Victron minimal setup


I have 2 eg4 batteries(48v, lifepower4). I plan on buying a multiplus2 48v. Do I need anything else to configure this setup? Assuming I can install the ve-configure sw on pc and connecti without any other adapters in-between?

Couple of other questions:

- I don't think the eg4 batteries can communicate with multiplus as per other threads. Is there any danger of it being overcharged or drained fully

- I plan to charge the batteries at night and discharge during the day. Assuming this is possible with ve-configure

- anything else I need to be aware of?

thank you

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Cerbo GX connection sequence

I'll be installing and connecting a MPPT Smart Solar Controller, Smart Shunt, multiplus 24/3000 and a Touch 70 display. Is there a preferred sequence for connecting these devises and power? The manual is unclear. Thanks.

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Gx device doesn't show shore power.

Yesterday, I connected shore power to my campervan for the first time. I've been running my Multiplus II over summer with the MPPT 100/50 as my sole power source. With land power connected, the Multi charges the battery with >100A but the AC in current does not show, nor does powerassist work. Anyone can suggest a possible cause? With land current disconnected, the shown AC load power is correct, but with the relay closed all AC shows zero regardless of the actual load. In below screen shot I was drawing at least 1500W AC


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SmartShunt + Temp Sensor = Any Cell Positive in Bank?

So my 16 LifePO4 cells are stacked on there side in 2 vertical columns because of space requirements. My question is, since the coldest cell in my bank is closest to the floor, can I connect the victron SmartShunt Temp Sensor to the lowest positive cell terminal in the stack (cell 8 so that I get the coldest reading from the bank or do I need to connect it to the end of the series of cells? I can't tell via the data sheet what the voltage requirement is for temp/shunt operation off this lead is. Given that there is definitely a temp difference between the top of the bank and the bottom and the variance is not constant, I really need to have it at the bottom.


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Multiple Batteries

I'd like some validation that I'm on the right path. On my sailboat, I have three batteries (house, starter, and bow thruster). The house are LifePO4 and charged by a Multiplus II and I need to know both state of charge (SOC) and temperature, the starter and bow thruster batteries are mainly charged by the alternator with a ARGO FET isolator. I need to know state of charge for the starter battery and at least voltage for the bow thruster battery. I'm adding a CERBO GX. Plan is to use two Smart Shunts and use one to monitor house SOC and temp, and the second one to monitor starter SOC and bow thruster voltage. Is there a smarter way to do this?

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Which Parts to buy?

My camper is 30 amp. We are planning to install 3 200-watt solar panels and 3 200 amh batteries. What are the best Victron components to run the system?

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Décharge et Maintien des batteries en période Hivernale en mode ESS avec Multiplus 2

Bonjour à tous
J'utilise un multiplus 2 en ESS depuis Mars dernier et c'est mon premier Hiver qui arrive.
J'ai une installation photovoltaïque avec des MO et le multiplus ( avec cerbo gx et compteurs ) fonctionne en ESS pour charger les batteries avec le surplus de production et le soir ou en cas de besoin, injecte dans mon réseau à partir des batteries et ce jusqu'au SOC demandé.
J'ai également 2 MPPT Victron de reliés sur les batteries ( 2 petits strings de panneaux récupérés de ma première installation ).
Jusque fin Octobre c'était parfait.
N'ayant en ce moment aucun surplus de production, mes batteries ne se chargent plus chaque jour et ce malgré les 2 MPPT qui je pensais me ramèneraient qq kwh pour charger les batteries, du moins combler la consommation résiduelle du cerbo gx + multiplus.
J'ai un parc de 16,8kWh de batteries pylontech et je perds environ 1% toutes les 10H
Comme précisé dans la documentation du multiplus, dès que le SOC descend de 5% en dessous du SOC de consigne, le multiplus force une recharge pour retrouver le SOC de consigne.
La recharge se déclenche donc n'importe quand ( en heures pleines si je n'ai pas de bol ) et ce malgré des charges programmées actives sur toute la journée pour empêcher la charge ( avec un SOC bien plus bas juste pour que le multiplus ne tape jamais dans les batteries comme indiqué également dans la doc. C'est une petite astuce qui permet de charger avec le surplus et d'éviter que l'ess ne tape dans la batterie même si le SOC est au dessus du SOC de consigne )
J'ai donc le choix de forcer une chargée programmée en heure creuse pour palier à la décharge quotidienne mais j'aurais préféré l'autoriser à décharger plus que les 5% en me disant que dans quelques jours il y aura un peu de soleil et que la batterie se rechargera tranquillement à partir du soleil.
Je perds donc en moyenne 400wh par jour et je trouve que cela fait beaucoup jusque pour le cerbo GX ( qui consomme environ 300ma sous 12V soit et comme la doc le précise environ 5wh . j'en suis loin avec mes 400wh : jour ).
Je loupe peut perte quelque chose mais le maintient des batteries en hiver n'est pas anodin en prenant sur le réseau.
Quel est votre expérience sur le sujet ?
Merci par avance.

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Pheonix 12/2000 and Hair Dryers

Just installed a Phoenix 12/2000 replacing an old modified sine wave 1600watt, all powered by 3x110Ah yuasa sla batteries. My partners 1200w Babyliss hairdryer creates an overload shutdown. Any ideas why please? Thanks.

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48v battery charging

If I want to get more low cost electricity (00:30- 04:30 Octopus Go) energy into my battery pack (20kwh of PylonTech) should I parallel another Multiplus 2 48/5000/70 or should I just add another charger. The load is probably max 5kw.

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Pylontech stays at 91% charge

I have seen a similar issue in another thread 6 month ago but without a clear reason/solution. Perhaps now the issue is more known and already solved

I installed 5 days ago an off-grid system composed by 2 x pylontech US5000, smartsolar 250/85, cerbo gx, multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and a 3000w solar grid prviding 150V and 25A.

When i connected batteries to the off-grid system they were at 49% charge and they reached 100% in few hours.

2 days later theymoved down to 89% as it was a raining day and solar panels did not produce power.

After that the batteries stay at 91% charge. SmsrtSolar only produce the energy required to feed the load. Load is quite low as I was testing system before connecting high loads.

Firmware versions in smartsolar, charger and multiplus are the latest one.

Why does the charge percentage stay at 91% if load is very low and there is enough PV power to increase batteries charge?

DVCC is enabled, charge current limit has not been reached and there is not voltage oberload alarms.






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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

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Why is the multiplus not utilizing a generator fully?

Recently I purchased a small Honda generator with Bluetooth (this allows one to monitor output) to support use of an air conditioner. The generator feeds into the multiplus which then feeds the circuit panel with one breaker dedicated to the air conditioner. The generator is rated to a steady state value of 15A*.

When the batteries are at 100% this works as expected and the generator consistently produces ~1600 VA. This appears to be close to what the air conditioner needs with both the fan and compressor on.

However, when the batteries are as some lower level, say 50%, this doesn't happen in steady state! Initially, yes, the generator produces ~1600 VA. but that doesn't not last too long. In one case it maintained ~1600VA for an initial 10 min or so but then it suddenly reduced to some lower level (~1400 VA) even though the air conditioner was running fully! With insufficient generator output the Multi pulled from the battery to meet the air conditioner demand which I learned after the fact. A very undesirable situation, particularly when the battery is already at a low SOC!!!

In the case where I caught this happening I used the Digital Multi Control Panel to turn the multi to "charge only" for a few seconds and then back to fully on. I found doing so caused the situation to somehow reset and the generator went back to producing ~1600VA temporarily.

Obviously, what is desired (and what the manual suggests) is that the multi itself keeps the generator at maximum output and any extra energy above the current usage is used to recharge the batteries (i.e. when the compressor cycles off).

What is going on here? How do I prevent this behavior going forward? I'd like to be able to trust that the generator is utilized to it's maximum and no power is unnecessarily taken from the battery.

* Note: I am using a Digital Multi Control Panel which is set to a current limit of 16A. After some experimenting I found this value prevents the generator from overloading and shutting off.

** To get around this issue I did consider using the Multi Auxiliary AC output. However, I hesitate to wire this directly to the air conditioner as that would bypass the distribution panel and the 20A breaker protecting the wire to the AC. I don't have space for another box to house a separate breaker.

2022.05.10 MultiPlus configuration.pdf

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BlueSolar PWM High self draw (0.5a load with nothing connected)

I'm running a BlueSolar pwm LCD-USB 10a controller in my bicycle trailer with a 30w panel and 8ah LiFePO4 battery, all new.

Battery was draining quickly in storage (only whilst connected to controller, alone it holds charge), thinking it must be a short in my circuitry and not a problem with a new Victron I disconnected all my circuits one by one until finally disconnecting load wires completely from the controller, but it still shows 0.5-0.6a load. Battery is connected directly to controller and to nothing else. All circuits are switched and connect to load terminals but even with both load terminals disconnected the controller still shows 0.5a constant draw, which stops if I deactivate the load output from controller.

Do I have a faulty unit? I read self consumption is 10mA in the manual. I feel like a half amp draw whilst load terminals are active but disconnected isn't right, and it renders my system unfit for purpose as my battery won't last long days with the extra draw of leaving load terminals active.

Any explanation or similar experiences? Thanks


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Pylontech US3000C low SOC versus Voltage


the batteries started showing SOC 17% but the voltage is 48.52V, the SmartShunt showed 35%, I disconnected the whole system, turned off the batteries, started the system but it still shows SOC 17%. After restarting the SmartShunt shows 100% ok, that's not a problem, it's set up that way so it doesn't bother me.

What I don't quite understand is why the pylontech suddenly started showing 17% but the voltage shows 48.5V SmartShunt before the restart showed 35% the voltage was 48.7V, I trust SmartShunt more than the BMS measurement :) .

For about 1/2 year the values were almost the same (pylon vs smartshunt), the difference was only a few tenths of volts.

I've been draining the batteries below 30%, so I'm a bit confused. Are you looking for a fault in the batteries or somewhere else? I'm confused that the BMS voltage shows fine, +- also measures the MPII, SmartShunt and BMS voltages :)

If these cells were faulty, I assume the voltage would be lower. Am I thinking wrong?...

Thanks for help.

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Easy Solar GX 48 /5000 - PV input terminals 'shorted' - no resistance showing?

PV input terminals have no resistance between positive and negative!

I recently purchased an Easy Solar unit (serial number as listed above).

My unit has been paired (successfully) with two Pylontech US3000C batteries (48V).

Likewise the mains input and AC output (1) have all initiated correctly.

PV source comes from four Trina Vertex S Mono 395w (total 1600w @ 37v).

The four panels are connected as TWO pairs (two instances of two panels connected in series ), with each pair then connected in parallel to provide 74v output.

The two 74v PV supplies are routed through a fused and isolated combiner box to provide a single output of 74v for the Easy Solar unit.

In accordance with the Easy Solar instructions the 74V PV supply is sufficient (Vbat +5) to enable the MPPT to initiate.

The solar panels (frames) are all connected to earth via an earth rod.

The Easy Solar is connected to 'AC IN' via an RCD and suitably rated breaker. The feed for the 'AC IN' is from the domestic mains supply.

The AC 1 OUT is routed via a similar RCD and breaker.

The Easy Solar chassis, Pylontech batteries and associated components are all earth bonded, with the PE provided via the 'AC IN' house circuit.

When I connect the PV input (which before connection shows 75volts correct polarity) there is no voltage showing - however on investigation it appears the input terminal on the Easy Solar have no resistance between them - effectively meaning my PV input is shorted between the pos and neg.

At this time and having exhausted all logical investigations I can only conclude (without information the the contrary) that there is some 'fault' with the PV input board.

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