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Flashing the Smart Battery Sense – Firmware v1.13 not possible

Hi. I run two Smart Battery Sense. Both are managed with the Android Victron Connect App v5.77. I was able to update the older of the two (HQ212xxxx) to firmware 1.13. I could not update the younger one (HQ221xxxx) from firmware version 1.11 to 1.13. Attempts with Linux AppImage v5.77 and v5.80beta2 also end with the same error. Is there a way to get the firmware version 1.13 as a manual download in order to flash it manually? Many thanks in advance. Regards.
Smart Battery Sense
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With the younger device, the Victron Connect app tells me that firmware version 1.11 is the latest. And that although version 1.13 is included in the app.
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