Help creating custom Venus driver for SMA SunnyIsland

So I'm working on writing a driver so we can monitor and maybe control SMA SunnyIsland with a Venus device.

Some progress:

Beside being "just ok" at python and running into some issues cleaning up my code, I've noticed I can't get consumption to plot on VRM. It will report the correct consumption under system status, but nothing on the actual graph.

I believe I've spoofed a new enough Multi device with the below properties:

/DeviceInstance 261

/ProductId 2754

/FirmwareVersion 476

/HardwareVersion 476

Does anyone know the rules for what VRM will consider valid enough to plot?

Also anyone really good at python willing to help me clean up the code to make work 'the right way'?


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VictronConnect add field Load Watts

The VictronConnect app is great, I just want to ask if you can please add Watts under Load?

The History shows yield in Wh and consumption in Wh. But the Status page shows load consumption as A. So each page shows different units, which means the user has to do the math to multiply load A*V to get Watt.

There is lots of space on the empty blue area on the Status page, can you please add Watts?


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Raspberry Pi Analog inputs (Tank input)

I'd like to reopen discussion on this topic. I'm a novice and freely admit that I really don't understand all aspects of how to get this to work. So I may be totally off with this so please correct me if I'm wrong. I've read this thread:!msg/victron-dev-venus/mejgJbMjU34/yogWAU5wCAAJ;context-place=forum/victron-dev-venus

I purchased the same board as what's here, the Expander Pi with the mcp3208 12-bit ADC.

From reading this, I'm a bit confused how to wire this up. In that thread, they point to the reference voltage of 1.8v. However the expander pi has a reference voltage of 4.096. But in other threads, they talk about a reference voltage of 5v. I also see the schematic of the BBB Cape and it says 5v as well:


I'm not sure what is correct or if the reference voltage even matters since both are 12-bit ADCs, the reference voltage shouldn't matter as it's just reading the resistance of the sender. But then I'm confused on how to wire this up with the Expander Pi. Anyone who has this board, would they care to share their setup, possibly with photos or diagrams? I'd appreciate it.

tagging @WKirby as you've always been super helpful!

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(unofficial) Venus OS v2.60 for a raspberrypi 4

Since the raspberrypi4 support is not included in Venus OS v2.60, I uploaded the swu and sdcard image manually. Packages are missing at the moment, etc.

A running installation can be updated with the following command:

/opt/victronenergy/swupdate-scripts/ -swu

The sdcard image can be downloaded from

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Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48


Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48

Just installed 5.32 (4) TestFlight VictronConnect. It upgraded my mppt smart solar to 1.52 my rpi has a notification error

system warning Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48

what should I do about this error message?


VRM Id b827eb2a6f77

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Bmv 712s and vsr installation

Hi..i want to install a has two positive to each battery positive..and a small thin black earth lead..should this black lead go to the negative bus bar for the vsr instructions say to a battery negative..thanks

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Cerbo gx grid monitoring and control of relay #2

I have a cerbo gx connected to 4 et112. Grid meters. One grid meter is from the mains another on the generator output and the last 2 are on 2 separate inverters. My question is that on the cerbo gx you can’t program relay #2 to do anything but I was wondering is it possible for maybe a future update to program it as an alarm so when the grid monitoring sees that the power is out to turn on relay #2 until the grid comes back on and if possible to add time delays like the bmv-712 with its relay?

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VRM - Advanced Tab - Graphs and Download files

Good Evening

Regarding the Advanced Tab .

I really have a massive need to layer different tabs on top of each other specifically Consumption and PV Yield tabs. This can assist me in fine tuning of systems with regards to Systems build for Storage .

Secondly regarding the consumption file available for downloading , would it be possible to add a extra column for consumption only on the load side I do not have the need to know from were my load came from , I simply need to now what my KWh was each and every hour regardless from were it came from.

From a fault finding perspective . When alarms are triggered for instance overload would it be possible to let the specific readings be recorded in such way that when downloading the xls file, it is highlighted under the specific column at the specific time . As well as temperature alarm , if I now at what temperature it triggered it will make it a lot easier to identify the source of the fault . Usually when temperature triggered it has got to do with load , if I can know what the load is and at which temperature , it becomes a lot easier to sort out


Johannes Cronje

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MPPT Control Connection Problem

I am looking for support for my Victron MPPT Control. It was accidentally disconnected from my Victron MPPT 150/70 Solar Controller and when replugged it in it is now randomly scrolling through the following names? - Conne, onnec and a bunch more names that have no meaning to me.

Tried unplugging for 30 minutes same thing. And None of the buttons work.

Can you please provide advise on how to restore the MPPT Control.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Is it possible to load Data to VRM - for example power consumed by car?


I run an ESS system (Venus GX, Fronius PV, 3x Multiplus, Pylontech...) in a system where there is also a RaspberryPi doing additional logging and adjustments (improve self consumption by switching loads for example).

As a system-log over all values (also including domestic heating sensors of homematic etc.) I use a system originally designed to monitor IT infrastructure called "Zabbix". The so called "Zabbix Trapper" can be fed via nodeRed and virtually log and display anything numerically and grahically to and from a database.

I also use a goE Charger to charge a Renault Zoe only from excess solar - also controlled by the Pi running nodeRed.

Would it be possible to also log the consumption of the car to VRM and include it in the dashboard? Means essentially adding a "category" of consumption and feeding this with data logged by the Pi?



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Consumption data no longer displaying on VRM Dashboard

I have a SmartShunt and MPPT Controller connected to my RaspberryPi GX Device. It reports my solar and consumption data up to VRM. A few days ago the consumption data stopped being reported. I can see consumption on my local dashboard, but it's not going up to VRM. Nothing has changed in my settings that I know of. Any idea what might be going on?




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Venus Os for Raspberry pi 3B+

Hi guys, been out of touch with the above....been busy with the pandemic ( Doctor by profession)

Am currently on Venus OS 2.51 on my Pi working very well...I understand the os is at uneasy about updating the os due to the script required to make everything work. Is there an updated os with built-in scripts....have Raspberry pi 3B plus with original raspberry pi display.

Thanks for your feedback guys

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Looking for a recommendation for an external Raspberry pi display

So, I bought a cheap 3.5" touch screen display from Aliexpress since it was mentioned in the Venus OS wiki, and I though it would be a good fit. I got it working after some hurdles, but then I realized it doesn't seem to support the ability to dim the backlight nor turning the screen off. A pretty big drawback in 100% off grid solution and for a device residing in the living room.

Now, I would not like to repeat my mistake twice. I'm asking for a recommendation for an external display to Raspberry Pi, which a) works well with Venus OS and b) can be turned off / dimmed when needed.

I did read quite a lot of posts here in the forum, but none of which I found really mentioned the specific displays. Googling 7" raspberry pi screen returns several different models, which I can't say for sure even work with Venus.

Hence, I would kindly ask for a recommendations for a specific screen models (a link to such device is a bonus).

Thank you!

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Phoenix inverter 48/1600 BMS integration via Venus GX

Hello Victron Experts,

We have a system with 2 X 250/185 Ve CAN Mppt and 1 x Phoenix 48/1600 battery inverter.

We plan to get the system integrated to BMS via Venus GX using Modbus TCP / IP.

We are able to get the values from 1 Mppt charge controller using unit ID 100. Unfortunately, no values are being able to call from PHoenix inverter.

The device has been recognized by the venus GX, and under services> modbus TCP> unit id 245 is indicated.

Please advise.

All devices are updated to the latest firmware.



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How to use ModbusTCP over WAN

Hello, I have a CCGX and want to read registers remotely using Modbus. I can read registers when I am linked to the local modem using Wifi (I found the IP address to be used for the ModbusTCP message in the 'Settings/Ethernet' of the console).

But I also want to do it over the internet.

The CCGX is connected to the internet with a modem and I have enabled 'port forwarding' (of port 502 which we need) on the internet-modem.

But which IP address should I use to send the message?

Do I use the IP address of the internet modem? And what if that is not a fixed IP address?

The VRM portal has no problem with this (so even if the IP address changes, it manages to find it). Can I see the IP address somewhere in the VRM portal?


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VE.Direct Protocol

Hello all,

I have a MPPT 100/50 controller

I want to use the HEX protocol to talk to the controller

I always get

Invalid frame (checksum wrong)
Error response

here are the 2 messages I send:

1st one:


2nd one:


can you please tell me where I am wrong?

thanks very much

best regards


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Rapsberry pi 3.5 Inch TFT Display


I try install Venus OS on raspberry pi. Working well. But I don't know how to enable 3.5 Inch TFT Display GPIO. Big HDMI monitor work well.
I'm total begginer with linux. I found some discusion on google talk, but i don't understand.

I need some instruction step by step, but I can't find it.

Can anybody help me?

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Feature Request: Charging/Discharging Limit in Scheduling.


I've been using the Venus GX with the ESS assistant for a little while now, i have a specific problem where my outdoor enclosure (which houses a multiplus 2) isn't in the best position as it gets exposed to the hot midday sun.

I was wondering if its possible to add a few extra variables to the "scheduled charging" where we can limit the charge/discharge rate of the multiplus on a timed schedule where we could set the charging/discharging limit to say 400W charge and 600W discharge to help with temperatures from midday to 2pm and then back up to 1500W after?

The enclosure is exposed to sun for about one hour and then its shaded again, I know the ultimate fix is to move the enclosure and i do have plans but this would be helpful in this scenario.

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echo: write error: Invalid argument hwclock:

Hi all,

Complete error message is...

echo: write error: Invalid argument
hwclock: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc': No such file or directory


Would appreciate any help/info and suggestions!



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Values for MPPT Hex Protocol Register 200C Device State


the latest MPPT Hex Protocol documentation refers to Register 200C Device State but does not provide the accepted register values to represent Bulk, Absorption, Float.

What are they?


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Whats happening with Venus 2.60 what did my System download ?

I am running on an Rpi (should not make a difference).

I have my downloads set to:

Auto Update: Check only
Update Feed: Latest release (not latest releases candidate)

On Friday my system said there was a new version - I did a manual check and it said 2.60.

So guessing that 2.60 had been released I installed it, and ran all my scripts to reinstall the services and UI I have written. All looked good.

The new version running says it is 2.60 date and time 20200906 135923

But it would appear not to be a final release:

a) because there there does not appear to have been any announcement

b) It appears to not be complete - notably the custom tank level sensor settings are not working.

(selecting custom flashed the button on custom and then reverts on a second or two to whatever was previously set)

So the question is what did my system download and install, and why ?

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Use 12port Ve Direct with Cerbos

Need to collect info for 20 MPPT's on boat. Maxi Gx has 12 port Ve direct to USB unit but no screen and will not provide info without Cloud connections. Cerbos seem to have enough processing power and a nice little screen but only 3 Ve Direct port. Questions:

1) Can we use 2 x 12Port unit from the Maxi Gx unit with the Cerbos using USB connections?

2) Bonus questions: any way to buy the 12 port units without buying the Whole Maxi Gx? asked
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Venus OS v2.60~42 available for testing

Good day all,

Since just now, v2.60~42 is available for field testing. One more fix- details below.

This post is intended for all people participating in the Venus OS Beta test program.

Changes since v2.60~41

  • Fix two bugs in the canbus driver, both introduced during v2.60 development:
    • Make sure a VE.Bus system is also found when the AC-input is found later. (applies to systems where the VE.Bus inverter, or inverter/chargers, are connected via canbus, rather than directly on the VE.Bus port)
    • Prevent a potential crash when a vebus system gets disconnected.

Complete preliminary v2.60 change log

Highlights of v2.60 are the new ESS Feed-in limiter, new Ethernet connected energy meters, better tank monitoring as well as much improved NMEA2000-out feature and other changes mostly benefited from by our Marine customers. Full change log in this PDF:

Venus OS - firmware changelog - v2.60 beta version.pdf

(updated to v2.60~42 - no changes since ~41)

Next steps (same as last time)

We are still finding and fixing various small issues. Once stabilised we'll release v2.60. Everyone here is really keen to do so, its time to start working on something fresh again! And.. its time have all the new features finished & available ofcourse. Which means maybe next week, maybe one more week, or even longer in case something serious shows up - hopefully not.

All the best, and have a good day/evening/morning!


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