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MPPT 450/100 display as "NOT CONNECTED"

Hi everyone. New Victron user here :)

I have :

  • an MPPT 450/100 connected using VE.Can to a Cerbo GX (terminator connector used on each one)
  • a Multiplus-II 48/8000/110-100 connected using VE.Bus to the Cerbo GX
  • Pylontech batteries connected to Cerbo-GX using the good Victron cable to the Cerbo-GX
  • DVCC is on ( charge informations are provided by the Pylontech BMS)

I have a strange behavior with the MPPT not showing as PV Charger on the VRM online and marked as "NOT CONNECTED" on Device List.

More strange, when I connect to the MPPT solar, or when I reboot it, it appears in both device list and VRM, but only for approximatively 30 seconds and then it desappers again.

I monitored the device list and sometimes, the MPPT is showing up by his own, but only for a few seconds.

Note that the device itself is working well.

I have tried using another cable, but the behavior's still the same.

Has someone experienced the same problem ?

Maybe it is "off" at night with no PV production ?

Thanks for your help or advice :)

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Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can connected to the Cerbo in ESS?


I am planning an ESS system with a Cerbo.

Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can ?

For example, one MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) and several MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct) connected to the Cerbo?

Thanks in advance!

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ESS mit Cerbo: Mischen von ve.can und möglich?


ich plane gerade ein ESS System mit einem Cerbo.
Kann ich MPPTs mit VE.Direct und VE.Can mischen?

z.B. ein MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) und mehrere MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct)?

Danke im Voraus!

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Studer variostring compataible with victron colorcontrol and multiplus

Hi guys ,

Wondering if the victron canbus is compatible with studer can bus communication .

want to install victron multiplus with colorcontrol and studer mppt variostring

with lithium bms communication , weco 5k3

are there any ins and outs ?

kind regards bert

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Skylla IP65, connected via VE.Can, not found in Cerbo

I am installing a pair of Skylla IP65 24V chargers in a system with a Lynx SmartBMS and 2 200AH 24V Victron Smart Lithium batteries. My working assumption is that they should appear in the Cerbo device list. Per the manual, "The AC input current limit of each charger is set to 10,5 A max and can be adjusted with a CCGX device, NMEA 2000 or a Skylla-i-control GX remote panel." I assume the "CCGX device" would include a Cerbo.

The Lynx and Skyllas are connected to the Cerbo via the VE.Can ports. The cables are terminated at each device at the end of the chain. The Lynx appears in the Cerbo device list, but neither Skylla will appear. I have changed cables, changed terminators, and connected one Skylla and then the other. I have changed the order of the devices in the cabling.

Update #1. Changed cables again. I can now see one of the 2 Skyllas. The other says not connected. However, if I disconnect the 1st one and connect the 2nd, the 2nd Skylla appears, though it throws a Error 65 - lost connection.

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Can I connect a SmartSolar MPPT Tr to a SmartSolar Tr VE.CAN?

Good day,

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 Tr and I need to add another MPPT to my configuration.

I like the SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 Tr VE.CAN and its ability to synchronise charging across multiple MPPTs.

Can I use VE.Direct to VE.CAN interface cable to connect my old and new MPPT?

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Help with a new offgrid systeem

I'm new to the off-grid thing I've started the first purchases for my off-grid system this will mainly be used in my garage/workshop
The components so far are
- the solar panels
- victron MPPT100/35 smart
1 battery Liontron LifePO4 type LX48-50 - 50Ah/ 2.56KWh

The battery has a BMS on board that can communicate via CAN bus

Still to buy
- converter phoenix 48/3000

- To ask
do I have to use the CAN bus on the battery, if so what is needed

-40Amp between MPPT and the busbar for battery charging
according to victron's calculator we would get the following charging current
Max PV voltage@min temp=89.6V
Min PV voltage @max temp =55.8V
Max current@MPP min temp =30.9Amp
Max curren@Mpp max temp =24.5Amp
I provide the section of cables for this on 10mm² with a max length of 150cm
The cables supplied for mounting the battery on the busbar are 25mm² it is advisable to put a fuse between them - 50Amp or more?
Discharge current >50A(>5sec) or Discharge current >75A(100ms)
Short circuit current: >300A(>400µS)

between busbar and towards the inverter fuse 100A and possibly smart battery protect SBP 48/100?? and also a switch

3000W at 48V gives a current of 62.5Amp which I will rarely use

Any info to put me on the right track is most welcome

pkvo asked

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10 m of VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable ??

Victron has only 5 m original VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable.

How to do by myself this cable ? I need 10 m.

mk1 asked
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bms.can or full ve.can in multiplus 2 gx


No one can tell me what variant of the drive it sells.

It is somehow easy to find out which version VE.CAN I have after unpacking (For easy return to the seller)

Picture on drive:

BMS.CAN = only Battery

VE.CAN = full Can port

Aditional information from datasheet:

Late 2021 / early 2022, the hardware of the MultiPlus-II GX and EasySolar-II GX product range has been updated. The update adds Bluetooth and changes the CAN-communications port from a limited 500kbps BMS-Can only type to a full featured VE.Can port (non-isolated). Status per model:
  1. MultiPlus-II GX 48V 3kVA;

Thanks for reply.


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Lynx Shunt ve.can + Phoenix Inverter ve.bus + CCGX + what else?

My new lynx shunt with ve.can ports is sitting a foot away from my phoenix inverters with their ve.bus ports and quite obviously they cannot communicate with each other. The inverters are connected to a CCGX panel about 50 feet away obviously via ve.bus, and the CCGX's ve.can port is connected to a N2K adatper to feed my main data backbone. I would rather not pull another 50 feet of cable through this boat to bring the shunt's ve.can port up to the CCGX. What are some viable alternatives? The goal is to see the shunt on the CCGX and for the shunt data, along with (already working) inverter data to be forwarded to the N2K bus through the adapter from ve.can

Add a Venus GX (or Cerbo GX) near the inverters and shunt and connect both ve.can and ve.bus to the Venus - will the Venus/Cerbo forward all the data between both networks so the CCGX will see it all?

Add another ve.can-N2K adapter on the shunt's ve.can port - will the CCGX see the shunt data on N2K and bring it in as ve.can?

Save up a lot of money, buy the entire Victron company outright, and put them to work making all their products network compatible without the use of a different unique adapter for every device?



Chris Barber asked

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Pylontech US3000C BMScan to EasySolar I

Have set up comms between US3000Cs and EasySolar II with no issues. Trying to get working on an EasySolar I, which only has a VE.can input, no BMScan. Have wired up my own Type A BMScan cable from batteries to inverter, checked and is all okay.

From what I could gather it is still possible to use the VEcan port as a BMS can, but I’m having no luck getting the batteries to show up on the CCGX device list.

Hopefully someone can shine some light on this for me.

solarsam asked
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How to control MPPT (VE.Can) to stop charging at certain SoC level e.g 80%?


TLD;R - I would like for a piece of mind and health of a LiFePO batteries implement a charging strategy similar to e.g. Tesla cars: Charge only to specified SoC, let's say 80%.

My current setup includes:

  • LiFePO bank monitored and controlled by REC BMS,
  • Lynx Shunt 1000A VE.Can shunt
  • SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/70
  • and Cerbo GX

among other components.

In current setup, if I understand it correctly, REC BMS is periodically sending a frames on CAN Bus
advertising current SOC (among other things), and effectively controls MPPT to slow charging
when SOC reaches 98% and stop charging when SOC is equal 100%. This is a behavior
I can observe on both Cerbo GX and VRM portal.

I would like to stop charging at 80%, both for extending battery life, and for pice of mind,
that when boat is unattended, some fluke in SOC calculation would make MPPT overcharge
batteries. Is it possible?

S/V Festina Lente

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Cerbo CAN connection

Hello everyone,

could you please tell me if the BMS-CAN connection can be used as a VE.CAN connection?
The system I have in mind has 2 MPPT VE.CAN, 1 MultiPlus and Pylontech Force L2 which needs type-A cable.

Many thanks,


fgs-energie asked
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1 Answer

remove CAN devices

Hi everybody,

I have installed a "dummy" BMS over CAN (for testing) and when I remove the device I get an error67 wich makes sense as the CAN comunication is interupted. I'm using the 2-chanel CAN hat from Waveshare.

How can I remove all the CAN devices without getting those errors?

Thanks for your support!

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Error 67 - BMS Connection Lost on Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can

I have a Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can connected by VE.Can to a MG Energy Master LV (With 2 x 200Ah HE batteries) and a Color Control GX. There is also a Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 connected by VE.Bus on the same system.

I'm having an occasional 'Error 67 - BMS connection lost' from the Smart Solar but I have unfortunately been unable to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue. It never happens when the solar is isolated but randomly when solar is generating. It does not automatically recover unless I clear the issue by isolating our solar panels and reconnecting. Is this a known issue with Smart Solar VE.Can variants? Details are below. Many thanks!


DVCC Enabled

Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can Firmware v̶1̶.̶0̶3̶ v1.04

MG Energy Master LV Firmware v1.22

Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 (230VAC) Firmware v469

Color Control GX Firmware v2.51

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