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Cegasa SolarGreen configuration with Cerbo GX

Has anyone successfully configured a Cegasa Solargreen battery system to a GX device.

I cannot get the Cegasa to appear on the device list of the Cerbo?

The system consists of 2 X Cegasa Solar Green 5160, 1 X TCC CAN, 1 X Cegasa Hub Com, 1 X Multiplus II 48/3000, 1 X Cerbo GX, 1 X GX touch. ESS system.

The Firmware version on the Cerbo is 2.93. The TCC CAN is not a v02 - does it need to be?

I have tried a number of TCC CAN unit and hubs?

Please get in touch if you can help.

anthony asked

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Using BMS to disconnect ac supply from Multiplus using a relay

Is it possible to just use a relay to cut off ac consumer circuits exiting from the Multiplus inverter. As in a low voltage/soc situation. Seems cheaper than a giant contactor to cut dc supply to inverter. Am I missing something? Just looking at simple bms at the moment with no can bus comms. Or can I use simple relay to change mode remotely?

fortaleza asked
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The battery discharges with a large current when the BMS stops charging

Hi, I have 3 phase system Quattro-II with emus BMS, 3 x MPPT and PV AC inverter. Many of my systems with emus BMS works good but I have problem with one of them.

After fully charged, emus BMS disable charging and then batteries drain to grid with full current 280A. The same is when the BMS is charging and I manually disable the charging in the BMS. Batteries are immediately discharged into the grid without control. DVCC is enabled. It is only works good when I turn off DC-coupled PV feed in excess. Then after stop charging its ok.
In other systems with emus I don't have such a problem.


grzegorz-gierszewski asked

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Voltage difference Multiplus2, MPPT100/20 and BMS without load

Hello, is there a way to calibrate measured volltage for Multiplus2 and MPPT100/20

Measured with multimeter without any load on battery I got the same voltage like the BMS.




gesiima asked

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BMS managed solar system

Am puzzled, I use WECO lithium batteries 5K3 I managed to set up my system and its controlled by the battery BMS through the color control gx, what have noticed once the batteries get fully charged at SOC 100% the BMS turns off the MPPT and the batteries start discharging to cater for the loads and when the SOC is back to 98% they then start charging again, I would have rather expected that the BMS only cuts off its charging and lets the MPPT provide solar for the loads keeping the batteries at 100% SOC, how can I achieve this ?

mlsadler asked
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Why is power taken from the grid instead of the battery?


I am a newbie so the question might be silly but I am very curious and my dealer isn't helpful much :).

I got the FV setup over 2 years ago but I would swear the behavior was different back then and it started just recently (could have it been an update of the firmware which the dealer didn't tell me about?).

I noticed that even though the battery has enough capacity left (e.g. on the screenshot it's at 100% and SoC is set to 60%) and the house requires more power, it's taken from the grid instead of the battery as can be seen on the screenshot.

This isn't desired behavior in my use case due to different energy tariffs during the day. I would much rather take all energy from the battery instead of the grid to save more money.


Is this normal behavior? Or is there a way to change some settings so that the power is taken primarily from PV and the battery and only if that's not good enough then it's taken from the grid?

Very much appreciate any input here, it's driving me crazy :).

Thank you and have a great day.


Roman Komůrka asked
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Multiple pylontech force l1 banks connection to inverter charger

Hello everyone.

I currently have three Quattro inverter chargers acting as a three phase system. I have them connected to a pylontech force l1 battery bank. This bank has its own BMS. To increase the power that the inverters can give, I am thinking of including a second force l1 battery bank (with its respective BMS). My question is if it is possible to connect TWO battery banks (each one with its BMS) to my Quattro three-phase inverter-charger system.

Thanks in advance.

jschz asked
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Lynx Shunt Issues

Hi All,

System working fine, and suddenly Lynx Shunt is no longer reporting the correct SOC and other info. Even the infographic is showing a feed going into batteries in the middle of the night and AC is showing a load of 96W which has always been the same as its a fridge running.

Also in devices menu, the VRM instance number is showing as 0, for all other installations its showing a number like 276 or similar. See image attached.

Had to change the battery monitor from Lynx Shunt to the Multiplus Inverter/Charger in console settings.

Any ideas on what might be wrong? faulty Lynx Shunt?


wysiwyg asked

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Using Cerbo to ONLY datalog my BMSs data?

I have two Overkill BMSs plugged into the Cerbo's USB ports in order to datalog them only. I've turned off DVCC (ESS is off) in order to make this work. I have gathered that Victron does not want it to work this way. They have designed it so that if a BMS is plugged into Cerbo the BMSs control the system. I want my MPPTs and BMV to control the system with the BMSs providing background control for over and under cell voltage protection.

It has been working fine for over two months and now for some reason it's acting weird. My 100/50 and 100/20 are going from bulk straight to float. It does that for a few minutes then goes back to bulk. My absorb and float are 14.2 and 13.4. It was doing this well below the trigger voltage for absorb at around 13.35V. When I shut down the Cerbo completely the odd behavior stops.

Any suggestions on how to do a better job of breaking that link between the BMS and the Cerbo while retaining the datalogging features? That is the main reason I got the Cerbo - datalogging and remote monitoring.

over-and-under-victron asked

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Victron Quattro II and BMS by Modbus

Hello friends. I bought two batteries ZTT 48100B for my Victron Quattro II 5000. On this batteries only two RS485 ports. I bought RS485 TO Ethernet Convertor. Now i see my device when I using software for serial ports but I can't understand what I need to configure on my CERBO to see this batteries like new devices inside remote console. Please help me cause I live in Ukraine and every day after bombing we are living without electricity and when outside temperature below 0 inside the house very cold. This device my last rescue :-(

intrerio asked

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Smart BMS 12/200 not getting full charge from Sprinter alternator

Hello, I have a Smart BMS 12/200 with 100A fuse connected to the starter battery of my 2017 Mercedes Sprinter.

In theory I should be getting 90A of charge based on the 100A fuse, but I am only getting max 25% of charge current (25A). Is this something to do with the Sprinter's alternator? It seems like I should be able to pull more than 25A with the stock Sprinter alternator. Is there something in the setup that needs to be changed?


nickbollen123 asked
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Buck Boost BMS lithium protection LiFePO4 config


I'm preparing to replace Victron AGM deep cycle batteries with ULTIMATRON UL Smart BMS 12.8V.

I found this post while looking for any config adjustments needed in my Victron Buck Boost device. My question is, shouldn't the Victron BMS lithium protection on number 29 be activated when using LiFePO4 batteries regardless of the brand?


Thank you

malcolmxtc asked

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Charger Communication Error


I'm getting a charger communication error. Charger disconnects at night.


After then I reboot system, system shows me #67 error code and charger come back.


What can I do for this problem?

cagataysahinoglu asked
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VE.Direct non inverting cable current draw

I have a Victron VE.Bus BMS. I would like to connect the charge disconnect port on the BMS to both MPPTs via the VE.Direct connector on each MPPT. What is the current draw of the input side of the non-inverting cable? The BMS charge disconnect port can only source 10ma so is this possible or do I need to put some sort of buffer between the BMS and the two cables in order to supply enough current?

billp asked
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Smart Lithium BMS options with EasyPlus old processor 1906

Hey there,

I'm trying to figure out what my options are for a smart lithium BMS combined with my older EasyPlus 1600, the processor's label is 1906125. I can see that the VE.Bus BMS v2 is incompatible because it requires a 4xx firmware version, I think I'm limited to 2xx?

Seems like the original VE.Bus BMS might be an option when combined with the (deprecated?) VE.Bus Assistant and firmware >2xx, is that correct?


scott-gray asked

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