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Did the MPPT destroy my batteries because of faulty BMV?

When I came back to my boat after being away for 6 months, the voltage on my lead batteries was about 3V. I could not understand what had caused this, as everything except the BMV and the MPPT with solar panels was disconnected.

I bought new batteries, and then I saw that the BMV displayed 0,2-0,3V lower voltage than the MPPT. The BMV was tested by my dealer with same result, and has now been sent to Victron.

I had set the MPPT to use the voltage from the BMV, as adviced in the manual. I guess this means that the MPPT constantly thought that the batteries was not fully charged, and probably have overcharged them.

Does this seems like a plausible cause for the death of my batteries?

kodax asked

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BP100 does not disconnect even when disabled by remote

I am trying to use a BP100 to disconnect a DC/DC charger from the main battery system.

When the DC/DC charger first starts up, it has a large inrush current that trips the Pylontech battery. I want to use the BP100 to leave the DC/DC charger disconnected until the DC/DC charger has booted up and has begun to output 50V. Once the DC/DC is putting out 50V it does not trip the Pylontech.

What is happening is that, even with the remote jumper removed, the BP100 is still connected and the Pylontech trips out. Victron connect says the BP100 is "disabled by remote", but there is still a connection.

It also seems to be taking the voltage reading from the output instead of the input.

I have tried this in normal, relay and lithium modes.

The DC/DC is connected to the IN and the Pylontech is connected to the OUT

dbx120 asked

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Low sunlight, External charger?

Hi, first post. Have been short on sun light the last few days.

Looked for the answer on here few times but so many threads it’s hard.

Have three agm 150ah batteries, 290w with 75v peak pv and a 100/20 mppt.

Q: Is there a specific was to run a regular 120v battery charger while mppt charge controller is hooked up or is it just good to go?

pdc10 asked

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Voltage Drop

I have installed the following equipment in my motorhome:

200AH Chins LiFeP04 @ 12V

MultiPlus Compact 12-2000-80/120


SmartSolar MPPT 100-50

525W solar panels

Orion TR 12-12-30 DC-DC charger between chassis battery/alternator and coach batteries.

System is performing well. I have one question/ observation though….

The Orion DC-DC is located at the front of the rig, about a 25ft. run to the coach batteries. I’m seeing an approx .6-.7 volt drop across the #4awg battery cables (already there when I bought it) when charging @ 25-30A. I have the absorption voltage on all 3 chargers set to 14.2V. So, the Orion is hitting the absorb voltage and dropping into float when the batteries are actually only at 13.5-6.

Is this an issue? Should I raise the absorb voltage on this charger to compensate for the IR drop ? The other chargers don’t have this issue as they are connected via 2/0 cables & short runs to the batteries.

daveadams asked
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Multiple Skylla- i monitoring

Hi, I have a setup using 4x separate banks and each powered by 24v 100a / 1out.

I'd like to have a screen that showed the status and power output of each plus I/0 control. Is this possible on cerbo or any other type of custom set up.


mkmarine asked

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Multiplus 24/3000 beeping while in absorption charging

The device gives a beeping sound while charging in the absorption stage Deep cycle seal lead-acid batteries. The sound stops during the float stage.

mikemosha asked
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VRM additional shunt not visible

I have added additional smart shunt via ve-direct to cerbo to be able measure accurately charge current from additional charger. Shunt is configured as DC source and named as AC Charger. It is visible in VRM device list but not in dashboard or in the list of devices at Advanced page. So I can see status and history only through Cerbo but not via VRM.

Is there way to refresh VRM to get additional shunt data to shown in advaced page so I can export statistics?

All devices in the system have newest FW. VRM instance ID 48e7da89e12d


janieronen asked
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How to Set Alarm Rule at a Set Absorption Amperage

I'm learning that on my 24v system, when the genset is charging the battery bank, that it is fully charged when my batteries are showing at least a 28.8v and drop from the higher amperage of 44a+/- to instead the range of 18a to 24a. I'd like to set an alarm to alert me to when this range is hit, or when a target is at least hit within it. How can I do that?

And if I can do that, can I get the alarm to send me an sms notification? This would save me sitting around for hours and hours, waiting while charging and watching screens for progress.

Thanks Community!

allswell asked

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/20 (3) > Synchronized parallel charging

I recently purchased 2 of the Blue Smart IP22 12/20 (3) chargers and I would like to know more about the synchronized parallel charging option. I have searched for more info online, but sadly I have not found anything helpful on the matter.

I have 4 x 150ah 12v Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries in a parallel setup (600ah) and I would like to charge these 4 lithium batteries with 2 of the Blue Smart IP22 12/20 (3) chargers.

I am not 100% sure on how to set up the synchronized parallel option with my IP22 12/20 (3) chargers and not sure how to set up the wiring and circuit breaker etc? Would someone be able to get a circuit diagram arranged to actually see the setup and I can follow accordingly? I would really appreciate that.

drdoc asked

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Replace grid-tied SolarEdge SE-10000a with Victron?

Hello- I would like to add some batteries to our solar install to get power to our existing "critical loads" breaker panel. We have 40 solar panels(12kw, 3 strings w/ SE power optimizers on each panel. Should Victron replace the SE10000a or plug into it? Thanks for your suggestions.

scott-muckleroy asked
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Gel battery 12V-90AH BAT412800104 strange noises during charge and after

I bought Gel battery 12V-90AH BAT412800104 in the end of August. After delivery I checked voltage and it stated 11,76 V. The installation of solar panel delayed, so I checked it once again a week ago and it was 11,5 I decided to charge it. At some point I heard some strange noises from inside of battery. I decided to disconnect it and even after the night I can hear some sounds. The charging took around 2 hours and the voltage is stable 13 V. Charging parameters: 14,4 V max and 3,8 A max. The multimetr showed 13,8 during charging. The battery wasn't even warm. Is it normal or the battery is faulty?

just4fun asked
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Is the View correct? Battery doesn't take all of remaining loads

At the moment there is no EM24 added (I would like to solve it via MQTT), so the loads are not shown correctly.

But I am curious why the battery only is loaded by 57W and doesn't catch all of the 494W.


mkohler asked

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Multiplus indicates SOC 95% - Solar MD BMS SOC 52% - Battery Charging @ 141W

Battery not Charging correctly excess Solar Being Exported. Assume that because Inverter is seing SOC at 95% - thus Inverter does not want to Charge battery at a higher Rate. Please advise - Urgent.







Ebrahim Railoun asked
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Charging booster

I have 1 lead start battery 100Ah and another Service LiFePo4 150Ah on a boat and I am trying to regulate the current coming from the alternator to charge my LiFePo4 150Ah 12v service battery with a constant current of 30A. They are currently connected via VSR, and the maximum charging current is 20A and drops to 10A as the voltage increases, even though the battery is relatively empty.

I would use the LiFePo4 curve for charging, but I don't want to overcharge the starter lead-acid battery. Both batteries are connected with the negative poles.

Can someone kindly explain to me which Charging booster would be suitable in my case?

jurij-merc asked

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Does Multiplus 3000 12v need case ground to work?

So i get 14.35 or so when it switches to charger mode at case posts out to batt.

But, at batt terminals it reads whatever charge its at. Meaning whatever solar charged it to. Dusk = 12.35 or so.

Meaning i dont see spike at batt terminal to relate to case posts.

Checked wiring double or more. Still at batt post out to studs it reads current value



joeyrsmith asked

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