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Requirement to remotely (local) shutdown 3 multiplus II and BYD battery system

I have a regulatory requirement, on my house build, for the building power to be shut off from the building by using an emergency stop button, located at my main entrance door. The button and wiring is in position and I can issue a command/signal in many different ways, through my KNX/Control4 control system, including using the Victron modbus register through the an Intesis gateway.

Question is; what is the actual process to make the Cerbo do what I want. I have tried using the writable MODBUS commands (limited) with no consequential actions. Can I issue a signal direct to the programmable input on the MP's?

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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

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CCGX not displaying AC Loads

We have an a Quattro 5000 inverter/charger, battle born batteries and 1260 solar array. We don't see the AC input, inverter switch is showing off when it's on and no AC Loads on our CCGX display.

This is a photo below our system connected to shore power.


I have rebooted, unwired, rewired system many times with no luck.

CCGX did work at on time.

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4 x Freedom Won Batteries and CCGX device

The system has 4 x Freedom Won Batteries and 2 x 250/100 chargers.

Won't the batteries be daisy chained to the master and only the master connected to the CCGX?

The advise I got was to to replace the CCGX with a Cerbo GX i just need to understand exactly why this is needed and if it will work with 4 freedom won batteries and VE.Can MPPT


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Color control GX: no connection

So I tried but I cannot connect my CCGX to internet anymore. It was connected for a while: it downloaded the last firmware and even was recognized on my vrm portal but shortly. Now: no connexion. I have put a 3g dongle and it seems to be connected: it says for example: "no new firmware" when I check.

But my application doesn't recognize it.

The firmware was 2.11. I was able to download the new 2.33.


Maybe because of a bad setting.

So I put in copy the captures of the settings



If you can see something wrong, please, tell me. Thank you.











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Multiplus wont start with CCGX connected

A new site with CCGX, Multiplus-II 48/5000, MPPT 250/100 and self managed lithium battery. The Multiplus wont turn on unless the CCGX is first unplugged. The CCGX can then be plugged in and the system works as expected (System is on VRM) until the Multi is turned off, then the CCGX needs to be unplugged again to power up.

Look forward to thoughts


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BYD B-Box Pro 10.0 do not appear in CCGX and shut down after a while

I have an existing Off-Grid-system:

MPPT 150/45 (updated) -->
MPPT 150/70 (updated) -->
BMV 700 --> USB
Multiplus 48/5000/70 (updated to V460)--> VE.Bus
ColorControl GX

I changed the batteries to a new BYD B-Box Pro 10.0
All necessary parameters I programmed before changing the batteries.

After starting the BYD-Box the CCGX starts but all devices appear except the B-Box Pro. Because of that the batteries shut down after a while caused by no data connection.

The cable is OK.

What is missing to get appearance of the BYD- Battery Box ?

Andreas Abitz asked
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Color Control not showing PV when connected to Easy Solar Plus 2 GX

Hi I have connect a Color control to the Easy Solar-II GX. It is showing all values expect there is no PV box showing the solar production, The easy solar is showing the PV production on its small display. Since it is sending the data of everything else to the color control Im assuming the cabling is correct. Is it a set up function I have missed to send the PV data to the color control?


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hiding SOC


We have an application with a Li-ion battery using BMS not compatible with Victron products. The system also has a CCGX connected to a Quattro as well as a couple of MPPT. The Sytems has other loads not "Seen" by the Quattro.

The Quattro cannot properly identify the current draw has it only sees partial current. We have a separate display for the battery BMS Showing its calculated SOC. As a result the two numbers constantly diverge causing major confusion to our customers.

Any possibility to hide the Quattro calculated SOC from the CCGX display yet display the Battery Voltage (as seen by the Quattro).

jmarc asked
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Lynx Ion BMS and Skylla-I low voltage alarm warning.


Have run into an issue when using a Skylla I with a Lynx Ion BMS system. The issue is once the Victron Lithium’s are fully charged it opens the allow charge solenoid, this causes the Skylla-I to trigger a low voltage alarm on the colour gx as there is no longer any voltage on the charge bus as it’s not connected to the batteries anymore. It seems as if the Skylla-I hasn’t been designed to work with the Lynx Ion BMS however this is a bigger victron system and we don’t want alarms coming up when there is nothing wrong. Am hoping someone has run into this issue before or knows of a solution or might even have the exact same setup and don’t have this alarm. Any help or info on what others have done is much appreciated.

jonathant4 asked
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Can I use both VE.can on CCGX or need a CerboGX?

There is a CCGX with 3x Blue Solar 150/85 mppts connected via VE.can with a terminator in the other port.

Need has arisen to connect lithium batteries which require can coms to control charging. Dilemma is whether can connect the BMS cable to the other Ve.can port occupied by the terminator or need to upgrade to CerboGX and use the other Ve.can port with terminator for BMS and the other port with terminator for Blue Solar?

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CCGX VE.Direct galvanic isolation between devices?

I am adding in a CCGX to my system. I have a Multiplus II 48/3000, 500A SmartShunt and a SmartSolar MPPT 35/150. I want to connect the shunt and MPPT controller with VE.Direct cables, and the multiplus with a standard UTP cable to the ports on the back of the unit.

But before I add it in, there is one thing that concerns me. And that is if the devices provide galvanic isolation between each other, or if there is a risk that high currents can accidentally run through the smaller signal cables.

Example scenario: The minus cable between the MPPT controller and the battery bank breaks. Normally current would stop flowing. But assumong no galvanic isolation, this current could then instead take the path through the VE.Direct cable running to the CCGX, and then from the CCGX' tiny negative supply wire and back to the battery. In that case, those cables can not withstand high currents, nor are they fused in case such a problem happens.

Any ideas on this one?

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CCGX to Kaco Inverter Communication

Good day,

Anyone knows how to connect a CCGX to a Kaco Inverter (AC coupled)?



James Minnie asked
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Change VRM to Fahrenheit

My color control is set to Fahrenheit but VRM only displays Celsius. Anyone know how to change this?

Jerry L Johnson asked
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Factory reset CCGX?

I bought a used CCGX where the previous owner's settings are still on there. I want to make sure that I get a fresh start where everything is set to its defaults and I only change what I want to change. In case the previous owner has changed some "rare case" specific settings that shouldn't be enabled.

Is there no factory reset option? Whether through the menus, or some other way through reinstalling the firmware image.

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Power off MultiPlus

Hi! Can I change delay time (255 sec) for power off inverter MultiPlus II when bus is loss?

When bus between color control and multiplus II is loss - inverter wait 255 second and then switch off, can I change delay time to lower (15 second)?

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Victron CCGX - SOC percentage display

Have a Victron Phoenix 24/3000 inverter with a CCGX control, Centaur 12/100 charger and 500a smart shunt. Questions is after installation and fully charging batteries I have sync the SOC to 100%. After running the inverter the SOC% drops as expected, but when the charger is powered back up from shore power the SOC% does not go up. Do the batteries need to return to full charge before the SOC% resets to 100% or should I see the SOC% increase as the batteries charge up.

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CCGX/Venus feature request: Override Multicontrol

Hi, In my boat I have a Venus, a Mulitplus Compact 1600 and a Digital Multi Control (+ some other stuff). When I am onboard, I use the Digital Multicontrol to control the Multiplus, and this works fine. However, when I am not onboard, it would be nice to use the Venus/VRM to remotely control the Multiplus (to start/stop charging the battery, to make 230V available to start a heating fan, etc.). This is not possible when the Multi Control is attached to the Venus, and if I want to achieve it, I need to detach the Multi Control from the Venus before leaving the boat (and re-attach it when I am back).

This is a bit cumbersome, and it would be nice if I could override the Multi Control with the Venus, when I wanted to do so (maybe implemented with an extra control question, if that is needed). Is this something that you would consider to develop (if it is possible) and implement in future versions of the Venus?


B/R Eirik

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Ccgx reboot loop with Tank 140

My ccgx is stuck in a reboot loop if powered up with the Tank 140 connected. Disconnecting just the Tank 140 will allow the ccgx to boot correctly. The Tank 140 works fine if reconnected after the ccgx has fully restarted.

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second battery bank on the MultiPlus grid ?

I have a working system with PV panels charging 220Ah/48V victron batteries connected to a MultiPlus providing AC, and optionally recharged by grid or (soon) a fuel generator. It is monitored by a VenusOS device.

I have the opportunity to have a second different battery bank (I already got them) and I would like to use it to extend the capacity of the system. The batteries are very differebt and I'd not want to connect them in DC with the first bank.

I wanted to know if it was possible to connect them on the AC local grid, possibly giving more power (sometimes the loads exceeds the first multiplus capacity). I'd imagine connecting them to a Quattro or Multiplus. Is it possible ? How can the second battery bank be instructed to recharge when the generator is up or on excess solar energy, and discharge when load is needed ? Is it automatic somehow ?

Additional question. When I have excess solar energy available, I'd like to power up some devices (heat up the water tank). Is there some way to do that ? At a distance (much like how the electrical grid sends signals over the wire to trigger the day/night mode)

Thank you

mildred asked
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Iinstalled Multiplus 12-3000 and CCGX, received low battery voltage, reset, now CCGX can't see Multiplus

First startup CCGX saw Multiplus, added load, received low battery error, reset to clear error, now CCGX can't see Multiplus or MPPT 11/30 controller.

jenthub asked

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Current from CCGX USB ports?

I want to power some kind of smart home system from the USB ports of the CCGX. Since nothing will take 48V directly, and other things have a standby current, this seems like an efficient way to do it for an offgrid system.

What is the maximum current in mA that can be drawn from the USB ports? And does it need to negotiate USB power correctly, or can I cut open a USB cable and use just the voltage wires directly?

freesurfer asked
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CCGX and Router


we have installed a CCGX on a off-grid site with a router Dlink DWR921. The two devices are connected with ethernet cable.

The router works with DHCP and CCGX is configured to obtain an automatic IP.

We can see that the router give an IP on the network and recognize the CCGX , the CCGX try to obtain this adress but doesn't achieve and stay unlogged.

We have tried to give a static IP but the CCGX doesn't accept it.

Do you have any idea to resolve this issue?

Sorry for my English!


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SOC Always Decreasing

Connected to shore power the SOC goes down more everyday. The system hovers over 13.5. Would love any help I can get. The MPPT is inside the RV and the batteries are under the coach about 10ft away. I am using the biggest recommended size cables for everything. I am thinking about getting the Smart Battery Sense Sensor since they are not both in the same enclosure, but I thought the 712 would send the voltage and temp info across the network to the mppt. Anyway the SOC has never gone up without me having to sync it to do so.


RV Setup

4X100AHU Battle Born Batteries LIthium

800 Watts Solar 4 200W 18V Panels in Parallel


12/3000 Multi Plus

712BMS With Temp Sensor

150/85 MPPT Smart Controller

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Haben smartMeter unterschiedliche Reaktionszeiten?

Haben smartMeter unterschiedliche Reaktionszeiten oder ist eine Color Control langsamer als ein Cebro GX?

Mein Onkel speist deutlich mehr ein und zieht sich viel mehr als ich aus dem Netz.

Gruß Felix

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GX colour control

I have a faulty colour control GX. The screen lights up but is white with no functions working. The unit was purchased in Greece but I live in the UK. Is it necessary to post the unit to Greece or could a local dealer process my warranty claim?

chris-james asked
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Error #28 with Lynx Ion BMS and HE 24/200Ah batteries

I'm trying to commission a new installation of a LynxIon 1000 and 3 x HE 24/200Ah batteries. The only things connected to the system at this point is the LynxIon, a CCGX (via Aux VE.CAN, and powered by the AUX power output on the BMS).

As the system powers up, the status light on the BMS flashes rapidly (continuously), and then moves into an error state with flash+beep 9-times. The CCGX has been updated (manually) to the latest firmware, and reports the error as #28 battery flashing error. The last battery in the series now has a red status light on.

There are terminators at both ends of the battery bus and have tried removing the last battery in the series to attempt to bring the others up (they were showing green status). This resulted in each last battery in the series failing to flash and now stuck in red state - so now, one at a time, the whole system is stuck in an error state.

Because the BMS tries to flash the batteries during the startup and then goes into an error state, I'm having trouble updating its firmware -- its at 1.07beta. The difficulties lie in getting the CCGX onto the VRM portal in an off-grid installation (a boat). The CCGX doesn't seem to connect to a USB connected smartphone, it can connect to a laptop via the ethernet cable if I can get some sort of hub to act as an DNS server, but then I need to figure out how to bridge the cell phone wifi/hotspot onto the local CCGX ethernet.

It seems like this would work really well in a house, connected to the grid with ethernet and alternate power, rather than a boat where most of the options end with if I can get the power system up, then I can connect to the internet... Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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What is the best way to connect Multiple MPPTs to Color Control?


I have 4 MPPTs and 1 BMV and I want to add them to Color Control. MPPTs have also can.

Now, what's the best way to connect them?

- all via can and BMV via

- 3 via can and 1 via and BMV via

- all 4 via USB and BMV to

- all 5 devices via USB

My question is if I can mix connection (can, and ve.usb) or need to add all on same connection type?

Second question: How many USB devices can add to Color Control max? I read in manual that 5 is max. processor can handle. If plan to add more MPPTs need to change my GX device?

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CCGX and viewing on a separate screen

Hi, I was wondering what a good way of displaying the ccgx information would be on another external screen. We have put in a 5kva Easysolar and dont want to remove the ccgx to put it into another room (about 30m away). The client would like a separate display. Is there a best way of making this a possibility? They don't have wifi and don't seem to want it! So we need another option for that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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