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Does the CCGX remember the timed run for a generator if it is restarted?

In the VRM online portal menu in the CCGX there is a setting titled "Reboot device when no contact". I currently have it switched off.

When I remotely start my generator I always make it a "Timed Run" fearing that if i just start it and then the internet falls over the generator could run for days, until the fuel runs out.

So if I start a timed run and the device reboots due to lost contact will the CCGX still remember the timer setting and turn of the generator?

Thanks in advance

tony-c asked
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CCGX stopped communicating with Multiplus 24/3000

Day before yesterday out of the blue my CCGX showed the Multiplus as OFF with no usage data on AC Loads side.

I did the following

Upgraded both CCGX and MP to latest firmware

Power cycled both, multiple times including turning off the MP at the DC source

Verified that I can talk to the MP via my MK3, both direct to MP and via the second port on the CCGX while the first port is connect to the MP (read about that in another post)

Any other suggestions?

brians asked
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Loss of grid meter connection - no PV input now

I have had intermittent loss of signal from E24 meter (single phase ESS system) This causes the PV input to disappear off the ccgx and no charging of batteries so system is in Passthru.

I suspect the Cat 5 cables which are a real pain to get into the terminals of the E24 and with some fiddling I got the PV back but then it failed again. I had to reboot several times a day to get the PV back onto the system. The red and green lights on the USB interface flash as they should but then go off - then reappear and the go off and no PV input is showing.

Now I have rewired from the USB cable back to the E24 in 3 core cable so I know I have 3 connected cables back to the CCGX but it does not work. No PV is showing and I am running on grid not solar or batteries.

How do I check the fault cause? Is it the USB cable interface, or the meter or the CCGX?

How can I bypass the meter to at least get some solar charging input?

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Color control gx auto start on an generator and wire diagram

I have a 4000 watt oman generator can this color control gx auto start my generator and is there a wire diagram and Video show how to make it works



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MPII : CCGX Rebooted error 253

HI All,

My CCGX rebooted by itself, CCGX Version: Latest Firmware v2.60. I checked the logs and I found this in the logs:

11:22:53 ccgx daemon.alert watchdog[438]: shutting down the system because of error 253 = 'load average too high'

Then in notifications I have this "error" , two minutes later at 11:24: BlueSolar Charger: #67 BMS Lost connection,

Which I guess is related to the CCGX rebooted due to the error 253?

Someone explain why my system got a error 253?

isimobile asked

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CCGX not displaying AC Loads

We have an a Quattro 5000 inverter/charger, battle born batteries and 1260 solar array. We don't see the AC input, inverter switch is showing off when it's on and no AC Loads on our CCGX display.

This is a photo below our system connected to shore power.


I have rebooted, unwired, rewired system many times with no luck.

CCGX did work at on time.

tinyarcher asked
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MultiPlus Not Showing Live On CCGX

Good morning chaps,

I am just after a bit of help/advise. I have just finished installing a Victron Multiplus in a motorhome conversion. It is installed alongside a 70a MPPT solar controller and all are wired to a CCGX. I recently upgraded the firmware in the CCGX as the multiplus and ccgx were previously in a household setup and they have been stored over a year since I purchased them used.

The MPPT shows in the CCGX via the VE Direct cable and that shows fine, showing the solar input, battery voltage etc.

The issue is that the CCGX does not show when the Multiplus is turned on, it shows a symbol for a Multiplus but it always shows off, even when the inverter is on and powering appliances. The Multiplus is connected using one of the blue bus cables to the VE BUS input on the back of the CCGX and I have tried it plugged in to both connectors in the Multiplus but nothing shows up as working. The Multiplus also and has a temp sensor that is connected from the Sensor connection in the Multiplus to the negative terminal of my battery bank (this all came as a used setup kit other than the mppt).

Should it be a case of just plugging in the blue network cable in both the Multiplus and CCGX and it should all display as connected and working? I presume I am correct with the temp to the negative?

The setup and install is pretty much complete, I just want the Multiplus to show on the CCGX as everything is getting boxed in very soon so wouldn't want to have to rip everything out to change a cable etc....

Attached is a pic of the CCGX, I can take more pics of the back and cabling if required.


Can anyone help out here with some info or advise to get the Multiplus showing on the CCGX?

camperconversion asked
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Quattro AC Input Current Limit ignored on Pass Thru

Two Phase ESS setup with 2 x 48/8000/110 Quattros, 15kVA three phase generator with Titan 48/50 Charger on third phase.

Firmware: CCGX 2.53~2, Quattos 469.

Generator on AC-IN-1 with current limit of 14 Amps. All good while loads are low and system in Bulk, charging battery. Current hovers around 12 - 14 Amps. The problem I have is when a large load turns on, the mode changes to "Pass Thru" and excessive current is drawn continuously from the generator. I was monitoring the system when the 3kW water heater came on. I watched the Quattro draw 27 Amps from the generator for 30 seconds before I turned the generator isolator off. This is virtually twice the limit set.

Dynamic Current Limiter - disabled

UPS Function - Enabled

Was going to try the "Dynamic Current Limiter" but the increase in current is not temporary. It matches the loads applied and completely ignores the “AC Input Current Limit”. Also I don’t want it working while connected to the grid.

Please advise if I’ve overlooked something.

mike-lynch asked
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ColorControl GX and BlueSolar 150/70 connection problems with

Hello everybody,

my system worked perfecelty over last 1,5 years. A few day ago, suddenly, the MPPT wasnt shown anymore on the CCGX. When I reboot the CCGX, MPPT will be shown for a few minutes and then it shwos "not connected".

I tried to eliminate a hardware problem.

- I tried another cable and the same problem arises.

- I tried the other VE. direct port on the CCGX and the same problem arises.

- I tired a bluetooth dongle on the BlueSolar. It connects without any problems and doesnt loose the conncetion, so the port on the BlueSolar is working.

Putting it together: neither the port on the CCGX, nor the port on the BlueSolar, nor the cable is the problem.

I really do not understand and please need help.

Thanks in advance,



danielk asked
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CCGX not showing loads on Home Page


Please can you assist. A customer upgraded their Firmware on their CCGX up to v2.6 and when this happened the system went down. He managed to do a roll back and the site is up and running again and is running on v2.58.

Since this roll back the Loads do not show on the home page.


But if you go under the Quattro Device it is showing the loads.


We have got a Modbus meter which is metering our PV load to show this load correctly.


The site is running 2 x Quattro's 5Kva, they are quite old.



Please can you advise if there is a way to resolve this problem?



starrateit asked
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Lost the MPPT 150/70 connection on the ColorControl

Good day, I just lost the"connection" between the 150/70 CC and the Color control ? Suddenly.

The Color control shows "not connected" for the Charge Controler .

Checked the cables and they seem OK.

Checked to "see" the CC with bluetooth and I do see it there .

Any idea what can have gone wrong ?


Herve RV Nizard asked
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wrong reading on CCGX

I'm getting wrong information on CCGX reading on grid in. Even if there is no grid input it still keep reading some values started three days ago. There is no AC INPUT. No grid and no generator. How it can read L1=2407 W. L2=5 W. L3=23 W. What is the possible cause? What should I do?

I have 30 Kw grid coupled system.

3*10Kw quattros in 3 phase arrangements +fronius symo 20kw.

abdulbasit asked

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How do I get 5 250/100 mppt to communicate via can bus on ccgx.

Hav put in termination jumper both ends . Cables all tested. Cannot see the mppt on ccgx

tyronmarais asked
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1 Answer

ESS system doesn't see AC input anymore

Since a few days, my ESS system doesn't see the AC input anymore. On the screen of the CCGX the red "grid" block just has 2 stripes and no info on the AC power input, etc.
And in the VRM monitoring all the graphs relating to the AC input have flat-lined.
The system still seems to be working OK.
Only the battery is discharged to 30%, while the software limit is set to 50%.
And I have frequency oscillations up to 50.80 Hz for around an hour in the afternoon, when the PV stops producing serious power, because of shading.
Also I can not connect remotely to the CCGX Remote Control, but I am not sure that that is related.
See attached pictures.
I have already rebooted the CCGX > no difference.




Frequency oscillations on the output:



Dave van Dongen asked
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No Smartsolar MPPT showing on color control GX display

I just installed a Smartsolar 150/100 VE.can enabled charge controller and connected to my Color Control GX and it's not appearing on the display.


I have dual Multiplus inverters connected to the VE.bus and the charge controller connected to the VE.can port, both terminators in pace as shown below:


The Vconnect bluetoothed to my phone shows the CC is working fine and producing power, no problem. I've changed cables, swapped everything around, rebooted, shut down numerous times, updated firmware on all components, but still nothing on the display for the CC. I do see the "charger" in the system settings and it sees the Smartsolar with correct serial number and firmware version - so the CCGX "sees" the CC, but won't display power info:




I checked the TX/RX settings - all per the instructions, normal, etc.

What next? I must be missing something. The CC works great, just won't show up on the CCGX :-(


Jim Phoenix

jphoenix13 asked
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Is it possible for a fuse to half-blow? [Answered]

In the interest of furthering the knowledge base this Community provides, I'm asking a question here -and will post the answer below- that I receive not infrequently when assisting Victron (and other) customers with troubleshooting their various devices and ask them to check the fuse to ensure that it's not blown or half-blown:

"Is it really possible for a fuse to half-blow? I've never heard of that!"

Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA asked
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4 Answers

Any risk of upgrading a CCGX never updated for 5+ years ?

Hi, I bought a houseboat with a Victron setup installed in 2015.

Among others, the CCGX has never been updated nor upgraded. It is not connected to internet. It still runs a firmware V1.14 of 2014. Is there any risk involved in upgrading the CCGX to the newest firmware ?

My plan is

  1. Upgrade the CCGX to V2 following the description here :
  2. Connect the CCGX to Inernet (which is currently not the case) and let it auto-update to the V2.xx current version

The link above tells how to upgrade from V1.74 to V2; my CCGX is V1.14. Any risks involved ?

Thanks !

stef81 asked
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1 Answer

Color Control wrong date/time - ethernet connected - must be manually set?


Firstly - love my VRM system. Had very little problems with it since it's been set up for more than a year now. However, one niggling thing lately that has me confused.....

My Color Control is running the latest firmware and connected to the internet via ethernet.

We have had a couple of grid power cuts recently and it seems that the Color Control is unable to set its time/date? Which I find confusing because it's such a clever system!

I have to go into the control panel and manually update it. Although somehow, it does remember it is October 2020?

Power off - go in to the control, random time is set, and the UTC date is 1-10-20. Why is this? I thought all these systems got their time/date from the internet? I could understand it if it reset completely or if it wasn't connected to the internet. It also seems to remember I'm in the London timezone.

Not a massive issue but as I charge overnight it's messed up a couple of times and I've started the day with an empty set of batteries.

Not sure if a fix could be made available? Or if the unit could get the correct UTC time from one of those time server things.

Anyway, many thanks for producing such a great product anyway!



garethcurtis asked
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How to get a "production/no production" signal from an off-grid system with a CCGX, Victron Quattro and Fronius Primo?

Hi guys

I have an off-grid system with a Victron Quattro, 2 fronius primo, BYD Box batteries and a CCGX.

I need to get a signal of "production/no production" from one of the components of the system so I can control my Heat Pump and disconnect it when the solar production is off.

Can you please help?


João Morais

joao-pedro-morais asked
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WiFi error message on CCGX

My CCGX is now operating on v2.60. For no obvious reason it drops its connection to VRM. What was once a reliable connection is no longer.

I have checked and the CCGX is maintaining its connection to my WiFi router.

The error message displayed is a follows:

<urllib3.connection.HTTP connection object at 0xb569a450> ; Failed to establish a new connection:[Error 2] Name or service not known.

Is this Victrons end or My end? My other internet services are running fine.

Thanks in advance

tony-c asked
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No "Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC" option

CCGX v2.58

Quattro 48/5k-120 v4.30

SS MPPT 150/100 v1.50

With the Quattro selected as the battery monitor, my CCGX does not display the "Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC" status.

snoobler asked
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How do I add tank monitors to my Victron Color Controller?

I hav the Victron Color controller monitoring my Multiplus, BMV and Blue Solar controller in my RV. I would like to add tank monitoring through the color controller. Do I need to purchase a whole new tank monitor system, or is there a way to use the existing resistant based monitor wires? Is there any documentation or resources for adding tank monitors to the Victron Color Controller?

Steve Mullins asked
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3 Answers

High battery voltage alarm on ccgx coming from mppt


acdc-hansi asked
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1 Answer

CCGX to Kaco Inverter Communication

Good day,

Anyone knows how to connect a CCGX to a Kaco Inverter (AC coupled)?



James Minnie asked

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Color Control GX / EasyPlus Compact 12v 1600w 70a

Hi All

First post to this forum - be gentle with me !

I am installing an EasyPlus Compact 12v 1600w 70a.

I want to add the Color Control GX - to monitor and control. I see from the manual it is connected via VE.Bus. The manual lists some inverters / charges that can be installed - but not specifically the EasyPlus Compact 12v 1600w 70a. I also see no VE.Bus port on the EasyPlus Compact 12v 1600w 70a - so I am probably answering my own question - but it would seem these 2 devices cannot be connected.

Does anyone know if they can and if so how ?



miya asked
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2 Answers

Temperature Sensors for CCGX

How can I connect temperature sensors to my Color Control GX? These are not compatible with CCGX...

Buying an VE.Bus Smart Dongle for each temperature sensor isn't reasonable... or? anyone found an good solution for this?

tomas-sailing asked
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2 Answers

Smart Battery Sense @ Color Control GX

Can I somehow get the temperature from Smart Battery Sense in my Color Control GX?

tomas-sailing asked
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1 Answer

Raymarine eS LightHouse 3 and Color Control GX?

The eS & gS Series multifunction displays which have been upgraded to LightHouse 3 are not compatible.

Question, can I get the sensordata from my Raymarine-units to my Color Control GX via the Ethernet-network or is this only one way?

tomas-sailing asked

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2-BlueSolar, BMV712, CCGX all reporting battery on same instance

After connecting the CCGX to the N2K network I end up with several instancing conflicts as reported by the maretron N2k Analyser. Even through these devices are set to different instance numbers, as seen in the below screenshot, they are all still reporting on either 1 or 0 battery instance. The point of having instance numbers changable is so that multiple battery banks can be monitored without conflict between them. The BMV 712 does not have a way that I can find to change its instance at all. The blueSolar chargers have been changed, but still report on instance 0. All devices in red are reporting on 0. Any help to sort this out? I was quite happy to hear that CCGX latest update was outputting PGN's onto a N2k network, but not when they all are talking at once.


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