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Venus GX not reporting correct information

Good Day,

I just installed a parallel system(multi 3000/24) . all is well with this system except for the VRM, its doesnt report any AC input or AC loads. The DC loads are also high as i only have a BMV connected to it .

Firmware version in gx is v2.87



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doesnt report any AC input or AC loads.

Is not just that. The inverter is reported to be Off.

Disable "Has DC system" from Venus GX.

By parallel you mean grid parallel or two units in parallel?

In first case you also need a grid meter.

Ah, from the second screenshot I see that you have two units in parallel.

Is your system set up as ESS? Are both units configured?

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Hi, It seems like the venus went abit bonkers, after a fresh restart of the venus the unit is reporting correctly .
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