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Comworks SuperSense TireCheck (TPMS)


I'm really pleased with the Comworks SuperSense tank level sensors. They fit perfectly into the Cerbo installation of my camper van.

Also the Ruuvi Tags do.

Now I'm wondering if one could also integrate the Comworks SuperSense TireCheck (TPMS) sensors, which are bluetooth devices like the Ruuvis.



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Main Grid Failure Alert when Inverting

Can someone tell me why I get a Main Grid Failure Alarm when the Multi goes back and forth from an 'Ignore AC' condition.

Periodically, when the Multi is inverting (but connected to grid) and dedicated AC Ignore is selected in VS tab I get a Grid Failure Alarm. But the grid hasn't failed and VS functions properly, switching between Inverting and passing through Grid AC when conditions are met. In VRM portal dashboard system overview, the Grid box will show ' - ' when inverting, which I figure is normal since it's not drawing any current, but it's odd I keep getting a Grid Failure alarm. Is this the Multi's current sensor mis-reading things or is there a setting I missed somewhere? Thanks!


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Why no battery discharge when external current sensor AUX1 is connected ?

Could someone experienced the fact that the external current sensor disable the battery discharging ?

So no power feeding from battery if current sensor is used (ie. To monitor power from another inverter)

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Sense Wire Multiplus 1200

The Multiplus 24/1200/16 comes with a temperature sensor and VE con figure shows the option to set the temperature compensation adjustment but i cant see where a sense wire to compensate for cable variations would connect , without knowing the accurate battery voltage then Temperature and compensation values are worthless when charging or am i missing something . A sense wire can be critical on a charge controllers so surely an Inverter Charger should also need one .

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Cerbo GX Tank Level Sensor w/ Custom Tank Shape

Hey there!

I am installing fresh water tanks in vans that fit over the wheel well ( These tanks are rectangles with a cut-out for the wheel well. The sensor ( is located on the far side of the tank, past the wheel well and has plenty of room to reach full extension. There is a 'Custom Tank Shape' setting you can access while setting up the level sensor on the Touch GX. How does this work? and is it necessary to setup when using one of these tanks with a cut-out? Will the cut-out affect the sensor reading in a significant way?

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How to test AC Current Sensor?

After I installed the AC Current Sensor in my system, in Victron Connect VRM my Dashboard showed 'PV Inverter' with some W numbers. I assume this is the name for what the Quattro is picking up from the AC Current Sensor. After about 1 week, that PV Inverter box disappeared from my Dashboard. I re-installed the AC Current Sensor Assistant, but it still does not show up. I have two new 5k Quattro's wired 120/240 split phase, so I have the AC current sensor on L1 connected to AUX1 of the L1 Quattro.

Maybe my AC Current Sensor died? Can I test my AC Current Sensor with a multimeter or an oscilloscope or something else?

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Water Flow Meter for Cerbo GX

Does anyone know of a water flow meter that works with the Cerbo GX? I'd like to have a meter on the water pump of my RV such that the total amount of water that has been pumped will display via the Cerbo. So if the RV water pump has pumped 10 gallons for example, one of the items on the Cerbo display will say exactly that. Does anyone know of a sensor like this that will work with the Cerbo GX units?

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IMT Irradiance Sensor - Cerbo GX - Not Connecting Properly

I am working on a small solar and 12V battery system using a SmartSolar Charger, Phoenix Inverter, and SmartShunt. This is intended to be a solar power demonstration unit so it would be very helpful to measure irradiance and cell temperature with an IMT sensor and have a few Si-RS485TC-2T-v-MB available.

However, I am having trouble getting the sensor to connect properly. I am using the official FTDI USB-RS485-WE-5000-BT adapter as recommended and it can be seen and seems to connect for a couple seconds every minute or so but no readings show up. The sensor is powered directly from 12V battery voltage.

I had attempted this using a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS as described here: but have switched over to a Cerbo GX in order to attempt to rectify this problem with no change in the behavior.

Sensor shows up but shows "Not Connected":


Does seem to connect every ~1-2 minutes but nothing shows up:



I have no trouble accessing the sensor using Si Modbus Configurator from my PC and can read values from it. I do see the G value change when shining a light on it. Everything seems to be configured properly there according to and the IMT application note.



The VRM does show "Meteorological sensor [1] Product Id" to be b030 after connection but nothing else in the data export.

Pretty stumped as the device is seems to be recognized but not getting any data through. Any ideas to help me troubleshoot this?

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how to use the motion sensor

After reading this article :


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The AC sensor assistant not taken into account without restarting a multiplus II GX

Good to know, you have to restart the Multiplus II GX after updating the power assistant AC Sensor via Remote VEConfigure. If no restart, the wizard is not taken into account.

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Le AC sensor assistant pas prit en compte sans redémarrage d'un multiplus II GX

Bon à savoir, il faut redémarrer le Multiplus II GX après avoir fait un update du power assistant AC Sensor via Remote VEConfigure. Si pas de redémarrage, l'assistant n'est pas prit en compte.


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Can Current Transformer replace Energy meter

Hi Victron Community,

I am currently setting up a grid parallel ESS with a Multiplus 2, a Venus GX and two 5KWh Tesla Modules. I already have the Current Transformer/sensor ( ) for the Multiplus but no Energy Meter ET112.

Is my understanding correct, that

1. AC-In on the multiplus is bi-directional and can import to charge the batteries and export to power loads (I do not have any loads connected to AC-Out 1 or 2.)

2. I do not need to install the Energy Meter if I have the current transformer connected to the grid connection? (see picture below)

What changes to I have to make in my VE Config and ESS controls on the Venus to tell the Multiplus/Venus that the Current sensor is supposed to measure the import/export at the grid connection? I cannot see any options here apart from the tick-box in VE Config.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Phil

Schematics of my setup are below (except for the "No break loads, which I do not have):


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AC Current Sensor and Fronius shows values ​​together?! WHY

I have the Victron AC Current Sensor and a Fronius Primo running along with a Multi 5000 GX.

Unfortunately, the yields of both are displayed in one icon. Is it possible to display them separately?


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Wishlist & Upcoming VenusOS Bluetooth Device Support (Tyre & Gas Bottle sensors)

Just thought I'd throw this out there, with the Ruuvi temperature and humidity sensors I'm wondering if Victron have any more Bluetooth devices on their radar to add support for.

I had bumped into two Bluetooth sensors that prompted this question:

1. Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitoring

2. Bluetooth Gas Bottle Monitoring

(I didn't link to specific devices but there are multiple brands and devices available in the market for both these devices)

It would be great to find reliable devices and add support for these for 4wds & RVs.

Anyone else have suggestions for other bluetooth devices that would be nice to haves?

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How do I use the digital inputs in cerbo GX

Community, I’ve installed a Cerbo GX. I think I’m happy with the relay functionality. 3v3 octocouple relay to allow power to a 12v fan. The digital inputs are a whole other issue and are doing my head in.
I’ve read the manual and some background stuff but I think I’m not getting it.

1. Are the inputs powered at 3v3? Do I just need to complete a circuit to change the input state, I.e. short across the digital inputs (I don’t think this is the case but I need to check)?

2. So what I‘d like is a digital signal when the bilge pump goes on. Here’s what I think I need to do… Put a relay across the pump power. Have that provide a 3v3 signal to the cerbo digital input. I’m aware that I need a diode or octocouple to protect the cerbo from inductive current/voltage due to the relay coil. The problem is I can’t find such a circuit anywhere.

3. Because I can’t find anything it makes me think I’m way off with my plan. Can you guys suggest a better way of getting an on/off output from the bilge pump?

Thanks in advance,

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