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Multiple IMT irradiance sensors to a single Cerbo GX

In the manual of the CerboGX on page 34 there is stated:
"It is possible to connect multiple IMT Si-RS485 series solar irradiance sensors to a common Victron GX device, however a dedicated Victron RS485 to USB interface is required for each individual unit. Multiple units cannot be combined on a single interface (as this is not supported by the related Venus OS software)."

What does this mean? I connected two sensors to the CerboGX and they both are visible in the remote console menu. However, the VRM portal only shows one.

How can I log the data of both sensors?

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@Ghoutman I understand that text to mean that each irradiance sensor has to be connected to the GX through a dedicated (not shared) RS485 to USB connector.

If your 2 sensors are connected this way, I can't tell why you are not getting all the data.


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They are connected with their own dedicated USB (victron)
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