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CCGX not working, AC coupled system shutdown

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Hi . I have a CCGX screen not coming up and entire quattro and fronius AC coupled will shutdown. The system started working after troubleshooting and disconnecting VE bus cable on CCGX. Presently system is working blindly, no screen to monitor. Any suggestions??

CCGX Color Control
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Basically you have done this, but simpler.

Is the CCGX powering up at all? Have you checked the fuse on its power cable?

If it is totally dead the only thing to do is total replacement. Suggesting a Cerbo at least. Much faster processing then for the system and running ESS

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Thank you for your response @Alexandra . The power cable read 51.2v. Ethernet port still indicates green led. USB host port dead, relay port dead and I guess everything else is dead on screen. Do you think replacing with a new CCGX will suffice? If yes? Is there any way to transfer settings from old to new one.?

Kind regards

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Yes you will have to get it replaced. Is it still under warranty?

And no as far as i know unless you have some programming/linux experience it is difficult to copy settings. You will need to start afresh.

It should be simple though,

1. WiFi/lan connection

2. fronius discovery and

3. ESS settings (dod, grid set point)?

The rest of the system is already programmed.

Be aware though that you may not get. CCGX since the are pretty much obsolete. So firmware updates (and reprogramming on the inverters) might be necessary on all components.

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Thank you so much for the information. I think the system was installed three years ago according to information from the user. I am not the original installer, no contact with the first installer as he is no longer in the country. I shall look into your suggestions and make contact later.

Many thanks.

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