Miltuplus II - charging from MPPT no to ac loads


I am newbee in Victron, have Multiplus II-GX. I have one question, system is set to ESS with little feed-in and SOC for battery was set to 20%, i have small problem in the morning where i have some power from MPPT but its used for charging the battery not to use it for AC loads. AC loads are fed from grid (for money). How can I set system to use MPPT and battery to fed the AC back again? It worked at night (using battery not grid) until SOC drops down to 21%.


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Can i conect in parallel multiplus 1,6 kw with huawei 4kw?

Hello community

I have a sistem from victron with: multiplus 21/1600/40-16, mppt 150/45 Tr victron and a gerbo gx; 4 PV 375 W Luxor; a battery 2,5kw. This sitem is hybrid, whithout injection.

This sistem is to small for my autonomi. Can I put an invertor Huawei 4kw in parallel and connect another maybe 4 PV?

If is posible, what configuration i have to do to multiplus and huawei and how/where can I find this settings.

p.s. I have already read this

Have a good day. Thank you!

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Multi rs solar - Warning#59 acin1 relay test fail

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I have turned on my solar installation, and one of the problems showed up.

When inverter is working without grid connection everything is working perfect. No problem's at all. But when I turn on grid supply the warning #59 ACIN1 relay test fault.


Sometimes it's also showing warning #43 ground fault detected.

All this problems are when inverter is connected to the grid. Without grid all working perfect.

I have traced wires checked connections 10 times, polarity is totally fine, all grounding is fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Dive Compressor


I have a bauer various dive compressor on our boat. Single phase and about 1hp.

We have 660ah of Winston lithium and a Victron Quattro 12v 500w inverter.

We also have a Dolphin M6 generator which is identical to the Paguro 600 rated at 5kw.

The dive compressor works fine on shore power.

It will not run directly from the inverter on battery power it trips and says inverter overload.

I have tried this with the Generator running but still I get Inverter overload ?

The compressor is connected to one circuit in our boat that has a 20A trip fuse which isn’t blowing it’s just the inverter that is saying inverter overload.

When I turn the compressor on it tries to start but after maybe one or two revolutions it doesn’t sound right and dust out.


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Problème avec capteur de charge bmv 702

Bonjour, je dois tous les jours réinitialiser les parametres par défauts par le ve direct mon bmv 702, car il m'indique 0% de charge. Après la réinitialisation tout reviens à la normal et puis au bout de quelques heures ou jours ça m'indique de nouveau 0% et cela depuis le début de mon installation. Sinon tous fonctionne très bien. Est ce que quelqu'un aurait une piste. Merci

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Understanding: Series Vs Parallel for 2 x150W panels with SmartSolar 75/15

Wow... I've read a LOT of great info on this site. But there are a lot of numbers and my pea-sized brain still has a couple of questions. Here's what I know: (Please correct anything I've misunderstood!)

* Panels in SERIES Voltages add, and current remains the same, while for panels in PARALLEL their Amps add together and voltages remain the same.

* Battery charging begins once the panel Voltage is more than 5V above the voltage of the battery.

* SmartSolar controllers can handle more amps from the panel(s) than indicated by their model numbers - they just don't push more than that charge into the battery above the limit (eg my SmartSolar 75/15 will limit Amps into the battery to 15A

* Voltage indicated by the model number (eg 75V for my SmartSolar75/15) is a hard limit that will damage the controller if exceeded by the total open circuit voltage stated on the panel(s).

I already have a SmartSolar 75/15 and one 12V 150W panel with these specs:

VOC 22.3V and Vmp 17.9V with max current 8.73A

I currently have a 21V 150Ah AGM battery but plan on replacing it with a 200Ah LiFePO4

I have a second panel the same that is not connected, and the possibility of a separate 310W panel also. Here are the questions:

Assuming I don't want to buy another Charge Controller - 1. If I connect the second 150W panel in Series will I start charging earlier in the day or if its cloudy or partially shaded because the voltages are added and therefore higher earlier in the day than if they were in Parallel?

2. In series voltages add. So 2 panels at Voc 22.3 x 2 = 44.6V This is under the 75Vlimit... any problem with this aspect?

3. In Series the current is the same - since the panels put out 8.73A my 15 A controller wont be close to the max it can push to the battery. Is this a waste of the potential of the panels?

3b. Would It be smarter to put the same 2 panels in parallel, accept that they wont start charging as early in the day or as often in partial shade or cloud but get more amps (which might on rare occasions when everything is perfect exceed 15A since 2 x 8.73A = 17.46A, and therefor be limited to 15 A by the controller)?

4. If i were to replace the 150W panel with a singe 310W 12V ( Voc 40.5V, Imp 9.4A) panel would I get similar results to the total 300W of a 2-panel in parallel setup?

I know there is fair bit here. I hope your answers can not only educate me but also help clarify for future readers who, like me, spent a long time trying to understand this stuff by amalgamating knowledge from previous posts...

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Orion Smart 12/12-30 not charging during acceleration- Fiat Ducato 9

I’ve got a Fiat Ducato 9 (MJ2022) with start stop. During deceleration, the Orion Smart charger is activated since the voltage reach 14 V (I suppose due to regeneration of the start/stop generator). But during acceleration, the voltage comes down and charging is deactivated. I have seen a minimum voltage of 12.2V. Therefore, I tried in settings something with changing the shutdown voltage to 11V but the effect remains the same (besides, this wouldn’t be a proper solution). Does anyone know what are the settings for this vehicle to avoid a falsy engine shutdown detection?

Thanks & BR Ben

Edit: I changed the Input Voltage Lockout to 12 V and the charger kept on! The voltage of the vehicle in idle (stand-still) position toggled between 12.2 and 12.4 Volt. Status of charger was bulk phase. I’m a bit worried if this settings would lead to an empty starter battery some day but at least I can hold my charger in state on. What do you guys think???

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Weshalb arbeitet im netzparallelen Betrieb der Quattro2 nicht?

Hallo an alle,

ich betreibe meine neue Victron Anlage (2x Laderegler 450/100, 3x Quattro2, 25 kWh DLG) derzeit "nur" im netzunabhängigen Betrieb (Hauptsicherung im Netzanschluss-Schrank aus).

Dann funktioniert alles reibungslos.

Schalte ich jedoch das Netz dazu, schalten die Quattros von Wechselrichter auf Charger und die gesamte "kritische Last" (also der Verbrauch im angeschlossenen Haus) wird nur noch ausschließlich vom Netz "geliefert", trotz ausreichender PV Leistung- bzw. vorhandener Batterieladung.

Sowie das Netz wieder abgeschaltet wird, übernehmen die Quattros sofort (übergangslos, nichteinmal das Licht flackert kurz) wieder die Versorgung.

Woran kann das liegen?

Ich freue mich auf Hinweise.



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RCD Typ B am Ein- und Ausgang des Multiplus nötig?

Ist am Ein- bzw. Ausgang des Multiplus ein RCD Typ B (Allstromsensitiv) nötig? Mindestens Typ A am Ausgang ist klar. Anschluss des MP netzparallel mit wichtigen Verbrauchern am Ausgang.

An einem Wechselrichter ist ja grundsätzlich ein Schutz nötig, falls hier ein nicht sinusförmiger Fehlerstrom auftritt - es liegt dort ja ein Gleichstrom vom PV-Sting bzw. vom Akku an.

Hat der Multiplus II einen entsprechenden Schutz bereits eingebaut oder ist der hier bauartbedingt nicht nötig (evtl. weil die Batteriespannung nur 48V beträgt oder weil ein gewickelter Trafo genutzt wird der kein AC durchlässt?)

Wenn nötig müsste ein RCD Typ B ja am Ein- Und Ausgang angeschlossen werden, da in beide Richtungen eingespeist wird und dort Verbraucher (über einen RCD Typ A) angeschlossen sind.

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Enable UPS Function with ESS

I have an MP2 installed with solar, battery and mains/grid connection.

When the mains fails my computer turns off? (Lights etc seem to stay on, I don't even notice a flicker, but my computer restarts.

This shouldn't happen.

However, when I open Ve Configure, I see the UPS function is no longer there under grid? I assume this is because I have ESS mode enabled?



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BMV shows wrong voltage

I just changed my batteries from wet cell to AGM. It was charged for several hours and showed 100% charge. We ran the boat for an hour afterwards and the BMV showed that the batteries were receiving a charge. We sat in the sun, getting some amperage. We used the batteries for some low useage activitie, such as a small fan and of course the refrigerator. Then we ran the boat for another hour. At the end of that period the BMV showed we had used 50 amp hours, with a SOC of 92%. At that point I realized that I had not changed the battery capacity. I changed it to match the batteries. The next morning I checked the voltage using two different volt meters. They showed 25.96v while the BMV showed 24.41. I never had that happen with the previous batteries.

There are two AGM 161 ah batteries and two starter batteries. There is a Victron 24v inverter, just a year old. There is a Victron Solar MPPT 75/ 15regulator that has been working well. , The BMV is about 2 months old.

I can not find anything stating that there is a different setting for AGM batteries. Mine are made by Genois, a Polish manufacturer.

Why does BMV show the wrong voltage and how do I correct it?


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Open Ground on Victron Multiplus 12/300

I have a Victron Energy Multiplus Inverter/Charger 12/3000, 120V. With each of the 110v outlets I am getting an open ground upon testing. The Lynx Distributor 1000 system is chassis grounded as recommended. All three of my 110V outlets are GFCI outlets, each of them on a separate 20 amp breaker. I changed one of the outlets to a standard 110V outlet which still showed a Open Ground. Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong?

Carter Carlson

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Easy Solar 12v 1600 Battery monitoring and Profile on Shore power.

Hello All,

My easy solar is plugged into shore power. My Lithium batteries are float at 13.3V and the state is saying "Storage" I have smart shunt also in the system and a CerboGX. The shunt is selected as the battery monitor. Reading some documentation. Should I have DVCC enabled? I have Itechworld 2x 200amp hour batteries installed. The VEbus configuration guide seems to indicate that I need to enable.

10.1.6. Battery capacity

10.1.7. State of charge when bulk finished

10.1.8. Charge efficiency

10.4.10. Lithium battery mode

Is this something support can enable from remote on the VRM portal?

My specific batteries are not on the approved qualified list. If DVCC is enabled will it pull the settings from the MPPT that are configured for Lithium? In order to set these settings "if support are unable to from remote." I will need to purchase a cable for VEConnect?

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3 * Quattro II in parallel with second Source (1 Phase only) supported ???

Is it possible to build a 3 Phase grid with Quattro II working on a 3 Phase Shore Grid.On the secondary AC-IN a Generator w. 1 Phase should be used as Emergency Supply and Batterie-Loader.

Is this supported ?

And if upper scenario is supported, might a MIX of Quattro II and Multiplus II systems possible (As far as I know Quattro II and Multiplus II are sharing a very similar hardware basis and the combination of 1 * Quattro II (for allowing secondary 1 Phase Input) and 2 * Multiplus II might make sense at all ?!?

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MP2 output voltage vs total output power

I would like to know, in an off-grid scenario, will changing the MP2 output voltage affects its total capacity (VA)?


Reason I ask, is that usually the internal electrical componts are limited by current (A) and not Watts. They can take their rated Amps as long as they operate within their operating voltage.

So let's say a 5000VA inverter is designed to run at 230V and will support:

5000 (VA) / 230 (V) = 21.7 (A)

Can I then correctly say that if I put the inverter output at 210V my total output would be:
21.7(A) * 210(V) = 4557 (VA)

and the same for a higher voltage

21.7(A) * 240(V) = 5208 (VA)

Is my understanding correct or does Victron work differently?

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