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Digital Multi Controll GX & Multiplus compact 12/2000

Digital Multi Controll GX & Multiplus compact 12/2000 no VE.BUS


Absorption & Float - flashing

Inverter - on

no shore power connected

what does it mean?

can't finde any documentation


lars78 asked

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Microinverter at MultiPlus AC-OUT

Good day,

I use a MultiPlus and on the AC-Out I have a Deye 300 Microinverter.

In the ESS wizard I have also activated the PV point on the output.

Nevertheless, wide feeds beyond the set zero point.

Do I have to tell the Venus OS separately about the power, or should the ESS Assistant regulate this itself?





ESS assistant




regards and thx for any hints


juf asked

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Please help. Victron parts in an 2003 Fleetwood Expedition.

Background: Disabled vet living in a 03 Fleetwood expedition. My pain meds have shredded my ability to think critically as well as my memory. Very limited monetarily and physically.

I lost a leg of power last fall and have been trying to get it working right but I have very limited knowledge of these systems. I have attempted to contact the dealers I purchased from, however they are Amazon dealers and do not care to reply. Things I wish I knew before buying all these components.

My Components:

  1. Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus
  2. Victron Energy Orion-Tr IP43 12/12-Volt 30 amp 360-Watt Isolated DC-DC Converter
  3. Victron Energy 200/200 amp Digital Multi Control Panel GX
  4. Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor (Black)
  5. (4) CHINs 300ah LiFePO
  6. RV Custom Products F73-1044 Battery control center
  7. Thrombetta Bear DC Contactor
  8. Intellitec 50 Amp Transfer Relay Delay

I have wiring diagrams for the non-victron components. I know something isn't right. After hooking up the Orion to the DC contactor and doing what RV Custom Products told me to do (cutting wires in their battery control center and how to rewire the thrombetta) everything seemed fine.

Woke up and chassis batts are dead (Door nail dead). I rewired the thrombetta DC contactor to the CHINs coach batteries to trigger it on instead and it mostly works. Only continuing issue as far as I currently know is that the fridge turns on for a second then back off.

I have 12v and 120v schematics for the RV. I tried (with the help of a union electrician) to follow the manuals to get this thing working right but it seems I have failed.

Any help getting this lemon working would be greatly appreciated.



Jesse Jamez asked
Jesse Jamez edited ·

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Multiplus 12/800/35 fan whirring noise


I have a 12/800/35 Multiplus that I installed 2 years ago. It is located in an enclosed room.

Instead of the usual fan noise it is now making a whirring sound as if its bearing (or bushing?) is lacking lubrication.

Temperature in the room oscillates between 12 and 28C throughout the year. Current temperature is 26C.

It is installed in my cottage that I visit a couple times a year. I have noticed the noise now during my current summer visit (South of Argentina).

The system is always on throughout the year.

1.Did anyone experience something similar?

2. Do I need to replace the fan? If so, is there a part nr or spec?

3. The multi is installed in a vertical panel, do I need to remove it from the panel to remove the cover?

4. Any recommendation will be of great help.

Thanks in advance


fede-h asked

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Multiplus 3000 not charging battery bank on shore power?


Hello all, looking for some guidance with my multiplus 3000 inverters.

Inverters are currently installed split phase in a solar power system. Since I’ve installed them, I have not been able to get the inverters to charge the battery bank when on shore power. I’ve got good voltage at the inverter, (see picture attached) the VE configure application shows 62 Hz, and 122 V AC.

I’ve tried putting the shore power to the master inverter only, the slave inverter only, and both inverters simultaneously, and to this point I have no luck getting them to charge the batteries. I have also switched both units to “charge only” mode, which was also unsuccessful.

Any tips or pointers are much appreciated!

kolbys asked
Al commented ·

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Multiplus 12/1200 fails to operate

Good day everyone!

I’ve got my multiplus 12/1200/50

It was working good. But when I switched it by mistake to “Charge” with no AC in it flashed Yellow light once and doesn’t switch on anymore. When I trying to switch it on in inverter mode it flashes short yellow light and nothing happens.

I tried to disconnect all wires and wait as it said in manual but nothing changes.

Any idea how to reset the processor?

Many thanks for your answers.

mopiksan asked

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Inverter Product line

I am shopping for a 1600VA inverter. Can somebody briefly explain the differences between the plastic cased (what i assume is a newer line) and the metal case "compact" line.

I already have a charger, but I am open to the idea of maybe combining them. But both the Multiplus and the Phoenix seem to have this plastic/metal variants.

There also appears to the "smart" line (not that big a fan of bluetooth, for this mobile home application). In total there appear to be 4 different 1600VA inverters. Thanks.

zoneblue asked

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VE.bus voltage high and not stable causing output voltage to be unstable and trip

We have a 5kva MP setup with a 5kw fronius grid tie inverter.

We see the ve bus voltage to be very erratic during sunny hours of the day when the battery is full.

The battery voltage is stable but the VE.BUS voltage go as high as 64Vdc, causing a output voltage imbalance and the inverter trips out.

It is a 5kwh BSL battery with comms to the gx device.

What can cause this issue?dc bus.png,



martin-van-biljon asked
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Lithium battery on old 19 chipset multi

So I have 2 x 5kw 24v multis with the 19 chipset. Latest firmware 209 with assistants..

My lead acid batteries are coming to end of life and I want to buy new lithium batteries. Such as master battery or pylontech

I see there is an assistant for lithium... so does than mean I can install any lithium such as above or even BYD without issues with bms ?

I had been looking at 24v lithium with built in bms but choice is very limited.

bazzo asked

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What Victron equipment do I need for my self-build home solar PV and battery solution?

Hi everyone,

We are building our own self-build house in the UK and part of it is 7.6kw solar PV array (separated into two strings). The panels are due to be installed on our roof next week and then when our house is a bit further along (and after we have received our G99 back) we will install the batteries and inverter. We have sourced the PV panels already. My electrician and his colleague who owns a solar PV renewables company who is MCS certified will be installing all of our equipment.

We are on single phase 100A mains electricity. We would like to have battery storage such as 4 or 5 Pylontech US5000 to begin with, as I know battery capacity is crucial. I was initially looking at a hybrid inverter which will do everything for us, such as a grid-tied Solis 6kw hybrid inverter with EPS backup. It apparently allows up to 100A and 5kw continuous discharge current in event of a powercut (or at night time) which I believe means we are not limited to small critical loads only during the evening or a powercut?

What we would like to do is charge our batteries over night on off-peak grid mains (so the inverter needs to have a good charge rate) and during the day charge up too directly from the solar PV. We are going to be running an ASHP (but we have solar thermal going in too so it won't be used that often). Our aim is to be able to run most of our appliances during the day and crucially also during the evening and in event of a powercut (assuming we have enough battery storage). So the inverter (and combined battery modules) needs a good discharge rate too and seamless EPS changeover. So we need a grid-tied inverter which can also work off-grid.

We don't want to be restricted to running only small essential critical loads only during the evening/event of powercut. In summary we want a solution which, in the event of a powercut (or at evening when there is no sun), is seamless changeover. I assume 5kw would suffice (from the Solis hybrid inverter). From what I can ready the Pylontech US5000 have a continuous discharge rate of 80A (although some people say it is just 50A..which is confusing, although I assume 50A would still be fine for average household loads - although our heat pump will require a 25amp breaker, the heat pump controller will require a 16amp breaker and the hot water cylinder/immersion will require a 16amp breaker, so a total of 57amps so we may struggle during the evening or event of powercut when running solely off batteries?), and if more than two modules would have a combined discharge rate of 4.8kwh (I think). So I am guessing in order to run our average household loads during evening or event of powercut we will need a good amperage and kw discharge rate (from the inverter/combined batteries).

I am assuming the Solis 6kw hybrid inverter do the job for what we need. Not sure about the Pylontech US5000 batteries due to the low amperage available. Should I be looking at higher voltage batteries instead of these?

I have also been recommended I look at Victron too, as an alternative to a hybrid Solis inverter. However I know the Victron solutions work slightly differently - ie you have a solar charger and a battery inverter and Victron don't do an "all-in-one" hybrid inverter. So ultimately I will need two inverters in total from what I understand and also two separate MPPT units to handle our two PV strings. Or are the MPPT units acting as the "solar chargers" and to go with this I need a battery inverter (such as Quattro or Multiplus II)?

I am a little confused as to what items of equipment I would need in order to fulfill our requirements (mentioned above). I know Victron might be slightly more expensive but I want to be able to look at all options because I want a solution which will be reliable for many years and I know Victron is one of the best around (plus I like tech things). I understand some of the Victron inverters (which are grid tied as well as off-grid), are not G99 certified. We need a relatively simple solution, ideally to keep cost low too, and it has to be able to handle an input of around 8kw pv and ideally be acceptable by SSE, our DNO for single phase (ie our G99 application).

Sorry for the questions. I have searched extensively on this and spoken to a few helpful people online but to be honest I am still slightly confused with what items I might need in a Victron solution to meet my requirements. Please can anyone help?

Thank you very much for any help.


matth76 asked
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