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Venus GX with static IP - how to set SNTP server?

We have four Venus GX devices which have been working fine and reporting to VRM for between several years and over six months.

Yesterday, I found that 3 of the devices were way off the true time and date (two fast by ~5 minutes, one slow by 18 days). The fourth device, on a different subnet has valid time.

These four devices are all static IP. I have a GPS time source on site and would like that to be used by the Venuses to set their clocks. How can I set the SNTP server address?

norman-and-audrey-henderson asked

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Is it possible to send data via RS 485 from a GX-device?

We would like to power a PCU (https://leica-geosystems.com/products/leica-pegasus-trk/product-overview/control-unit) from a battery pack that is monitored by a BMV712 and a Venus GX. The PCU needs information about state of charge off the battery and voltage. This can only be send to the PCU via RS 485. Is there a possibility to send information via RS485 from a Venus GX to the PCU? Or can we better change to a raspberry Pi with Venus OS installed?

leenderthameete asked

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Venus GX relay control via two tempreture sensors in an AND logic

I see that you can set two conditions to switch on relay 2 (relay 1 I am using on a SOC switch) but these operate as an OR logic, ie if one condition is satisfied the relay will close. Can this be changed to an AND logic where both conditions have to be satisfied. I am feeling like the two temperature sensors on inputs 1 & 2 are linked to relays 1 & 2 and as I am using relay 1 with the generator start function (on SOC) I think I might have run out of temp inputs? Any help is appreciated .

Richard Weir asked

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Multiplus-II GX not charging and not in device list

Hi all, wondering if anyone has seen an issue similar to my one and could possibly help out with a solution.

I have a system with a Multiplus-II GX and a couple of solar MPPTs with a 48 V battery bank using Batrium BMS. The MPPTs work fine and the Multiplus works well as an inverter to power an AC load. However, I have two main issues. The first is that there is no instance of the Multiplus-II itself in the device list on the remote console (even though that is the unit that is running the Venus OS), therefore there is no software option to turn on or off the charger and/or inverter modules. Furthermore, the system on the 2 line display on the front of the unit powers up from the DC bus, but always says "system off" with no apparent change in behaviour no matter in the switch is in the I or II position.

Secondly, the charger function does not appear to work even though the Batrium system appears to behaving as expected and the CanBus communications seem to be fine.

To me, it seems as if the system has somehow gotten stuck in an off state and I cannot see anyway to turn it back on. I was hoping that one of you may have seen something similar in the past and could help me out. I have the latest firmware on the GX (downloaded through online updates today).

daniel12345678 asked

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Switch Multiplus with Venus GX and NodeRed


I have a switch connected to the I/O of my venus, now i would like to switch the multiplus 24/5000 on and off.

the I/O signal is working, it sends 3 or 4 to the multi. Sounds alright so far. But the strange thing is the multi is swiching on for maybe 3 sec and turns off. Same thing if i repeat pushing the switch.

thanks for help

brezzi asked
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Venus GX not reporting correct information

Good Day,

I just installed a parallel system(multi 3000/24) . all is well with this system except for the VRM, its doesnt report any AC input or AC loads. The DC loads are also high as i only have a BMV connected to it .

Firmware version in gx is v2.87



denzel asked
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Replacing VENUS GX

Since weeks I'm in back and forth contact with BET Solar Spain to swap a Venus in VRM.

After installing the new Venus, choosing the old installation to keep and replacing it VICTRON VRM automatically adds a "- USEDASREPLACEMENT" behind the unique VRM number and therefore breaks the system right away since it does not recognize its own change. Well done Victron!

The Spanish company is unable to understand that even if they trying to repeat this process a million times it will still not work.

After about a month of trying I'M TIRED of this. I KNOW that the problem is SYSTEM based from VICTRON itself. So PLEASE would somebody finally LISTED UP and change this issue for good?


offroadflow asked
Matthias Lange - DE commented ·

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New Venus in VRM - kept old data but no connection

i just replaced a VENUS in the VRM.
All straight forward.
Added the new VENUS as a new installation.
Went to the old installation and swapped the gateway (VENUS) for the new one.

All data is still there and it had a connection (last updated changed from "23 days ago" to "1 minute ago".
But now it keeps counting up, so no connection anymore.

When i install the new VENUS again (new installation) i can see it and as well access it through the "remote console" option in the browser, so the device is online and working.
But back in the old installation it keeps counting the "last seen"...

When i try to change the old installation again to the new venus it shows me a message "Did you already change it?" so i can´t repeat what i already did.

By the way: The VRM Portal ID of the old installation changed to "xxxxxx - USEDASREPLACEMENT"

What is going on here please?

offroadflow asked
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Venus GX Bilge alarm maken

Ik wil op een Venus GX een Bilge alarm maken. Dit lukt, maar ik wil ook een email ontvangen dat er een bilge alarm is. Het lukt om een algemene email te krijgen, maar niet om een email te krijgen met de melding van een Bilge Alarm. Wie kan mij helpen?





ajvisser asked

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Earth issue when adding a second VE.bus system using mk3 USB?

I intend to add a second ve.bus system to a venus GX, using an mk3 usb interface. The purpose is to be able to get information from this second system using the modbus protocol, I make my own dashboard.

I'm now wondering about potential earth issues. I read that the USB connection is not isolated. Is the mk3 USB interface isolated? Or is the VE.bus interface isolated on the side of the multiplus? Otherwise I would be connecting the minus of the two battery banks through the VE.bus cable and Venus power supply cable, or am I missing something?

leonvdk asked

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check when VenusGX updated (LG RESU issue)

We have a Multiplus with a VebusGX connected to an LG Resu+ with 2x LG RESU 10's and an AC coupled Fronius.

This has been operating for several years, but just stopped working. The battery breakers are tripping every 5 mins, which means they do not have a CAN connection to the VenusGX- and I can see remotely that the LG battery is not showing up in the device list on the Venus.

Someone onsite has checked the cabling, and it all looks fine (ie unchanged). I am looking at the Venus firmware updates (which were set to automatic in VRM) as its running 2.73, which is fairly new.

My primary question is, can I tell when a VenusGX installed a firmware?

bryn asked
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After replacing GX device, all instance ID’s change

After replacing my GX device, all VRM instance numbers have changed. I did the procedure as told, installed new GX device, all other devices, got the new device up and running on VRM, and then when both showed up, I went to old devices general and the place where I selected to replace with new one. All historibis there, but on different Instance ID. So I dont have uninterrupted solar power history, i have old devices instance id history and the new ones started from nil… how do I combine those?

timo-san asked

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Venus GX Burned Out

Venus GX unit has been running for about a year.

I installed a Freedomwon battery today. Connected it to the VE Can Port. 2 existing MPPTs connected to the VE Direct ports

System ran for approximately 2 hours. I connected a LAN (cat 5e) cable to a new MPPT from the other VE Can port. As soon as I made the connectiong, BMS coms lost, MPPTs stopped generating and Venus GX began to smoke.

Any idea why this would happen?

muhammed asked
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Irradiance on World VRM

Does anyone have or know of a Victron system with the IMT irradiance sensor that's connected to VRM World and is shared on the portal? I'd like to see it in operation

PeterM asked

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Defective ET112?


I've seen a lot of questions here, where an ET112 does not show up on a Venus system. In nearly all cases the conclusion is a defective meter. But in all cases it seems to be working on the CG-Software.

We are facing the same issue and basically everthing is 'easy' to replace, except for the meter.

How did you diagnose the faulty meter?

Is there a way to prove, that all other parts are working?

Tim Schlak asked

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