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Good USB Hub for CCGX with low power draw or Relay shutoff for inverter?

I use a CCGX, BMV-702, 3 MPPT's, and 1 USB wifi dongle.

Since there are only 2 VE direct and 2 usb ports, I need a usb hub to get my 5th connection point.

Currently, I have a crappy AC powered usb hub on the old phoenix inverter (That doesn't have ve direct port, Insert angry face) and the inverter is in ECO mode.

The USB hub is the only AC load on my boat, and I only really need it to send the wifi to check the system.

Is it possible to use the relay on CCGX or BMV to turn off phoenix inverter using it's remote port at night, when I don't need to check the wifi?

Or should I just find a low powered USB hub that runs on DC? (Does anyone have any recommendations?)

Every night, my BMV says 100% but the AC inverter is powering the USB hub through the night, and it uses about 2% of the bank and 96 watts. Is this slowly killing my batteries? Should I not be worried about this daily 2% discharge?



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VRM portal anomaly

Since today morning I am unable to check my Victron inverter as it's showing nothing in VRM portal. But I am able to see the real-time status of my inverter as a summary under My installations not in detail after selecting the installation.

I waited for almost 5hrs. & nothing changed (As attached file).

Then I have restart my RPI & found everything restored.

I want to know that, Is anyone got a similar kind of experience, please share. Why did this happen






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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

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Remote SOC display?

On a ship, I run a BMV-702 for monitoring state-of-charge, and a CCGX for data logging. Both of these are co-located with the battery bank. Is there no (simple) means to gain access to the state-of-charge information for a remote display of some type? By simple, I mean something like a serial output.

I have found the details surrounding the the CCGX to N2K cable, MFD solution, and references to an earlier cable which connected a BMV to N2K. However, I then need to run an N2K (CanBus) network between the two locations, and a CanBus transceiver at the remote end (and deal with the more complicated protocol). That is all doable, I was just hoping for something simpler...




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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

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comment rajouter un 2 eme regulateur de charge mppt ?

Bonjour à tous

Je possede actuellement un systeme pour site isolé comprenant 4 PV de 400 w ( connectés 2X2 orientés sud) connecté à un regulateur smartsolar 150/35 lui meme relié à un MultiPlus 48/3000/35-16 raccordé à un parc de batteries pylontech ( 3 modules US2000 , 48 v ) le tout géré par un Color control GX ( smartsolar en ve direct , batteries et multiplus en rj45 )

Je souhaite rajouter 3 PV supplementaires via un 2 eme smartsolar 150/35 qui eux seront orientés sud ouest afin de "soulager" mon parc de batterie en fin de journée et augmenter ma capacité de production par temps gris

Je précise que le parc de batterie se trouve à 7 metres ( en 50² )du coffret ou se trouvent le multiplus / mppt / ccgx

Mes questions sont plus précisement les suivantes :

Puis raccorder directement le 2 eme MPPT au meme endroit que le premier sur le multiplus ?

Dois je modifier la position du bouton rotatif sur le nouveau regulateur ou la connexion au CCGX en ve direct selectionnera t elle automatiquement les meilleurs parametres ?

Merci par avance pour vos réponses/conseils


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utilisation compteur d'énergie RS485


Je suis en possession d'un compteur d'énergie fonctionnant avec le protocole RS485 et j'ai essayé de le connecter a mon color control GX via la prise USB-RS485-WE-1800 mais je ne vois pas mon compteur apparaitre dans les compteurs d'énergie.

Je ne vois aucune possibilité de réglage ou de configuration dans les menus.

Comment puis-je faire pour que je puisse le voir sur le CCGX?

Merci de votre aide.

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GX color Screen brightness control disappeared on firmware version 2.87

This control above the "Display off time" on the "Display & language" settings was present in previous version but no longer available. This seems like a bug. Will this be addressed in the next release?



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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



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Pylontech High Voltage Alarm

Hi I'm getting hIgh Voltage warnings on the CCGX. I understand the cells need to internally balance as it's a new system. They are, slowly, day by day.

My issue is that I have set the DVCC to 53.2V to mitigate the alarms and to allow the cells to balance but it's not stoping the alarm!.

Any ideas?

The alarms currently trigger just above 52V.




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Connect CCGX to SeeLevel N2K tank monitor interface

I apologize if I missed something already posted, but I’m trying to connect an N2K SeeLevel Tank monitor to a CCGX.

I am a bit confused as to what I physically need to facilitate this connection.

I have no other N2K “network” or system in place, and only have the CCGX and the SeeLevel (N2K enabled) controller head.

Is there a cable I can buy (or pinouts for a cable I can make myself) to connect these devices directly to each other?

There was a reference made by @mvader (Victron Energy)

as follows:

For clarity, the “Victron N2K adapter to which @ben refers is just a plug converter goes from micro-c n2k style to RJ-45 Victron VE.Can style.

No electrical components or software in there.

which makes me wonder if I can connect them directly??

Your help is greatly appreciated


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Passthrough CCGX 50

I need to make the system charge the battery and our installation run from the batteries. How do I turn off passthrough

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Since lightening strike colour control gx is offline even though ether cable is plugged in.

we had a lightning strike. which fried our router. replaced router. CCGX stated offline. so I replaced ethernet cable. still stating offline even though plugged in, iam worried lightning strike hs damaged gx device. gx interface is still working apart from no internet connection. although I have noticed that the gx seems to re-boot periodically. and I don't remember that happening before the lightning strike.

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Multiple Skylla- i monitoring

Hi, I have a setup using 4x separate banks and each powered by 24v 100a / 1out.

I'd like to have a screen that showed the status and power output of each plus I/0 control. Is this possible on cerbo or any other type of custom set up.


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Impossible de ce connecter au controle a distance de VMR


Je n'arrive pas a accédé au contrôle a distance sur VMR que se soit depuis mon app ou depuis un pc.

J'ai bien suivi les étapes : maj du logiciel 2.9, VMR fonctionne bien le réseaux est câblé sans mot de passe, j ai cocher l option sur le color contrôle de travaillé en bi latéral.

l'erreur fournis par le color control est : impossible de se connecter a distance vérifier la connection réseaux.

Merci de votre aide

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