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CCGX Color Control to BMV-602S

I have 24 Volt system with a Color Control connected to a MultiPlus, a MPPT SolarControl and Battery monitor 602S. I want to use the SOC in the BMV on the Color Display since it will give me a accurate estimation to start my genset by the relay.

The 602S is connected to the Color Control (with the correct cable for 602) but sometimes it looses connection to the Color control and my genset wont work properly.

Do anyone know a solution to this?

fredrik asked
Juha H answered ·

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VE.Direct-MPPT in system with VE.Bus BMS, MultiPlus and CCGX

Designing a LiFe/grid/solar powered system with

1.BMS, Multi and CCGX connected via VE.BUS

2.MPPT via VE.Direct connected to CCGX

I have to be able to protect the LiFe battery by BMS switching off charging by MPPT. In documentation we have VE.Direct Remote on-off cable for that.

If I use that port I am unable to connect CCGX to MPPT.

Is it possible for CCGX to switch off MPPT by command from BMS but via VE.Bus connection between CCGX/Multi/BMS?

Miro Vidos asked
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Is it not possible to use multiple energy meters (ET112) on one CCGX?

We are trying to measure the energy consumption of individual air conditioners, using one ET112 for each and collecting the data through a CCGX but we only get one displaying. Is this not possible?

Per-Erik asked
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Spiky SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 Output

My Setup: 6x 120W 12v Panels in 3x 24v strings in parallel and 2x Unknow 12v Panels (although the same size as the 120W ones) in a single 24v string, in parallel with the other panels.

These feed into a Smart Solar 250/100.

This then connects to the rest of my system which is a. 5Kva Quattro, BMV-712 and CCGX.

All are linked via VE. Can or VE Bus and using DVCC with SVS, STS and SCS from the BMV. (I did initially join the MPPT and BMV in a VE smart network but removed that after reading the documentation).

They go into a 960Ah LA battery bank of 8x Trojan T125 6V batteries wired as a 12v bank.

So my issue is that the MPPT output seems to be incredibly spiky, with, it looks like, a lot of wasted energy.

Now I’m no expert on MPPT and I understand that the controller tries to find the “best” voltage to run the panels at for the best overall power so maybe what I am seeing is entirely normal, so based on the screenshots I’m more looking for a sense check.

I initially thought it might be shading and where I’m parked certainly there is tree shading in the morning but by mid day this is no longer an issue.

Then I thought it maybe related to it being slightly cloudy so the overal sun intensity carrying quite quickly but it’s been blue sky’s today without a cloud in the sky and it’s still spiky (the screen shoots are from today).


As you can see this is over a 2 minute period.

This is the days PV yield graph:


ElvisTheRV asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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Ve.Bus RJ45 cabling order

Is there a proper order for cabling the following Ve.Bus devices?
(Usually with a 'bus' order doesn't matter.)

DMC GX (required for current limiter when using a Ve.Bus BMS)
Ve.Bus BMS (required for Victron SmartLithium batteries)
Ve.Bus Mains Detector (to allow for DC start when AC is present)
Inverter/charger 1 (split phase)
Inverter/charger 2 (split phase)

In a full Ve.Bus chain of devices, the Ve.Bus BMS manual suggests that there is a preferred order (page 4):


This leads me to believe that there is a required Ve.Bus order of devices which with this equipment list would be:
DMC GX -> Ve.Bus BMS -> Mains Detector -> Quattro1(leader) -> Quattro2(follower) -> CCGX

Can Victron confirm this order requirement?

I guess this leads to a bunch of other related questions such as:

Do the specific ports on the Ve.Bus BMS have to be used as labelled?
Remote to DMC GX, and Ve.Bus to the Mains Detector, before the Inverter(s)?

Is there some unspoken addressing conflict if these are wired out-of-order?
Is it that the DMC is on the same address as the CCGX, where we are hiding the DMC behind the Remote port on the Ve.Bus BMS is required?

The DMC manual seems to suggest that you can connect it directly to an inverter which indicates its a Ve.Bus Device, but the Ve.Bus instructions indicate otherwise.


Natebert asked
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V2.33 File for Colour Control

Does anyone have a copy of the V2.33 file for Colour control?

Mick Finch asked
Rob Duthie answered ·

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Is DMC GX still required for systems with Ve.Bus BMS for changing input current limiter?

Is the DMC GX still required for systems with a Ve.Bus BMS for changing the input current limiter?

The CCGX manual suggests that the DMC GX is still required if you have a Ve.Bus BMS:


Are the current limit settings, which are now present in the CCGX, sufficient for for controlling input currents in systems with Ve.Bus BMS batteries without the need of a DMC GX?


Thank you,

Natebert asked

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Is Victron Color GX and Victron Phoenix MultiPluss 12/2000/80 incompatible?

Hi - just bought a mountain cabin with a preinstalled solar system with a Victron Phoenix MultiPluss 12/2000/80 inverter and charger, Epever 3210A MPPT charger, Honda generator with manual remote start and 2 Rolls 6A batteries.

The configuration of the Multipluss is set up so it automatically starts charging the batteries when the Honda generator is activated.

I am all new to this, so I thought it would be a good idea to buy a Victron Color GX battery status monitor. But as soon as we installed it (ethernet from Multiplus), the automation with the generator stopped working. The only way to reenable it, is to disconnect the Color GX and reload the configuration file for the Multipluss.

Any ideas why this happens? Are these devices incompatible?

Bjoern Tore Hoem asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

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CCGX restarts when contactor to charger switches

Please see image below for overview of the system.

The CCGX relay output is used with generator control to switch a charger based on SoC. Mains supply voltage is unreliable/variable, hence this configuration.

I've noticed often (but not always) the CCGX will restart itself when the contactor is switched off. This has been the case for perhaps 2 years now (I keep "meaning" to do something about it!).

Today, there was an apparent further progression of this problem, which I have not seen before. The system became stuck in a loop: contactor switches on -> small delay before xantrex starts charging -> ccgx trips/restarts -> contactor switches off due to ccgx turning off -> repeat.
I was able to break the loop by turning off the mains briefly until the ccgx had restarted and settled, then turing mains back on.
In this case the loads on the Multiplus where quite high 3.5kVA at the time.

Inverter/battery cables are undersized - 35sqmm (Again, something I've been meaning to rectify!).

I realise I should probably sort this out first, but I wondered if anyone might have any further ideas?

Many thanks


Colin asked
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ESS avec 2 compteur EM24


J'ai un système ESS avec un compteur réseau triphasé EM24 et un capteur de courant AC pour la production photovoltaïque. Etant arrivé à la limite de puissance du capteur de courant, je l'ai remplacé par un second compteur EM24. Le second compteur est raccordé en 3,6,9 sur le réseau et en 1 pour la production photovoltaïque. Les deux compteurs sont sur la même entrée Usb/RS485 mais bien configuré en adresse 1 pour le compteur réseau et en 2 pour le compteur photovoltaïque.

Quand je reconnecte la prise USB/RS485, impossible de trouver un compteur. Les 2 leds rouge et verte clignotent en même temps et que de temps en temps. J'ai essayé avec une résistances e 120 ohms sur les fils vert et marron du câble RS485 puis avec une autre sur le deuxième compteur, puis les deux mais aucun résultat. Même redémarrant le CCGX.

Les 2 compteurs EM24 sont à 20cm l'un de l'autre et connecté au CCGX avec le câble Victron USB/RS485 de 5 m. J'ai vérifié plusieurs fois le câblage.

Dès que je connecte un des fils du second compteur, le 41 A- par exemple, je perd le compteur de réseau sur le CCGX.

Quelqu'un a-t-il une solution?


Arneze asked
Arneze answered ·

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Colo Control GX remote installation

I'm installing a solar power system based on EasySolar 48/5000, which includes Color Control GX. It would be more convenient if the CCGX could be located on the other side of a wall, some 1-2 m away from the EasySolar. Can it be done simply by using extension cables?

If this is not possibel, is the GX Touch 50 compatible with CCGX and does it give all the functions of the CCGX?

Simo Hassi asked
Matthias Lange - Service Team Döbeln DE answered ·

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CCGX requiring reset to allow control of MultiPlus


I have a marine installation, MultiPlus 12/3000, CCGX, BMV702. On a resent cruise we were at times on shore power, generator and inverter.

I am having to reset the CCGX in order to control the Multi. With the Multi master switch ON, I control the Multi with the CCGX. It seems that when I switch between the various power input options I have to reset the CCGX. Example: When last used the connection was to ShorePower and then we leave the dock and later switch ON inverter mode I have to reset the CCGX in order to get the Multi / inverter to switch ON.

The problem seems somewhat intermittent, sometimes all works OK and sometimes not. I have no alarms.

Thanks for any suggestions, Tom


TomHalfmoon asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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CCGX ethernet MAC address changing (link-local)
I am attempting to use the ethernet MAC address of CCGX to determine it's IP on a DHCP network. The CCGX is running firmware v2.53.

Our device is acting as the DHCP server in this case, and the MAC address we see in the arp table for the CCGX changes back and forth between two addresses. Sometimes the MAC appears correctly, with a prefix of 'c4:f3:12' which matches the value reported on the console display and by ifconfig on the CCGX for the eth0 interface. However, sometimes we are seeing what appears to be a random address (changing on reboot), for example with a prefix of '56:e8:21'.

This second value corresponds with the MAC shown on the link-local (ll-eth0) MAC address shown by ifconfig on the CCGX. Which looks like it was added as part of this issue:

My guess as to why we're seeing the other MAC is that the CCGX is sending packets out over this link-local interface, even though it has a valid DHCP IP address. Do you have any suggestions? We would ideally like to see only the 'real' eth0 MAC address once it has a DHCP IP so we can easily identify it.

Kenrick asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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CCGX does not power up my startech long wifi module

The wifi module is new and CCGX is latest software. when I plug the wifi module into the CCGX, the wifi module does not power up.

Wheelhouse Marine asked
jond edited ·

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CCGX USB port “black outs”

Hi all,

I have following problem.

2x150/35 MPPTs are connected to CCGX via VE direct and they work fine without problems. My 3rd 150/35 is connected to CCGX via VE direct to USB interface cable. This unit loose connection almost every day and I get an error “#67 BMS connection lost” , Device list show "MPPT not connected" and MPPT goes to “float”.

I have reset this MPPT and done reconfiguration as mentioned on manual, but no help.

I have bought and tested with second VE direct to USB cable, but no help.

I don’t use any USB hubs or USB cable extensions.

I have swapped connection between two USB ports on CCGX, but no help. WIFI is connected to the second USB port. ( I lose WIFI connection also every now and then…)

CCGX running with FW 2.53, but I have tried with FW 2.42 , but the situation is the same.

Only when I reboot the CCGX, 3rd MPPT will work fine till next CCGX reboot.


Any ideas ?

Thanks for advance !

Kimmo Paukku asked
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VE.Can Regulators dropping out on CCGX

Hi Victron gurus,

Any suggestions on how to fix 2 x solar regulators connected via VE.Can to a CCGX dropping out? There is a VE.Can terminator installed at the end as well. Resetting the CCGX did not bring it back.



Johnson Lee asked
ejrossouw answered ·

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Hookup two solar charger best way

I have a solar charger a. 150/85 that I ran a Communication wire to my CCgx I would like to hook up a 100/50 solar charge to my ccgx can just Daisy chain it to my 150/85 threw the communications wire and will both will read the right number on my ccgx or what would be the best way to hand it and what parts I have 7 panels on my toyhuler putting out 2600 watts 48 volt panels 10 amps i am pushing to many amp

Mike rack asked
KtB answered ·

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Generator start condition logging

I'm using a CCGX to start the generator on serveral conditions, low SOC, high DC current, inverter (pre)overload and AC Load. I want to reduce generator running hours and want to be able to see what condition and with what value triggered the autostart. Is this possible in any way? Either direct in the CCGX or in the VRM portal?

Yannick asked
Yannick answered ·

3 Answers

How do I hook up two solar charge Controller to ccgx

I have a solar charger a. 150/85 that I ran a Communication wire to my CCgx I would like to hook up a 100/50 solar charge to my ccgx can just Daisy chain it to my 150/85 threw the communications wire and will both will read the right number on my ccgx or what would be the best way to hand it and what parts I have 7 panels on my toyhuler putting out 2600 watts 48 volt panels 10 amps i am pushing to many amp

Mike rack asked
Matthias Lange - Service Team Döbeln DE commented ·

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Feature request: Germany 70% feed in limitation of ESS to the grid

My system: Multigrid 48/3000/35-50 with Venus GX and two connected Pylontech US2000 Plus. A BlueSolar 150/35 is DC- connected to the Multigrid. My Fronius Primo 3.0-1 is AC- connected to the output 1 of the Multigrid. The gridmeter is an ET340.

Now i want to feed in the excess energy to the grid after loading the batteries to refinance my pv- system. If i want to get my feed in energy payed i have to register my system by an electrician to the energy supplier. There is a law in Germany called EEG: Only feed in 70% of all the generators maximum power output. The electrician have to set and confirm that the maximum power feed to grid is set to 70%.

Without this limitation to 70% on the entry point to grid you have to install a radio remote controller to govern down your system in four steps by the energy supplier in case of over- energy of the grid. This controller costs about 1100€ and monthly 5€. Last choice is to cut off all inverts to 70% of power generally.

Further information see:

The technical system and measuring devices are installed, available and working fine at the ESS. Other possibilities to limitate to 70% means an huge technical effort to the whole system and money or a loss of energy.

The Fronius and BlueSolar MPPT can be governed by the CCGX to zero feed in to the grid (works fine) but there is no possibility to govern it to a adjustable max. feed in to the grid.

I need a function to set the maximum power (50W steps) feeded to the grid by the ESS.
Priorities: 1 = self consumption; 2 = loading batteries; 3 = feed to grid with adjusted maximum power
This is an important function to use this system in Germany to feed in to the grid.

I don`t know the exact conditions of the network operators but password protection for the max. feed in value will be necessary.

Is Victron planning such a function?

moeterxl asked
Sander van Noort answered ·

6 Answers

Can diffrent "can-products" clash?

We have an client with an existing Victron 5kVa Quattro inverter. The client wants to replace the old batteries with lithium batteries. We intend on using BlueNova. BlueNova uses the can-port for communication. The only "possible" problem I can predict will be the existing charge controller; which is one of the older ve-can charge controllers victron has.

We will add a GX device for proper control and monitoring, but i want to be sure that the two ve-can products will not clash when communicating with the GX

Will this be a problem or can i assume that it will work? Or is it just safe to suggest a new charge controller?

schalk@solarengineering asked
ejrossouw commented ·

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24/48V system. One or two CCGX units?

I live on a boat where I have two halves of my electrical system: 48V and 24V.

A Quattro connects shore power (or generator) to the 48V side.

An MPPT acts as the 48V->24V charger (enabled manually) A second MPPT acts as Solar->Battery charger (manually connected and configured to either the 48V or 24V side based on current needs).

I have a single CCGX.

I had noticed some of these products were also connected via the VE.Smart Network, and that that setup was ill-advised due to the presence of a *GX unit.

One of my future changes will be to add a second MPPT to the Solar->Battery such that each is dedicated to the battery bank (one for 48V, one for 24V). I'll use a manual throw switch to direct the PV power to one MPPT or the other.

How do I ensure each of the chargers (3x MPPT and Quattro) all properly communicate? Would one CCGX for each voltage be sufficient? Should I make the CCGX just operate at one voltage (say 48V) and disconnect the 24V items from it, opting for the VE.Smart Network? Can I leave everything on a single CCGX?


[ Note: I currently have it all on a single CCGX.

I notice when I have the Quattro and MPPT both powering the 48V (when I'm motoring, I need all the power I can get to the electric motors, so the generator and MPPT are both pushing) that the Quattro/MPPT have different opinions of float/bulk -- I assume this is fine as one will take over the work of topping the battery.

] ]

TylerA asked
Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Blue Panel swap out to a CCGX, is it just plug and Play ???

I have a Quattro 12v/3000va/120amp unit in a Motorhome, build date May 2018. I have a net. Blue Panel, I am installing Lithium Batteries to my unit and I am unable to chose Lithium as my Battery.

Can I do this with the new CCGX unit.

Letsgowhitey asked
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SOC - VE BUS Multi 5000/24 and CCGX is not working synchrome at the beginning

I have a question about synchronization of the SOC:

I have recently an new CCGX and connected to the Multiplus with VE bus cable. Also a BlueSolar 150/85 is connected with CANbus cable to the CCGX.

The SOC goes every day a little bit up when the sun shines. After one week the SOC is now till 35%. While the the battery (1000Ah) is in state of absortion or flowting. Is this correct or is there a possibility to synchronize this directly?

Pretender asked
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Unknown battery draw down


My recently installed system has a colour control which reports (contradictory) ve.bus battery state information from the Mutli's and a 3ph PV inverter in off grid configuration. With All output MCCB switched off, there is a constant +-100W (2A) draw indicated in the battery symbol in addition to the L1-L3 standby load. This discrepency is also not included in VRM portal output.

Going into winter this unplanned loss will significantly affect the battery SoC. Is this indeed an undocumented standby consumption within 3ph configuration of the Victron inverters, or is the in built BMV reporting incorrect info?

SoC at dawn reads: <60%

Lead acid capacity:9.8Kwh

Reported night time load: 2Kwh



rnieckau asked
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CCGX relay specs

I want to use the relay on the CCGX to open and close a contactor to dump available solar power to a water heater when the batteries are full or close to full.

Most contactors that are readily available come with 230Vac coils... While I'm confident the CCGX relay can handle the 230Vac, I'm not able to find documentation regarding the specs of the relay. Can anyone help?

SparkPoint Solar asked
Stefanie answered ·

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How to program to report a generator start by CCGX

Does anyone know where I can program to send an email if the CCGX relay is triggered for a generator start?

Des Tan asked
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Is there any Compatible usb Wifi Module for the Victron Colour Controller CCGX

I am looking for a Compatable wifi module for the CCGX Victron colour controller or how to configure eg, TPlink usb wifi module to be recognised by the CCGX.

email: Country: South Africa asked
johnm1 answered ·

2 Answers

Why CCGX decide alone to stop MPPT BlueSolar?

Hello everyone,

we have installed several systems with: Multiplus 48/5000, MPPT 150/35, BMV 700. The elements are connected via a CCGX (v 2.11). Regularly, on 3 systems, the CCGX causes the MPPT to stop, the restart can only be done by restarting the CCGX. Does someone already have this problem really Dangerous for battery life?




Many thanks

MIP NC asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Internet connection problem in Colour Control


I have enjoyd using Easysolar 3000 in my summer cottage. This off-grid installation has been connected to internet by using mobile phone’s usb hotspot - and this did worked well until MAY 2019.

So last spring -a year ago - usb internet connection stopped working and haven’t worked since. I’ve updated firmwire to latest version several times, tried different phones and connections, contacted national (Finnish) importer...

My understanding is that this connection problem is not due to mobile but instead of Easysolar. I’d love to have this fixed at last now when summer is about to start.

What should I do? Is there a chance that something has broken? Could I buy a and use wifi-dongle to connect wia wlan?

MINO20 asked
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