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MultiPlus: Disable Charger based on battery temperature

I'm currently building an RV off-grid system based around a Lithium Tesla Battery and MultiPlus. In the system is also a BMV 702, BatteryProtect 220 and Color Control.

As the Lithium Battery really doesn't like to be charged below freezing temperature I'm planning to have an automated heating pad that keeps the battery warm, but I would like to have a fail safe which disables the MultiPlus Charger whenever the temperature of the Battery reaches 5°C

My current setup is to connect the BMV-702 Temperature Control Sensor to the Battery and then connected the BMV-702 Relay to the MultiPlus AUX1 which controls the Charger via the Charge Assistant. This works nicely, but I was wondering:

1. The MultiPlus already has a Temperature Sense Connector plus the Temperature Sensor shipped, when I measure the voltage of the Temperature sensor I get a reading of 2.6V at 25°C. Is there any datasheet of the Temperature Sensor that I could use to configure the MultiPlus Assistant for temperature? I would really like to not depend on the BMV for the temperature measuring and best have the MultiPlus measure the temperature directly.

2. I found the new Shared Temperature Sense feature of the Venus/ColorControl: https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2018/10/17/venus-os-v2-20-scheduled-charging-equalize-and-more/ which mentions:

the Venus-device will send the battery temperature to the connected Solar Chargers and Inverter/chargers.

But I don't see anything in the MultiPlus Configuration Screen to do anything with that Temperature or any other way that it actually receives the temperature form the Venus/ColorControl.

Plus just two other small questions:

1. Is there any way to see the current voltage reading on the MultiPlus AUX inputs? I'm having a bit a hard time to find the correct voltages to use in the Assistant

2. When I disable the Charger in the VEConfig all together, but then enable the Charger again via the Assistant based on the AUX1. The charger is actually running! That's a bit scary ;) Also which charge settings are used? I assume just the last settings of the charger before it was disabled all together?

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2 Temp Sensors… Which one do I use?

The MultiPlus 3000 came with a battery temperature sensor (mounts to neg battery post) and the MK3 USB dongle has a built in temp sensor (peel and stick to battery). Which one is primary, or does the system use data from both? If it pulls temp data from both… I have a split bank (two battery banks in parallel) setup. Can I use both sensor on the same MultiPlus one on each bank?

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Temperatursensor am Cebro GX über Modbus-TCP


in einem Schaltschrank wird eine Victron-Batterieüberwachung für die USV-Anlage verwendet. Diese soll verschiedene Daten über Modbus-TCP an die Steuerung im Schrank übergeben.

(Smart Shunt, Cebro GX, Touch GX und 4* Temperature Sensor Quattro, MultiPlus and GX Device)

Frage: Ist es möglich, die 4 Temperatureingänge vom Cebro GX über die Modbus-TCP Anbindung weiterzugeben?

In der Modbus-TCP Register List, finde ich nur die Auswertung für com.victronenergy.temperature, welche wohl nur einen Sensor liest?!

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Temperature Sensor

Hello Brains Trust

Would anybody know what sensor device is used in the temperature sensor Victron part no. ASS000001000

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Measuring and Switching on Extraction fan based on temperature using the relay and a GX

Hi, I'm also trying to see if I need use a Thermostatic bimetal tempertaure sensor https://www.tro-pacific.com/collections/controller/products/thermostat-no-10-50-deg-c-61-x-34-x-35-mm

to measure the temperature inside an electrical box and connect this to CERBO GX Temp inputs to trigger a relay switch and turn on an extraction fan.https://www.tro-pacific.com/products/filter-fan-58m3-h-230v-50-60hz


1. Is this possible to connect this Thermostatic bimetal temp sensor to CERBOGX?

2. Do I need to use Thermostatic bimetal temp sensor or could use victron sensor somehow for this purpose? https://www.victronenergy.com/live/temperature_sensors

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120 Temperature Sense error and Battery Temperature alarm

I have an ongoing problem with what seems to be erroneous High Temperature alarms on the Multiplus 12/3000/120-50.

The unit details:

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V

Firmware version 475

Last connection 5 minutes ago

Product id 2702

VE.Bus connection VE.Bus

Hardware configuration Single unit

VRM instance 0

Things I've done to troubleshoot:

-- checked all terminal connections... everything is tight.

-- manually measured surface temperature of multiplus, which ranges between 20C and 30C.

-- upgraded firmware to latest version

-- temp alarm doesn't seem to have a pattern for which it gets tripped. When the alarm goes off, there doesn't seem to be excessive load on the system.

-- I observed that the fan on the unit does not come on and I thought it was a faulty fan. I added a large load to the system by turning on the AC unit when inverting and the fan promptly came on. So, I'm thinking the fan is working as it should.

-- the unit is installed in a bench seating area, which is enclosed. I thought ventilation was a problem, so I added 4 cooling fans and external ventilation, still received alarms.

Any ideas on what else to check?


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Low temperature cutoff for Smart MPPT and Quattro ?

I have a Quattro and Smart MPPT. Both would be normally connected over winter. I'm planning to have LiFePO4 batteries and want low temp charging cutoff for less than 5DegC. I also have a BMV-700 and am planning to integrate with a CCGX.
Can 1 temperature sensor tell both the Quattro and MPPT to stop charging below my cutoff ?
Which temp sensor and how/where should it be connected ? Or am I best getting 2 sensors one for the Quattro direct and one for the Smart MPPT.

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Multiplus temperature problem

I have a 12/3000/120 multiplus inverter charger linked to a 345ah Rolls agm housebank and start battery in a yacht.

The charger was set at 60amps by the installer. Year one in the uk it worked perfectly. Last year in Southern Brittany the overheating link would occasionally blink, even when the batteries were not warm to the touch. It was warmer in Southern Brittany.

This year in Galicia, NW Spain, temperatures have recently risen and I am getting this problem again, but for the last two days turning off for a while and back on again is not clearing the problem - but it has been over 30c in the boat.

My question is this - is the temperature sensor function programmable and if so could the setting have been set too low?

Or - could this be a faulty sensor?

If the problem is a programming setting, could I reset it? I recall that the installer had to download software onto his laptop to enable him to configure the charge settings.

Many thanks in advance for any advice preferred!



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Victron multiplus 3000 maximum operating temperature?

Hi there - does anybody know the operating ambient temperature range for the Victron multiplus 3000w inverter? Specifically, does the inverter have a built-in high temperature shutoff? What temperature is it triggered at?

I recently installed one of these inverters for a client in a space with less-than optimal ventilation. I installed a temperature-controlled fan in the space to help with ventilation, but just want to verify at what high temperature the inverter will cut off at. Thanks in advance.

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Where is the Temperature sensor mounted - in the Easy Solar 48v box, or in my BYD lithium battery box?

Where is the temperature sensor mounted for my Easy Solar 48v system? Or is it mounted inside my BYD Lithium battery box? My problem is in the winter, when the shed temperature is lower than 15 deg C and I'm running the generator, then the sun comes over the hill, and my solar panels' charging capacity is throttled back, due to the low temps. I'd like to install a small heat source, say a 100w light bulb, running off the generator output, to warm the system up enough to make the most of the brief winter sunlight.

Another question: Do lithium batteries need this low temperature protection? Is it possible to adjust the temp threshold down a few degrees?

Many thanks.

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Battery Temperature Monitoring

I have a MultPlus 3000VA and a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20. Which is the cheapest way to have these products self-monitor the batteries internal temperature and use that feed-back to adjust their operation?

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Connecting temperature sensor for SmartShunt with self-built LiFePo4 correctly (and two related questions)

Hi guys.

I am about to install the 500A/50mV-Shunt to my self-made battery (LiFePo4) system and bought the correct temp sensor for the connection with Vbatt+ and Aux.

As I have connected my cells main positive to a copper strip (20x3mm) in order to be able to use bigger lugs (the battery cells only have M6), and the heavy duty lug on the temp sensor has a M10 hole, I was wondering where I should ideally connect it:


A, at the raw cells’ main positive

B, at the battery input of the main fuse, supplying it with power even when the fuse has blown.

C, at the fuse output, NOT supplying it with power, after the fuse has blown, but with a fitting M10 bolt. This is where I will connect the distribution bus bar with all my loads and chargers.

Also, I was wondering whether I could install a manual switch in the positive cable of the temp sensor, making it possible to turn off the shunt and prevent micro current in case I want to store the battery.

I have a Victron Smart Solar MPPT, BlueSmart IP65 and Orion-Tr in my setup. Am I understanding it correctly that the temperature sensor of the SmartShunt supplies all of these with the temperature reading when in the same network as the others, in order to optimize charging?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


P.S.: Of course, I have a BMS between the battery main negative and the shunt, I just didn’t draw it in the above scribble, as the temp sensor should be connected to the positive side, as shown in the manual.

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Lithium batteries with no cold weather BMS

I have a Victron Energy Smart 12/12 DC-DC charger combined with a Victron Energy Smart Shunt. My batteries (4x Ampere Time 100AH LifePo4's) BMS do not have a low temp cut-off. Will I be able to add a temperature sensor with my existing equipment to prevent charging during temperatures below freezing or do I need to add a Victron 712 battery monitor with a Victron temperature sensor and set it to stop charging at 32F?

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Phoenix Smart Inverter 12/2000 low temperature Alarm fault

Hello I just installed my new Phoenix Smart Inverter 12/2000 to our CamperVAN. After connecting all cables I made an update to a new firmware. Everything was sucessfull. But when I tried to start inverter I got immediately error ALARM for low temperature. (Temperature in Van is about +22c). It looks like sensor inside inverter failed or maybe it is sw bug?

thank you in advance for kind help


Viktor Šeda


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Temp sensor cable length / extension ability

I wish to add some temp sensors to my Cerbo GX. I understand I need part ASS000001000 . I cannot see any details for length of included cable - does anyone have this to hand ? Is it possible to extend the cable by a couple of meters without altering the recorded temperature too much?

With thanks,

Dr Richard Williamson

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Is there a way to calibrate the temperature senor on the Venus GX

Connecting my new OEM Victron Temperature sensor to the Venus GX and the temperature is out by 3 deg > Is there a way to calibrate this out ? Voltage on terminals is 2.900V Venus reports it as 15 degC should be 17degC according to the voltage , + 1 deg due to inaccuracy of sensor itself as the actual temperature was 18 deg

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Display temperature on Cerbo display

Using the supplied stock temp sensor, is there no way to display the temp on the Cerbo Touch 50 display, like the tank levels?

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BMV & SmartSolar Streetlight to warm battery box

Hi, I have a 190ah LFP battery going in to an ammo can which will be in my truck bed. I'd like to heat the box using small ~25w heat strip(s) when the battery is too cold to charge, but only if it was going to charge in the first place.

What I mean by that, is that if it's the middle of the night and below freezing, don't bother because there's no sun to charge with anyway. Similarly, if I have a foot of snow on the panels and it's freezing outside, don't bother because the panels might not even produce enough voltage to initiate a charge cycle.

I was thinking some combination of the street light function, load ouput, and BMV low temperature relay setting could accomplish this. Likely easily with the ability to invert the streetlight functionality but I do not think that's possible from my research. Maybe some NC relay that the streetlight triggers when it'd normally be operating an actual streetlight (night?)

Any ideas appreciated!

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Venus GX Temperature sensors output to NMEA2000?

Maybe I am missing something, but I can't seem to be able to output the temperature sensors connected to my Venus GX to NMEA2000.

I can see every other detail from my Victron System on NMEA2000 but not the GX Temperature sensors.

What am I doing wrong?

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Best option to get battery temperature sensing?


I want to provide battery temperature sensing to improve charging with my two BlueSolar MPPT 100/50 chargers with bluetooth dongle (in parallel, I know, I cannot synchronize them). I see two options, either go with the wired battery temp sensor (ASS000100000) for the BMV-712 that I have, or use one of the smart battery sense (SBS050100200, SBS050150200) that will be seen in the network.

Which is a better option?

Thank you in advance

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Cerbo GX Celsius to Fahrenheit Issues

I know that it is ridiculous that we still use Fahrenheit in the US and the rest of the world uses Celsius. That said, there seems to be at least some provision from Victron that allows this to be switched and I would like to figure out how to do it. I have switched it everywhere that I think I can but still have mixed results. The VRM (mostly) works in displaying F over C but even then, there are bugs it seems. You'll notice that my sensor "Inside Temperature" is in F so that's good:


However, if I got to the advanced tab, sometimes it's in F and sometimes it's in C. Note that the Shunt Temperature Sensor is in F but the Battery Summary is really in C and just appends the F after the Celsius value. What's even stranger, if I wait 10 or 15 minutes, the Fahrenheit value will magically appear in the Battery Summary. Go back to the Dashboard and then back to Advanced and it shows the Celsius value again and you have to wait for 10 minutes for it to change:


Finally, I can't for the life of me get the console to show it correctly ever. This is the most bothersome for sure. Since most of the time I won't have internet access, I installed the rather pricey GX Touch 50 to display what is going on at a glance. I was planning on adding sensors for my fridge and freezer after adding the Victron Energy Temperature Sensor for GX Devices for ambient inside temperature as well. However, I simply can't get Fahrenheit to display on either the remote console from VRM or the actual GX Touch 50 so I'm holding off on that for now. Intuitively, I would think that you would select the temperature sensor from the device list and change it in the setup as shown but there is no provision for that.


There is a provision in the app shown here (this is an older screen shot, I am running the v5.41 and still having the same issue):


I've searched this forum, the Facebook forum, called tech support at a US dealer and I simply can't figure out how to get F displayed on the Touch GX. Is this simply not a feature for the Touch GX? Is Fahrenheit only available in the VRM? At a minimum, I think there is a bug in the VRM as shown above with the Celsius value stamped with an F after it in the Battery Summary. I've been really satisfied with all of my Victron components otherwise. I have to imagine that there is a way to show Fahrenheit on the Touch GX though. I can't be the only person on the planet with this issue so my guess is that it's me! If anyone can provide step by step here, that would be amazing! Thank you!

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What is the temperture measurement accuracy of Victron sensors?

I've purchased a new MulitPlus II with included battery temperature sensor but the sensor is reading many degrees high, while I'll be using the sensor on LifePO4 batteries the low-temperature reading is the most critical in my situation. What accuracy should I be expecting from Victron temperature sensors?

Can the temperature sensor be corrected with software?

What temperate sensor is glued into the battery sensor? is it just a simple LM335?


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Temperature sensor on Cerbo.

Hi all.

Does anybody know if the temp sensors of the BMV 712 - 712 works on the temp connectors of the Cerbo? I do

I have connected the sensor wires to the connector block on the Cerbo, and also the sensor otself to the positive bolt of the battery clamp. but it keeps saying disconnected. However it does show in device ( Temperature sensor that it is connected). It also shows a sensor voltage of 5.76 V.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is this the right sensor for the Cerbo ?

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Smart Shunt 500 and Smart Battery Sensors

Hi in my van system I am having the batteries. One Starter Battery, the first Leisure Battery charged and controlled by the MAN controllsystem and my new Lithium Leisure battery 2.

Battery 1 and 2 are connected via a Smart Orion with alternator recognition. To measure my power consumption I would like to use the Smart Shunt on battery 2.

From my former car Iam having 2 Smart Battery Sense Devices. Should I use the Smart Battery Sense Devices for the Starter Battery and Battery 1? then I should by the temp. sense for the Smart Shunt?

Uncertain what is the easiest way of having voltage and temp information from all batteries?

Thanks Kirsten

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Can setting low temp cutoff in BMV-712 stop AC converter charging?

I am running the BMV-712, Battery Smart Temp Sensor and the MPPT 100/15 with a 2x LiFePo4 200amp hour battery bank. The battery bank has BMS onboard but a low temp cutoff is not included unfortunately. I have things set with the MPPT to cutoff charging at 3deg C but that is only when charging from solar. It looked like if I set the BMV-712 relay low temp cutoff setting to 3deg C, it would cut charging regardless of whether it was from solar or the AC charge converter but my tests are showing the relay closed when it's supposed to be, however the AC charge converter is still charging the battery bank. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.

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Plans to increase precision of Cerbo GX temperature sensor scale and offset values?

I‘ve calculated a linear regression (ie. Slope, y intercept) from 2 known temperature points fir a temperature sensor. But the precision of the Scale and Offset values is inadequate. The scale only allows one decimal and the offset none, only an integer. Is there any plan to improve the allowed precision of these 2 values to allow a full floating point number to be entered for each?

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Do I need Multiplus temp sense if I have BMV 712 and smart dongle for MP??

Finishing up my 12/3000/120 install and was wondering if I need the t-sense installed if I already have bmv 712 with temp sensor and a smart dongle for multiplus? Will the bmv tell the multiplus the temp?

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SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor (Bluetooth) + ASS000100000 Temperature Sensor Not Working

I'm unable to get a temperature reading from the ASS000100000 when plugged into my Bluetooth 500A SmartShunt monitor (red wire from pos battery terminal to pos input on shunt terminal, black to neg input). App only shows "--" for temperature regardless of what I do. Have tried replacing the temperature sensor but with the same results. Bad SmartShunt? I would appreciate any guidance!

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Is it possible to visualize temperature sensors on the new VRM dashboard?

Very nice with the new VRM dashboard. Really love it, but temperature sensors are still missing. Any plans for adding that feature, and is there any way I can add temperature sensors myself to the dashboard? Just some simple indicators or scorecard showing name of sensor and temperature would suffice.

High hopes for this feature. It would complete the current dashboard.


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