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(HYDRO) Where to buy interface 1140 shore current sensor? Is there a replacement?

Hello I have an AC generator powered by a hydro turbine. I need an interface 1140 but I can't seem to order one of the 2 remaining in the global inventory. How do I get one? Has it been replaced by another part?

Florian Mettetal asked
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Orion-Tr DC-DC 48/48 Converter as charging interface between small 48v turbine and BYD

Off grid site. Customer wanted a bit of background power to maintain the system voltage in winter. Sporadic windy location. BYD lithum battery system. MPPT, Multi 8000, CCGx

We have attempted to use a small 300w 48v turbine that is suplied with a Morningstar PWM charge controller - but this is ineffective, due to the generally higher maintained voltage of the BYD's - The turbine rarely if ever touches a voltage above the BYD... so charging doesnt occur.

I am considering using the Orion-Tr DC-DC 48/48 Converter - as an interface between the BYDs - and a small lead acid battery setup off the Morningstar. The lead acids would buffer output from the turbine, and keep this operating in its voltage sweet spot.

Setting the Orion output at circa 54v say....

One thing i am not sure about (the manual is a bit scant to say the least !) is any low voltage disconnect capability with the Orion. The Morningstar charge conttroller dosnt appear to have any sort of output control to switch a remote load (like the Victron MPPTs do)

Thoughts on pitfalls for this idea?



Chris asked

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Wind Turbine integration to 12v victron set up

Hi All

We currently have a 12v off grid solar setup with two 100/50 mppts that just doesn't keep up over the winter. This system is controlled and monitored with a Cerbo GX. Weve decided to add a Rutland 914i turbine with a hrdi controller as it appears suited to the weather conditions, high winds due to living on an open moorland.

If the hrdi controller is connected directly to the system would this interfere with the solar charge? Or would it be beneficial/work to have the hrdi battery output connected to 12/12-30 or 24/12-30 dc to dc charger either with or without an additional battery between the hrdi controller and the 12v system were looking to charge?

dave-jones asked

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Help! I need somebody to help me with a hydro feed into an existing storage setup.

Hi all,

Are you all well? Hope so.

I am posting my questions and queries here as I am hoping to find fellow renewable energy enthusiast who will be able to help or at least point me in the right direction.

I'll cut to the chase but if anyone wants to read the rest and help I would be exceptionally grateful.

I am looking for someone in the UK (or elsewhere I guess) who has had experience in installing a pico-hydro set up. I need help on choosing the right type of turbine and how to wire it into my existing battery-storage system without frying it or anyone who happened to be standing nearby!

Here is some more detail.......

I have an existing off-grid solar system, with battery storage and capacity of about 11.98 amp hours @48v. It serves me really well as I don't use very much on a daily basis, but there is a generator as backup when the sun doesn't shine. I am completely stand alone and there is no scope for feeding any energy back to the grid as I am very remote (and nor would I consider it).

All is well here then...

However, I am fortunate enough to have access to a large head of water, a suitable drop of about (as it stands) 25m and a flow rate (when it isn't raining) of about 20l/ps, I have had a couple of engineers from a commercial-scale, local project tell me there is a lot of merit of installing a turbine as, if done properly, I would get anywhere from 500w to 2.5Kw from the flow.
(A point to note is that all of the above is on my land and my installation wouldn't have any impact on any other local water ways, so I don't want to get hung up on any legalities or permission things).

I am desperate to find someone who can help me on this. I am no electrical engineer but from my own knowledge, research, input from others I am certain there is merit in doing this - I think it would be a travesty not to try and exploit it as much as I can. I may only use around 700l of diesel a year for the generator, but if I can halve that then from an environment POV, I personally think it is worth it.

Finally, I am not looking to do this on a shoestring budget. Before I bought this place last year I factored in spending some money on the hydro. Therefore for the right help I am willing to recompense someone appropriately.

I am optimistic that one of the other 7.4bn of us on this planet someone can help me see this through. If anyone wants more info on the existing Victron stuff that is already in please I can let you know.

Thank you. Paul

paul-f asked

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Wind measurement

Hi guys is there an another way how to measure wind speed differently then using an Irradiance Sensor with additional wind sensor?

Petr P asked

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SmartSolar vs BlueSolar charger if a third party wind controller already feeds a 48V DC bus

Is BlueSolar a better option, if a third party wind controller is on a 48V DC bus? Maybe, because SmartSolar is foreseen for synchronous operation via Bluetooth with other SmartSolar MPPT-s, it cannot tolerate the wind controller which do not communicate with SmartSolar?

aare asked

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Phoenix inverters with wind turbines: remove battery low power switch off setting

I have 4 different wind turbines (Tesup) with 4 charge controllers (1 x 12Vdc, 3 x 48Vdc).

These 4 charge controllers are connected with 4 Victron Phoenix inverters, to produce 230Vac:

a Phoenix 12V/250W inverter for the smalles wind turbine, a Phoenix 48V/800W, a Phoenix Smart 48V/2000W and a Phoenix Smart 48V/3000W.

Problem is that of course the wind is not always blowing, so the input from the charge controllers is often very low power, or times even 0 power. And these Victron inverters are so smart they see this as an empty battery.... So they give a few times a 'low battery' alarm, and then shut off completely. How can I change this setting to 'Simply keep producing 230 Vac with any power you are fed' ? A MK3-USB cable is on it's way ;)


sjef asked

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CCGX display of multiple inputs (PV & turbine)

Hi. We have a Quattro 48/10000 (& CCGX display) with Fronius Primo 5.0 (4kw PV) and a SMA windy boy (6kw turbine) on the AC output.

This is an off grid installation.

At the moment their outputs are combined when displayed on the CCGX remote console (displays as PV inverter with a Fronius side tag). But in the CCGX menu device list they are separate.

Is there any way to display these two inverters separately on the CCGX remote display? So I can see PV and wind production separately or do I have to just live with going into the menu and device list?

dannyboy asked
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600V from micro hydro generator, to battery bank?

I plan to add a battery bank to an existing micro hydro system. I would like to parallel 3 of the Victron Quattro 10kVA 120V to take power from the 24kW capacity hydro generator (or a diesel backup generator) to charge the battery bank and feed through / invert to 120V AC for household power. The problem is that the hydro generator produces power at 600V AC whereas the Victron Quattro inverter-chargers will accept only between 90V and 140V AC input. I could put a 600V to 120V step-down transformer between the hydro generator and the Quattros but this would reduce efficiencies.

Is there a way to set up a Victron product to handle the 600V AC output of my hydro generator? Or else is there an inverter-charger on the market that can handle that input voltage directly?

wahlet asked
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BMS-712 secondary bat midpoint monitor

My campertruck has 2 different battery systems.
Household battery is a bank of 3x110aH parallel 12v Accu’s
Starter battery is 24v trucksystem, so 2 in serie

Can I use the second aux-input on the BMS-712 as a midpoint monitor for the 24v starter Accu’s, while using the rest of the system for the 12v system monitoring?

words asked

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