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Battery Monitoring on Sailboat

I have an 16 year old Jeanneau Sun Odyssey. The former battery capacity controller died on me and I am upgrading the system to VICTRON slowly.

I refited Solarpanels and a VICTRON MPPT Charge Controller for it, which is connected to the batteries.
The Alternator is connected via a VICTRON ARGO FET to the 3 battery banks (motor, service, bowthruster) and I still have an old 220V charger for shorepower, which is connected to the batteries.

Now I would like to add a battery management and stay on course with VICTRON (I have three smart battery senses for each bank as well).


What I would like to know:
- State of each battery (and an early detection if one is about to die, as unfortantely not all are the same age or the same Ah - but all are 100Ah +/- 5%)
- Battery Level (in Volt and %)
- Time to full charge
- Time to fully discharged
- Unloading Level / Loading Level
- See data from a few days ago and compare, to find possible consumer peaks

What do I need for this? Is a 500A SmartShunt sufficient? Do I need a CerboGX? Is the grafical Display in the app good or should I invest in the touch display? I trying to find a good, but cost efficient way for this, as its a boat - everything is expensive and has been expensive enough.

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