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Victron VE panel

Dear Victron Community

I have been looking for a pre-wired distribution panel for multis and quattros. While watching one of the videos from the explolist, i learnt that catualy victron has one called VE panel. I have asked so many distributors and they seem to be green about it. There is no video on youtube or victron website of the same item. Do you guys know where i can get one?Is there anyone with an experience of using one?

Secondly i am also looking dor Multi RS with two trackers again there are not available with so many dealers in Europe. any help

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I am wondering why victron advertise products which are not available. I have been looking for this panel for the whole of last year together with rs multi with two trackers. I have been told that the two track rs is now available but the ve panel and the latest sh are not available
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