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BYD premium LVS and Victron multiplus ESS questions

I don't understand a few things.
This is a test setup and only a switch is connected as a load.

1. I see that I supply back to the grid, but why does it say 0.0 kWh to grid?


2. I have a BYD premium lvs 12.0, which is charged to 100% daily.
Every morning the battery is at 96% with a constant load of 5W + the self-consumption of the Victron Multiplus.
Every day 2.0 kWh is charged to get the battery back to 100%.
How is it possible that the battery loses 2 kWh per day with a constant 5 watt load ?

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BYD internal error and low battery alarm.


I installed a Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 with a unit of 4kW BYD battery. The system worked for 6 days without any issue. Then the system started triggering' Ground relay test failed ' . Then that error completely disappeared and the system started triggering internal error and low battery alarm. I have rechecked the wiring and the system several times, But I have not found any mistakes within my settings.

NOTE: I have installed several Victron and BYD systems, and this is the first time I am encountering such issue.

Thanks for helping.

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BYD LVS High voltage warning on Remote console

I have an offgrid system with a Quatrro 48/8000, MPPT 150/70 and Fronius Primo 5.0 on the AC output.

Charging parameters for the Quattro and the MPPT are entered as the victon-byd instructions demand.

The strange thing is that I receive High Voltage warnings from the BYD BMS on my Remote console. Why is this happening? The BMS is only responsible for the charge algorithm so why does it create warnings for High voltage?


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BYD LVS in cold weather

I have a project where the customer is very interested in using a BYD LVS battery. The project is for a summer cottage and will only be used in the summer so there is no need for high performance during cold weather.

But, as I understood the BYD battiers shuts down below -10deg

This is no problem, but my question is, does the shut down generate any error that needs to be reset manually or does it function normally when the temperature is within limits again ?

The system will be made of Multiplus and a Color control GX (or a Cerbo GX)

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BYD shows wrong Installed Capacity


I have a installation with two LVS modules, and it shows up wrong the GX world, and of course displays a wrong SoC.

Skærmbillede 2021-08-11 kl. 21.41.05.png

Also for some reason it jumps up and down in the available capacity after the multiples has shut down.

The picture is taken after the battery has been depleted and shut down eg 0% SoC.

Something wrong with the BMU?

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Can the Inverter RS be used with BMS-managed batteries

Is it OK to use the Inverter RS plus a GX interface with BMS-managed batteries like BYD?

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How to select the correct Battery System in ESS Assistant for BYD BMU LVL 15.4

I'm in the process of setting up a 3-phase system utilising 3 x Quattro 15kVA, Cerbo GX with touch 50 GX interface. The batteries used are 4 x BYD LVL 15.4 modules. The BMU connects to the BMS Can interface connection, using the Type A Cat5 cable, with a termination plug.

I'm at the point of setting up the ESS Assistant within VE Configure 3 where asked to specify the Battery System.


The two options as I see it are the with two-signal or "with other type BMS".

Where in Victron literature can an answer be found, as the technical data on the LVL is scant.

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Quattro 48/3000 and BYD LVL 15.4. Are they compatible?

Hello everybody,

I have two Quattros 48/3000 connected in parallel, single phase.

In the Victron Compatibility page it says the following: "All 48V Multis, MultiPlusses, MultiGrids and Quattros are compatible".

...but then there's this table:


As you can see, the Quattro 48/3000 is not mentioned.

It's the same inside the document "Minimum Configuration List" made available by BYD, see below:

[image] I missing something? Is the 48/3000 compatible with the BYD LVL 15.4?

Thank you for your help

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BYD LVL 15.4 High Battery Voltage Warning


I've got an off grid setup with 3 quattro 48/15000, 2 SMA Tripower 25000TL and 5 modules of BYD LVL 15.4. Installation and configuration went through no hitches, all unit firmware was updated. CCGX usually reports high battery voltage even at 54.9v. Any ideas as to how to resolve this?



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batt Capacity added - ESS reconfigure needed


I have a question about the ESS config.

At this moment I have 2 Victrons multiplus-2. They are managed bij Victron cerbo.

The battery is based on BYD Premium LVS 4.0.

For the configuration, I follow the Victron BYD documentation (

When I started with this setup, I had only one battery unit. So, the batt capacity was set 78Ah within the ESS config.

Later on, I added a batt module to increase the capacity. But I didn’t update the ESS config with VEConfig utility.

The Cerbo reports that 2 batt modules are installed. And the total capacity is correct.

Is it really necessary to change de ESS config? This gives a downtime.

The batt is charged with MTTP that also managed by Cerbo.


Config ESS -> one batt module


current config with 2 batt modules


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Throttled Fronius wastes up to 90% of capacity - improvement required on Zero-feed-in

Hi All,

With this documentation I like to demonstrate that Fronius Zero-feed-in algorithm ignores up to 90% of available energy in a zero-feed-configuration, although all produced energy could be fed into battery at that moment.

@Victron&Fronius-Developers: Please read this article and translate improvements into next software releases.

Generic problem description

My PV panel power balance between MPPT-fed and Fronius-fed energy ratio is about 45% vs. 55% (my complete topology is described below). This screenshot demonstrates that this ratio can be also effectively generated and loaded into AC-IN and battery as long as the grid is disconnected from MultiPlus-II.


Only 30 seconds before when grid was still connected, I took that screenshot. You see that MPPT has nearly the same output, but the Fronius delivered only 28% of its actually currently possible capacity. Since the previous screenshot was taken before, it demonstrates clearly that at that moment there was no restriction of the battery taking additional energy (charging limit of 242A current allowed by BYD at that moment of time).


Frist conclusion
Fronius Zero-feed-in feature in Victron ESS wastes plenty energy (>75% in average – up to 90% in peak)

Closer analysis
Following analysis demonstrates that Fronius Zero feed-in mechanism only works as long as you have a steadily deviating power consumption. Otherwise it wastes plenty energy.

1. AC load on AC-OUT consumption is currently low at 249W and Fronius feeds in with 934W only (compared to screenshot in step 3 you see that was is only 50% of the available capacity at that moment).


2. Switch on a mentionable load on AC-OUT1 activates the Fronius within a few seconds to leverage full available capacity.


3. After having switched off the additional load, Fronius continues to produce similar but already slight lower volume. The produced capacity is fed mainly into battery.


4. As long as there is no peak any more on AC-OUT1, Fronius lowers its production steadily down. In that example its returned to 23% of currently available capacity.
Battery SOC was 52%, the currently applied current 52,9A with readiness to take 242A at that moment.


Please improve zero-feed-in feature so that also battery will be effectively loaded with available capacity on Fronius attached PVs.

My environment

  • MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 in 3-phase (firmware 477) with a ESS zero feed-in configuration
  • ESS zero feed-in configuration
  • Multiphase regulation on single phase
  • Grid setpoint defined at 80W > currently returned to 60W again
  • Fronius Symo 6.0-3-M (firmware 3.16.7-1) with 6.030 kWp attached (55% of total PV) – connected to AC-OUT1 (critical loads) – no additional smart meter - sunspec activated
  • Victron MPPT VE.can 250/100 rev2 (firmware 3.02) connected via VE-Bus with 5.025kWp attached (45% of total PV)
  • PV modules all with absolutely identical direction and no shadowing
  • BYD LV 15.4 (allowed charging and discharging current during the test procedure 243A)
    BMS connected via CAN-bus (firmware 1.16)
  • VenusGX (firmware 2.60) > currently tested with 2.62-beta5
  • Any component with latest firmware as of today


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BYD LVL Sudden Voltage drop to 37V

Hi everyone,

I have a system Quattro 10K with a BYD LVL 15.4kwh. The battey voltage drops suddenly from 53V to 37V. Does anyone has an idea on where the problem is. I am out of troubleshouting ressources.



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Where is the Temperature sensor mounted - in the Easy Solar 48v box, or in my BYD lithium battery box?

Where is the temperature sensor mounted for my Easy Solar 48v system? Or is it mounted inside my BYD Lithium battery box? My problem is in the winter, when the shed temperature is lower than 15 deg C and I'm running the generator, then the sun comes over the hill, and my solar panels' charging capacity is throttled back, due to the low temps. I'd like to install a small heat source, say a 100w light bulb, running off the generator output, to warm the system up enough to make the most of the brief winter sunlight.

Another question: Do lithium batteries need this low temperature protection? Is it possible to adjust the temp threshold down a few degrees?

Many thanks.

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Why would my System go off when plugging in the VE.Can or VE.Bus?

Hello, I am using a Victron set up with BYD batteries. I have a ccgx with Quattro 48V|8000va|110amp. I have 2 BYD Boxes with a total of 20kW. The system had been working great since early 2020 and recently it started shutting off randomly with now errors recorded. So I read on the forums that some had issues when the VE.Bus going to the inverter would shut the system down when plugged in. So, when I could not get the inverter to turn on at all even with a reset I unplugged the VE.Bus network cable and it turned right on. I live in Zambia so I did trouble shooting with my supplier from South Africa over WhatsApp. We went through many different scenarios. We unplugged everything from the back of the ccgx and left the power cable connected and shut off the supply of power from the solar arrays. With the VE.Bus plugged in and connected to the inverter the system now came on. When I plugged in the VE.Can going to the BMS for the BYD the system again shut down. I connected everything back and whenever the VE.Bus and VE.can were both plugged it would go off. But if one or the other were unplugged it would run. I tested the network cable from the VE.Can to the BMS and it seemed to be okay. I swapped BMS's as both BYD boxes come with one and so I had a spare and it did the same, shut off. I tried with just 4 of the eight batteries and set the fuse addresses to the correct setting and it still shut off. I tried with just one battery and it still shut off. At the end of the day before the sun went down I connected everything back together and surprisingly it worked perfectly fine with VE.Can and VE.Bus plugged in to the BMS and Inverter. Now it has been 2 days and it is working fine. I just want to see if anyone may know what was causing my problem in case it starts happening again.

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BYD B-BoxPro, BlueSolar 150/85VE.CAN, and SmartSolar150/85

Good day,

We have an existing system with 3 MultiPlus 48/5000/70 (in parallel), 4 BlueSolar 150/85 VE.CAN, 2-BYD B-Box Pro 10 kWh, 1-BYD B-Box Pro 7.5kWh, and a Color Control GX.

One of the 4 BlueSolar had a 0 current reading, so we requested for a replacement. Since, BlueSolars are not anymore available in the market, they sent us a SmartSolar 150/85 as a replacement unit.

1.) How can we synchronize the SmartSolar to the existing 3 BlueSolars and what will be its connection to the CCGX? What are the needed accessories and upgrade to sync the charge controllers if it is possible?

2.) Can the BYD BMS communicate with the BlueSolar 150/85 VE.CAN?

Thank you.

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Can I mix BYD Pro 13.8 and BYD Pro 10.0

I have 4 BYD Pro 13.8's in a system and a spare BYD Pro 10.0 which i would like to add, anyone got any ideas?

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unexpected Inverter shutdown


after running several months with no issue at all, the MP II swicthed off and no message appeared on the GX not the VRM alarm log. Later i discovered irregular behaiviour of the SOC coming from the BYD BMS (a call to EFT is already opened) - nevertheless, i would expect some sort of logging from the MultiPlus II about that - any other location/source i could look at ? The only change within the last 2 weeks was updating the GX to 2.60.

best regards,


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BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4 showing 325Ah instead of 300Ah on CCGX


I have few problems with my ESS system and BYD Premium LVL.

1. Capacity reported on CCGX (v.26.3) is much greater than 300Ah (see attached photo)


2. I am no longer able to upgrade the battery box and BMU firmware using the latest BE Connect application (v1.7.1). I am able to connect to the battery wlan, after downloading the firmware in my android phone, but the BMU is busy asking to try again later.

Please help!



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3 Phase Skylla VE BUS Control

Hi Victron enthusiasts, after consulting the manual for the Skylla TG 3 phase I can't seem to find any clear information relating to its ability to connect to the VE BUS and respond to a CAN battery (BYD LVS)'s charge current requirements. As far as I can see they only have an allow to charge yes or no control? We are wanting to use the 3 phase Skylla for charging as we have a 3 phase genset for backup but only require to run single phase loads off of the Multiplus.

Has anyone done this before? Is there a better way to do it?


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BYD battery not charged by the Quattro - output frequency 52,7 Hz



I have recently purchased a BYD LVS 20.0 battery and a Quattro 48/8000

My system is off-grid and has a Quattro 48/8000 with a FRONIUS PRIMO 3.0 on AC out, an MPPT 150/70 and a CCGX .

All setting are done according to your guidelines :

Victron & BYD [Victron Energy]

Here is the problem :

After the battery is fully charged TO 100% (around 13:00-14:00) the battery starts to discharge although there is plenty of sun to keep it charged. The MPPT keeps giving power but the Quattro shuts down the FRONIUS to 0W!!!

I can understand this happening if the battery voltage is above 55 V but this goes on even if the battery voltage goes down to 53V.

I am positive that this is not a BYD BMS issue. I tried connecting the AC GRID that I have as a back up and then the quattro started charging the battery as well immediately because it dropped the frequency back down.

I believe that the quattro should keep the fronius awake as long as the voltage is 55V or lower. Even if it has the frequency locked probably because of an overcharge insident (no error appeared) it should unlock after the voltage drops under the rebulk value. This value is 54.2V for my system but the frequency is still locked even reaching 53 V.

Why does it not unlock the frequency?

I am loosing power and the battery starts to discharge from 14:00 for no reason.

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AC LOADS readings jumping up and down like CRAZY on Fronius AC coupled when frequency above 50.2V

My system is off-grid and has a Quattro 48/8000 with a FRONIUS PRIMO 3.0 on AC out, an MPPT 150/70 and a CCGX .

When battery is in float (55V) and the Fronius (on AC OUT) is regulated be the frequency (above 50.2Hz) the AC loads readings on the CCGX go crazy! Up and down by hundreds and even thousand Watts.

As soon as the frequency drops to 50 all is back to normal.

Any ideas?

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AC coupling BYD Battery-box Pro13.8, with microinverter and 4 inverter Quattro 48/5000/70


We have a PV system with 4 inverter Quattro 48/500/70 and 2 battery-box Pro 13.8.

Righ now we are only going to expand the photovoltaic system to 10.9kW, but the AC- coupling manual indicates ""Each additional 1.5 kWp of AC PV will require an additional proportional 4.8 kWh increase in battery storage""


10.9kW (AC PV) / 1.5 kWp x 4.8kWh = 34.88kWh

but, I have 27.6kWh (Battery)

Can I expand the System without more batteries?

or I have to add more?

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Error 17 master failure when Grid fails aka Loadshedding.

We have a Few Installations that have 2 or more multiplus II's where we have the system work perfectly until the grid fails, at this point we get error 17 master failure.

We Have victrons rj45 cables cables between the Multipluses and colour control. They have been checked.

The wiring is all the same length.

We have updated the firmware to latest.

The fuses are fine.

The colour control has been replaced at one site, but it still happened.

Is there any other advise?

This has happened at multiple sites now with multipluses in parallel.


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BYD B-Box Pro 7.5 unable to start.

Last year (Nov 11 2020) I posted a question regarding my BYD B_Box that within 2-3 days SOC dropped from 90% to 7%. I got an answer from Guy Stewart that said:

This model of batteries have an issue where they are not very good at measuring very low power demand, anything less than 50W ~1A per module is not very reliable.

This is not normally an issue if the battery is recharging to 100% - 55.1+ V. At that voltage, it will recalibrate the SOC reading.

It seems like something has changed in that time that meant the battery was no longer reaching that 'recalibration' voltage threshold.

I can only speculate why that might be the case, but that is surely the explanation for inexplicable SOC drop

So I shut down the inverter (remotely) and only left the charger and the CCGX on and since this is an off-grid system up in the mountains in Norway I haven't been able to visit before now.

When I arrived yesterday the batteries was totally "dead" the solar charger MPPT 250/60 said that it was not charging due to lost connection to the BSM and the CCGX did not list the BYD box at all.

The BYD BSM module have a blinking green led that blinks two times and then have a pause. According to the manual this means lost connection to the batteries - no surprise since they don't turn on.

Then the question - Is the batteries totally dead or is there a way I can get the batteries back to life? Like trying to charge each battery individually by bypassing the BSM or telling the MMPT to ignore the BYD "BSM"....?

The system consists of the following components:

•Color Control GX

•MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48

•BYD B-Box Pro 7.5

•SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/60



Sveinung Johansen

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On the VICTRON SMARTSOLAR MPPT 250/70-MC4, the blue light next to "Bulk" flashes slowly.

In the Ve connect app, PV Solar shows 0.00. But measured, from the solar panels come in 156V, which is not stored in the battery.

On the CCGX, the MPPT state is off.

What could be the reason why MPPT doesn't turn on?

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Byd box pro battery issue with SMA inverters

Hi everyone, I have a b box pro 13.8 with a sunny island 8 and 2 sma 5 inverters, all only 1 year old, system was running really well when we moved into our new house, generator came on a couple of times when battery hit 30%, and to took about 2 hours to fully charge, but for the last month the Genny has been coming on roughly 4_6 times per 24 hours, only running for 20 minutes and sunny portal shows the battery is fully charged??? We are only drawing roughly 300wh in the evenings so the battery should last time until the morning, anyone else had issues similar?

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3x quattro 48/8000 et BYD LVL15.4

i've got a installation off grid in 3 phase with 3 quattro 48/8000, 2 Fronius Symo 8 and 1 BYD LVL 15.4. the batterie went to 0% (bad weather for 3 days). after that, my customer started the generator (ACin) and put the 3 quattro on charge only. the voltage of the batterie went from 0V to 42V in nearly 3 hours. but i still got on the color control 0% of charge? is that normal? and the batterie don't stay on (the led stopped after 3-4 minutes). my customer had to go away so stopped the generator to save the petrol (the site is on a remote island). so my question is how long should the generator goes on to charge the batterie to be able to put the vitron ON and get the Fronius inverter working?

hope i'm clear enough as english is not my usual language.


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3-Phase MultiPlus II ESS System with an additional MultiPlus II for battery charging

Dear Victron Fellows,

I have the following use case for two almost identical installations:

On the already existing 3-Phase ESS installation using MultiPlus II Devices, the battery should be charged in case of a grid failure and in time of insufficient PV power.

The installation already has the following devices:

  • 3-Phase ESS installation using 3 MultiPlus II 48/3000 operating in parallel to the public grid (230V)
  • 3-Phase Fronius AC PV converter connected at the critical loads AC Output of the Multis and controlled by frequency shifting (MG50)
  • CCGX
  • BYD B-Box 10.0 connected by VE.CAN to the CCGX
  • MPPT Solar Charger connected by to the CCGX

A single phase 5kVA 230V Diesel inverter is available. It should be used to provide the power for the charger.

Is it possible to charge the battery using an additional MultiPlus II connected to the CCGX?

Can the Multi be connected to the CCGX and does it receive the relevant battery information BYD BMS information (DVCC)?

According to the following question it should be possible. And that is what I would expect and I think is the reason of DVCC.

Asking my dealer to verify the answer he told me that it is not be possible to connect the additional Multi to the existing CCGX, because the additional multi would need its own controller and needs to operate independent from the ESS system.

He suggested to connect the Multi by the relays (LINK). This would not be an preferred option for me because I would expect the charging process to be more optimal if it is controlled by the batteries BMS.

If the additional Multi can not be connected to the CCGX, would it be possible to add another Venus device and connect the CAN Bus to this device for retrieving the BMS information?

Best regards,


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BYD LVL and old model BlueSolar VE.Can compatibility

Good day, all! We need help on this.

We have an existing system that uses Victron BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 VE.Can, Victron MultiPlus 48/5000/70-50, Color Control GX and lead-acid AGM battery. We are now going to replace the battery with BYD Premium LVL 15.4.

Is this possible with the existing system? What should also be the configuration of the charge controller and the MultiPlus?

Thank you!

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BYD BBox Pro 10 KWH not seen on VRM- system working normal


I have a BYD pro 10 KWH with 3 Quattro 5 KW system. The system was working fine till it was switched off to remove the faulty Smart solar.

After restarting the system the BYD pro is not shown in Venus /VRM

@BYD_service Interestingly the run light on BMU is constantly on - also the 4 units of B-Plus have steady lights - The battery does not switch off and remains on till manually swicthed off

I still did the following to see if it will solve the problem but no improvement

1, changed the addressing of batteries instead of 1-234, made it 4-3-2-1

2. Removed and reseated all cables after cleaning with contact cleaner

3. replaced the BMU to CCGX cable (self-made) with another cable (self-made) It confirms to Type A pinout

4. updated CCGX to the latest release candidate

5. Switched off battery completely waited 10-15 minutes ( no lights on on BMU and B-Plus) and restarted the battery

6. The battery accepts the charge or discharge if I switch on the Quattros

7. In the coming days I will change to official TYPE A cabel to be sure

short of trying a different BMU or CCGX is there any other option i can try?

It will 1-2 weeks before I can get another BMU . Can I run the system using Allowed to charge and allowed to discharged contacts in normal mode after switching off ESS. Since my 250./20 Smart solar also requires repair /replacement the loads will be mainly supplied by grid or generator

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