Modbus: Reading AC Consumption from grid

Can't seem to find the proper Modbus registers for the values I'm looking for. When I plug my MultiPlus into grid while using AC inverted power, AC devices stay on and AC load drops to zero. Wondering, is there a way to see in Modbus the total energy coming from grid, and then still get a number for the power passed on to "AC Loads" even though that power isn't coming from my system anymore? It seems that the Grid power is showing everything coming in, but with AC Loads set to zero, my calculations are leaving alot of energy "leftover" in the system because no value is subtracting what the AC Loads inside are still using.

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Small idea, make possibility to change notification sound in VRM.

Minor request but nice ;-)

Now we have the notifications in the VRM app, it is with the standard sound.
It would be nice to have the possibility to change the sound, as it also might be an alarm (instead of a normal phone notification).

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Epever MPPT's on Raspberry pi/Venus OS USB port

Hello. On my log cabin I have a off grid solar system with the following components:

8 solar cells

2 Epever 60A MPPT's

Multiplus 12/3000/120

BMW 700

1500Ah battery bank

Like many others, instead of expensive Victron Color Control GX, I bought a Raspberry pi3 with a 7-inch display, on which I successfully installed the Venus OS according to the instructions of Himmelberger bus from Youtube.

The Multiplus and BMV 700 are connected to the Raspberry pi with VE direct to USB cable, and they work great.The MPPT's Epever Tracer AN 6415AN, and Epever Etracer 6415BND came with RS485 to USB cables and with Epever software show all data on Windows 10, but when i plug both cables to USB ports on Raspberry, nothing happens.I assume, that Raspberry on USB ports search only Victron devices connected with VE direct cable's, and not the other devices with Modbus protocol.

Can anyone help me how to prepare Raspberry to search for modbus protocol devices on the USB port's. Is there some scripts, or command lines, which must be entered in Venus OS, but i have no programming skills,so please for extensive instructions.

Greetings from Slovenia

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No WiFi on Pi Zero 2W Venus OS v2.90~16 (and ~14)

My WiFi adapter doesn't seem to work on Pi Zero 2W (works with vanilla RPI OS though), typical enabling through connmanctl has no success because the system itself doesn't detect any wifi devices at all? Bluetooth works, so the wireless device is partially operable?

I was able to access the device with an Ethernet dongle, but since the system expects to find a wifi adapter in order to use it as the VRM Portal ID, I couldn't get VRM to work.

Not sure if this is a vestige of old Pi Zeros having no wifi adapters or if a different driver is needed (I heard some Pi02W have different adapters depending on supply).

I was able to at least get the VRM Portal ID assigned (i.e., the MAC address) from ethernet by modifying the /sbin/get-unique-id script based on this thread

Which allows the VRM Portal ID to use ethernet mac address without throwing an error. I suppose a more permanent solution would be to get the wifi adapter working, but in case anyone else runs into this problem that's my work around.

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[Feature Request] Ability to operate a MultiPlus II as a charger only


As an installer I want to be able to integrate an external generator (AC) as smooth as usual using Victron components without negative side effects to the existing installation.

Imagine an installation like this:

Existing ESS installation e.g. 3-phase System represented by 3 MultiPlus II, a Venus device, a Fronius PV Converter behind the Multis (with enabled MG50 / need for frequency shifting) and one or multiple MPPTs connected to a BYD battery

As charging device I want to use a MultiPlus II as a charger only - therfor the Multi would only be connected to the venus device by VE.bus, to the generator on the AC IN, and to the battery.

This MultiPlus should affect the existing ESS System (which provides the AC power for consumption) in the same way as a MPPT does.

Integrating the generator, connected to the additional Multi, should have all advantages the existing system already has, such as:

  • Optimal battery charging
    • Venus device knows about the charger and can take its power into account
    • the charger receives the currently allowed maximum charge current and can charge according to the BMS / DVCC
  • available data of the charger on DBUS/MQTT/Modbus
  • Displaying the charger in its role as a generator and its provided power in the same way a Quattro does


As read in the community forum and responses from my very experienced and helpful dealer, there are several possibilities to integrate a generator into an existing MultiPlus II ESS System, but in my opinion all of them are not as smooth as I am used to from Victron. They are also do not provide the upper listed advantages (And I'm pretty sure that the system design and the architecture could be enabled to do this).

This is an implementation detail, but It could work like this:

The additional Multi needs to be configured in ve.configure for accepting the generator anyway.

Either the Multis role could be configured at the venus device directly as it is usual e.g. for grid meters or an additional assistant could be created sth. like an "Generator integration" Assistant (unfortunately my "finding good names" gene is broken).

Having this assistant running on the additional Multi, the venus device knows its role and the assistant could also disable features of the Multi which are not required or must not be active in this role.

For sure this use case could be extended for example by integrating a 3-Phase Generator using 3 additional Multis, ...

While searching the forum I saw that a lot of community members have a similar demand.

It would be great if a feature like this would be available in upcoming releases.

Maybe you could give some Feedback.

I'm much more confident with software, control processes and low-voltage discrete current, so please excuse if there are technical restrictions which I do net see right now.

Best regards,


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Multiplus II as addition to existing Hybrid Inverter, show battery in display in venus

I have an existing Hybrid high voltage solar inverter from Sofarssolar and want to to display the Hybrid Inverter Battery and PV generation in the Venus display. I already did a driver for the hybrid inverter display itself as a Smart grid meter and also as a normal PV inverter. This works well also with the ESS assistent (grid point 0W).

However I would like to have the battery data, the charging and discharging data displayed to have everything on one display. Is there some means to tell venus, that the second battery is not connected to the Multiplus but separate?

Currently it look like this:


I would like to have it look like this (and maybe even include the solar generator):


Is there any solution to this common problem of extending an existing system?

carsten2 asked
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How to set ESS mode via modbus

I want to control when to use keep batteries charged and optimized for battery life via modbus, what register can I set to switch between this exactly like the portal does ?


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using ve bus without venus os

Hello there

I think this is quite a straight forward question, but hours of googling have left me none the wiser:-

Is it possible to view information on the VE Bus without using venus OS or another victron product?

I am using a raspberry pi which has a lot of other things running on it, which wouldn't work on venus and it doesn't seem worth going to the expense of buying a cerbo gx because I only want to monitor battery voltages etc...

VE direct seems like it will be quite easy with a few python scripts, but I don't really understand what the VE bus is. Is it like modbus. Presumably I could read the bus in a similar way - or not

Sorry for the noob questions

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


Paul Smith asked
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Venus OS large enable Relays

Hi all,

I am preparing a Raspi 4 4GB to replace my old Pi 3 running Venus OS.

Im prepping the 4 at home first and getting it all working before I head out to the mountains to replace the 3, and I got to the point of configuring the relays, only to find that in Venus OS Large, there was no relay options in the settings!

I looked around a bit and found one guy that mentioned he/she was in the same situation, but the ticket on github was closed...

So I poked around a bit and I may have fixed it..

I first copied the contents of /etc/venus/gpio_list from a working setup into my new one, which was empty at the time.

I then edited the file /opt/victronenergy/gui/qml/PageSettingsRelay.qml to add my additional relays (6 total)

They now all appear within the UI, Ill try to pickup some relays tomorrow to actually test that its working and will report back, but if you take a look, does this sound like everything?



VK2EVA asked
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Home Assistant Victron VRM Grafana

Is it possible to run the InfluxDB database in Homeassistant and get the data from VRM ?

What are the settings for de database to connect ?

ben-koonen asked

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MQTT vessels/self/electrical/switches/bank/ ...

Hi Guys,

Been using MQTT for a while with great success. Many thanks Victron for making this open-source and so easy to use.

System = Cerbo GX with Multiplus 3000, REC-BMS & SIMRAD/B&G NMEA2000 connected.

I have this block of 'switches' shown below that always seem to be 'state = 0'. Anyone any idea where these originate and what they might show?

Many thanks.


Ian asked

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DALY vs 500A Shunt

How should I serially connect the Victron 500A SmartShunt with BMS DALY to the minus pole of the battery?

mirek asked

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VE Direct Logic level

Hi im looking for some help with VE Direct.

I want to connect to a Pi UART which should support it natively due to it being TTL albeit at a 3.3/5V logic level.

However im aware some devices on VE Direct are 3.3 Logic (BMV700) and ive seen the Victron say their VE Direct adapters 'Adapt' to either 5 or 3V respectively. Is there any info on what IC is handling this? Or is simply using 3V logic sufficient as it will work with 5V TTL on victron devices?

Has anyone got any Venus or Cerbo gx they could tell me whats chips are around the connectors for me?


will11456 asked

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ZeroTier in SetupHelper?

@Kevin Windrem, you've responded about ZeroTier previously that it could be added to SetupHelper to allow it to survive updates the way GuiMods does. Not being a code person... I've been hoping someone else would tackle this. Any chance you could add it?

Consideration much appreciated. =)

gregoryx asked
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Orion tr 48/24 powering a mppt controller or dc d c charger to charge 12v battery

Seeking straight forward answer from some one that knows

Can I run a mppt charger or a 12/12v smart dc to dc charger off a standard 48V orion tr to get the correct multi stage charge I require into my 12v system?

i wish to charge from a 48v battery bank.

Questions will the mppt or dc dc charger create a load to draw from the orion tr or will it just sit in the system and do nothing as it creates no load draw for the orion tr to work.

Buying the product to find out if it will work is a little expensive for me

Thanks People

sailing-swaggie asked

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