Smart Solar Regulators Excel Calculator SpreadSheet with 450/100/200???

Has anyone got the code to unprotect the VE MPPT Calc - Smart Solar Regulators Excel Calculator Spread Sheet so I can add in the 450/100/200???

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Using a Multiplus to charge a battery

I have a 24V 2000 Multiplus (120V version and not the Compact) with two 12V100Ah LifePO4 batteries in series. I have an AGM battery that I use elsewhere that requires charging at 14.7 volt. I was wondering if could charge my 12 V AGM battery with the Multiplus in Charge only mode? This would require me to temporarily disconnect my two 12V LifePO4 batteries connected in series. Is this possible?

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Multiplus-II not schedule charging with ESS

I have set a scheduled charge time from 00:30 for 4 hours (cheap rate from grid), but the charger doesnt relaibly start
I have the ESS assistant, latest FW on all devices with Multiplus-II 24/3000 on FW v502

I also have my electric car set to charge during this 4 hour window, i do not want the Inverter of the Multiplus-II to be on during this time period, i can pull all the power from the grid at this time and fully charge the battery

Looking at VRM, i can see the car starts charging at 0030, but as you can see the Multiplus-II doesnt, then around 02:47 the Multiplus-II does start to charge




As you can see, for some reason the Inverter pulls 115amps from the battery for 20 minutes around 00:42, why?, i had also set the max inverter output to 250W, so why is the inverter pulling 110amps?



Any advice would be greatly appreciated, ive spent hours trying varouns things, i can never get this to work as i ecpedted.

As a test i setup a second scheduled charge time, once again this started but the battery didnt not start charing, while still in this charge period, i changed "Minimum SoC (unless grid lost)" to 90% and chraging immediatly started, why?



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Carlo Gavazz ET340 used in Single phase but available for later 3 Phase Grid Upgrade


Thanks in advance

have single phase grid supply

I have a Carlo Gavazz 112 single phase meter used as Grid Meter installed before AC1IN of Multiuplus 2

Set to no grid feedback

However I have many non critical loads that are connected after grid in meter that are not being fed by excess PV power because I have set 112 to 0watts ie no feedback back along AC! IN .

So I need to install a Carlo Gavazz just after meter. I dont want feedback past that new Carlo Gavazz which I will also set as grid meter @ 0W .

Ill change the 112 which Ill leave installed before the AC1IN froim GRID METER to AC LOAD measure .

Now for the questions

1.Can I use a Carlo Gavazz ET340 as a single phase Grid meter so that if and when I upgrade to 3 Phase GRID SUPPLY in the future ill not have wasted the purchase of another 112 and can simply change the Carlo Gavazz ET340 - used in single phase to being used in 3 phase ?

2. Upgrading to 3 phase will also enable maximum grid future feedback if rates become more attractive - is this assumption correct ie use 3 phase to allow maximum power feedback?

This will now allow me to perform feedback to local main board ( and power all those loads via reverse AC1 IN ) which are currently unaccounted for from excess PV Power but stop feedback at the Carlo Gavazz ET340 ie no GRID feedback ?

3. Would this ( Carlo Gavazz ET340 ) be adequate or will I need to install a Schneider and contacter backup power blocker as per NRS 097-2-2:2017 as set out in the attached pdf. I ask becauee when I try and but the Schneider and Contactor the local wholesaler says they dont sell them. Sop it seesm like the Carlo Gavazz ET340 and grid code for Mukltiplus which is on cetified list is good enough


redundant power blocker .pdf

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Victron Smart BatteryProtect 220A failure?


I bought a Victron BatteryProtect 220A on recently (stated as new other).

I received it a few weeks ago here in Ukraine (by using a forwarding company), but only yesterday I've decided to try how it works.

Visually, it looks new but I noticed a few marks of use on the mount holes. So, I'm not sure.




I did a test wiring to the 12v 3w bulb. Positive from the battery to IN. Then OUT from SBP to the bulb +. Negative from battery to GND and directly to the bulb -.I connected it to Bluetooth. It works perfectly by itself. I can configure low/high voltage limits. I see a "P3 under voltage" warning when the voltage drops below the limit. But the bulb is still ON. The load is not disconnected. Yes, I wait for a while, much longer than 90 seconds.

I've tried to disable the load manually via BT. Stills the same problem. The app says "disabled" but the bulb is still ON.

Here is a quick video:

I did another attempt with small water pump

The noise of the pump is a bit different in the "OFF" state.

I've contacted the seller, he asks me to get support from Victron first.

Can anybody help me? Is it already burned, or maybe I did something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Virtual switch versus assistants

Hello everyone,

I've a question while using VEconfigure and configuring a Multi plus.

Why virtual switch and assistants.can't be used at the same time?

Technical restriction ? Software limitation ? what's the reason ?

Thank toy for our answers.

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Hello,Is it possible to connect a "VICTRON VE.NET BATTERY CONTROLLER" with connected display "VE.Net Panel (VPN) " to a GX device.

Regards Arnold

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Ruuvi Tag Pro doesn't show humidity.

Hi! I have 3 Ruuvi Tags and 1 Ruuvi Tag Pro linked to my cerbo that I monitor via VRM. The 3 normal tags, show everything, but the tag Pro, only shows the temperature. Am I missing any settings here? Can't find anything on Remote Console that I can change.


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Multiplus II Auxiliary power supply 12 V 100 mA

Hi everyone. First post here. I searched for quite some time, but couldn't find an answer.

I have an Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 working fine as an ongrid system. Just one small problem:

There is no power on the "Auxiliary power supply 12 V 100 mA" (Terminal J). Is there a fuse (wich could have blown, though there was never any load connected) or any action nedded to activate the power?

I appriciate any help!

Thank you


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Is there a minimum Input Current Limit when PowerAssist is not enabled?

For the Multiplus (12/2000), is there a minimum Input Current Limit when PowerAssist is not enabled?

The topmost answer to this question would suggest not, but I'd like to be sure.

Also, how accurate does the Multiplus match the actual input current to the configured value when not using PowerAssist? I see from this answer that it's conservative (lower) in the case that PowerAssist is in use, which make sense (needs time to react to changes w/o overshooting the limit). But when PowerAssist is not in use, is it accurate?


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Are you adding fans to your MPPT Controllers ?

Hi All,

If you have a Victron MPPT Charge Controller you most probably noticed it can get very hot to the touch. I have seen some guys add fans to the unit like below.

I have checked my 250/100 MPPT controllers with Thermal imager and I have recorded +- 56 degrees at times.

Victron says there units can run "Operating temperature -30 to +60 °C (full rated output up to 40 °C)" .

Are you cooling your units down and how?


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Orion DC-DC, AGM, Lithium & Wakespeed

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the best way to charge both Lithium (House) and Led Acid (Start) incorporating a WakeSpeed regulator.

There are various diagrams online but it’s not totally clear how the combined setup works.

Would one of the two set ups below work? Or does anyone have a simple diagram to visualise the correct approach? Thanks.


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How to control Battery charge current with ESS + DC coupled feed in

Hello community, i have a very interesting Question from my side because no one can answer me this. Also not my Victron parts seller.

  • Standard ESS System with 3 or 6 Multiplus. 48-54V System!
  • A Few Victron MPPTs
  • Cerbo GX
  • Shunt

Over the DVCC there is a current Limit for Battery. If the DC coupled feed-in is OFF, then everything is working fine and you can limit the current for the Battery with the DVCC Limits.

But if the DC coupled feed-in is ON, the cerbo-gx ignore the DVCC settings accordings victron manual and also tested in reality. The MPPTs need to be always on full power, to be able to feed in.

But how can i control now the Batterie current? Also the DVCC Voltage Limit doesn't work. This was my second idea, to adjust for example 45V Limit, then the Multiplus should move the MPPT Power into the grid, but it doesn't?!

I want to prevent overcharging the Batteries, so activate some current or Voltage Limit, that the Batterie will not rise up more and more. Doesn't matter a few amperes in or out, but should be around +-5A. So the MPPT power should be used for the house + grid if the shunt shows 100% and then the multiplus should control the shunt current to 0A.

Is there any parameter to write in Node-Red to Limit the battery shunt current? Normally DVCC, but system doesn't listen to it with DC-coupled mode! Thank you a lot!

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overpowered mppt - bad or not

I got an 250/100 on our modules on the north-side of the roof.
The modules only make 1500w peak, and i assume that they'll do only 3500 in Summer

Does it make sense to switch to 250/70 or doesn't it matter?

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Multiplus 12/2000 naming convention - how to know which one I'm buying?

The Inverter/charger page shows two products that are named Multiplus and rated 2000VA / 12V:


They look different, so I assume that they are actually two different products. AFAICT, neither is the "Multiplus II". The one on the left may have the word "Compact" shown in some places but not others (despite being larger in two dimensions than the one on the right). Questions:

1) What are the official product names for these, and how is one supposed to refer to these, and reference them so that they are sure they are buying the right one?

2) What are the differences? I compared the spec sheets, and see minor differences (one on left is Aluminium, lighter, 1% lower efficiency but high peak power). But it all seems pretty minor. Why would Victron have two such similar products?

3) Is Victron still making both?

4) Any recommendations one way or the other?


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