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Monitoramento com color control victron e solaredge.

Como faço a conexão do inversor solaredge com o color control, para fazer o monitoramento pela tela do color e pelo site VRM victron ??

jonathan-leal asked

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How do I add tank monitors to my Victron Color Controller?

I hav the Victron Color controller monitoring my Multiplus, BMV and Blue Solar controller in my RV. I would like to add tank monitoring through the color controller. Do I need to purchase a whole new tank monitor system, or is there a way to use the existing resistant based monitor wires? Is there any documentation or resources for adding tank monitors to the Victron Color Controller?

Steve Mullins asked
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Color Control GX with 3rd party LFP Batteries

how can i make the communication between the Color Control GX an the BMS of a third party LFP battery?

tobias-endress asked
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Remote generator start with 4 wires

I'm currently installing a Multiplus II/Smartsolar system in an off-grid setup and intend to use my generator as a backup using the relay function on the Colour Control. However my generator (a Lister Petter Alpha series) has a 4 wire remote start (grey, black, blue, brown). Does anyone know whether it is possible to re-wire/bodge this so it will be compatible with the 2 wire remote start relay from CC? Unfortunately there is no information that I can find from Victron or Lister as to whether this is possible

Many thanks

dsparshott asked
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WECO Lithium iron Phosphate Battery 5K3 connection to color control GX

Am trying to connect 4 pcs of 5K3 Weco lithium iron batteries to the victron color control through the CAN port but they are not getting detected anyone who can help me probably guide me on how to go about it, will be greatful

mlsadler asked
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Bluesolar MPPT 100|30 conflict with MPPT 150|70

I have an MPPT 150|70 charging my batteries and connected to CCGX.

I have a backup solar units connected to an MPPT 100|30 connected to the batteries.

as long as the MPPT100|30 is not connected to the CCGX I can see the MPPT 150|70 on the CCGX and it work properly and I can connect the MPPT 100|30 to my laptop using Victron connect and see that it is working properly.

But once I connect the MPPT 100|30 TO THE CCGX it takes few seconds and I get error# 66 (incompatible device) on the MPPT 150|70

I can't clear this error message.

It looks as if both controllers continue to charge.

The firmware:

CCGX= V 2.72

MPPT 150|70= V 2.00

MPPT 100|30= V 1.56

To my best knowledge these are the latest releases of the products firmware

Is this message a real problem?

If "yes" what is the problem and how to fix?

If it is not a problem how do I disable and remove the error message?

dov-aharonson asked
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Color Control GX display not working

I have a Color Control GX monitoring a Victron MultiPlus 3000/120, two LifeBlue 300Ah lithium batteries, an MTTP 150 | 85 charge controller and 700 watts of solar panels on the roof of my trailer. We didn't use the trailer for 1 1/2 years do to covid pandemic. When I opened up the trailer the year the batteries had been maintained at full charge but the Color Control display does not show energy flow. The display lights up with Victron Energy Blue Power and logo but won't show the energy flow of the system. I contacted the distributer, AM Solar in Oregon USA, and talked to a support person. He walked me through the reboot process. I received the message on the Color Control to reboot from flash. I never received the flash for rebooting when I bought the system. AM Solar said maybe it could be sent to me. They never sent it and now they won't return my support call (both tele and computer submitted request). So I am reaching out to this support group. How can I get the micro flash card so I can reboot the Color Control or is there some other mechanism?

bobtreder asked
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Best Wifi USB for CCGX (As of August 2020)

I'm adding solar to a boat that I built and it's docked at my brother's house on the river. His wifi is good, but the boat will be about 120 feet away from the house, so I need a long range usb wifi dongle.

I'm confused on the best solution for the CCGX.

The current documentation (Section 1.6.2) found here:

says that there are 4 solutions, but only shows the 2 with victron part numbers. What are the other 2 options?

Also, when I google BPP900200300, the result is a 1 antenna device, and the ASUS model has 2 antennas.

Which is better?

Has anyone experienced this weird gap and confusion of information in the documentation?

Any insight would be very helpful!



unckdecamp asked
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GX Tank 140 Remove Unused Tanks from CCGX


Is there any way to disable unused GX Tank 140 inputs when connected to a CCGX only?

There is no 'Settings' > 'I/O' menu on the CCGX so I cannot use the method described in the manual.


gary-1 asked
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Color Control GX & 500A shunt installation

Hi - Need some advice on a new Victron install. While waiting on some other components I'm getting started with the Color Control GX and at this time just want to use the current shunt to monitor amps coming in and out of my battery bank. I may have poorly researched when ordering but I was hoping to avoid the BMV-712 kit which has a separate display for the current shunt. What i wanted to do was connect the shunt directly to the color display and see charge amps or load amps coming in/out of the battery bank. I am not using the bluetooth module on the shunt, instead the hardwired one that has a phone cable. I'm confused where to connect this to the color display or if it will work this way at all. If it's not designed to work this way I can buy the BMV-712 display and call it a day but how does the color display know what's coming in and out of the battery bank. one thought is the MultiPlus will give the unit that info but what about the 12v loads that have nothing to do with the inverter/charger? I'm very proficient at making and terminating ethernet and phone cables so if it's just a matter of making a phone cable on one side with an unused pair and an rj45 on the other that's fine but I am looking for documentation on how to accomplish this without a lot of trial and error and/or burning something out. Thanks very much. Chris

mtnhillsman asked
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Unstable DC information on a colour controller

We have a new installation of a quatro 5kw, mppt, bv bus, cyrix, BMV700, Lithium batteries and a colour controller. The system is up and working ok on AC input, inverting and battery monitoring and SOC display but the DC power box is a little crazy. Even if there is no DC load called for it shows a fluctuating value in minus and plus values. If you put on the inverter to pull a load from the batteries the controller shows an output but not consistant. Also it does not show any input from the alternator when the engine is running(its a marine installation)

Any ideas on why the DC values are all over the place. Also the line connection on the screen seems to show the current flowing the wrong way considering the minus or plus figure in the DC box.

dennis-clayton asked
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mppt Victron Charge Controller voltage question.

Li'l help! I have a MPPT charge controller 150\100 (bluetooth) and what i've been told is i can run 24volt panel (350w) to 12volt gel batteries, And the charge controller will regulate it.. is this true before i install?. Thanks for your time!

walls asked
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EMUS G1 Integration

Hi, I using a EMUS G1 connected to CCGX and DDVC is On , i see the battery BMS is sending CVL, CCL and DCL, however the Quattro 48/10000 is not following. Instead is charging to the settings in the inverter here on screenshot. Any suggestions would be appreciated, ?


richardg asked

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External Cooling Multi Plus 12/3000 How to setup?

I want to place 4 12VDC 80mm case fans in the bay that houses the Multiplus. When the fan activates on the Multiplus I want the relay to close and the external fans to come on as well. When the fan stops I want the relay to open. Everyone keeps saying there is an assistant for that, but I don't know what that means or how to find them. I do have the MuliPlus connected to my laptop so I can program it. I also have a CCGX if that makes it easier?

jjack811088 asked
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Multiple GX units Temp inputs

Does anyone know if the Temp inputs from a second unit (venus, cerbo etc...) will show on the CCGX and vrm? Like the multiple tank inputs do.

A) For in chapter 1.4 - Multiple GX Devices for increasing number of tank inputs

(or to be put in a separate chapter)


The number of tank inputs of a GX Device, such as the Cerbo GX and the Venus GX can be expanded by connecting multiple GX devices together in a VE.Can network.

Make sure to designate one GX device to be the “main” one; and the other(s) to be the “secondary” one(s). There is no practical limit on how many can be used - most likely the number of source addresses on a VE.Can network is the limit, which is 252 addresses. A Cerbo GX, with 4 tank inputs, will use up 5 addresses: one for itself, and one for each tank input.

alan asked
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CCGX - Venus OS 2.66 - Frequent Grid Meter Warning/Alarm

We have a handful of installations that started producing frequent "No Grid Meter alarm: Warning".

This is exclusively related to installations that have a CCGX (Color Control), a Victron inverter, a grid meter, and ESS configuration with Venus OS that has been updated to 2.66 on the GX device.

We have resolved one of our installations that presented this issue by temporarily upgrading the client to a Cerbo GX.

2.66 has yielded the incredible feature in the form of the inverter remote update functionality, but it appears that the new firmware is not stable on the CCGX and is resulting in significant system instability.

Has anyone experienced the same?

I'm hoping Victron is working on an update to remedy this...

Nicholas Herbst asked
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No grid meter alarm: Warning - Using Zigbee wireless


CCGX v2.72



Zigbee wireless modules. USB

Could anyone shed some light on the never-ending (daily) error please? Losing lots of usage data and when this error occurs we don’t benefit from the energy generated. All generation is exported to the grid and not even the batteries are recharged during this error/event. House has to import rather than use the free energy.


No grid meter alarm: Warning”

danield3 asked
Nicholas Herbst answered ·

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Upgrading CCGX from 2.60 to 2.71


Tried to upgrade my CCGX from 2.60 to 2.71 connect to the internet using the download and install option.

After the update, the CCGX automatically rebooted, but it's getting stuck to the Victron Energy splash screen.

-Pressing the Pages and Menu button to reset the unit didn't help.

-Unplugging the power of the unit for 30 seconds didn't do much.

Afterward, I did download a version on a miniSD card, but from here I have no clue where to go to move forward. If I need to reset to factory so be it. Either way, I would appreciate your suggestions.



michel-dumais asked
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CCGX Verhalten

Hallo lieben Damen und Herren,

Ich habe eine MP2

Meine Geräten sind alle Neu (neueste Software): Multiplus II 48/3000 ,

BMV 700, CCGX, EM 24

Ich fahre ESS, weil ich eine 200 Ah 48V Blei Gel habe.

Das Problem ist, meine CCGX startet mindestens 4 mal am Tag.

Ist dies Normal?

Danke im Vorwege für Ihren Antwort.

Vl Gerrit

sonnenausessen asked
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SOC not shown on CCGX.


We have a hybrid system with 6pcs Quattros on a 3-phase parallell system. We have MG Lithium-Ion LFP Batteries and a MG Master LV BMS. The Quattros are Connected to a CCGX on VE.Bus and the BMS on the VE. Can. Problem here is that I dont get the SOC from the BMS/Batteries displayed on CC GX.

Is there something I do wrong here?




orjolsen asked
Marcus Isaksson answered ·

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Oceanic System - 3271 Volumetric Tank Sender NMEA not recgonised on the Colour GX

I have a Colour GX connected to NMEA system alongside an Empirbus on a Narrowboat and the water tank level was successfully shown on the colour display using the NMEA CAN adaptor. The water tank sender I believe is the Oceanic System/offshore dynamcis 3281 (Volumetric Tank Sender). This has been working successfully for 4 years and I noticed with recent update this has stopped appearing coinciding with a rewiring job.

I have checked on the Empirbus logs and the tank level sender is transmitting with the FluidLevel PGN and tank sender id. However, the source address is now 255, which seems strange.

Given that there is more NMEA integration with the ColourGX, I am wondering if this has had an impact.

Do you have any suggestions?

Many Thanks,


Luke Parry asked
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In my new build single phase system . At the display the Pylontech system does not show up in the device list.


In my new build single phase system content 6x Q-cell PVarray on a MPPT250 I60 with 3 moduls Pylontech 2000 attached to a Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 with Color control GX at my lan-network .

At the display the Pylontech system does not show up in the device list.

There is an connection to the Mppt and the original cable between Pylontech an the GX-control. side akku at akku ;

Busresistors installed .

I dont no what tu do please help Iam new in this things with victron

ufa-zoe asked
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SOC differences between devices


Multi 48/3000 in a easysolar . MPPT 150/70 - 200 A AGM bat @ 48V - BMV


700- Color control.


I find the SOC shown on the BMV and Color control page wrong. See examples on attached pics. 96% to 97%


for 50.2 v does not seem correct.

The only location where I see a figure looking accurate is the 2nd page on the multi in the color control. 81%.

Any idea why would the SOC figures would show different values ?



Herve RV Nizard asked
ishtiaq answered ·

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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

aybabtme asked
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-48v Compatibility

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking at using Polarium Lithium Batteries in my system but notice they are -48v. Is there any way they could be used with a MultiPlus? Would I need to wire them in a different way, add some kind of converter or are -48v batteries not at all compatible with Victron equipment?

sambrown asked
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New Issues With CCGX And VRM

Sometime in the past month:

1. My CCGX has stopped recognising my MicroSD card as external storage under VictronConnect/Settings/VRM Online Portal/MicroSD/Usb - it shows "No storage found".

2. VictronConnect will no longer find my Color Control GX device under Devices/Local.

Everything worked fine before I recently upgraded to VictronConnect V5.42 and CCGX V2.71. I don't know when the above stopped working.

VictronConnect/Settings/VRM Online Portal/MicroSD/Usb:

I tried two seperate MicroSD cards (both previously worked) - both not recognised by CCGX. Tried reformatting both MicroSD cards (16GB and 32GB Fat32) - not recognised by CCGX. Inserted a 16GB Fat 32 USB stick in the CCGX USB port - recognised by VictronConnect/Settings/VRM Online Portal/MicroSD/Usb as external storage.

VictronConnect not showing CCGX in Devices/Local:

If I switch to the VRM tab under Devices, then VictronConnect will recognise the CCGX and show it as 'online' and allow me to login to the VRM Online Portal on my Web browser. However, it does not show the "Remote Console" tab and I cannot connect the CCGX with my browser (as I could before).

Has anyone else had these issues since upgrading VictronConnect or the CCGX firmware?

Anyone have suggestions about how I can resolve my issues?

kevinvh asked
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Color control gx auto start on an generator and wire diagram

I have a 4000 watt oman generator can this color control gx auto start my generator and is there a wire diagram and Video show how to make it works



mike-rack asked
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Voltage / stage of charge percentage of a Victron Super Cycle AGM battery

I want to know what voltage relates to what state of charge for a Victron Super Cycle AGM battery, as I think it differs from a standard AGM battery. If anyone knows the voltage for state of charge in 10% increments from 0% to 100% it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

charlielow asked
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No Smartsolar MPPT showing on color control GX display

I just installed a Smartsolar 150/100 VE.can enabled charge controller and connected to my Color Control GX and it's not appearing on the display.


I have dual Multiplus inverters connected to the VE.bus and the charge controller connected to the VE.can port, both terminators in pace as shown below:


The Vconnect bluetoothed to my phone shows the CC is working fine and producing power, no problem. I've changed cables, swapped everything around, rebooted, shut down numerous times, updated firmware on all components, but still nothing on the display for the CC. I do see the "charger" in the system settings and it sees the Smartsolar with correct serial number and firmware version - so the CCGX "sees" the CC, but won't display power info:




I checked the TX/RX settings - all per the instructions, normal, etc.

What next? I must be missing something. The CC works great, just won't show up on the CCGX :-(


Jim Phoenix

jphoenix13 asked
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Connect CCGX to SeeLevel N2K tank monitor interface

I apologize if I missed something already posted, but I’m trying to connect an N2K SeeLevel Tank monitor to a CCGX.

I am a bit confused as to what I physically need to facilitate this connection.

I have no other N2K “network” or system in place, and only have the CCGX and the SeeLevel (N2K enabled) controller head.

Is there a cable I can buy (or pinouts for a cable I can make myself) to connect these devices directly to each other?

There was a reference made by @mvader (Victron Energy)

as follows:

For clarity, the “Victron N2K adapter to which @ben refers is just a plug converter goes from micro-c n2k style to RJ-45 Victron VE.Can style.

No electrical components or software in there.

which makes me wonder if I can connect them directly??

Your help is greatly appreciated


geomz asked
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