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Where is serial number on MultiPlus 12/2000/80?

I’m researching whether the 12/2000 is UL 458, or if it at least meets the criteria even if it is not certified as such.

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Energy meter not recognised/displayed on color controller GX


Wondering if any one has had issues or can help with energy meter not recognised on CCGX.

I have a Carlo Gavazzi em 24 energy meter. It is over 65 amps so using CTs and 3 phase installation. There is a direct connection to the CCGX from the energy meter using victron RS485 to USB interface cable. Meter works fine.

Connected terminal 41 yellow, Terminal 42 orange and terminal 43 Black.

When connected there is only a solid red led light at the USB connection to the back of the CCGX, and will not find/recognise the energy meter.

I have since taken the meter to my distributor and we have experienced the same issues when connected at their work shop. Tried new RS485 to USB interface cable.

Would appreciate any feed back if others have come across this issue or have a solution. I understand this is the only meter compatible over 65 amps for the CCGX?



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CCGX: Current limit only 15.5?

I have a Color Control GX controlling two MultiPlus 24/3000/70s in VE.Bus single-phase. When I try to dial down the input current limit, it only goes as low as 15.5 do I get it lower? Do I need to do something in VE.Configure? I notice for each individual inverter lets me go as low as 6. I've read something about PowerAssist limiting how low a VE.Bus setup can go, how do I configure that?

malcolmdmoore asked
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ColorControl inside EasySolar 48/5000


the EasySolar 48/5000 comes with a built in ColorControl.

Is this exactly the same as the "stand alone" ColorControl GX?

Does it have the same in-/outputs and connections and are they all accessible inside the EasySolar case?

Thanks :)

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CCGX "red box" always blank

Hi everyone,

I've an off grid system with a Quattro, two MPPT and to a Lead Acid floaded battery 48V.

One of my concern is about the "red box" of my CCGX screen.

I was expectind to find the amount of power that is being taken from the grid to feed the loads, when battery/PV cannot perform. But I always see the red box in blank situation (as you can see in the picture).

Is this correct and I'm expecting something that my system cannot shows? or I've to perform some settings?

Thanks a lot


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VE.CAN Resistive Tank Sender

Good day. I have a CCGX with a VE.Direct MPPT, VE.CAN Freedom battery, VE.BUS Multi and a VE.BUS Digital Control. I want to monitor a tank as well. Will the VE.CAN Resistive Tank Sender Adaptor be able to communicate via VE.CAN as well. The battery bank is using the VE.CAN port

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[résolu] Bonjour, sur une installation non connectée à internet les données ne sont plus enregistrées sur la carte SD du CCGX.

Lors de l'introduction seules les infos jusqu'à 48 h sont enregistrées puis un message erreur E/S s'affiche et quel que soit le support (carte SD ou USB correctement formaté FAT 32). Merci pour vos réponses

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ARK LV growatt battery compatibility

Hello everyone,

I just wanna know the compatibility between ARK LV Can port and the Color control GX, did anybody have installed this battery?

anderssonc asked

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Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery? Select on loss of communication source for genset

Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery

Has this item been rolled into dvcc? After some digging here it seems its been removed yet its still in the manual. The last mention of it in the changelog is in the v2.02 – 30 January 2017 Venus Os

Are you guys working on an update to the manual to remove redundant settings to avoid confusion?

loss of communication source for genset

I have a few systems I setup and support with auto start gensets, after a couple of weeks of bad weather one went into LVD during a sustained load at a low SOC. Voltage start timing settings were a bit too long to catch the voltage crash. LA batteries.

I had set start on loss of communication as a third fail safe to start the genset, and had the BMV as the source for genset SOC. However the genset didn't start as the BMV was still active yet the multi had shutdown. I had assumed that it would start on loss of comms to anything on the VE.bus. After rereading the manual, it's loss of communication to the SOC source.

Normally I disable the battery monitor in the multi to avoid the user accidentally changing the source.

I have now reenabled the monitor in the multi, which seems to be tracking the BMV and set the genset SOC source to the multi.

However Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery is completely missing so the only indication the SOC is being read by the BMV to the system is that its the same as the BMV.

Seems a rather complicated method, could we simply have this changed so we could select the loss of communication source?

This now raised another question, when performing remote configs through the portal the multi/quattro drops communications to the venus device for a moment. Will this cause a genset start?

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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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How to upload big databases with the VRM 64 MB CCGX data upload limit?

Hello everyone, I have a question about the SD card usage. VRM portal only allows a maximum 64 MB data to upload. However, what if I store GBs of data in SD card; how can I upload that data to VRM portal?

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BYD BBox Pro 10 KWH not seen on VRM- system working normal


I have a BYD pro 10 KWH with 3 Quattro 5 KW system. The system was working fine till it was switched off to remove the faulty Smart solar.

After restarting the system the BYD pro is not shown in Venus /VRM

@BYD_service Interestingly the run light on BMU is constantly on - also the 4 units of B-Plus have steady lights - The battery does not switch off and remains on till manually swicthed off

I still did the following to see if it will solve the problem but no improvement

1, changed the addressing of batteries instead of 1-234, made it 4-3-2-1

2. Removed and reseated all cables after cleaning with contact cleaner

3. replaced the BMU to CCGX cable (self-made) with another cable (self-made) It confirms to Type A pinout

4. updated CCGX to the latest release candidate

5. Switched off battery completely waited 10-15 minutes ( no lights on on BMU and B-Plus) and restarted the battery

6. The battery accepts the charge or discharge if I switch on the Quattros

7. In the coming days I will change to official TYPE A cabel to be sure

short of trying a different BMU or CCGX is there any other option i can try?

It will 1-2 weeks before I can get another BMU . Can I run the system using Allowed to charge and allowed to discharged contacts in normal mode after switching off ESS. Since my 250./20 Smart solar also requires repair /replacement the loads will be mainly supplied by grid or generator

Anil Ghatikar asked
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VRM Logo Customisation

I have noted and followed the customisation of the logo at [Local CerboGX IP address]/logo.php and when I go there I can see the changed logo but I do not see this change in VRM or is it possible to customise the VRM logos at all?

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Why is the Wifi connection CCGX dropping out regularly?

I have a Victron ESS system with a CCGX in the garden shed (with solar panel roof) in the garden behind my house. The distance from my Wifi router is around 8 meter.
I have a Nano Wifi USB adapter in the CCGX that connects to the router. The signal strength is indicated on the CCGX at always around 45%.
Now for days or sometimes even max. 1,5-2 weeks the connection is stable, but eventually it always drops out at some point. I then reconnect and then it fine for a few days again.
Why is the connection dropping out every time?
And why is it not reconnecting? I now have to connect manually every time.

Sometimes the reconnection also a few times before succesful. Why is this?

Dave van Dongen asked
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Connect Victron Quattro & MultiPlus to the same CCGX.

Good morning Guys.

I have installed and connected to CCGX the following equipment:

1- BMV;

2- MPPT 150|60;

3- Quattro|8000|200 (230V 50 Hz);

Until here everthing works fine as expected on CCGX.

The issue here is when I try to connect the fourth equipment to the CCGX, an MultiPlus 24|3000|70 (120V 60Hz). And the following message is popping up on the screen on CCGX "#10 System time sync error".

Both equipments are updated to HUB4.

About the system that I want is:

- Just want to have two different voltages on my system;

- And see the info about power;

Does anyone knows how to solve this issue?

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

André P.G.

andre-pg asked
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What is the best way to connect Multiple MPPTs to Color Control?


I have 4 MPPTs and 1 BMV and I want to add them to Color Control. MPPTs have also can.

Now, what's the best way to connect them?

- all via can and BMV via

- 3 via can and 1 via and BMV via

- all 4 via USB and BMV to

- all 5 devices via USB

My question is if I can mix connection (can, and ve.usb) or need to add all on same connection type?

Second question: How many USB devices can add to Color Control max? I read in manual that 5 is max. processor can handle. If plan to add more MPPTs need to change my GX device?

mediacut asked
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Is there any Compatible usb Wifi Module for the Victron Colour Controller CCGX

I am looking for a Compatable wifi module for the CCGX Victron colour controller or how to configure eg, TPlink usb wifi module to be recognised by the CCGX.

email: Country: South Africa

Ebrahim Railoun asked
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Parallel 6No. 100/15 Bluesolar charge controllers to colour GTX?

Hi All,

I'm short of inputs on the colour GTX. Is it possible to parallel or bundle together all the outputs from my 6No. 100/15 Bluesolar charge controllers so that I only use one input on the colour GTX?

If so what bit of kit will I need?

Thanks in advance.


johngg1969 asked
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Color control gx auto start on an generator and wire diagram

I have a 4000 watt oman generator can this color control gx auto start my generator and is there a wire diagram and Video show how to make it works



mike-rack asked
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CCGX not displaying AC Loads

We have an a Quattro 5000 inverter/charger, battle born batteries and 1260 solar array. We don't see the AC input, inverter switch is showing off when it's on and no AC Loads on our CCGX display.

This is a photo below our system connected to shore power.


I have rebooted, unwired, rewired system many times with no luck.

CCGX did work at on time.

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ccgx not connecting to the vrm

we did an admin change on the unit through my supply chain.

as the unit had been used in another installation

now after admin change and a reboot the unit cannot be seen by the vrm

i get a red message on my computer saying the portal id is not recognized when i try to set it up for the client

ethernet is connected . but on the unit it is saying vrm is not connected

vrm portal id is 7c386655dd68

any thoughts on what i try next.



hananmcgrory asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Previously used CCGX will not allow setup on VRM

Hi ,

i have a ccgx color control panel that has been previously installed on another site and on the vrm.

It had locked up and so was replaced with another unit, a forced firmware update fixed the issue and so it is now in a new home on another site.

On the vrm , when setting up the new syste , the vrm has detected that it has been used before.

I cannot seem to set it up for its new home , because of the conflict.

How do i rectify. So that is can be used for the new client?



hananmcgrory asked
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CAN Bus Cable for CCGX

In my MotorHome RV, I currently have a BMV-712 cable ran from the batteries to the CCGX (It was a lot of work). I am installing lithium batteries and using a Batrium BMS and will be attaching the Batrium to the CCGX on the CAN-Bus.

Since I will no longer need the BMV-712 (The Batrium has a shunt) I was wondering if I could use the 712's communication wire for the CAN-Bus wire. As I remember they are both RJ-45 wires connections. (I cannot check because the RV is several hours away).

I will have to cut the 712's wire to tie into the Batrium, but I think I can just plug the 712's wire into the CAN-Bus.

Am I correct??? Is the 712's wire twisted enough to use as a CAN Bus Wire?

Does the CAN-Bus wire need to be twisted? I also have an old inverter control wire that is 4 wires - looks like old telephone wire with RJ-12 ends, Could this wire also be used for the CAN-Bus wire? (if I put a RJ45 end on it).


rocketmanmonaco asked
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CCGX not showing ac input and ac loads

Hello guys. Here are the details of my installation. Victron quattro 10000va, 8* 220AH ROLLS AGM batteries (two parallel banks), 5250Wp solar (5 strings on threes) sitting on a 150/85 bluesolar CAN MPPT. the installation if just 3 weeks old and just yesterday i noticed that no ac loads or input was displayed on the Ccgx. the inverter was off (toggle switch in on position). Upon removing the ve.bus cable from the inverter port , the float & inverter LEDs blink and cut out then the LOW battery alarm LED comes on. Surprisingly the bmv was showing a 100% SOC

I checked my wiring for any sign of reverse polarity on anything , intergrity of vebus cable , termination of can ports , correct orientation of BMV shunt and all seems fine . I disconnected the battery and checked the individual battery voltages and they ranged 13.91V to 14.03V. Top bank voltage was sitting on 55.3V & 55.4 for the bottom bank.

We had the pv charger kicking in the following morning and after some time the low battery alarm was cleared and the inverter LED came on, but still no show on the ac input and ac loads.

please assist on what could be happening to the system.

onwell dzobo asked
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Multiplus with switched AC inputs generator and mains

Hi, We have a system with Multiplus, SmartSolar MPPT, BMV and CCGX plus a custom switchbox for mains or generator input. The CCGX relay starts the genset based on battery SOC (different levels in normal or quiet hours) but it thinks the generator is the only input because of course the Multi has only one AC input.

(I know we should have bought a Quattro, but we were in a crisis and there wasn't one in stock within the timeframe, hence the custom solution)

The switchbox won't allow the genset to be started (despite the command from the CCGX) if there is mains power. This has the advantage that the genset shuts down automatically when mains power comes back, without any intervention from the Multi or CCGX. On the other hand, the CCGX won't close its relay to start the genset if there is AC into the Multi since the SOC can only fall below threshold if there is no mains power.

Would it be possible to program the CCGX to recognize two AC inputs, Generator and Mains, based on: if a generator start has been commanded the input is Generator; otherwise the input is Mains? I guess that would be a custom mod to the software and we would need someone to do that for us.

Other ideas welcome!

nhenderson asked
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CCGX restarts when contactor to charger switches

Update 30 Nov - So, having had apparently fine operation since installing the SSR. The ccgx suddenlty started frequently and apparently randomly restarting, then just wouldn't come on at all. Turns out the fuse holder on the + supply was cracking and the connection was bad... Hence I'm accepting JohnC's answer. My guess is something about when the contactor switched was exacerbating issue.


Update 19 June - I ended up installing a Fotek SSR-40 type solid state relay in place of the contactor, driven by the battery bank. So far so good! Unfortunately it means I'm not able to confirm any of the answers given below, though I'm sure they're right!


Please see image below for overview of the system.

The CCGX relay output is used with generator control to switch a charger based on SoC. Mains supply voltage is unreliable/variable, hence this configuration.

I've noticed often (but not always) the CCGX will restart itself when the contactor is switched off. This has been the case for perhaps 2 years now (I keep "meaning" to do something about it!).

Today, there was an apparent further progression of this problem, which I have not seen before. The system became stuck in a loop: contactor switches on -> small delay before xantrex starts charging -> ccgx trips/restarts -> contactor switches off due to ccgx turning off -> repeat.
I was able to break the loop by turning off the mains briefly until the ccgx had restarted and settled, then turing mains back on.
In this case the loads on the Multiplus where quite high 3.5kVA at the time.

Inverter/battery cables are undersized - 35sqmm (Again, something I've been meaning to rectify!).

I realise I should probably sort this out first, but I wondered if anyone might have any further ideas?

Many thanks


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REC BMS / Venus GX / BMV 712 Shunt?

I am planning an install with LiFePO4, Victron and the REC BMS. The REC BMS will already hooked up with a shunt on the neg side and will be monitoring the battery. I then plan on having the REC hooked up to the Venus GX. I want to be able to monitor things remotely using the BMV-712. Will the BMV-712 be able to get all of it's info from the REC BMS, via the Venus GX or will I need a secondary shunt on it's neg side of the BMV-712 as well? Additionally, I want to be sure that I will be able to read all the data that the REC BMS is collecting about the bank (including temp) and each individual cell that the BMS is monitoring. Will all of this data be available on the BMV-712 or would I need to forget about the Venus GX and the BMV-712 and use the CCGX instead? Based on certain installation requirements, I'd much prefer the Venus GX/BMV-712 combo, unless my monitoring requirements could not be met.

Thank you.

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CCGX and Venus GX in the same CAN bus

HI Sirs,

Is it possible to use CCGX and Venus GX in same CAN bus ?

I have CCGX in my system, but my 3rd charge controller is connected via VE direct to USB and there is black outs every now and then. Also I would like to add temperature sensors to my setup.

So, Idea is to add Venus GX and connect 3rd charge controller to Venus via VE Direct. ( = 2 separate GX units)

For this, I guess I need battery info from Pylontech via CAN bus also for Venus GX, right ?

For monitoring I have to monitor these GX devices independently, OR use Grafana for monitor these units at the same time.

Thanks :)

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Associer le color gx au VRM

J'ai un Color Gx qui a été associe au portail VRM sur une installation A. Je l'ai démonté pour l'installer sur une autre installation B. mais je n'arrive pas a le lier au portail VMR. Et pourtant j'était administrateur sur la première installation. Merci pour votre aide

el-hadji-daouda-ndoye asked
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DC Power Where is it going?

Hi all

System is LiFePO4 12v battery (EVE 2p4s), REC BMS, CCGX, Multiplus (3000/12/230/50) and smartsolar 100/30.

Has DC System turned on and REC BMS (for Victron), CCGX, Multiplus and MPPT are all playing nicely.

Battery is at 70%, inverter is on but no AC load, MPPT output is 29A.

CCGX is displaying a 158w DC load. Removed all dc fuses to ensure that there was no load other than system control and idle Multiplus and DC load did not change. Turned Multiplus off via CCGX and no change to DC load.

Check REC BMS and only 14.22A to battery is displayed.

Where is the other approximately 13 amps going?






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