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Multiplus-II 12|3000 + Cerbo GX + Firefly multiplex system can they communicate via CAN-bus?

I would like to replace my current Magnum MS-2000 inverter with the Victron Multiplus II, adding the Cerbo GX for Bluetooth and LAN monitoring… upgrading to LiFEPO4 batteries and a Victron MPPT solar charge controller and solar panels as well. I think I can get all of the Victron components to communicate with each other, and via Bluetooth and LAN to an iPhone via app - but would like to talk to the Firefly multiplex system as well. The Magnum inverter has a RJ45? CAN bus connection that passes information to the Firefly and onto a display within my RV. The data passed includes: shoreline Voltage and frequency - line 1 and line 2. Inverter on/off, battery charge level, battery voltage, chassis and coach, auto generator start on low volts or high temp (temp may come from other sensors).

what information I have gathered so far indicates that the Magnum inverter and the Firefly are communicating via CAN-bus.

I am a real amateur at this CAN bus and VE-bus stuff, but willing to learn. help!

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