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Tank 140 sensor

Hi, will a Wema S5 gevers (2 wire, blue/brown 0-10V) work on a GX Tank 140? If I connected to channel 1 (Vout and In) nothing happens. If i connected it to Vout and grnd, and move the swimmer up and down then the voltage changes between 0 and 10V.

If this doesnt work on the GX Tank140, which type/kind do i need?


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Are you sure this is a sensor with voltage output as I thought the Wema S5 were resistance and could connect direct to the Cerbo GX. 2 wire senders are normally resistance.

A voltage sender needs 3 wires, ground, positive supply and signal wire.

Check your documentation.

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ahhh, thank u. then i have to buy a other one...
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