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BYD LVS High voltage warning on Remote console

I have an offgrid system with a Quatrro 48/8000, MPPT 150/70 and Fronius Primo 5.0 on the AC output.

Charging parameters for the Quattro and the MPPT are entered as the victon-byd instructions demand.

The strange thing is that I receive High Voltage warnings from the BYD BMS on my Remote console. Why is this happening? The BMS is only responsible for the charge algorithm so why does it create warnings for High voltage?


Vangelis Beligiannis asked
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Quattro/BYD/GX/Fronius - High Voltage Alarm when reaching 100% SoC


I got an AC coupled system installed about 3 weeks ago. Quatrro 8k, Fronius 8k, GX and BYD LVS Premium 24kwh. Grid is available between 0 and 6 hours a day, very random, and we could go 10 days with total grid outage. Configuration made by the installer is ESS with "keep batteries charged".

Things are running as expected, except that I am worried about two things that I think are related. High voltage alarm from BYD whenever it gets to 100% and the delta between cell min/max once the SoC is at 100%. Here's an example from today.

SoC reaching 100% at 9:11


Increase in min/max cell voltage, and the delta stays large as long as the batteries are not discharging:


And I also get the alarm (visible on the GX as well in the notifications):


Here's an example from yesterday showing the delta while SoC is 100% for a longer period. I reached 100% yesterday, through Grid in the early morning hours, then discharged a bit, then 100% again once the sun rose.


I don't mind sharing my exported config from vrm or any data that might help to understand what's happening. There are some days that I don't get the alarm, but the delta is always there. I read in different posts that this is normal for new installations, but I would assume after 3 weeks, I should be seeing some improvement?

I also read somewhere to keep the batteries at 100% for a week or so. Grid wise this is impossible. I could run a generator for that long but the cost would be very high.

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New batteries installed: GX Error #48 DVCC with incompatible firmware: Warning

Below is my current installation. As you can see I‘m stuck on firmware v413. Any ideas how I can remove the GX Error? What firmware version should I be running and how can I update to that version?


MultiPlus 48/3000/35-50

Note - Firmware installed v413, latest v496, not updatable (1342)

BYD LV Flex Lite x 4

Note - BMU v1.22, BMS v1.13

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AC Coupled System with Fronius, optimal ESS settings?


First, please accept my apologies in advance for the long post. I tried to find answers as much as possible from the documentation.

A local installer recently installed an AC coupling solution for my home, consisting of a Quattro 8k, Fronius 8.2, Cerbo GX with touchscreen, 24kwh BYD LVS Premium and 14*535W panels.

I am still connected to the grid which is still cheap where I live, but I only get that 2-3 hours a day, and it doesn't support (for now) feeding back to the grid. It is still a good option to have especially during the night and very cloudy days. But anything fed back is being counted towards my bill as usage.

It is configured as ESS, but its mode is set to "keep batteries charged", so I don't see any of the settings for zero feed-in with Fronius and whatnot, I only see "Grid feed-in" menu, active changed to yes but this screenshot was during a grid outage:



That's not working very well. During the day with 100% battery and it's sunny, I still feed-in around 1kwh in the short 1-2 hours the grid is available (which I am paying for as usage).

I am thinking that an Optimized mode is better. Like the below example from the wiki:


But I am not sure which one to set, with or without battery life? Then I turn on "Fronius Zero feed-in" and have the "minimum Discharge SoC" to a high number, maybe 80%?

I also assume I need to have "Feed-in excess solarcharger power" to off? What's the recommended settings for my setup?

Side question #1: I only had the system for a couple of days, but I am getting a high voltage alarm briefly every time the batteries reach 100% during the day and I see there is a 0.25V difference between minimum cell and maximum cell voltage. Is this something to worry about?

Side question #2: is there a way to get a time to go value for this setup? (like the one in the smartshunt?)

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perte du bms easysolar 2

sur un victron easy solar 2 avec une batterie BYD LVS, lorsque la batterie arrive a 100% je perd le bms et j'ai donc une alarme low batterie qui arrive. Je suis obligé de deconnecter le bms et le rebrancher pour que le syteme reconnaise le BMS. d'ou le probleme pourrais venir? merci de votre aide

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BYD B-Box Premium LVS in United states ?

BYD LVS is not available for purchase in the United states. Is there a reason why it is not available in the U.S.? Is it possible to use a BYD LVS battery system and a multiplus II (2x120) inverter for United states appliances? Thanks for your time and assistance with this issue.

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BYD internal error and low battery alarm.


I installed a Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 with a unit of 4kW BYD battery. The system worked for 6 days without any issue. Then the system started triggering' Ground relay test failed ' . Then that error completely disappeared and the system started triggering internal error and low battery alarm. I have rechecked the wiring and the system several times, But I have not found any mistakes within my settings.

NOTE: I have installed several Victron and BYD systems, and this is the first time I am encountering such issue.

Thanks for helping.

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BYD LVL 15.4 (120kWh) - I want to increase rate of charge and discharge

Right now I have the following setup

CVL 58.4V
CCL 1944A
DCL 1994A

However when I set grid point to 100kW or -100kW the most the batteries seem to want to take and give is around 60kW.

Im just wondering if I am missing something, as with those figures I would be expecting well over 110kW i/o



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Error 17 master failure when Grid fails aka Loadshedding.

We have a Few Installations that have 2 or more multiplus II's where we have the system work perfectly until the grid fails, at this point we get error 17 master failure.

We Have victrons rj45 cables cables between the Multipluses and colour control. They have been checked.

The wiring is all the same length.

We have updated the firmware to latest.

The fuses are fine.

The colour control has been replaced at one site, but it still happened.

Is there any other advise?

This has happened at multiple sites now with multipluses in parallel.


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Error code: #67 - No BMS since 6 months

Since 6 Month i have the problem, that my plant get the Error code: #67 - No BMS.

This only happens when the Batteries getting full (100 %). After this Error the Charger turns the PV Panels complete away and i have no more charge.

The plant is running but without the pv panels. The only thing i can do is to reboot the plant and after the reboot everything ist ok.

MultiPlus-II GX – v 2.73

MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 – v 481

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/60 – v 1.59

BYD Premium LV battery – v 1.20


When it's working:


After the Error:


Maybe someone can help me with my problem, cause my plant is a pv off-grid photovoltaic system and iam not constant there.

Thank You and greetings


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Communications Connection Type BYD - CCGX - MPPT


Why's it recommended to use the Venus GX to connect BDY-BMU to VE.Can1 and MPPT to VE.Can2? If the CCGX allows to connect the MPPT with VE.Direct1 and BDY-BMU to VE.Can?

Is it due to the processing or obtaining of CCGX data with the MPPT?

Thank you very much for your help.

MPPT 150/100Tr will be used

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Limiter la charge d'une batterie BYD LVL 15.4

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Dans le cadre de l'installation suivante :

* 3 x Quattro 10000 en mode triphasés

* 2 x BYD LVL 15.4 (je sais il en faut 3 pour 3x Quattro 10000 mais je limite le fonctionnement des Quattro à une puissance inférieure à 8000 W par phase jusqu'à l'arrivé de la 3ème LVL)

* Un générateur solaire SMA STP 25000TL

Je souhaite pouvoir programmer ponctuellement une limite de charge des batteries (par exemple à 75 %) au lieu de laisser le système recharger automatiquement à 99 / 100 %

Pourquoi ? Si je dois utiliser une pompe d'irrigation de 11 Kw, avec un fort ensoleillement, c'est le générateur solaire qui va fournir l'énergie à l'installation.

Bien que la pompe soit contrôlée par un variateur de fréquence, l'arrêt de la pompe provoque tout de même pendant quelques instants une recharge des batteries par forcement désirée avant la fréquence ne remonte dans l'installation permettant la baisse de la production solaire.

Je n'ai pas eu d'incident même lorsque le batteries étaient pleine mais je souhaite pouvoir les protéger d'une éventuelle surcharge.

Merci pour vos idées !

elbarjo asked
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victron+Pylontech offgrid versus Victron+BYD offgrid

Hello Off-Grid Fans,

we currently design a 3phase off-grid island: Dual-string PV (> 7 KW) terminating in 1 MPPT RS450/100, Cerbo+Touch, 3x Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 feeding a CE16 EV charge outlet (< 11kW). Storagewise, a 12+ kWh LiFePo4 either from Pylontech or BYD are currently planned for the initial test config.

Now, there’s a lot of really outstanding video material re: Victron&BYD, mostly from Guy Stewart and a few others. Unfortunately, we haven’t come across similar training material on Victron&Pylontech - but it may have escaped our blurred attention. Since - on the other hand - Pylontech batteries are more readily available, we’d greatly appreciate experiences shared re: 6xUS2000 or 4xUS3000 or BYD Premium LVS12 or other… as energy store in this kind of use. We understand that Victron works with all of the above but any non-budgetary aspect/ reason why people chose this of that configuration would be helpful.

specifically for DE: Falls jemand reale Erfahrungen mit ähnlichen, NICHT-netzgekoppelten Lade-Infrastrukturen in DE hat, sind wir für jeden Tipp dankbar.

Thankyou for your patient reading up to here!

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Grid and Ac-in readings jumping in ESS with BYD 3 phase system



I have a 3 phase ESS system with a PV inverter on the AC-in and another one on the AC-out.

Grid and PV inverters are measured with ET340 sensors that are connected with separate USB RS 485 cables to the Cerbo and of course configured correctly. In the ESS menu the grid meter is also selected. The following video shoes the problem with the AC loads and Grid readings.

As you see the PV inverter production, the battery charging and the critical loads are almost totally stable.

The grid and AC loads are jumping up and down for no reason. I have to mention here that all the loads on this system are only connected on the AC out of the Victrons so are only measured as Critical loads.

There is nothing connected between the grid and the Victron AC-in besides the PV inverter. So the AC loads should always be zero!

The problem is more intense when there energy values are high.

Any ideas?

Vangelis Beligiannis asked

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Different capacity BYD batteries with Quattro 48/10000?

I currently have 2 x BYD Battery-box pro 13.8 and a Victron Quattro 48/10k. I would like to add more storage capacity but those batteries are no longer made and are hard to find. Is it possible to mix batteries albeit from the same manufacturer? Eg BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 13.8?

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