai un multiplus II 48v 5000 avec un pack de 6 batteries

Pylontech US2000C 48 Volts 2,4 6 Kw/h dim:442x410x89 6000 cycles

un color control avec connexion au réseau et du photovoltaïque sur le toit.

on me propose d'autres batteries des DLG E-BOX-48100R qui ressemblent comme deux goutes d'eau aux Pylontech et qui sont LFP aussi.

me question est la suivante.

est il possible de gérer deux pack different avec le Victron ou même en ajoutant du matériel ?

merci par avance de votre aide.


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LoRaWAN stops working after a while

After about 2 days I stop receiving data from the lorawan. No changes to the flashing green light, tried restarting everything (router, gateway lorawan)

Software is updated on all three units,

Was all working perfectly for a few days then dropped out and hasn't worked since.

Any ideas?


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Hello, I have purchased the followings victron products and I have some questions:
M y system includes
1) the multiplus II Victron 48 V, 5 KW
2) the Lynx DC distributor Victron
3) the cerbo GX Victron
4) the 3 batteries Pylontech US2000 48 V, 50 AH
First, in my package, i didn't recieve V-sense , current transformer and VE.Can to Can bus BMS cable. Are they necessary for the system or can skip them?
The DC distributor also, came in my package without the lynx smart BMS. Is it the lynx smart BMS necessary?
Secondly, I have recieved the RS485 to USB cable. In which case i use that? Is it strictly appropriate?
Third, the cable connection supply for AC INPUT is 3x10 mm2 and AC OUTPUT of charger/inverter is 3x10 mm2 too . Is it correct?
Finally, could someone Victron technician help me to put the correct parameters to the system when it's completed via teamviewer or viber?
Thanks a lot.

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How to install Pylontech and Victron Offgrid System?


I have recently purchased:

- 2 x 48v Pylontech 3.55kwh Batteries

- Victron Multiplus II 48/5000

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/70

- Victron Cerbo GX

- 6 x LG Neon 2 360w Solar Panels

I am wondering what fuses, isolators, circuit breakers and any other products do I need to fully complete and install my system. Do I need a DC Fuse Disconnector straight after the Batteries? Do I need a Lynx Distributor, if yes, what does it do. It would be awesome if somebody could draw a diagram where each isolator, fuse or circuit breaker goes in my setup. Any help will be much appreciated.


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Need Help With Victron 100/50
I am having some problems with my brand new Victron 100/50 and hoping someone could help out.

I have 10x100 watt Renogy panels on my pergola in my backyard. I wired two sets of 5 in parallel, then ran all four 10 gauge wires (2 positive and 2 negative) wires from each parallel set about 40 feet or so through my attic in the house, then the 4 wires are plugged into a Y branch connector so I just have 1 positive and 1 negative cable plugged into the Victron 100/50. The Victron is feeding two Goal Zero Yeti Expansion tanks (12 volt AGM batteries), which in turn is feeding my Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, which in turn is providing power through the Goal Zero Home Integration Kit to provide power to 4 circuits in my house.

The Victron 100/50 only seems to be producing approximately 400-450 watts of power. I live in San Jose California where the skies are clear and the sun is shining.

I called Goal Zero and they suggested I contact Victron to see if there is a setting that should be changed? Someone at Goal Zero suggested taking the two parallel sets of panels, then running those in series to increase the voltage which may get more power into the tanks?

I would appreciate any help you can offer. I did not change any settings on the Victron right out of the box.

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Changement de smartphone

Je possède une petite installation solaire pour un usage personnel. J'ai installé l'ensemble des équipements et, tous fonctionnent très bien. Le problème que je rencontre est que j'avais installé le system avec un smartphone et depuis j'ai dû en changer. Avec le nouveau téléphone, je n'arrive pas à me connecter avec 'victron connect" via le bluetooch, à mon matériel, MPPT 75/10. J'ai essayé de désinstaller la liaison sur l'ancien appareil, je désactive bien mon wifi pour la connexion avec mon bluetooch, mais, rien n'y fait. Si vous pouvez m'aider, j'ai essayer de poser la question à mon revendeur, mais je reste sans réponse de sa part.

Merci de votre aide.



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Orion TR12/12-18 NOT isolating the start battery


I have the Orion TR 12/12-18 DC-DC isolated charger fitted between my (euro 6) start battery and my leisure battery but have flattened the start battery twice now when parked up with the fridge running off my leisure battery so have a couple of questions:-

1, Isn't this charger supposed isolate the start battery from the load (leisure battery) when the vehicle is not running, the way a split charge relay does?

2, Even though it's an isolated version, can it share the vehicle body negative or do I need to run a cable between the battery - terminals and charger?

3, Is there a link for a list of faults and fixes somewhere to save people asking similar questions?

4, When setting it up, what is the ideal voltage output the pot should be set, I think it's pre-set to 12.3v which seems low?

Thanks in advance.


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Qualified Victron Elecrical Engineer needed urgently

Hello to the Victron Community,

I have just finished a major Victron digital switching system installation on my yacht and I need the services of a qualified Victron Electrical engineer to link up the system to the boat. Can anyone help me please? Sebastian

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Victron MultiPlus Compact 24V | 2000 VA | 50A - TRAIC EXPLODED ON POWER UP

Hello all!

I have had a problem with the "magic smoke" getting out of my unit.

  1. Connected the Tesla Battery Pack (reading 23.2v)
  2. Connected inline disconnect between the battery and MultiPlus Compact
  3. Turned disconnect on prior to powering on the unit and saw internal red light turn on
  4. Set the unit to "Charge Only"
  5. Turned on power to the unit

I have a video here ( and have attached images of the setup. I did not have the "sense" cable connected to the battery unit; however, I did not think not having it connected would cause the unit to critically fail.

I did a voltage test on the battery module after this happened and it is still reading 23.2v. Thank you for any help and here is the series of images from my setup.

Prior to failing the colour LED sequence was: Green, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Off







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How have 2 victron systems caught fire?

i would like to understand how 2 separately installed victron systems failed with devastating consequence.

first system was installed in 2019 - 5000w 110v inverter - a/c input burnt out - fortunately we smelt the burning wire and managed to disconnect the system before further damage occurred.

on our return to the uk in 2020 we had another victron system installed at a total cost of over £25,000. Including other items - by a victron approved dealer. This time it was a 5000w 220v inverter system

within a few weeks from completion this system failed catastrophically with a total and devastating loss of my rv, my friends rv, 3 cars, a horse trailer and nearly my home!

a forensic fire investigator has established the location of the fire and it was in the locker with all the victron equipment

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Victron IP22 ABS parameters with LI-ION battery.
col asked · 2 hours ago

Victron IP22 ABS parameters with LI-ION battery.

I hae just purchased a Bluesmart IP22 charger. I have a lithium 120AH battery. The charger is 30A, however when I put it on charge at 69% it goes to ABS and only puts in about 18A. would have thought that a lithium battery wouldn't go into ABS until considerably higher charge. I have set the mode to LI-ION , which has its own algerithum, can anyone tell me if I am able to raise the charge rate or make it so that it doesn't go into ABS mode until the battery is in a higher state of charge. Thanks. Col.

col asked
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Smartsolar MPPT 75/15 enough?

Hi guys. I am thinking of getting a second 275ah deep cycle gel sealed battery, at 12 volts. Thinking of using 3 100 watts solar panells connected in series, with a total Voc of 64 volts. My question is if a Victron 75/15 Mppt solar controller is a good option or capable of well charging and maintain that battery, in a 12V solar system?

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Victron BMV 712 Smart battery monitor -- WTH??

I have the Victron BMV 712 Smart battery monitor (with two 100Ah BattleBorn 12V Lithiums), and while the monitor works great when boondocking, it does not work great on shore power; the readouts then make no sense: State of Charge (after a week on shore power): 13% (and dropping); Voltage: 14.44V; Current: -2.52A; Power: -36W; Consumed Ah: -186.9Ah.

Any idea what's up here?

Thank you!


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Victron MultiPlus Compact 24V | 2000 VA | 50A - AUTO SOLID RED ALARM LED

Hello All,

I recently bought a Victron MultiPlus Compact 24V | 2000 VA | 50A from Northern Arizona Wind & Sun (

I followed the manual that came with the unit and plugged the device into my wall outlet.

Whenever I turn on power I automatically get a solid red alarm light whether the device is in "inverter" or "charger". I tried powering down the unit and providing power to it again to no avail. I am not sure (based on the solid red) where or what the alarm would be triggering.

I have attached images of my setup for reference. I have tried the unit with and without the temperature selection and seem to get the issue.


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Connection Victron IP22 24/16 & Cyrix & Smart Hunt


I have an Landcruiser from 1983. 24V system, so double battery in the front as starter. I added 2 batteries in the back so have also 24V. These are household batteries.

I connected the Smarthunt on the starter battery pack, the Victron Cyrix relais in between the front and back battery pack. I connected the IP22 Charger in on the back battery pack.

My first question is: My alternator will charge while I'm driving the starter pack and when these are full the relais will switch to the household pack. But will this also be the other way around. If I'm parked and I'm connected with the charger on 220v. Will the relais also work the other way around and charge the starter pack when the household pack is full?

My Second Questions: I have connected the Smart Hunt to see what happens with the battery starter pack. If I'm connected to the 220 Volt in the back, I see in the front the Smart Hunt says it takes around 4-5amps form the front starter pack. This can't be the Cyrix Relais or the Smarthunt, as they take just 0.1amp.

I hope you can help. I don't want to be stuck in the woods with no power to start the engine :-)



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Mppt 7510 to SCADA system

Any advice on getting a SCADA system on a MPPT 7510?

Landon LeBlanc asked

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Connecting victron 75/15 to existing fuse hub

Currently we have 640w of solar going to an mppt controller, in parallel, which goes to a 200ah lithium battery via a fuse hub.

Have just added 2 x 100w solar in parallel using victron 75/15 smart controller directly to battery.

We a drifter monitor which reads battery soc and amps etc of original 640w but does not include victron input. We think this is because its all linked to the fuse hub.

Our question is if we run the positive battery cable from controller to the fuse hub, can the negative be left directly on battery, or, does it need to go to fuse hub as well ?

Hopefully we can then get readout of combined input.

Any help appreciated

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EVE LFP Batteries

Has anyone had any experience integrating EVE lithium batteries with Victron inverters?

Thank you

usatractor asked
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Lifepo4 Einstellungen Smart Shunt 500A

Guten Abend

Ich habe 2 Fragen zu der erstinstallation des smart shunts.

Ich habe eine 200Ah victron smart Batterie die im v. E Bus mit einem multiplus 12 v 2000, Cerbo gx und 2 mppt Reglern arbeitet.

Frage 1 : sollte ich die Batterie vor der Installation an meinem victron blue smart Ladegerät vollständig laden?

Frage 2 : Welche sind die richtigen Einstellungen für meine Victron Batterie bezüglich des smart shunts? Oder stellt sich der smart shunt automatisch ein?


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Please take a look at my final install

Attached is a schematic of my electrical power system on my 1977 Trojan F26 cruiser. Everything is working fine. BMV712 is networked with the MPPT100/30 and the 2 170W PVs are supplying adequate power to the 200AH LiFePo4 house bank. The original system powered by FLA deep cycle batteries.

Please take a look at the schematic and give me your thoughts. Much appreciated!


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1 Victron battery balancer for 2 AGM batteries 12 Volt 260 Ampere connected in series


is it possible to use 2 AGM batteries (each 12 volts 260 amps) connected in series with a Victron battery balancer?

Or are the 2 x 260 amps already too much for the battery balancer?

Maybe you can help me here, thank you very much.


manib asked
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Victron and Redarc

Hi Guys,
I have a Redarc BC/DC charger with MPPT built into and solar panel that charges my AGM battery, i have the Victron 500A smart shunt to monitor all the loads. Will Victron ve direct Bluetooth module connected to the shunt detect my solar input?

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Updated Pylontech wiring

Victron has updated its Pylontech Wiring. See the picture below.


In the version before, the GND cable was connected to the negative pole of the DC Distributor.

Now they have excluded the GND cable at the negative pole of the DC distributor. So the system is not grounded at the negative pole anymore.

Why did they change it?

Is it true, that the negative pole of the Battery is connected to Ground over the case Ground, as this fellow says:

I have read in the MPPT manual:


So the MPPT should be grounded on the negative pole am I right?

Cansin Sari asked
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power and current data missing: Smartsolar MPPT status in VictronConnect App

There is something very odd happening here, even though the system works ,there is no data for current and power in the VictronConnect App status the firmware has been updated to the most recent version .I am able to determine that the system is working because if you look at the history, all the data is there however status is zero.

Has anybody encountered this before?

What is the solution? comments and suggestions are welcome

The details of the installed system are

24x 250w Trina solar polycrystalline solar panels

1 X 5KVA Victron energy Multiplus inverter 48v 230V

1x 150/85 Tr VE CAN MPPT Controller

12 X 12v 200ah Lead Acid batteries

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Cleaning Panels

I have 2 x 175 watt monocrystaline victron solar panels mounted on the stern arch of our yacht. We were recently hauled out in the yard for maintenance and were unlucky enough to be downwind of another boat that was spray painting epoxy and we have some fine windblown airborne particles of epoxy on our panels.

Can anyone recommend how to clean this off without damaging the panels and the surface?

Many thanks

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Warum wird Strom aus dem Netzt entnommen?

Hallo Leute ,

mein ESS System funktioniert soweit sehr gut und zuverlässig:

Multiplus II 3kw

Color Control

2x Pylontech us2000B

Zähler netzt und Zähler pv

Nun kommt es immer wieder vor das Nachts oder am Morgen Strom aus dem Netzt entkommen wird obwohl der Akku noch mehr als 10% hat(10% ist mein Soc) . Wie auf dem Bild zu sehen ist wird Strom aus dem netzt entnommen obwohl der Akku 30% hat und zudem wird sogar noch aufgeladen.

Teilweise habe ich beim Laden den Eindruck das Victron nicht richtig misst oder Werte fürs laden als Verbrauch annimmt ???



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Überschuss als Heizstab oder ähnliches verwenden,

servus, bitte um hilfe, habe victron multiplus2 5000/48, 3x pylontech 3000, mppt 150/60, gavazzi em24,

und ein Balkonkraftwerk,

batterien sind voll und kein verbrauch mehr, habe immer vormittags überschuss, so dass energie ins öffenliche netz gespeiset wird, gibt es da keine möglichkeit den überschuss zu verbrauchen wenn nötig ? vielen dank.

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How to deviate the solar exceedance in an off-grid?

I would like to know how to manage the excess PV production once the batteries are full and all electric needs are supplied. I want to send that exceedance to a water heater for an off-grid. Thanks

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Smart inverter 12/3000

Ich habe kürzlich obiges gerät erworben.

Wenn ich einen kleinen fön mit 1200 watt betreibe funktioniert er auf stufe 2 einwandfrei, jedoch wenn ich auf stufe 1 schalte wo er nur die halbe leistung hat macht der transformator des inverters laute geräusche und der inverter geht in überlast.

Wie kann das sein?

Die zuleitung der batterie ist zur zeit noch zu schwach (35mm2), jedoch dürfte das in fiesem fall kein problem sein oder?

Mfg gtgobl

gtgobl asked
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Victron MPPT 75/15 Low PV Voltage Reported - Won't Charge

When I test the voltage at the controllers terminal screws it shows 66V (I'm using 3x 20W panels in series) - In the app its only showing 12.7V; which means my 12V batteries won't charge. If I connect each individual panel to the controller it still shows 22V at the terminal but still only 12.7V (each one shows the same) in the app. Is my controller toast?

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