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Multi rs solar - Warning#59 acin1 relay test fail

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I have turned on my solar installation, and one of the problems showed up.

When inverter is working without grid connection everything is working perfect. No problem's at all. But when I turn on grid supply the warning #59 ACIN1 relay test fault.


Sometimes it's also showing warning #43 ground fault detected.

All this problems are when inverter is connected to the grid. Without grid all working perfect.

I have traced wires checked connections 10 times, polarity is totally fine, all grounding is fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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MultiPlus 12/1600/70 wires included?

Hi guys,
I'm wondering if all the wires needed are included with this inverter/charger? I'm speaking about 220V AC in/out (Schuko) and battery +/- cables (50mm2).

My plan is to use this inverter/charger along with 200 A*h LiFePO4 battery as a long-running UPS for gas boiler (95W).
Is this setup ready to go out of the box?

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Paraller phasing of two MultiplusII 5KVA for one phase system it is possible ???


I have a single phase off grid system on an MPII 5KVA using the SOC generator function to switch via ATS to the distribution network (I don't use it as a generator!!! If the PV is disconnected (SOC) the whole system is connected to the distribution network. "Please don't confuse this with a generator" ). I am satisfied with this solution.
But I would like to increase the 1 phase power from 20A to 40A by parallel wiring and keep the wiring I have (if possible). In the prospect documentation it is written that it is possible to connect up to 6 pieces of MP-II (parallel). Honestly, I'm not quite sure how to connect it :) So maybe you can guide me if I'm doing it right...
Question about connecting two pieces of MPII in parallel (one phase):

a) From MPII (Slave) AC OUT1 I bring the cables to MPII (Master) AC IN, since I do not use the distribution network via victron (we don't have to solve why).
b) Or MPII (Master) AC out I will send the cable to MPII (Slave) AC In - but here I have a feeling that the Master-Slave logic will change :)
How to actually wire it properly???
If I'm not mistaken, I have two options to connect and configure?
1) is a generator where additional MPii are connected from a certain load
2) parallel phasing - this seems like a more reasonable solution to me, but I haven't been able to find out how it works in practice yet.

Regarding the following configuration (ve.config), I found something regarding parallel connection via ve.config. I will document later.

Thanks for advice.

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Adding batteries to Mutliplus system

I have a Multi 5000/24 with ESS assistant.

4 x 250/80 Mppt connected to a bank of 2s 6p 12v 135aH batteries.

I also have a PV system on the roof that feeds into the multi to charge the batteries when we have excess solar. (I inherited this when I bought the house with a good feed in tariff)

The DC coupled battery are set not to feed in.

I would like to add another 12 batteries to this system.

I dont have BMV or smart shunt.

I understand that I need to reconfigure the multi with the new battery bank capacity but how does the multi know the % of SOC?

Would I be best to buy BMV.?

Many thanks


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Older Multiplus with BlueSolar HUB-1

Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum, and I'm quite new to Victron products, solar power and electronics in general.

I have an old (donated) MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 and BlueSolar 150/85 from years ago. The Multiplus is product code 1910 with firmware version 209 (I updated this myself, it was running 1xx).

Currently, the inverter and MPPT are connected to the batteries, but there is no intelligence. I'd like to run the HUB-1 assistant on this device to allow the MPPT to serve AC loads when the batteries are full. I'm starting to think that this is not possible on the older MultiPlus that I have. Is that correct?

My ultimate goal is for load-shedding/grid-blackout resilience and to NOT feed back to mains. Ideally, the inverter will run from solar, failing which it will run from mains, failing which it will use the batteries. Solar -> mains -> batteries.

If this device can not run the HUB-1 assistant, is there another way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Multiplus Firmware 1908142 Update for Lithium Batteries


will this old Multi be able to configure a Lithium charging profile with an update?
Is the shown 1908159 I found the newest?


303fa03c0e2a831fe69792e435ebfd39c562ede39e2111f8845143d8e897d392 2.jpg

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-02 um 11.01.04.jpg

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Multiplus Inverter "Low battery voltage and excessively high load."

My Multiplus inverter is showing the error code for Low battery voltage and excessively high load. It has been working fine for months but is suddenly throwing this error when I tried to use my 1800 Watt Air Fryer. I unplugged the airfryer and reset the inverter a few times, but it is still throwing this error. The battery voltage looks good and the batteries are fully charged, so I'm not sure what would be causing this error. I've used the air fryer 50 times before and never had an issue. Checked all fuses and breakers and everything looks good, but I feel like I must be missing something because how can it be saying excessively high load when there is now no load at all?

We were able to get the outlets connected to work again by connecting the inverter to shore power, but as soon as this was unplugged the outlets stopped working again.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Multiplus-II 8kVA and 10kVA in parallel

I believe the 8kVA and 10kVA Multiplus-II's cannot be paralleled. Will this be fixed with a future software upgrade or never?

If it will be possible in future, then when?

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Multiplus Bulk Over Voltage - Cause resolved due to discovery of Multiplus feature

I have a Multiplus 12/1600/70-16 and recently I put it on mains charge as weather has not been good enough for solar charge and VRM is showing it pushing up to 16v in to a bank of two AGM batteries. I can't see any reason for this, any help would be appreciated. I don't know if this is temperature compensation error and now batteries have been damaged

Multiplus Config




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Multiplus 12/3000 and Phoenix Multi Control

Does a Multiplus 12/3000 form 2022 work together with a 12 years old Phoenix Multi Control?

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MultiPlus C 12/2000/80-50 120V won't charge

Hi there, I just connect my inverter up in the van and I can't get it to charge. I have the input limit set at 9. The cerbo gx is showing active ac input disconnected and AC-In L1 at 121V, what did I do wrong?


Please help! Also is there a way to update the firmware using just the Cerbo gx and a multiplus controller. I'm not see it on the victron iphone app

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Multiplus 12/2000 low voltage alerts

I am in the US and have the multiplus 12/2000. I started getting low voltage alerts, first reading 11.90volt then 9.*volt then 7, 4 2 then even ZERO volts and up to 5.56 and no nothing again. I have two battle born 100amp/hr batteries and they are charged, 13.77 at last look. I checked the fuse and shunt, there is 13.77 volts AND direct battery voltage (at that time) so I know it is not the batteries. The inverter is not putting out any power.

It has only been in service 5 months, used for 5-6 camping trips.

Any ideas?

Keith from NY

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Inverter Product line

I am shopping for a 1600VA inverter. Can somebody briefly explain the differences between the plastic cased (what i assume is a newer line) and the metal case "compact" line.

I already have a charger, but I am open to the idea of maybe combining them. But both the Multiplus and the Phoenix seem to have this plastic/metal variants.

There also appears to the "smart" line (not that big a fan of bluetooth, for this mobile home application). In total there appear to be 4 different 1600VA inverters. Thanks.

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Why does my Multiplus not ever indicate float?

My Victron Multiplus doesn’t ever appear to reach float state and continues to indicate absorption continuously. I’ve heard that float is disabled for lithium batteries, so maybe seeing absorption indicated is normal? I have Victron smart lithium batteries (4 X 200AH in parallel). I have the multiplus configured for lithium, fixed charge curve, 14.2 V absorption, 13.5 float, 2 hours absorption time and 7 day absorption interval, 14.0 charged voltage. The system includes a Lynx BMS, Cerbo and 3 Lynx distributors.

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Batteries Now Only Charge to 88%

I've had my system set up for a year now. No problems. Using CerboGX with Touch50, Smart Solar 250/100, Multiplus 48/5000 and a battery bank of 4 Pylontech US3000.

Looks like I've encountered my first hiccup. I have the touch screen display for my cerboGX, and check it every so often. Today I noticed the MPPT was not sending any more electricity to the batteries. It seemed to be treating 88% charged as if it were 100%. I confirmed this by running a pump in the house. The sun was shining outside. When the pump was on, I could read the (-) amp draw from the battery bank, and when the pump cycled off, the MPPT compensated accordingly and sent an equivalent amount back to the batteries, until it reached a full 88% charge again. Battery health on the monitor states 99%.

I certainly haven't changed any settings lately. Actually, I haven't made any modifications since the installation one year ago. The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is about a week ago, I was moving a floor fan in the room, and the back of it accidentally touched the switch on the inverter, which turned it off. I turned it back on promptly. Maybe I've been having this problem since then, but can't say, because today was the first day I payed attention to the display since then.

What do you think is causing the system to treat 88% charged as if it were 100% charged? It will not go above 88%. The six LED charging indicator lights on the front of the batteries also only show 5/6 lights illuminated.

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