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Gas Generator Fuel Level Sensor for Cerbo GX

I want to connect a sensor to the gas tank of my generator so that the gas level of my generator will show up on the VRM via my Cerbo GX. Can anyone please advise me as to who to do that?

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IBC tank sensors recomendations ?

Hi as topic says what sensors wil work with victron cerbo GX and can readout IBC tank ? Also are they possible with bluetooth ?

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beneteau VDO 5 sensor probe on Cerbo

MIght be a very dumb question but as i understand, the Cerbo only takes resistive tank sensors as inputs. On my boat and many others there is a VDO sensor which comes statard. It consists of five small screws in the tank which then connects to some type of conversion box which then goes to the VDO display panel. The wires to this panel are a positive, Negative and some type of measuring signal wire.

Can this type of measuring device be used in anyway on the Cerbo? I'm clueless with this but maybe someone in the community has a thought or experience.

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GX Tank 140 Airstream Interface

Has anyone reconnected the tank sensors of a more modern Airstream (2013 in my case) to a Tank 140 unit? There is the built in interface and I'd like to replace or even better make taps so both can function side-by-side.

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Davey Tanksense compatibility CCGX

Wondering if anyone can confirm this product will work with the CCGX and usb bluetooth adapter?


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AC Current Sensor output Signal

I need to test the functionality of an AC Current Sensor in order to verify that it is not faulty. I assume it would be helpful to know the output signal.

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Quattro-II 48/5000 QUA482504010 - no current sensor input?

I just installed my inverters on the wall and was wiring everything up until I became stuck on the current sensors, I have 3 of the 100A:50ma current sensors from victron and when I was wiring them only 1 of my 3 quattro's has the 3.5mm jack input the other 2 don't.

I purchased all 3 togerther last July and asked the dealer to give me the same model because of a 3 phase setup. so I checked and all 3 have the same PN: QUA482504010

anyone else have this issue? this seems like production error.

Kind regards




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Using multiple AC current sensors


I have a customer who would like to monitor multiple small PV installations using AC current sensors. My questions are:

1. Can multiple sensors be used in 1 installation?

2. What is the max length of cable run for these?

Many thanks

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Global Link 520 alarm type settings in VRM for pilge pump counter

Hi, I'm using Global Link 520 with latest beta and VC+VRM. Now wondering how to set alarm for pilge pump monitoring. Idea is to shortcut digital input (1 & GND) with relay that is controlled by pilge pump, and have a control. Now, to be able to follow when and how many times the pilge is running, I need to find correct alarm parameters. Does anyone have experience on this?

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Comworks SuperSense TireCheck (TPMS)


I'm really pleased with the Comworks SuperSense tank level sensors. They fit perfectly into the Cerbo installation of my camper van.

Also the Ruuvi Tags do.

Now I'm wondering if one could also integrate the Comworks SuperSense TireCheck (TPMS) sensors, which are bluetooth devices like the Ruuvis.



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ESS as an extra power supplier

Hi all

For an installation I want to use 3 Multiplus II to supply 14 kVA more than the limit of my power contract. This will be happening during two hours per day approx. For this I think I will select each multiplus to have a power of 5kVA.


I saw in the manual of the multiplus II gx this configuration that is near to the one I want to install.

I need to fix the Grid power input to a maximum of 36kVA and my loads will have a peak of 50kVA. I know that is possible to change the grid metering with external meter. Each multiplus II 5000 accepts an external current sensor of 100 A. That will be more than the power that I need.


My question is if this installation can limit my power input (Grid) using the limit grid setpoint on a GX device. I want to configure this parameter to 36kVA or a little lower to limit my grid consumption. All this using the external current.

And also if the internal control of Victron is reliable to not surpass this limit?

Thanks for reading and for any advice.

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Sensor wiring

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Cerbo GX water and temprature sensors


I want to install water level and temperature sensors in a black, grey and clean water tank but I am getting stuck on which one works and which one doesn't.

1). Do the Wema gevers s5 (0-190 ohm) work with the Cerbo GX? If they work how reliable are they in a black water tank? or are there better water level sensors for a black water tank?

2). What kind of temprature sensor works with the Cerbo GX which perhaps can be mounted in the tank or on the tanks? I see the LM335 works but how can I make this one water tight and mount it in the tank and wire it up with the cerbo?

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Tank 140 / CCGX & resistance sender

What is the ideal resistance range from empty to full for use on a tank 140 & CCGX 24v system ?

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Phoenix 12/50 Missing in the manual...

Hey there,

I'm new to being a boat owner and therefore to the charger I bought with that boat. It's a good charger i hear because it's a Victron energy charger. Now the thing is, I am not a complete novice when it comes to electricity and so I noticed whoever did the electrical system in my boat, did not do a very meticulous job. I am going to do a better job.
So I read the manual of my charger and I am left with a few questions. Some because I've not been working with DC very much. I cannot find the answers in the manual at this moment.

1. The trickle charge to starter battery is not being used at the moment. There is not much information on the trickle charge circuit in the manual. What type of cable is advised over a two meter distance?
2. I assume, but I don't like that because assumption is known to be the mother of let's say, very big mistakes, the trickle charge circuit is also controlled by the microprocessor and will be able to keep the starter battery charged over a long period of time without overcharging it. Is that correct?
3. The manual says the full charging current is 'divided in two main outputs'. Does that mean I can use both outputs on one battery, as I have only one? I don't seem to be able to remove an output cable without breaking the factory standard.
4. At this moment the 'voltage sense' circuit is not connected, yet the charger moves from bulk, to absorption, to float. Is there any good reason, and I assume there is, to finally start using that circuitry?
5. The temperature sense circuit is not in use. The manual says a sensor comes with every charger. Yet I find no sensor. Looking at the connection diagram, I assume the mentioned sensor is on the board. So just to be sure, is there a separate device that is the temperature sensor? And what type of cable should I use?

Many thanks to anyone who can help me improve the electricity on my new classic second hand boat.

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