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Atlas Inverter Fan Running

Hi, I have a late 90’s Atlas Inverter 12v 1600w. It was fitted to my boat that I bought secondhand last year. I rarely use the inverter and usually leave it switched off. I recently arrived out to the boat to find the inverter fan running continuously. I tried switching it on and off, I cycled it between on, off and standby, etc. but it still runs continuously.

What should I check? I presume if I isolate the unit and pull the fuses it will stop

dino asked

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Multiplus 12/3000 error #24

We have dual Multiplus 12/3000 units wired in split phase to a Victron Autotransformer. The system is now faulting with error #24 when connected to shore power. This has been traced to the slave inverter. The back feed relay seems to be stuck closed. I would appreciate any available feedback. Thank you.

I have performed all the testing steps laid out in the error codes document: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ve.bus:ve.bus_error_codes">https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ve.bus:ve.bus_error_codes

This occurs with no load on the inverters. Main breaker off.

We are connected to a 50 amp shore power plug working properly with other systems.

Step 1 video of error led's:

Step 2 disconnect input and output wiring:


Step 3 measure resistance:

Input and output neutrals - 95 ohms

Input and output line - 0 ohms

After reading all the other cases for error 24 on this community I have also done the following:

Removed inverter from split phase system, configured for stand alone.

Disconnected all AC wiring, power unit on - no issue

Disconnected AC input wiring only - no issue

Disconnected AC output wiring only - error 24 immediately present when shore power applied.

solseekerssolar asked

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Three Quattro 48/8000 230v devices different humming levels


I just powered on three Quattro's (DC only, building a 3 phase system). The Quattro's are only connected to DC (same battery bank) and come straight out of the box. I updated the firmware and I noticed a big difference in 50Hz humming noise level between the 3 devices while doing so (to be clear not any programming yet, three separate devices with default settings running the latest firmware).

  • Device 1 has a really load hum.
  • Device 2 two is almost quiet, you can't almost hear anything.
  • Device 3 is somewhere in-between.

I was just wondering, is this normal behavior? I would expect that the noise level of all three devices should be about the same. And where is the noise coming from? There is no AC input so there isn't anything to charge. There also isn't any load connected to the AC output.

Best regards

some-user asked
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Low charge current, much lower than the limit


I have a problem with the charge current. The solar production is quite high. The SoC is around 75%. The grid feed-in is activated for DC & AC. I would expect that the high current goes first to the battery before it goes to the grid.



harald07 asked

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Quattro settings for Superpack 12,8V 100Ah


My name is Dimitris and i work for a sailing boat charter company.

On a boat recently we installed a Quattro 12v/3000VA/120Amps with 3x 12,8V/100Ah Superpack LiFePo4 batteries connected parallel.

After the installation i did a firmware update on the Quattro via the Interface MK3-USB through Victron Connect, then proceeded to set up the charger for Lithium batteries.

On the General tab i set up AC2 (shore power feed) to current limit of 16A and i enabled the battery monitor so i can set up 300ah of battery bank and SOC when bulk finished 85%.

On the Charger tab i set the charge current at 60 Amps (50% of the Quattro capability), enabled the Lithium batteries setting and set Float voltage at 13,5V and Absorption voltage at 14,2V according to the datasheet of the batteries. I set the maximum absorption time at 4h and i left the charge curve at Fixed setting.

At this point the batteries were at 75% and were taking 60 Amps of charge on Bulk. After awhile the batteries topped up to 100%, battery voltage was 13,55 but the charger was still on bulk and giving 60 Amps to the batteries.

I would like some help so i can see what i did wrong or what settings i missed.

Kind regards.

dimitrisp asked

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Cerbo/GX50 is not showing AC input or AC loads

Set Up a cerbo and GX 50. PV data is showing, Battery info from smart shunt is good, however with the shorepower connected I am not seeing the AC input. I also have no AC loads showing, when i know there are loads on the invertert. I have checked all my connections but still no luck.

Any ideas what it might be?

Thanks all

brasstacks asked
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No altitude limitation for Quattro in 120 volts but there is for European 230v

I was looking at the Quattro and noticed there is an altitude limitation for the European version that are 230 V, but not for the North American version at 120V. Is this a mistake, or does the higher voltage of the EU version cause higher temps and greater chance of arching due to thinner atmosphere than the NA 120V version? There seems to be no limitation for the Multiplus for either version. Is this correct?

johnwbeem asked

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Basic Multiplus Relay Operation

I have a Multiplus 12v/3000/120 unit (and a BMV712 and MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge Controller).

The Multiplus Manual mentions 3 programmable relays with connections for K1, K2 and Alarm Relay. I want to simply turn off AC power output when the battery voltage is low and turn it back on when the battery voltage is high (i.e. excessive solar input)

1) Are these relay just low voltage/current outputs for a separate (power) contactor/relay to wire the AC output through?

2) Can the output be controlled "internally or programmed" so that I don't need to use the relays?

3) Can I set the SOC levels for this using the App for the BMV-712 or does that just control the relays of the BMV-712 itself? Do I need to download/install the VE Configure software?

4) Can the ACOut2 be set to be ON/OFF for SOC levels versus just for AC Inputs being connected or not?



todd-mitton asked

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Solution for a large voltage drop AC In for Multiplus 12/3000/120


I have installed a Multiplus 12/3000/120 on a sailing yacht and I notice a large voltage drop on the AC In side.

- All cables from shore plug up to AC In are 2.5mm2
- Cable distances are from shore plug to yacht = 15m / from yacht in to Multiplus = 5m
- I have one RCD between shore and the AC In (also one after AC Out)
- Voltage from shore without load is 218V
- Voltage AC In drops from 218V to 205-210V when charging at 90Amps 12V
- I notice a quite large negative power reading on the AC Out (up to -100W)
- When decreasing the charger output to <30 Amps 12V the AC In voltage rises to around 216V and the AC Out power reading rises to around -10W
- When not connected to shore, the inverter gives a normal 230V to the AC Out

You can find a screenshot below of the Victron Connect which shows all figures.

Is this issue purely depending on the Marina I'm berthing (old cabling, trafo issues...) or are there any internal/installation aspects I might be looking into?
Is the AC Out negative reading a side effect of the voltage drop on the AC In?




basile-cools asked

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"Inverter on" light is off when inverting

Hello, as you can see in the video the inverter is ON but the green light of inverting is off.

For the skeptical, I was also hearing my washing machine.

1x Victron Quattro 15000VA

2x Smartsolar 450V 100A

4x Weco 5K3 Battery

1x Cerbo

Mario Navarro asked
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Lost settings / spurious low voltage error on quattro

I just updated my Quattro's to the v502 firmware. When going through the normal sequence of VEConfigure'ing them to re-enable charging after the update, I noticed that my battery settings are got scrambled. They're showing what looks like AGM settings, while I had it configured for SmartLithium's.

I went ahead and VEConfigure'd without changing it, just to make sure the firmware update went OK. That went fine. Then I went back to fix the battery settings. I set them all back to the correct settings for my 24V SmartLithium system, but when I VEConfigure'd that version in, the Quattro's now sound a low-DC-voltage alarm and won't start up as inverters. The DC input low shutdown shows in VEConfigure as 18.6V, and my batteries are sitting nicely at 26.53V, so I have no idea what's gone wrong. Is my config horrible scrambled now?

resistor asked

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15kVA Quattro failure and blown fuse upon grid to battery transfer

I have a 90kVA 3 phase system (6 x 15kVA quattros). I have lost two quattros within 2 days of operation. When the inverter should take over the load something gets stuck and the 315A fuse fails. Then upon replacement of the fuse something inside the inverter will burn out (sparks fire and lots of smoke). This is not something that can be replicated, and is not load dependent, it happens randomly, however, only on grid to battery transition instances. System will run fine for a day with multiple grid to battery cycles and then fail with a one second voltage dip on the grid. Did Victron change some components over the past year or so towards the quattro?

I have 1 second power quality meter data, so I can see exactly what happened at the instant of failure, and on one instance it was just a 1 second dip in grid power that caused the failure. Power consumption at the time was only 2300W for the L1 phase on which the Master inverter failed.

Any ideas will be welcome

jyweet asked

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Multiple pylontech force l1 banks connection to inverter charger

Hello everyone.

I currently have three Quattro inverter chargers acting as a three phase system. I have them connected to a pylontech force l1 battery bank. This bank has its own BMS. To increase the power that the inverters can give, I am thinking of including a second force l1 battery bank (with its respective BMS). My question is if it is possible to connect TWO battery banks (each one with its BMS) to my Quattro three-phase inverter-charger system.

Thanks in advance.

jschz asked
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Quattro not calcualting SoC

I have a system with 3 single phase Quattro 24/3000/70-2x50 that create a 3phase system. In the AC In 1 is connected the grid and in the AC Out 1 are connected the loads. The Battery of the system is an LFP Smart 25,6 200Ah and the whole system is monitored by a CCGX device. The problem is that the Quattro inverter doesn't calcualtes the SoC of the Battery and therefore is not displayed on the CCGX (always remains 0%). In the CCGX device is selected the Quattro as the Battery Monitor.



What causes that problem?

laz asked
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Controlling Quattro Charge current from iPhone with VicrtonConnect app

IMG_5104.PNGIMG_5103.PNGOn my boat I have a Victron Quattro 12/5000/220-100/100 230V VE.Bus Inverter Charger. I have a 500AH LFP battery bank that is controlled by a BMS (Elecrtodacus SBMS0). The BMS remotely controls the charger and inverter to prevent over charging or over discharging.

I have been using the MK3-USB connected to my Mac to change the charging amps via the VictronConnect app. When the boat is connected to shore power, I set it to charge at 30 amps to slowly charge the batteries to full. When I am on the boat I set it to 220 amps when I use the generator to add quick charge but not to full. Unfortunately, the shore power and the genset are connected to the same Quattro AC input, otherwise I would set the input current differently for each device.

I have the VictronConnect app also on my iPhone, and use it to view/control the Victron DC/DC chargers and Victron Smart Battery connect via bluetooth. I would like to use the iPhone to also control the Quattro via bluetooth.

I have tried connecting a VE.Bus Smart Dongle but it will not work because of the remote control connection from the BMS (see attached images).

Is there any way that I can use my iPhone to control the Quattro via bluetooth? If not, can my Mac control it via bluetooth? I want to be able to control the Quattro without having a messy USB cable to attach only when needed to change the charger setting.

boatie asked

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