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Charger and battery sensor show different chaging time data

Hi, Guys!

I have a Victron Smart IP65 charger 230v 12v/7a, 45Ah AGM battery, and Smart Battery Sense. Today, after another power failure and the battery working for 4 hours, I put it to charge. After 3 hours I saw that the charger reports that charging time is 2 hours but the data in Smart Battery Sense was different. You could see on the screenshots below that Battery Sense reports that the voltage was up at 13:10 and still high to ~16:10.

Any ideas where 1 hour is lost? Thanks for the advice!



orbitwrigleys asked

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Flashing the Smart Battery Sense – Firmware v1.13 not possible
Hi. I run two Smart Battery Sense. Both are managed with the Android Victron Connect App v5.77. I was able to update the older of the two (HQ212xxxx) to firmware 1.13. I could not update the younger one (HQ221xxxx) from firmware version 1.11 to 1.13. Attempts with Linux AppImage v5.77 and v5.80beta2 also end with the same error. Is there a way to get the firmware version 1.13 as a manual download in order to flash it manually? Many thanks in advance. Regards.

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LoRaWAN with Smart Battery Sensor

I have a LoRaWAN Gateway setup connected to a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 via the VE.Direct – been working great. (...and I can't use LTE adapter, since the site has no cell service.)

EXCEPT, I also have a Smart Battery Sensor in the system too and VRM never shows any "battery temp" stuff in the VRM for the site. It shows temp in the Victron app locally via BT... but really like to know/monitor the temp remotely.

But it seems the MPPT doesn't relay the bluetooth data...is that expected, or a bug someplace? 2nd question is the MPPT 100/20 even using the Battery Sensor for anything since it not relay the data to VRM?

skyfi-solar asked
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"Battery temperature too high" setting for MPPT?


Device: Solar Charger; Triggered by: Automatic monitoring; Description: Error code: #1 - Battery temperature too high

Error received and MPPT shut down when battery temp hits 50°C as reported by SBS. Where is that setting? I can't find it in MPPT, CCGX or SBS.

System consisting of:

  • MPPT 250/100
  • Quattro 48/5000 120V w/temp sensor
  • 4S2P Trojan T-1275 FLA
  • CCGX
  • BMV-702 w/temp sensor (shared current/voltage sense)
  • SBS (VE.Smart with MPPT)



A remote installation suffered from battery neglect. 4S 2P 12V for 48V system voltage: one string of 4S 12V was experiencing very high temperatures under moderate charging with substantial electrolyte loss. SBS is on one battery in this string, but BMV was shared temp sense on the healthy string, so temp comp and alarms were based on the healthy string. During troubleshooting and testing, ailing string was observed to be... 64°C. Confirmed with IR thermometer.

Bank replacement is planned, but "limped" minimal use is needed for a few more weeks. Current and absorption voltage reduced to better manage temperature. Extended absorption phase to compensate for lower absorption voltage.

Sample simultaneous readings:

  • SBS on side of Battery 1: 38°C
  • BMV-702 on Battery 1, (+) post: 33°C
  • Quattro on Battery 4, (-) post: 27°C

snoobler asked
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Generic temperature sensor for Smartshunt?

Hallo, what kind of generic temperature sensor I need to use with smartshuunt, instead of the victron temperature sensor? I just know that is a in-built chip temperature sensor and not a resistance sensor.

Can someone post a example link please?

Thank you.

Fra asked

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Marine Lithium Battery Charging, Controlling and Monitoring

Marine setup. 4x Renogy 12v/200amp (100amp Max continuous charge) LiFePO4 batteries w/internal BMS & Bluetooth. Sources of Charge: (a) 2x Volvo Diesel engines with standard Alternators (guess 65amp each) - internal regulators configured for typical LED 12v charge profiles, (b) Multiplus II 12/3000/120 (30 amp Shore Power), and (c) Victron Blue Solar MPPT 100/30. Question #1. Recommendations for methods to manage/control Charge Profile for current produced by engine Alternators to manage Lithium batteries instead of LED batteries. I suspect this would be via the use of Orion DC-DC 30amp Charge Controllers - would you recommend (A) one for each engine or 2x stacked per engine, and (B) would these be then common connected to a bus bar or directly to battery bank or via a Victron Lynx product (I want to be able to manage and see in real time the performance of DC chargers and control situations where Solar and Shore power and Engine Power is all coming in at once via the Victron Connect App. Question #2 How do I configure the 4x Battery Bank to be able to see each individual batteries performance via the Victron Connect App? I currently have a Victron Venus GX & one Victron BMV700 with temp sensor and smart shunt - should I buy additional smart shunts + battery protectors, or, Lynx Smart Shunt, or will any of the Victron external BMS systems work?

briann asked

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How to manage smartschunt + smart battery sense in data transmission to smartsolar??

Hello, I have a smartsolar 100/30 on the VE network. SMART with smartshuunt and smart battery sense.

Now, smartschunt don't have the temperature sensor because I need the engine start battery voltage function.

The smartsolar receive from smartshuunt current and battery voltage. And receive from battery sense only the temperature.

But I would like the smartsolar to receive only the current from the smartshuunt. And that it receives temperature and voltage from the smart battery sense. It's possible?

Fra asked

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Smart solar 150/70 overcharging at 16.1v

The setup is as follows.

multiplus 3000

280 amp hour lithium phosphate

1 - smart solar mppt 150/70, connected to 2 - 385 watt 48 volt panels

1 - 75/15 blue solar mppt connected to 200 watt 48 volt panel

1 - 100/15 smart solar mppt connected to a 200 watt 48 volt panel

and a overkill 120amp bms

I have manually set all controllers to 12 volts.

I disconnected all controllers by removing the negative wire to the battery. This was in attempt to figure out why the voltage stated on the mppt controllers display via the color control gx was saying max volt 16.1v. Upon disconnecting 2 solar controllers (150/70 and the 100/15 smartsolar) the voltage at the bms slowly went down to 13.5v. I tested the voltage at the output of the 150/70 and the 100/15 and the both said 16v. The charge algorithm is set to lithium phosphate and each device was factory reset in an attempt rectify the issue.

They have been disconnected now for 2 days. I will test again in a bit to see if anything has changed.

any idea what would cause a 16v charge. Equalization is turned off. Manually set to 12v on each mppt controller



kevins asked
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Battery Monitoring on Sailboat

I have an 16 year old Jeanneau Sun Odyssey. The former battery capacity controller died on me and I am upgrading the system to VICTRON slowly.

I refited Solarpanels and a VICTRON MPPT Charge Controller for it, which is connected to the batteries.
The Alternator is connected via a VICTRON ARGO FET to the 3 battery banks (motor, service, bowthruster) and I still have an old 220V charger for shorepower, which is connected to the batteries.

Now I would like to add a battery management and stay on course with VICTRON (I have three smart battery senses for each bank as well).


What I would like to know:
- State of each battery (and an early detection if one is about to die, as unfortantely not all are the same age or the same Ah - but all are 100Ah +/- 5%)
- Battery Level (in Volt and %)
- Time to full charge
- Time to fully discharged
- Unloading Level / Loading Level
- See data from a few days ago and compare, to find possible consumer peaks

What do I need for this? Is a 500A SmartShunt sufficient? Do I need a CerboGX? Is the grafical Display in the app good or should I invest in the touch display? I trying to find a good, but cost efficient way for this, as its a boat - everything is expensive and has been expensive enough.

Marcus asked

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DC to DC charger config for 2020-21 GMC Sierra HD alternator profile

Has anyone published the auto on profile settings for 2020-21 GMC Sierra HD trucks? Mine keeps thinking the engine has turned off when it has not.

kwyer asked

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Lynx Smart BMS Extra Voltage Monitoring?

So I'm building a catamaran with a LFP house bank and plan on using a Lynx Smart BMS + Cerbo type system. I'd like to have some info on each engine starter battery voltage via the Cerbo, but throwing a Smart Shunt on each battery seems like it might be a bit of overkill as I don't need SoC, just want to see the voltage. Is there a better way to do this? Can the Smart Battery Sense connect to the Cerbo somehow?

hoeken asked

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Dashboard Smart Battery Sense in BT + Smart Solar

Warum werden in Dashboard nicht die Temperaturdaten von der Batterie angezeigt ? .
Ich hab ein Smart Battery Sense in BT Netzwerk mit den Smart Solar Regler 100/20 vernetzt.
Was muss ich in Venus OX (Raspberry Pi3) einstellen?

Why is the temperature data from the battery not showing in the dashboard? . I have networked a Smart Battery Sense in BT network with the Smart Solar Controller 100/20. What do I have to set in Venus OX (Raspberry Pi3)?

sparfux68 asked

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Help... 3 PV arrays, 3 MPPT and 2 battery banks

Hi - I have 3 separate solar arrays, each feeding into its own 75/15 MPPT which then feeds 2 separate battery banks (which can be individually selected or linked with a selector switch)

I guess my question is should/could all this be run on a single VE network? (I have 2 shunts, 2 BMS, 2 smart protect, 2 battery sense and 2 LiFePo 100Ah batteries)

My other question is if I link the batteries in parallel, which battery should I put the smart battery sense on? or shich should I connect to the BMS or use both?

Many thanks for all your help


alex-2 asked
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SOC and TTG reading as - - -

We have a BMV 6005 battery monitor. The SOC and TTG is just showing - - -

We have a ePRO inverter/charger which seems to be having some issues too. During the night, whilst on charging/inverting, it made weird clicking type sounds. Related to the battery monitor issue?

truman asked

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MPPT not receiving data from BatterySense

I have 2 x 100/30 MPPT and 1 x 75/15 MPPT all receiving data from a Battery Sense. Individually they all say they are happy and at night they all agree but when they start producing current the 75/15 starts under reporting by around 50mV compared to the others suggesting that it's not taking it's data from the Battery Sense. Consequently it is always the last to enter float

Edit - just to add to this . I have now turned off the VE Smart and the battery voltage is actually closer to the other controllers and the battery sense. So something is definitely not right with it.

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