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CAN Values sent from EMUS G1 to Victron - 2022


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on the Cerbo GX and Touch 50 you can see
- Voltage, current, state of charge and state of health, battery temperature
- desired charging voltage and charging current and max discharging current
the last three values are interpreted as DVCC values which the Cerbo gives to a connected VE.Bus charger like the Multi series. 
Furthermore you can see every alarm message.

Im allready using a EMUS G1, but sadly an old an incompatible (to Victron.img Firmware) Hardware Version from 2018.

So i cannot test the CAN Bus Connection to Victron by myself without buying a new G1 Unit.

For my growing second Life Battery Packs i need/want to log and see the

  • lowest/highest individual Cell Voltage and Temperature
  • ideally the actual individual Cell voltages
  • and the data stated by @bricki in 2021

Could someone please send some screenshot from the actual sent data between EMUS G1 and Victron. ideally also the visualisation in VRM.

(Im asking about that cause im kind of thinking about switching to RECBMS cause in this article and also in their Manuals i can see that all neded Data is sent via CAN

but that would mean kind of an rebuild of my batterie packs an in genernal im really happy with the EMUS

I contacted the EMUS Support several time, they are fast and helping, but cannot support me in my question, just telling me "CANBUS between EMUS and Victron is supported"

So its a question of REAL-LIFE-EXPERIENCE and sadly not readable in manuals

how did those people experiences turned out who asked those question in past.

@Emmanuel Allaud @Asbjoern85 @arghhh40k @Kai Behrends @Jokani

thanks in advance


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Ethernet Panel Mount Adapter

Hi there,

I am busy designing a steel wall panel for a Victron system. I want to better manage cables and therefore I want to run them behind the panel and only have a short piece coming out from the equipment. For the VE Bus and VE can cables - could I use these RJ45 adapters to take the cables to the back of the panel in a neat manner? I also plan to parallel 3 Multiplus II's - and want to use the same methodology to connect them together.




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Loss of NMEA2000 Data sporadically

Sometimes I lose NMEA2000 data output from the Cerbo GX. Restarting the Cerbo GX fixes this but i can’t find a way to diagnose what is causing this. Any recommendations?

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Lynx shunt V.E Can. Not showing in Victron Connect App?

I just swapped my 500a Smart Shunt for a Lynx shunt. I made all the connections To the Can with a good Ethernet cable. I was able to configure it in My Cerbo GX 50, but am I supposed to be able to see it in the Connect App like the smart shunt? The Cerbo definitely sees it and its reporting properly to the Cerbo GX. I have it connected to the Lynx distributor - the RJ cable ( I didn't get one with the distributer working on a replacement) I don't think this should affect it showing in the app. Attached is a screenshot of what I can see - the Shunt. The solar controller crossed off in red is not mine it's someone close to my camper. Just trying to figure if it's a missing feature in the Lynx shunt? I know it doesn't have BT connection I thought it would still give me data in the app thru the Can network.


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Difference between VE.Can BMS-Can

Please explain what is the difference?

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MPPT RS450/100 no VE.can connection to Cerbo

I have the problem that the MPPT RS450/100
is not recognized by the Cerbo (VE.can connection)
The connection was made with a RJ45 network cable. (Also a replacement cable has already been tested).
What settings are required for the VE.Can in the Cerbo?
Are there any settings required in the MPPT RS450?

Any Ideas?


Which VE.can profile is required?


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Low battery toujours allumé


J'ai branché mon multiplus 2 avec un cerbo GX et des batteries polyantech. La tension batteries est de 50V, les batteries sont chargées a 100%, pourtant le multiplus détecte un problème tension batteries trop faible.

Si quelqu'un à une idée pour corriger le problème de je suis preneur

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Sony IJ1004C communication with cerbo GX


I've got a Sony IJ1004C and 2 IJ1001M.

Does the CAN communication work with Cerbo GX?

How is the cable connection setup?

The sony side is subd 9 pin and the cerbo gx RJ45.


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Can a Multiplus 48v 800va be used as a charger only to supplement an existing ESS?

I currently have an existing Multiplus II GX 5kva with 20kWh, 48v batteries in grid connected ESS charging mainly solar and also a 4 hour off peak electric when the batteries are low. The issue I am starting to find is the 4 hour window is not long enough to charge the batteries (3.3kW max charge rate) so I am looking at other options on how to inject more energy into the batteries within that 4 hour window. The obvious cost effective solution would be another 48v charger timed to come on during this 4 hour period set to shut down at the same voltage bulk finishes on the Multiplus II GX.

My question is can this be done without issue or is anyone aware of any issues in doing this?

Is there a better solution? I do also have a cheap 24v 3kva inverter charger with lead acid batteries doing nothing much at the moment and I also thought about maybe using a 24v to 48v charger? Any way to connect a bus controlled 24dc-48dc charger to my existing Multiplus II GX?

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Maximum length for VE. Can

I don't know if any of the engineers actually read this forum, but I'm hoping to find out the maximum allowable cable length for the VE. Can interface cables. I intend to build my own cables using high-quality shielded cable (probably Cat7) so the attenuation and interference should not be a problem. I only wonder what the maximum latency is...

I can find information on the maximum cable length on the VE. Bus. People on the forums are saying that they're having trouble with longer cables, but the literature seems to indicate that you should be fine as long as the total cable length doesn't exceed 100 meters. Therefore, I believe that these people would do better with larger shielded cables since the literature seems to indicate that they shouldn't have latency problems, but I have found no such literature for the VE. Can.

I'm trying to mount the GX 70 upstairs quite a ways from the battery room. I figured I'd just locate the Cerbo GX up next to the GX 70 location.

If anyone can help, or if anyone can tell me who to contact, I'd really appreciate it!


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How to connect 2 VE.Can MPPT units to Multiplus II GX? (+ Smart Shunt)

I have limited space so opted for a 5kW Multiplus II GX and 2 x Smart Solar 150-70-VE.CAN MPPTS. On opening up the Multiplus II GX cover the CAN labels are different from the PDF Spec sheet and do not state VE.CAN but instead BMS-CAN! I have 3 devices that I need to connect to this 5kW Multiplus II GX (SN: HQ2205xxxx).

Q1. Can I somehow use the BMS-CAN ports as VE.CAN ports and change a setting somewhere? I’m happy to update firmware if required.

Q2. If I can’t use them can I use a dual USB hub/dongle on the USB port to get the 2 MPPTs communicating with the GX and then I can plug the smart shunt into the single VE.Direct port?

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PASSIVE ERROR - Problem to get communication started between Multiplus 2 GX and BYD B-Box BMS

Dear Forum,

hope you can get me some hints regarding the setup between BYD B-BOX (L3.5) BMS and Victron Multiplus II GX (3000er), which I bought new.

I recently bought the BYD B-BOX battery used from another user who had it running with a Victron Multiplus but now switched to PylonTech.

My setup is as following: MPPT SmartSolar DC connected to battery (short test: charging works, as indicated by the BYD battery (low rate white LED flash and battery voltages are in a reasonable range) and Multiplus GX connected to the battery.


Actually, I not have AC-IN connected to the grid nor the EM24 (my electrician will do that next week). Connection with SmartSolar via the VE.Bus worked very nicely. Also I follwoed the video instruction of Guy to setup the Victron for first Multiplus setup (setting to 500kBaud, DVCC, etc). I used a Typ A cable for the CAN between BMS and VE.CAN. I have an end plug / resistor on the VE.CAN as well.

Status message after reboot the Multiplus is: Not connected. In the BMS-CAN port i found following error message: Error-passive TEC:0 REC:128. Some Multiplus continues pushing packets. See the screen shot below:


Do you have any hints which root cause the error message may have?

Thanks for your support!

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Lynx Shunts sometimes not showing on Cerbo

Hello fellow enthusiasts!

I am encountering a very puzzling error.

I have two Lynx Shunts connected to my Cerbo.

However either 0,1 or 2 of these shunts are being displayed in the Overview Hub on my Cerbo Display as tiles (DC Power) and in the menu, after everything has booted.

That situation is also constant and it only changes upon reboot, where again, it is like a "throw of dice" which shunts will be shown.

I can confirm that the shunt lights are constantly glowing green.

Does anybody know what that may be?

Could you perhaps supply the CAN matrix for the shunts?

Thank you so much!

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Fischer Panda page not showing


I have a problem. I have a new i10000 genset, confirmed with latest firmware CerboGX is running 2.9 and i followed this link verbatim to wire up the genset.

Im my devices list i clearly see a 'Fischer Panda Genset' and we're receiving data on the GX for temperature etc etc.

I should have a new page, both on the GX display and on the HTTP MFD interface, but i don't. It's like venusos has not seen it as an FP genset and therefore isn't displaying the page, not attempting commands over the ve.can to the fp.can.

Can anyone help please?

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Protocol BusCAN


Je suis à la recherche des spécifications du Protocol BusCAN de Victron. Est il possible de l'obtenir quelquepart ?

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