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VE.Direct Hex protocol for RS Smart 48/6000

I have an RS smart 48/6000 (https://www.victronenergy.fr/inverters/inverter-rs-smart-solar), I want to communicate via the Ve.direct port with a homemade card (AtXmega).
I saw the protocol docs (VE.Direct-BlueSolar-HEX-protocol and VE.Direct-HEX-Protocol-Phoenix-Inverter) but couldn't find the protocol for RS Smart solar...?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

benc asked

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Kisae BIC122080 CAN BUS communication with Cerbo GX

Hello! In my camper trailer, I have a Kisae BIC122080 Inverter/Charger that has a CAN BUS port on it (4 pin ATX I believe, manual doesn't specify). I have a Cerbo GX that I would like to connect to the Inverter/Charger if possible. Ideally this would show up similar to the native Victron inverter/chargers being able to show power input from shore power, AC loads powered by the inverter, and charging details for what is going to my battery bank. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? I believe I would need to create a custom adapter cable to go from the 4 pin ATX CAN BUS connector to the RJ45 CAN BUS connector. I guess my main question is just around the feasibility of the two devices communicating and the Cerbo GX's ability to visualize and integrate the operational data of the Kisae unit. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide! Thanks kindly for reading.

stefprez asked

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250|100-Tr VE.Can MPPT to computer - cables needed?

Hi, as the title suggests, I'm looking to see what cable is used to connect a 250|100 VE.Can smart solar controller to a computer to monitor and control the device. As I understand it this can be done with a VE.Direct cable, and possibly the VE.Can port. So in this case you'd use the VE.Direct--> USB dongle, but I'm not sure how else you could monitor through VE.Can protocol - would that just be standard RJ45 ethernet cable from charge controller --> computer?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

cklio asked
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Charger Communication Error


I'm getting a charger communication error. Charger disconnects at night.


After then I reboot system, system shows me #67 error code and charger come back.


What can I do for this problem?

cagataysahinoglu asked
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Extracting Correction Value [%] from CERBO-GX via Modbus TCP


We have Viktron's Cerbo-GX in a PV System, connected to:

- 6 Battery inverters

- 1 Solar Inverter (Fronius)

- 1 Genset

- blueLog XM200 (red below)

Cerbo-GX is purely in charge of power control, being the master of the system, BUT, we are monitoring the system via blueLog-XM200 (Datalogger from Meteocontrol), which is sending the data to VCOM, the monitoring software.

VCOM calculates the system PR (Performance Ratio [%]), which needs to be compensated with the Correction Value [%] from the solar inverter, this is the percentage at which the inverter is operating: 100% if not curtailed, and lower e.g. 50% if operating at half capacity in order to not inject energy in the grid.

blueLog is getting the Cerbo-GX data via the "Mode 2 Register 2700", but the data we are getting does not allow for VCOM to compensate the PR calculation with the Correction Value, basically because we don't get it, but we get a constant Setpoint Value [W] (this is the value given to the grid meter as limit to activate power control preventing to inject PV energy into the grid). We can not compensate PR calculation with this.

Hence my question is:

- Where is the register from which blueLog can get the Correction Value [%] from Cerbo-GX?

This is a value that all controllers send inverters in order to limit their production when needed, to avoid things such as grid fee-din if the site's power demand is too low compared to PV production.

marc-navarro asked

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MPPT 75/15 and Cerbo GX

I would like to add my SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 charger to the Cerbo GX. I see no ve.direct socket on the MMPT 75/15. The literature for the MPPT 75/15 charger indicates it can communicate with the Cerbo GX. How would this be done?

incarose51 asked
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Quattro + Huawei KTL

Hello everyone.

I have installed a Huawei SUN2000-100KTL-M1 with a Smart Power Sensor for zero export.

I would like to know if I can use a Quattro 8KVA (3Parallel) in conjunction with the SUN2000 so that the surplus can be stored and used with the batteries؟

- What additional devices do I need when installing?

Thank you

hitham asked

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Phoenix Smart Charger restarts continuously without battery


I use the smart charger to charge different batteries, to achieve this i code a program to manage the charger via VE.Direct HEX protocol.

When im not detecting current or the cahrger charger or status is in Storage mode i deactivate the charger via SoftSwitch.

The issue is when the Smart Charger is OFF via SoftSwitch or via Remote wire and doesnt have a battery plugged, the Smart Charger restarts itself continuously, i can observ this in the leds on the charger that blink all at once and in the VE.Direct comms i see an unresponsive behaviour, the HEX protocol commands doesnt get responded and text messages doesnt show in about 5 seconds.

I see other post with similar issue https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/36954/phoenix-smart-ip43-charger-constantly-restarting.html

Any idea of what happens?

Maybe the charger doesnt work well without a battery permanently conected?

danirpg asked
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MPPT 450/100 display as "NOT CONNECTED"

Hi everyone. New Victron user here :)

I have :

  • an MPPT 450/100 connected using VE.Can to a Cerbo GX (terminator connector used on each one)
  • a Multiplus-II 48/8000/110-100 connected using VE.Bus to the Cerbo GX
  • Pylontech batteries connected to Cerbo-GX using the good Victron cable to the Cerbo-GX
  • DVCC is on ( charge informations are provided by the Pylontech BMS)

I have a strange behavior with the MPPT not showing as PV Charger on the VRM online and marked as "NOT CONNECTED" on Device List.

More strange, when I connect to the MPPT solar, or when I reboot it, it appears in both device list and VRM, but only for approximatively 30 seconds and then it desappers again.

I monitored the device list and sometimes, the MPPT is showing up by his own, but only for a few seconds.

Note that the device itself is working well.

I have tried using another cable, but the behavior's still the same.

Has someone experienced the same problem ?

Maybe it is "off" at night with no PV production ?

Thanks for your help or advice :)

jncanches asked

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Multiplus-II 12|3000 + Cerbo GX + Firefly multiplex system can they communicate via CAN-bus?

I would like to replace my current Magnum MS-2000 inverter with the Victron Multiplus II, adding the Cerbo GX for Bluetooth and LAN monitoring… upgrading to LiFEPO4 batteries and a Victron MPPT solar charge controller and solar panels as well. I think I can get all of the Victron components to communicate with each other, and via Bluetooth and LAN to an iPhone via app - but would like to talk to the Firefly multiplex system as well. The Magnum inverter has a RJ45? CAN bus connection that passes information to the Firefly and onto a display within my RV. The data passed includes: shoreline Voltage and frequency - line 1 and line 2. Inverter on/off, battery charge level, battery voltage, chassis and coach, auto generator start on low volts or high temp (temp may come from other sensors).

what information I have gathered so far indicates that the Magnum inverter and the Firefly are communicating via CAN-bus.

I am a real amateur at this CAN bus and VE-bus stuff, but willing to learn. help!

jrampey asked

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Wer hat es geschafft, eine Victron Installation (MultiPlus, Solarregler …) mit einem KABE Smart D System zu koppeln?

Halle zusammen,

ich fahre ein Kabe Travel Master Royal I760lgb Modelljahr 2020. Die Bedienungsanleitung zum Fahrzeug findet sich hier: https://www.kabe.se/documents/manuals/Instruction_2020_motorhomes-de.pdf KABE verbaut keinen klassischen Elektroblock sondern setzt auf eine digitale „smarte“ Steuerung, die sich KABE Smart D (ähnlich dem Cerbo GX mit Display) nennt. Das System basiert auf einer BUS Architektur. da ich nunmehr eine Solaranlage, nebst MultiPlus und Liontron Lithium Batterien in meinem Fahrzeug habe, würde ich die Victron Komponenten gern an das KABE System anschließen um alles von einer Stelle aus „messen, regeln und steuern„ zu können.

Da ich bisher keine Informationen gefunden habe, um die Victron Installation mit meinem KABE Smart D zu verbinden und auch niemanden kenn, der weiß wie’s geht, frage ich hier die Community.

Icb würde mich freuen, wenn sich Jemand meldet, der eine solche VICTRON <=> KABE Smart D Anbindung realisiert hat und mir entsprechende Informationen zur Verfügung stellt.

mykabe asked

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firmware without text protocol?
Is it possible to get a firmware for a bluesolar mppt 100/50 without a text protocol? I am currently programming a surplus control on an arduino and need the values at very short intervals. Reading out the data via hex already works, but it is too slow.

calimero asked
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Lynx Shunt VE.Can specs and setup


I am trying to find a datasheet of the Lynx Shunt VE.Can but am not able to.

More specifically I would like to know the resolution and accuracy of the current measurement.

I intend to use this together with some own developed components and interface through CAN, but will I need a CCGX, VGX to set up the Lynx shunt? Or is it possible to set it up through the CAN interface?

candela asked

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Communications to DC-DC charger from Color Controler GX


I have a great Victron System with the Color Control GX, Battery Monitor, 3000W inverter , 2 level monitors, 150/70Smart Solar and the 12/12/ 30 amp DC to dc charger. I love that i can get so much data and reports from these devices, but miss the ability to see the charge data from the 12/12 charger. Is there plans to have it communicate with the Color control, or will it always be walled off?



mike-hoffinger asked

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Color Control showing inverter in "Off" State

We have a small off-grid system that includes a Color Control, BMV, Phoenix Inverter and Solar Charger.

In the system overview screen, the Color Control shows the inverter as "Off", despite showing AC loads. In the "devices" list, the inverter shows up, and we are able to see the details and see that its state is "inverting". (see attached screenshots).

Firmware on all devices is up to date and we have checked the pins on the VE.Direct cable to ensure there is no damage/debris.

The system is still working fine, the only issue is the erroneous state, but obviously we would like the customer to have a fault-free system. What could be the issue here?


Elliot Morgan asked

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