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L1 input Over Frequency Dual Quattro Split phase setup

RV install dual Quattro 24 | 5000 | 120 Split phase setup V510 Firmware Cerbo GX V3.33. The system has been in place for 14 months. Quattro firmware was upgraded last week. Cerbo GX upgraded today.

Yesterday the power bouced sever times after which the Quattors would not connect to shore power. Powered off hte entire system, disconnecte from shore power then powered up and reconnected. No Joy. Verified all settings, factory reset the Cerbo still no joy. Line monitor complians about the frequency but reports it within spec.

The only setting I am not sure of is the L2 Fixed or floating in the inital setup since after the firmware upgrade it had to be resetup. Currently it is set to L2 Fixedsplit.png



Since I liked working 110F weather I decided to change the L2 settings. This is the error from the float setting:protectlog-l2-float.png

and the float with return setting


Bad Quattro?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargersplit phasefrequencyusa
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