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Phoenix inverters with wind turbines: remove battery low power switch off setting

I have 4 different wind turbines (Tesup) with 4 charge controllers (1 x 12Vdc, 3 x 48Vdc).

These 4 charge controllers are connected with 4 Victron Phoenix inverters, to produce 230Vac:

a Phoenix 12V/250W inverter for the smalles wind turbine, a Phoenix 48V/800W, a Phoenix Smart 48V/2000W and a Phoenix Smart 48V/3000W.

Problem is that of course the wind is not always blowing, so the input from the charge controllers is often very low power, or times even 0 power. And these Victron inverters are so smart they see this as an empty battery.... So they give a few times a 'low battery' alarm, and then shut off completely. How can I change this setting to 'Simply keep producing 230 Vac with any power you are fed' ? A MK3-USB cable is on it's way ;)


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