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Unexpected current/voltage step with Multiplus 12/500/20 while charging LiFePO4

Hi everyone,

I set my Multiplus 12/500/20 to LiFePO4 charging curve yesterday when I replaced my former AGM with my new LiFePO4 (integrated BMS) in a camper van. Now I just had a look at the overnight charging curves and I am a little bit curios what triggered this current/voltage step? I would have expected the current to go down to ~0Amp continuously without interruption.

Any suggestions? Help is much appreciated and therefore thanks in advance.


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Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30A non isolated suddenly charging low

Hi Everyone,

Until recently, I was charing while driving roughly between 18A and 27A, therefore quite ok. I know it's not 30A, but apparently nothing alarming from what I read here and there.

I had one night of very cold weather - -20°C - in Norway and in the morrning, the battery dropped to 4° (therefore could not be charged at that temperature) and a warning that one cell dropped below the recommended voltage or something like that.

I obviously immediately turned on the engine to charge the battery, which temperature increased to 5° and therefore could be charged.

The battery charged well up to 100% that day and even was rebalanced, therefore I did not worry. However, since then, the battery is only charging between 5A and 10A which is really low and worries me a little. It seems that the Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30A does not draw sufficient current. I am not so sure why would that be, and why would it change from a week ago since I did not touch anything.

Would anyone have faced the same issue, or would know what might have happened here and what should I do?

I have the following items installed in my RV:

  • Victron Smart Battery LifPo4 160Ah
  • Victron Orion TR Smart 12/12 30A non isolated
  • Victron BMV 712
  • Victron Battery Protect 65A
  • Victron Cyrix-Li Charger
  • Converter 600W Gianel (other than Victron)

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Unable to create new Battery Preset using VictronConnect on Mac

When using VictronConnect v5.47 on my MacBook (macOS 11.6), the Create Preset option is greyed out (ie unavailable) in the Battery Preset drop down list.

This isn’t the case with VC 5.82 on my iPad (iPadOS 16.3.1) or my iPhone (iOS 16.2).

The situation is consistent across all three of my SmartSolar 100/30s, all running firmware v1.61.

Any thoughts on why Create Preset isn’t available on the Mac version of VC?

allan-fraser asked

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DC2DC charging discrepancy


I have batteries that are charged through solar and DC2DC. Recently the DC2DC has been going into absorption before the solar and reading the battery voltage as around 0.1v higher than the smart shunt and the MPPT. Both chargers are set to AGM spiral per seller guidelines, I can't seem to find direct manufacturer technical specs.

Is there anything that could be causing this discrepancy, I have checked the wiring and it's all firmly in place. The breaker was recently switched off by a falling box while driving but still flips on and off as usual. All pieces of kit are fully updated.

Many thanks,


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Battleborn batteries won't charge to 14.4V and never reach absorption or float stages anymore.

My system is 1.5 years old and I was able to reach 14.7V at the absorption stage a few months ago. I unhooked each battery and tested the voltage and found they were all sitting around 13.27V meaning there is no imbalance and this likely isn't an issue of a bad battery. Highest voltage achieved is 13.7V. System details: -Victron Energy MultiPlus 3000 Watt 12 Volt Inverter & 120 Amp Battery Charger -Victron Lynx Distributor -Victron BMV 712 -Victron MPPT 100 | 50 -4 x 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 -500 Watts solar

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values for battery charge/discharge power/energy and charger losses (MQTT)

good morning,
I try calculating the energy flow in my system myself. The system is a simple ESS with solar inverter, multiplus II, Cerbo GX, EM24 gridmeter and pylontech batteries. For receiving the values of the system I'm using MQTT.
No problems are gird W / kWh in and out, solar W / kWh. But with the battery I'm struggling a bit. I can use the DC values (current and voltage or directly power):


These values doesn't match the values in the vrm dashboard for "to the battery" and "from the battery".
I assume the difference are the charger looses. If I calculate my total energy usage with the DC values, these looses will be part of that total. Is there any possibility calculating the power/energy in and out of the charger?

Thanks a lot,

marommel asked

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The Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 smell on one of the phases (3 phase installation) during operation.

The Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 smells on one of the phases (3 phase installation) during operation.

I have an installation:

3x Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 (3 phase)
2x MPPT 250/100
Cerbo GX - Ve.CAN, Ve.Bus connected
Lynx Smart BMS
2x Lynx Distributor
4x Smart Battery 200Ah/24V (400Ah 48V system)
1x Fronius Symo 6.0-3

The installation worked perfectly for 4 months, but today for the first time there was a smell like burnt laminate/plastic from the Multiplus on the L1 phase. It smells more on the left side of the Multiplus at the bottom. Now in the evening I opened the housing of the Multiplus, nothing smells at all anymore. I looked carefully, there are no burnt cables or components, everything looks like new, everything is clean, the fan is spinning.

I checked all the cables again, they are tightened with the correct torques, there are no suspicious things anywhere.

- Wires:
AC 5x10mm2
DC 2x70mm2

- ESS set with PV inverter on AC-OUT
- Fronius works properly set as Microgrid MG50 - checked, frequency control works.
- Charging current set to DVCC max 200A (wasn't exceeded because I watched almost all day)
- Room temperature around 15°C
- There are no error messages
- Everything works fine, it just smells.

What has changed in use for 2 days is:

- export of energy to the grid was performed for the first time

- almost the first time the battery was charged by Multiplus from 230V (before that I only charged it twice from the mains to balance it and it was charged from MPPT)

- Fronius Symo 6.0-3 has been connected to AC-OUT1



What to do next?

What to check?

Thank you in advance for your help

marion asked

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ESS oscillates between charging and discharging

In my ESS system, the maximum inverter power is externaly set to 0 W when a certain SOC is reached to prevent further battery discharge. In the range between 100% and 60% this regulation worked without problems. As now slowly more sun is available again I have lowered the limit to 50%.

Now a strange behavior shows up here:

If the limit value is reached, the inverter switches off as configured. At the same time, the Multiplus starts to charge the battery with 100-200W from the grid, so that the limit value is exceeded again after a short time and the inverter switches on again. Thus, the system oscillates between discharging and charging for hours.



Why does the MP charge from gird at all when ESS is set to Optimized (w/o Battery Life)? The battery voltage never falls below the low voltage threshold and the SOC never reaches below the ESS minimum SOC. Do you have any idea how to prevent this behavior?

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using purple wire with Victron TS800 DC-DC buck/boost charger with Toyota Hilux 2020.

I have a Victron TS800 DC-DC charger and want to use the purple wire to start charging my household batteries in my Toyota Hilux 2020. Which contact on my Hilux is best to be used to know the motor is running? I only want to put 12V on the purple wire when I'm shure the motor is running.

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I recently purchased the IP65 12V 7 Amp Blue Smart battery charger to recovery a deeply discharged lithium battery. It works well, woke it from sleep mode and started a low charge with [ 0.2 AMP and starting 5 v. Then entered the charging phase so all good.

Question: Does the VICTRON IL22 BLUETOOTH SMART CHARGER • 12V 30A do the same smart charging for deeply discharged lithium as well.

One sales guy told me it wont do this and can only use the lowest 15 amp setting?

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Etat de charge incorrect

Bonjour tout le monde, j'ai une installation avec deux Smart Solar 250V-85A, un Multiplus II 5 kVA-48VDC_230VAC et 16 batteries lead-acid Rolls 445Ah-6V. Je remarque que quand les controleurs de charge indiquent Float, sur le cerbo GX il est indiqué que le SOC est de 78%.

Pouvz-vous m'aider a trouver une solution ?

Gedeon Paris asked

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Please advise how to adjust the charging parameters of batteries.

Good afternoon!

Due to the war in Ukraine, lack of financial possibilities and sometimes even prospects, many clients have an urgent need to use inexpensive batteries made from electric car batteries.

Such production is mastered by some businessmen in Ukraine.

In this case we are talking about battery made of Li-ion cell 60Ah 3.63v LGCHEM 218Wh. Configuration of assemblies: 15s3p and 14s3p.

Datasheets of balancer and cells are attached.

Please advise how to adjust the charging parameters of these batteries.

Thank you in advance!

grp78 asked

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Multiplus II: Switch of charger inverter on DCL=0 or CCL=0

The Multiplus should switch of the charger when Charge Current Limit (CCL) is 0 and should switch of the inverter when Discharge Current Limit (DCL) is zero, to really ensure, that there is not forbidden charging or discharging.

Currently Mulitiplus is still charging and discharging inspite of zero limits so driving a battery into overvoltage or draining a battery which already signalled discharge limit zero.

There is an issue on githib and also code which seems to solve the problem, but it has not been integrated: https://github.com/victronenergy/venus/issues/736

Also the Multiplus II is not behaving like it is documented in https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ess:ess_mode_2_and_3#running_software_on_the_ccgx_and_using_dbus_paths

It is not possible to disable charging via Modbus register 38.

carsten2 asked

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Common negative, duo controller

I have Duo controller. Excuse my ignorance, does it mandatory to connect negative wire of the second battery, since the negative is common?

sinisa-stanojevic asked

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Can I connect two 12V - 24V DC-DC chargers in series to output 48V?


I'm putting together a camper electrical system and was wondering if anyone has had any success with charging 48V batteries off a 12V alternator using two Victron DC-DC chargers?

There are two options I'm considering,

1) Use two 12V/24V B2Bs connected with the outputs in series. I.e. the inputs are connected in parallel to the starter battery and the outputs are connected in series. Negative of one b2b and the positive of the other, connected to the leisure batteries and the other terminals connected.

2) Connect one 12V/24V B2B and one 24V/48V B2B in series. I.e. The inputs of the first B2B connected to the starter battery, the output of the first and input of the second connected to each other and the outputs of the second connected to the leisure batteries.

Would either of these options work or have any drawbacks?



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