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Wind Turbines and victron charge controllers

hi, i would like to know if victron mppt charge controllers support wind turbines? if yes could i run 2 controllers in parallel, one with solar and one with a wind turbine?



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Strong A&V Fluctuation of MPPT for Hydro

The "4min" pictures show the effect. In this case we came from Float. The battery is full, no current is flowing. Everything is fine. Then at the load output of the MPPT a light bulb is switched on - about 2 A the bulb wants to pull at 12.75 V = 25.5 W. Makes sense. But the load from the generator starts to swing now from zero to 150 W.4min Solar (W) and Load (A) 20190730-093526.jpeg

The charge controller seemingly can't cope with controlling that, because when it tries to take the voltage back up, it brakes the water wheel, voltage drops and current goes down simultaneously.4min Solar (V) and Batt (V) 20190730-093613.jpeg 4min Solar (A) and Batt (A) 20190730-093635.jpeg

The pictures "42min" show the course over a longer period. Sometimes it goes smoothly for a few minutes, but then everything oscillates again. 42min Solar (W) and Load (A) 20190730-112209.jpeg42min Solar (V) and Batt (V) 20190730-112228.jpeg42min Solar (A) and Batt (A) 20190730-112249.jpeg

The currents jump up to 10A and down to 0A. You can also hear it in the running noise of the system, how the generator grabs and brakes and then lets go again. Definitely not good electrically for the battery and mechanically?

Is there a trick for hydropower units? From my point of view, the charge controller is too fast? If it were a PID controller, you could tune it. But I didn't find any parameters that could be tuned.

We are at a water wheel with a weight of approximately 1 ton (3.5 m diameter, 1.5 m wide); with the water flow and fall height, theoretical power 100 W, rotating at ~ 10 rpm IMG_3530.jpg-> 3 stage gear system to increase rpm IMG_20180323_181324.jpg-> 3-phase AC generator (ZXA 50500) -> bridge rectifier -> BlueSolar MPPT 75/10 -> 100 Ah 12 V battery

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Wind Turbine

I have 15000/200 Quatro with 20 360w Victron solar panels and 3 banks of 48v battery's . I would like to include a wind turbine into the system to assist in battery charging. Can this be done and how ,

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Integration of Wind Turbine into existing Solar Installation (Victron/Fronius)

Hello everyone,

i would like to integrate a wind turbine from "TESUP" Link into my system. I got the following setup:

Grid connected Multiplus II with 10x PylonTech US2000C and a Fronius 8.2-1 on the AC-Out1 (which is connected to the rest of the house). Could someone tell me what the best way is to integrate the Wind Turbine into this sytem ? Should i buy another AC Inverter from Fronius? Can i connect a 2nd Inverter that TESUP offers at the AC-Out1 in Parallel to the Fronius ? Would it be better to connect their DC inverter directly to the batteries ? I have no idea what parts i should source for this project so any help is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to link/offer me alternative Turbines.

Best regards,


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Change incoming charge of electricity
  • Hi.

I have a 45kva victron system with 3 x 15 kva invertors.

Have 1x 60kw blue nova battery

85x 330 solar panels.

I need to change the incoming charge of the system.

When i have no power and need to run generator to charge the battery it charges at about 12000 watts.

This is a 3 phase system.

How can I change and which setting is it so that it can charge quicker than 12000 watts?

I have a 60kw generator and it needs to run properly I currently charge system and switch on all electrical items and still not able to keep generator happy.

It can be raining and I have to switch on irrigation pumps to keep generator happy.

Surely I can change setting on victron to take more current?

Thank you.

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Integration of wind turbine

Hi all,

Cerbo GX with ESS with DVCC

MultiPlus ii


2x MPPT 100/30

24V battery bank (8x 6V FLA in series/parallel)

I have a 500W turbine which I want to integrate into the Victron system. This currently has a simple 24V controller. How should I go about safely integrating this with the existing system? Do I need to make any special considerations or can I just connect the controller output to the battery bank?

Many thanks.

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(HYDRO) Where to buy interface 1140 shore current sensor? Is there a replacement?

Hello I have an AC generator powered by a hydro turbine. I need an interface 1140 but I can't seem to order one of the 2 remaining in the global inventory. How do I get one? Has it been replaced by another part?

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Windgenerator über Smart Solar einbinden

Guten Abend,

meine PV Anlage läuft seit Februar nun auch mit 3 Pylontech US2000 stabil und ohne Probleme.

Ich habe 3840W Wechselrichter Leistung mit APsystems QS1 und DS3. Dazu ein Multiplus2 und ein Cerbo GX.

Nun möchte ich noch einen Windgenerator einbinden. 48V und max. 2000 Watt.

Kann ich den erzeugten Strom über einen SmartSolar 150/60 in die Anlage einbringen?

Wie wird das am sinnvollsten verdrahtet?

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung im voraus.


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Orion-Tr DC-DC 48/48 Converter as charging interface between small 48v turbine and BYD

Off grid site. Customer wanted a bit of background power to maintain the system voltage in winter. Sporadic windy location. BYD lithum battery system. MPPT, Multi 8000, CCGx

We have attempted to use a small 300w 48v turbine that is suplied with a Morningstar PWM charge controller - but this is ineffective, due to the generally higher maintained voltage of the BYD's - The turbine rarely if ever touches a voltage above the BYD... so charging doesnt occur.

I am considering using the Orion-Tr DC-DC 48/48 Converter - as an interface between the BYDs - and a small lead acid battery setup off the Morningstar. The lead acids would buffer output from the turbine, and keep this operating in its voltage sweet spot.

Setting the Orion output at circa 54v say....

One thing i am not sure about (the manual is a bit scant to say the least !) is any low voltage disconnect capability with the Orion. The Morningstar charge conttroller dosnt appear to have any sort of output control to switch a remote load (like the Victron MPPTs do)

Thoughts on pitfalls for this idea?



Chris asked

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How to connect 2 Wind turbines dc motor 85w to 1 MPPT?

Hi Everyone,

I have 2 wind turbines to connect to my Victron mppt 100/20 controller.

My motors are dc 85w. So connection is just 2 wires.

Works well with one wind turbine. Straight forward connection with negative and positive.

My question is; can someone please tell me how to connect the 2 wind turbines in parallel to the controller?

please give detailed description of wiring and what is needed. If I need to use small diodes on the positive? Etc..

Please help!


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Can I connect a wind turbine to my Quattro

I am completely off grid, my question is can I connect a wind turbine to my quattro as an utility?

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Can I add a wind turbine to my EasySolar

We have an EasySolar with a PV array and generator to keep the bank of 48V batteries charged. This is all working well, but would like to consider the addition of a vertical wind turbine to help in the winter, Important here in Orkney where the winter nights are long! Have been looking at TRiStar controllers, dump loads, etc but getting confused about how this might all work together without the PV controller and wind turbine "fighting" each other to charge (and not overcharge) the battery bank. Anyone done this type of thing before? We also have a BMV712 monitoring the current/voltage.

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BYD / Victron set up. 150/70 MPPT + 250/60 MPPT - How to prioritise ?

Have a client with a BYD / Victron set up. Has a 150/70 controller for solar. 250/60 controller for hydro. The 250/60 is set up with using relay to divert load when BYD doesn't need anymore power. Diversion is done by a 230V relay from the power system to electric underfloor heating.

Problem: When diversion is active and it's sunny the system clips the 250/60 and uses the 150/70 to power the diverted load which I need to keep the 250/60 with load to stop over spin of the hydro.

Question: How do you prioritise one MPPT over another MPPT when EXT controlled by BYD/GX?

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3 phase win turbine into quattro

HI gus, we want to install an hybrid off grid solar + wind system with Quattro systems. So our questtion is how to connect via ac coupling if the wind inverter have 3 phase output. Do we need 3 units of Victron Quattro or only 2 . The house sysyem in single phase. Regards.

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Why is my Easy Solar reluctant to charge my batteries?

I’ve been trying to find a suitable charge controller to add my hydro power in to my current system. I’m now using a Tristar TS-45 in charge controller mode, and although my hydro generator is capable of supplying 800 to 1000 Watts, the BYD B-Box battery is only receiving approx 270W. Just as with my diesel generator, whenever I switch on a hungry electrical appliance, the charge input rises to match the load, then immediately drops back to the low rate after the load is stopped.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I’ve updated all the firmware.

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