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Hi All how can i reconnect my tank sensor to my Cerbo GX

I go to settings to i/o and all that comes up is Digital inputs and it dos not read . it was reading the tank sensor befor .

john-th asked

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IBC tank sensors recomendations ?

Hi as topic says what sensors wil work with victron cerbo GX and can readout IBC tank ? Also are they possible with bluetooth ?

Hans Haufe asked

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GX Tank 140 Airstream Interface

Has anyone reconnected the tank sensors of a more modern Airstream (2013 in my case) to a Tank 140 unit? There is the built in interface and I'd like to replace or even better make taps so both can function side-by-side.

R asked

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Quattro-II 48/5000 QUA482504010 - no current sensor input?

I just installed my inverters on the wall and was wiring everything up until I became stuck on the current sensors, I have 3 of the 100A:50ma current sensors from victron and when I was wiring them only 1 of my 3 quattro's has the 3.5mm jack input the other 2 don't.

I purchased all 3 togerther last July and asked the dealer to give me the same model because of a 3 phase setup. so I checked and all 3 have the same PN: QUA482504010

anyone else have this issue? this seems like production error.

Kind regards




dutchpowerwall asked
nivek commented ·

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Global Link 520 alarm type settings in VRM for pilge pump counter

Hi, I'm using Global Link 520 with latest beta and VC+VRM. Now wondering how to set alarm for pilge pump monitoring. Idea is to shortcut digital input (1 & GND) with relay that is controlled by pilge pump, and have a control. Now, to be able to follow when and how many times the pilge is running, I need to find correct alarm parameters. Does anyone have experience on this?

jupyy asked

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ESS as an extra power supplier

Hi all

For an installation I want to use 3 Multiplus II to supply 14 kVA more than the limit of my power contract. This will be happening during two hours per day approx. For this I think I will select each multiplus to have a power of 5kVA.


I saw in the manual of the multiplus II gx this configuration that is near to the one I want to install.

I need to fix the Grid power input to a maximum of 36kVA and my loads will have a peak of 50kVA. I know that is possible to change the grid metering with external meter. Each multiplus II 5000 accepts an external current sensor of 100 A. That will be more than the power that I need.


My question is if this installation can limit my power input (Grid) using the limit grid setpoint on a GX device. I want to configure this parameter to 36kVA or a little lower to limit my grid consumption. All this using the external current.

And also if the internal control of Victron is reliable to not surpass this limit?

Thanks for reading and for any advice.

juan-perez asked

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Cerbo GX water and temprature sensors


I want to install water level and temperature sensors in a black, grey and clean water tank but I am getting stuck on which one works and which one doesn't.

1). Do the Wema gevers s5 (0-190 ohm) work with the Cerbo GX? If they work how reliable are they in a black water tank? https://www.nauticgear.nl/bootaccessoires/bootonderdelen/motorinstrumenten/wema-gevers/wema-gevers-voor-water-en-brandstoftanks-s5 or are there better water level sensors for a black water tank?

2). What kind of temprature sensor works with the Cerbo GX which perhaps can be mounted in the tank or on the tanks? I see the LM335 works but how can I make this one water tight and mount it in the tank and wire it up with the cerbo?

lexexpeditiontruck asked

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40A AC current sensor assistant setting

Hi All,

Now our system is up and running we are adding a 40A AC current sensor to display the PV output from our panels (AC connected dumb inverter).

When setting up the assistant for this sensor I am using AUX 2 due to the issues with AUX 1 now, however I am not certain about the correct setting under the 'Usage Tab' As we are using a multi the options are 'PV inverter coupled on AC output of this phase' (default)

or 'PV inverter coupled on AC input of this phase' Can someone explain the meaning of these options and the correct one to use please.

We have a multiplus 2, ESS in parallel, no additional loads / outputs from the multi, and existing 4kw PV grid tied inverter.


jetstram61 asked
jetstram61 commented ·

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Sense Wire Multiplus 1200

The Multiplus 24/1200/16 comes with a temperature sensor and VE con figure shows the option to set the temperature compensation adjustment but i cant see where a sense wire to compensate for cable variations would connect , without knowing the accurate battery voltage then Temperature and compensation values are worthless when charging or am i missing something . A sense wire can be critical on a charge controllers so surely an Inverter Charger should also need one .

ako asked

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Cerbo GX Tank Level Sensor w/ Custom Tank Shape

Hey there!

I am installing fresh water tanks in vans that fit over the wheel well (https://agileoffroad.com/product/24-gallon-water-tank/). These tanks are rectangles with a cut-out for the wheel well. The sensor (https://kus-usa.com/product/sss-ssl-sender/) is located on the far side of the tank, past the wheel well and has plenty of room to reach full extension. There is a 'Custom Tank Shape' setting you can access while setting up the level sensor on the Touch GX. How does this work? and is it necessary to setup when using one of these tanks with a cut-out? Will the cut-out affect the sensor reading in a significant way?

roachmon asked

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Water Flow Meter for Cerbo GX

Does anyone know of a water flow meter that works with the Cerbo GX? I'd like to have a meter on the water pump of my RV such that the total amount of water that has been pumped will display via the Cerbo. So if the RV water pump has pumped 10 gallons for example, one of the items on the Cerbo display will say exactly that. Does anyone know of a sensor like this that will work with the Cerbo GX units?

jamespitman asked

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Using Cerbo gx to read low fuel

I have a diesel generator which starts when the battery voltage is below a certain level which is triggered by Cerbo gx relay1. I would like to know if I can send any signal for low fuel reading examples under 5% or 20L to be sure the generator doesn't start if the fuel is too low.

lyko2021 asked

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AC current sensor & Shore power


I have a boat provided with Skylla TG, AGM batteries, Smartshunt and Phoenix Inverter. monitoring is made by Cerbo GX.

I have the issue that I can't see AC from shore on GX, due to the fact that skylla TG is not VE.CAN.

Is it possible to use AC current sensor normally used on PV inverters to do the job?

Thanks in advance

bocas-uflex asked

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Raymarine eS LightHouse 3 and Color Control GX?

The eS & gS Series multifunction displays which have been upgraded to LightHouse 3 are not compatible.


Question, can I get the sensordata from my Raymarine-units to my Color Control GX via the Ethernet-network or is this only one way?

tomas-sailing asked

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Voltage Sensing Wire Connection


Multiplus 24/3000/70

For safety reasons I have connected a "de-coupler" main switch beween the batteries and the Multiplus.

The Voltage sensing wire + is connected directly to the battery bank + terminal

Now ... if I set the switch to OFF ... thus disconnecting the batteries from the Multiplus ... I still measure about 24V between the "off side" of the switch ( the cable going to the multiplus, and the ground)

I found that this stops if I disconnect the voltage sensing wire from the battery ...

Question ...

Is this O.K. ... or should I connect the voltage sensing + wire not to the battery but also "after" the mains switch ?

Greetings from Amsterdam ...


sierk asked

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