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problem connecting Smart Battery Sense to Smartsolar 250/85

datasheet-mppt-250-60-up-to-250-100.pdfI'm configuring the Smart Battery Sense and Smartsolar 250/85. I have created the network on the Smart Battery Sense but I can't select any options in the Smartsolar 250/85 to connect to a VE network.. The data sheet says it can... See attached
Please assist.

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Which battery in the bank should Smart Battery Sense connect to?

Hi, I'm going to add the Smart Battery Sense to our Bluesolar 100/50 mppt controller to improve charging on our battery bank. The system is 24v and we have 4 x 6v FLAs in series. Which battery should the SBS be connected to (and presumably to both terminals on the same battery)?

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Managing VE Smart network remotely with Victron Connect

I noticed the smart network menu is not available in my smartsolar MPPTs. Never needed it until a technician installed a Smart Sense on a site but forgot to set the smart network up... a site in a island :(

We have a GX device just for monitoring purposes and change MPPT charge profile if needed. Can we set the VE.Smart Network with the Smart Sense, remotely?

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Smart Battery Sense or BMV-712?

Is the BMV-712 able to provide voltage and temperature meassurements to the Victron MPPT Solar Charger or I also need a Smart Battery Sense?

Will the Cerbo GX connect with the Smart Battery Sense too?

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Smart Battery Sense data in VRM through MPPT75/10


My setup is Smart Battery Sense with bluetooth connection to MPPT 75/10, which has a VE.Direct USB cable to Raspberry Pi.

The MPPT can see the data from the smart battery sense, and in VRM I can see the MPPT. But I cant see the data from the Smart Battery Sense. Is this normal? I expected that the MPPT would pass on ALL data to the VRM portal.



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Smart Battery Sense only displays temp in app when the charger is on




I have a Smart Battery Sense Bluetooth connected to my mppt 75/15 charger, I can see the battery temp during the day (once the solar panels have a charging voltage) but at night time I do not see any battery temp information. Is this a bug or how it is designed?

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How to connect SmartBatterySense to setup with BMV

Ive added a SmartMatterySense (SBS) to my system so I can monitor battery temperature when solar charging my lithium batteries.

The SBS instructions says to connect +ive and -ive wires to batter terminals, but how does this work when I have a BMV-700 with shunt attached to the -ive battery terminal?

common wisdom is all -ive lead should be connected to ground side of the shunt .

I appreciate the SBS only draws a very low current (20mA), however should I connect SBS -ive wire to the -ive battery terminal (as per instructions) or to the ground terminal of the BMV shunt (as per common wisdom) ?



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Problem connecting Bluesolar 75/15 MPPT with BT dongle to Smart Battery Sense vis Ve.Smart Networking

I’m trying to connect my new Victron Smart battery Sense (lates fw 1.05) via a VE.Smart Networking by BT connection to my BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT solar controller ( to transmit battery temp info to the MPPT In advance of installing lithium leisure battery.
I also have a BMV700

I’m aware the Bluesolar 75/15 MPPT (latest fw 1.56) and the BMV700 are not natively BT equipped, but i have VE.Direct BT Smart Dongles attached to both (latest fw 2.26) and i can see the MPPT, BMV700 and the Smart sense on the Victron Connect App.

I’ve set up a VE.Smart network on the Smart Battery Sense and that is transmitting battery voltage and Temp info


but i can’t work out how to pair the BlueSolar MPPT to the VE.Smart network… The VE.Smart network option is not appearing in the settings area of my BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT. I thought it would with the BT dongle attached .

Any solutions / ideas??

TIA Gerry

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Orion TR Smart & Smart Battery Sene

Hi. I’m hoping to use the Orion TR Smart with the Smart Battery Sense.

Currently it shows these are not compatible with each other.

Will this be fixed with a software update? Or is this a hardware issue?


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Smart Battery Sense linked to SmartSolar Charge Controller

When the Smart Battery Sense and the SmartSolar Charge controller are linked via Bluetooth does the SmartSolar show voltage from the Sensor or voltage at its output terminals using the phone App and which voltage is the controller controlling to?


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Smart Battery Sense and Phoenix IP43 Charger

Hi from Australia.

I am looking at a Phoenix IP43 (3) charger for 3 battery banks on a boat.

Can someone please confirm that the Smart Battery Sense will connect to it via Bluetooth as I would rather not install the charger in the engine room.




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Maximum input voltage for Smart Battery Sense

The datasheet says the Smart Battery Sense (I have the blue one) is compatible with 48V battery banks. A "48V" LiFePo4 bank can be as high as 58V. Is this OK? I ask because some time ago I hooked one up and it never worked so I'm wondering if I fried it with too high of a voltage. I have a new one and don't want to kill it also.

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Smart solar 150/70 overcharging at 16.1v

The setup is as follows.

multiplus 3000

280 amp hour lithium phosphate

1 - smart solar mppt 150/70, connected to 2 - 385 watt 48 volt panels

1 - 75/15 blue solar mppt connected to 200 watt 48 volt panel

1 - 100/15 smart solar mppt connected to a 200 watt 48 volt panel

and a overkill 120amp bms

I have manually set all controllers to 12 volts.

I disconnected all controllers by removing the negative wire to the battery. This was in attempt to figure out why the voltage stated on the mppt controllers display via the color control gx was saying max volt 16.1v. Upon disconnecting 2 solar controllers (150/70 and the 100/15 smartsolar) the voltage at the bms slowly went down to 13.5v. I tested the voltage at the output of the 150/70 and the 100/15 and the both said 16v. The charge algorithm is set to lithium phosphate and each device was factory reset in an attempt rectify the issue.

They have been disconnected now for 2 days. I will test again in a bit to see if anything has changed.

any idea what would cause a 16v charge. Equalization is turned off. Manually set to 12v on each mppt controller



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Battery Monitoring on Sailboat

I have an 16 year old Jeanneau Sun Odyssey. The former battery capacity controller died on me and I am upgrading the system to VICTRON slowly.

I refited Solarpanels and a VICTRON MPPT Charge Controller for it, which is connected to the batteries.
The Alternator is connected via a VICTRON ARGO FET to the 3 battery banks (motor, service, bowthruster) and I still have an old 220V charger for shorepower, which is connected to the batteries.

Now I would like to add a battery management and stay on course with VICTRON (I have three smart battery senses for each bank as well).


What I would like to know:
- State of each battery (and an early detection if one is about to die, as unfortantely not all are the same age or the same Ah - but all are 100Ah +/- 5%)
- Battery Level (in Volt and %)
- Time to full charge
- Time to fully discharged
- Unloading Level / Loading Level
- See data from a few days ago and compare, to find possible consumer peaks

What do I need for this? Is a 500A SmartShunt sufficient? Do I need a CerboGX? Is the grafical Display in the app good or should I invest in the touch display? I trying to find a good, but cost efficient way for this, as its a boat - everything is expensive and has been expensive enough.

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DC to DC charger config for 2020-21 GMC Sierra HD alternator profile

Has anyone published the auto on profile settings for 2020-21 GMC Sierra HD trucks? Mine keeps thinking the engine has turned off when it has not.

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Max charge current setting on MPPT

Setting the max charge current on the MPPT,

Thinking of using a 100/50.

Will that be the max the MPPT will output at all given times?

My battery only has a max charge current of 30a. But my solar capacity would exceed 30a. If the battery is charging at 30a, and I have 50a of solar available what happens to the other 20a? Would be to used by the inverter if a load is turned on? Or would it not be available because of the max charge current set on the MPPT.

I assume DVCC would be helpful in this scenario but it is a small system I am trying to do it as minimal as possible.

Would Smart Battery Sense help identify what is going into the battery and what is surplus solar?

Or do I need a GX and have DVCC enabled.

Thanks in advance.

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Lynx Smart BMS Extra Voltage Monitoring?

So I'm building a catamaran with a LFP house bank and plan on using a Lynx Smart BMS + Cerbo type system. I'd like to have some info on each engine starter battery voltage via the Cerbo, but throwing a Smart Shunt on each battery seems like it might be a bit of overkill as I don't need SoC, just want to see the voltage. Is there a better way to do this? Can the Smart Battery Sense connect to the Cerbo somehow?

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Smart battery sense with older MPPT

Asking again as no answers so far!

I would like to try a smart battery sense on my system. BMV700 and two MPPT 150/35 and 100/30. All three units have a blue tooth dongle. But my question, the MPPT 100/30 is the older type that takes it’s current from the solar array and not the battery. Will this still work?

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What is the difference between the 2 Smart Battery Sense devices?

What is the difference between the 2 Smart Battery Sense devices? The Black one is called Smart Battery Sense (3M) and the Blue one is called Smart Battery Sense (10M). I read the instructions and it does not point out any difference between the two.


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Smart Battery Sense - Stored data

How long does the Smart Battery Sense stored data onboard, it appears that no data is stored on the unit itself, so if out of Bluetooth range, will no 12v battery data be logged and therefore no available later?

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Best option to get battery temperature sensing?


I want to provide battery temperature sensing to improve charging with my two BlueSolar MPPT 100/50 chargers with bluetooth dongle (in parallel, I know, I cannot synchronize them). I see two options, either go with the wired battery temp sensor (ASS000100000) for the BMV-712 that I have, or use one of the smart battery sense (SBS050100200, SBS050150200) that will be seen in the network.

Which is a better option?

Thank you in advance

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Smart battery sense No blue light

Got the smart battery sense today. Hooked it up to my 48 volt battery bank, did not get blue light flashing or no error light. Charge controller is a smartsolar 150/70-tr. Checked fuse, looks ok. Charge controller works fine with ve. Connect. Any ideas.

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Dashboard Smart Battery Sense in BT + Smart Solar

Warum werden in Dashboard nicht die Temperaturdaten von der Batterie angezeigt ? .
Ich hab ein Smart Battery Sense in BT Netzwerk mit den Smart Solar Regler 100/20 vernetzt.
Was muss ich in Venus OX (Raspberry Pi3) einstellen?

Why is the temperature data from the battery not showing in the dashboard? . I have networked a Smart Battery Sense in BT network with the Smart Solar Controller 100/20. What do I have to set in Venus OX (Raspberry Pi3)?

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Help... 3 PV arrays, 3 MPPT and 2 battery banks

Hi - I have 3 separate solar arrays, each feeding into its own 75/15 MPPT which then feeds 2 separate battery banks (which can be individually selected or linked with a selector switch)

I guess my question is should/could all this be run on a single VE network? (I have 2 shunts, 2 BMS, 2 smart protect, 2 battery sense and 2 LiFePo 100Ah batteries)

My other question is if I link the batteries in parallel, which battery should I put the smart battery sense on? or shich should I connect to the BMS or use both?

Many thanks for all your help


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Do I need a BMV to use the Smart Battery Sense?

I am waiting for better weather to install my solar charger etc to my campervan so I was looking at the demo mode of the victron app on my phone.

I have a smart solar 100/30 and phoenix ip43 12/30 and in demo mode there are warnings in the low temperature shut off (because I have a lifepo4 battery). Am I reading this right that the battery sense is basically pointless without a BMV?

Is this to force people to buy the BMV for ... reasons?


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Smart Battery Sense + MPPT 75/15 stop charging at low temp?

Just installed a lithium battery in my camper. Can my MPPT 75/15 be programmed to stop charging below freezing? Yes, I know lithium BMS should stop charging from happening , but I found out after buying this one it doesn't. Not in freezing weather that much, so it's probably not a big deal. I'll just shut off the solar until it warms up.

2nd Question: Will I be able to see the sensor temperature via Victron Connect?



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Smart lithium ve network

Can the smart lithium battery wirelessly communicate through a Bluetooth ve network to a Smart charging devices such as a smart MPPT?

Eliminating the need for a Smart Battery Sense that would normally wirelessly connect to the MPPT to adjust for voltage drop?

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SmartSolar and AC Shore Power Charger

How can I disable MPPT going into Bulk in the morning when my boat is connected to the shore power and the batteries are at Float level kept by the AC charger? Thanks.

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Cerbo Gx with ET112+Smart devices

This is the equipment I have:

  • Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50
  • 2 x ET112 connected with 2 RS485 to USB Adapters
  • SmartShunt 1000A connected via VE Direct Cable
  • 3 Smart Battery Sense
  • 1 Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 isolated


1 Et 112 to generator Output

1 Et 112 to Shore power line

SmartShunt to Service battery

1 Smart Battery Sense engine battery

1 Smart Battery Sense thruster battery

1 Smart Battery Sense for a secondary battery

Questions :

  1. How can I connect the Smart Battery Sensors to Cerbo in order to get voltage information?
  2. If the above is not possible, how can I get voltage information from other batteries?
  3. How can I insert the on AC Input to show me voltage of the grid?
  4. Is it possible to have separate information for the Generator output?
  5. How can I setup an alarm whenever the shore power is being disconnected?

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