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Long distance electricity transmission

In order to achieve sufficient storage, we are combining Cerbo and Multiplus units with PylonTech batteries. The current cost-effective storage produces 30 hours (or 3 kWh) of UPS capability in our machine rooms. Electricity outages may, however, last even more than a week in our area.

There are of course a number of ways to counteract the problem, but we would also like to investigate the possibilities of transferring energy from one machine room to another. This summer we will build fiber network cables along the route in question. The additional cost for the earthwork related to the additional energy cable is relatively affordable.

With distances of a bit more than 10 km between our machine rooms we would like to network with any parties in this community who would be able to share experience of such long distance electricity transmission.

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VE.Bus System [288] Automatic monitoring Low battery

Hi, I have been getting increasing momentaneous low battery warnings that last a few seconds My system components are: - VICTRON Multiplus 48/300/35-16 - NARADA Gel batteries, 4 x 200 Ah in series - SOLARMAX 2000s solar inverter, with 2010 Wp of panels (connected to the Multiplus via a VICTRON current sensor) - VENUS OS running on a Raspberry PI - Currently configured for ESS 80% I suspect my batteries may be are nearing their End Of Life, that would explain the alarms @ night when they reach 80% SOC. But today I got an alarm at 10 AM, after a -22,58 A spike that triggered a 48.97 voltage drop. This was when the batteries were being charged. Why did this spike occur, when on mains voltage + solar output? Did the inverter go into boost mode for an instant? How can a reliably test the health of my batteries? Maybe I have one or two bad cells? NOTE: I would like to attach photos and/or screenshots, but can't figure out how

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Multiplus and DMC + Cerbo does not work - any advice?

I have a working Multiplus 12/3000/120 system, which includes a Cerbo GX.

When I try to also connect a 200/200 Digital Multi Control Panel GX, it simply does not work. The MP will not turn on. If I disconnect the Cerbo, then the DMC works. With both connected, the MP simply does not turn on, no lights, nothing.

FWIW, I've tried this with two DMC units; I assumed the first was bad.

Others have had this problem: but that post did not have any solutions. Are there any? Are they supposed to work together? That post indicates they should. Thanks!

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Possible bad Cerbo GX?

I'm beginning to think I might have a bad Cerbo GX unit. Problems I have been having:

1) Bluetooth PIN problems. I used the default PIN on first connect, reset it, and then neither the default password nor the new PIN worked (I am sure of the new PIN). I used the USB zip file trick to factory reset, and the same pattern repeated: could use default PIN on first connect, but after changing, neither would work. Then, after doing the factory reset maybe four times, the default password started no longer working. It is possible of course that the unit is no longer factory resetting. I tried with two separate USB dongles, both with venus-data.tgz as the only file, at root. I have tried an iPhone, an iPad and Android to access via bluetooth. I do understand that the bluetooth functionality for the Cerbo is limited, so this is more of an indication of a possibly bad unit than a real problem in and of itself.

2) I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120 with this Cerbo connected, but when I try to also connect a 200/200 Digital Multi Control Panel GX, it simply does not work. The MP will not turn on. If I disconnect the Cerbo, then the DMC works just fine. With both connected, the MP simply does not turn on, no lights, nothing. MP works fine with one or the other connected, but never works with both. (Yes, I am aware that MP needs to be "On" to allow the DMC to control it.) I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the12V DC. I have tried 2 different DMC units. Always the same behavior.

3) When I go into the Cerbo WiFi AP and access the control page (, I cannot see the Multiplus. I see only three things in the Device List: BMV-712, Notifications, and Settings. Is this expected? Is there some setting somewhere that I need to change? The entire reason I got a Cerbo was to control the MP, and my understanding is that it should show up in the Device List - do I have that wrong? I do have an MK3-USB, so I can access/update MP that way, but the point of the Cerbo is to do so when on the road.

Note that all firmware is up to date: MP, BMV, Battery Protect, and Cerbo. DMC and Cerbo are connected via brand new Victron RJ45 cables. BMV and Cerbo are of course connected via VE.Direct.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Should Multiplus show up in the Cerbo DeviceList?

When I go into the Cerbo WiFi AP and access the control page (, I cannot see the Multiplus (12/3000/120). I see only three things in the Device List: BMV-712, Notifications, and Settings. Is the Multiplus supposed to show up? If it is supposed to, any suggested troubleshooting?

Multiplus and Cerbo are connected via brand new Victron RJ45 cable. All firmware is up to date.

(For anyone who read my previous question,, even without the DMC hooked up, the Multiplus does not show up.)

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Multiplus 230V gives out only 115v

Hi guys, i just installed a used 230v 3000kva Multiplus.

The inverter gives me only half the voltage its supposed to.

So far i have no MK3 Interface to check the config. Did i buy a damaged unit or could have the previous owner set it up for 115v in VE config? Is that even possible?

Thanks for helping out!

S/V Stella II


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Charging or trickle charging of starter battery (motorhome)

Charging or maintenance charging of the starter battery (motorhome)

I have seen a couple of questions/answers in the community, but to be honest the topic isn’t yet clear for me ☹.

My van (electrical) set-up:

The battery bank (2x150Ah lithium) can be charged via shore power / Multiplus 12/3000 230-16, MPPT Smart Solar 100/30 and Orion TR 12/30. All devices are equipped with a Lynx Distributor connected to the battery bank. The system will be controlled by Cerbo GX.

I would like to have the opportunity to “maintain” the starter battery (100Ah AGM) with a maintenance/trickle charge (in case that the motorhome is not in use for longer time) and to be able to “charge/support to start” the engine in case of low starter battery. The starter battery is connected to the Orion via a 16mm2 cable.

In the Multiplus description there is a port G (TR-Charge). This connector should be connected to the starter-battery-plus pole. The starter battery minus pole must be connected to the minus pole of the battery bank. The battery voltage is probably tapped/measured through the wires (?).

  • Can someone describe to me the function / mode of operation of the TR-Charge (i. e. under what conditions does it load)? Or is there any written description on Victron’s webpage (which until now haven’t found)?
  • Charging of the starter battery (motor off) takes place only when the Multiplus is in operation and / or on shore power?
  • Thus, the PV system does not contribute (?) or the current is “passed on” when the battery bank is full (but different (charging) voltages between lithium and lead (?)).
  • What wiring size is recommended for the port G (TR-charge)?
  • The "common groung" for starter and battery bank can be the van chassis?

Hope that you have already a good solution in place which you would like to share with me. Any further comments are welcome,


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Multiplus 12/1600/70 + microwave


My microwave is not working in my installation, I think problem is the initial kick, that the multi can't handle, but just to be sure, is there any configuration I need to do?
Tried turning off AES & Power boost.

System is 600Ah lithium batteries, so is not a problem of low voltage.



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Multiplus shore power pass through

Considering the Multiplus 12/2000. Am I correct that when in charger only mode, the unit should pass through whatever AC power comes in? ie, with 30 amp, 120v shore power service, should I expect to see 30 amps at the distribution panel? Would this be the same across the Multiplus series? I do not need a 3000 watt inverter but do not want to be limited by the capacity of the inverter when on shore power. Thanks.

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Multiplus 48/5000 switch to "on" via remote console -slow.

Hello there:

It's the winter and during cloudy weather I sometimes turn of the Multi overnight to save a few % of battery.

No problem turning off, but when switching to "ON" using remote console (via wifi access point of the cerbo) there is a 25 second (or so) delay before the multi starts up. I'm sure it used to be pretty much instantaneous - or a least only a second or two.

The system is off grid and the batteries are Pylontech U2000b's

Not a serious problem - just wondering if this is normal?

Firmware of the cerbo is 2.92 and the multi is 430

Any thoughts?

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Microinverter at MultiPlus AC-OUT

Good day,

I use a MultiPlus and on the AC-Out I have a Deye 300 Microinverter.

In the ESS wizard I have also activated the PV point on the output.

Nevertheless, wide feeds beyond the set zero point.

Do I have to tell the Venus OS separately about the power, or should the ESS Assistant regulate this itself?





ESS assistant




regards and thx for any hints


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Multiplus does not show up on local Victron connect network

I just added a Multiplus to my system. It is connected to a Cerbo with several other devices. I see the information in the VRM window but the multiplex does not show up on the local network. Suggestions

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Multiplus II shut down - fault? Help please

Hi all,

I have a new Multiplus II 48/10000/140 and it worked fine for 3 days then all of a sudden it shut down. It triggered the short circuit protection on my batteries and the AC pass-thru doesn’t work either, it just sends the AC for a couple of seconds and then stops.

I’ve disconnected the batteries and tested those and they’re working fine and the short circuit alarm clears as soon as they’re disconnected.

The battery terminals on the multi show as a short circuit on my meter but I read this could be due to the capacitors and the resistance does increase the longer I hold my meter on. However, if I connect my Cerbo to the battery terminals on the multi with 51v that isn’t able to draw power either but works fine powered from another source.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on and how to fix this or is it likely a faulty unit?

Thanks very much,

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Please help. Victron parts in an 2003 Fleetwood Expedition.

Background: Disabled vet living in a 03 Fleetwood expedition. My pain meds have shredded my ability to think critically as well as my memory. Very limited monetarily and physically.

I lost a leg of power last fall and have been trying to get it working right but I have very limited knowledge of these systems. I have attempted to contact the dealers I purchased from, however they are Amazon dealers and do not care to reply. Things I wish I knew before buying all these components.

My Components:

  1. Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus
  2. Victron Energy Orion-Tr IP43 12/12-Volt 30 amp 360-Watt Isolated DC-DC Converter
  3. Victron Energy 200/200 amp Digital Multi Control Panel GX
  4. Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor (Black)
  5. (4) CHINs 300ah LiFePO
  6. RV Custom Products F73-1044 Battery control center
  7. Thrombetta Bear DC Contactor
  8. Intellitec 50 Amp Transfer Relay Delay

I have wiring diagrams for the non-victron components. I know something isn't right. After hooking up the Orion to the DC contactor and doing what RV Custom Products told me to do (cutting wires in their battery control center and how to rewire the thrombetta) everything seemed fine.

Woke up and chassis batts are dead (Door nail dead). I rewired the thrombetta DC contactor to the CHINs coach batteries to trigger it on instead and it mostly works. Only continuing issue as far as I currently know is that the fridge turns on for a second then back off.

I have 12v and 120v schematics for the RV. I tried (with the help of a union electrician) to follow the manuals to get this thing working right but it seems I have failed.

Any help getting this lemon working would be greatly appreciated.



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Multiplus 12/800/35 fan whirring noise


I have a 12/800/35 Multiplus that I installed 2 years ago. It is located in an enclosed room.

Instead of the usual fan noise it is now making a whirring sound as if its bearing (or bushing?) is lacking lubrication.

Temperature in the room oscillates between 12 and 28C throughout the year. Current temperature is 26C.

It is installed in my cottage that I visit a couple times a year. I have noticed the noise now during my current summer visit (South of Argentina).

The system is always on throughout the year.

1.Did anyone experience something similar?

2. Do I need to replace the fan? If so, is there a part nr or spec?

3. The multi is installed in a vertical panel, do I need to remove it from the panel to remove the cover?

4. Any recommendation will be of great help.

Thanks in advance


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