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Multiplus-II GX not charging and not in device list

Hi all, wondering if anyone has seen an issue similar to my one and could possibly help out with a solution.

I have a system with a Multiplus-II GX and a couple of solar MPPTs with a 48 V battery bank using Batrium BMS. The MPPTs work fine and the Multiplus works well as an inverter to power an AC load. However, I have two main issues. The first is that there is no instance of the Multiplus-II itself in the device list on the remote console (even though that is the unit that is running the Venus OS), therefore there is no software option to turn on or off the charger and/or inverter modules. Furthermore, the system on the 2 line display on the front of the unit powers up from the DC bus, but always says "system off" with no apparent change in behaviour no matter in the switch is in the I or II position.

Secondly, the charger function does not appear to work even though the Batrium system appears to behaving as expected and the CanBus communications seem to be fine.

To me, it seems as if the system has somehow gotten stuck in an off state and I cannot see anyway to turn it back on. I was hoping that one of you may have seen something similar in the past and could help me out. I have the latest firmware on the GX (downloaded through online updates today).

Multiplus-IIVenus GX - VGX
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