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ASS000001000 temperature sensor range

What is the operating range of the ASS000001000 temp sensor for the Venus GX? I am wondering if it can be used to monitor alternator temperature (up to 130° C).

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Venus GX with EasyPlus 1600 and BMV 702

Hi All

Help please...

I have a Venus GX - with BMV and EasyPlus 1600. All connected together by VE.Bus and VE.Direct. All working great - no issues.

My question is about temperature sensing. All 3 devices have a temperature sensor cable - which device, in this set up, should have the temp sensor attached ?



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Two batteries + temperature with SmartSolar 100/30 and BMV-712 with a smart battery sense dongle?

I have had a SmartSolar 100/30 installed for around a month, and am going to install a 712 that just arrived.

While not critical, it'd be nice to be able to get the voltage from both of the batteries in my aux bank (2x LiFePo4 12v @ 180AH in parallel) just in case they get out of alignment (though the regulators on them should handle that) as well as temperature (so my smartsolar doesn't try to charge my batteries when they're too cold later in the year - more important!).

It seems like if I'm going to buy a bmv temperature cable for $21 that'll take the place of my second voltage sensing cable, I might as well just get a https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/smart-battery-sense for my solar charger for $31 (well $39 for the newer version) and pull in temp with that and be able to get the voltage of both of my batteries.

Possible downsides:

1 - The voltage sensing on the bmv is supposed to be more accurate than that from the smart dongle, could that create conflicts?

2 - Having three things that need to communicate over bluetooth instead of two. Is the complexity worth it?

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BMV 712 temperature sensor and MPPT charge controller

I am installing some LiFePO4 batteries (not Victron ones, sorry!) in my van which will be charged by solar power. I have a BMV 712 installed with the optional temperature sensor. I also have a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT charge controller installed. What I want to know is do the two Victron products talk to each other? With LiFePO4 batteries, temperature is very important so I want to know whether the BMV tells the MPPT charger what the temperature of the batteries are so that it knows when to stop charging?

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What Temperature sensor can I use with the Cerbo?
  • Hi, is there available information on what type of temperature sensor can be used on Cerbo? Thanks Knut

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Temperature sensor not showing any reading


On our boat, I have a MultiPlus 12V 3k + two battery banks (house and starter) + two VE.Net battery monitors on each bank, all wired to VE.net panel. Each monitor, and the MultiPlus has its own temperature sensor wired to a negative terminal of the battery. On the VE.net monitor, the temperature is showing all the time as 20C, which I believe is the default value when the readout of the sensor is not possible. The actual ambient temperature where I am is higher than 20C, so it should show at least that.

How do I troubleshoot that?



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VRM+BMV712 - No Batt Temp

I have recently hooked up my BMV712/MPPT Solar to VRM portal via VenusOS - its really great and loving it so far.

I have battery temp being fed into the network by Smart Battery temp sensors. And this works as I can see Batt Temp on the solar? (or was it the BMV?)

Anyway - I was wondering if I am doing something wrong as despite the battery temp being on the network, it is not passed through to VRM.



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Is there a way to calibrate the temperature senor on the Venus GX

Connecting my new OEM Victron Temperature sensor to the Venus GX and the temperature is out by 3 deg > Is there a way to calibrate this out ? Voltage on terminals is 2.900V Venus reports it as 15 degC should be 17degC according to the voltage , + 1 deg due to inaccuracy of sensor itself as the actual temperature was 18 deg

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Skylla-IP44 Err 3: Battery temperature sensor miswired (-)

We run a pair of Skylla-IP44 12/60 chargers, running synced. Everything typically running solid. Latest firmware on all devices.

Several times now the error "Err 3: Battery temperature sensor miswired (-)" is being logged, and the charger goes into error. I believe a power cycle of the charger makes the error go away. As the chargers are synced, I can't tell from VRM whether which charger is encountering the error.

Download VRM Export for when the latest error occurred.


  1. What does this error actually mean?
  2. Could it be a loose connection, or does it mean something else which could not be intermittent in reality?
  3. Has anybody else encountered this?
  4. Potentially a firmware bug?

@mvader (Victron Energy)





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MPPT 1224-40 Temperature Sensor

The thermistor(?) on the BTS probe of my MPPT 1224-40 charge controller has broken off.

It was connected to the controller via an RJ45 connector. On each tails of the encapsulated thermistor there was a resistor soldered in series: one is 10k and the other is 76k.

I have a replacement sensor (genuine victron Im advised) that has the following characteristics : 96k at -20C (freezer), 10k at 20C (room temperature) & 1k at 100C (boiling water). Would this be a suibale sensor to solder in series with the existing resistors please?

Alternatively, can anyone advise the resistance characteristics of the BTS probe please?

Many thanks in advance

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Lithium battery charging in Arctic expedition conditions

@Ur12VMan , @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)

Hi 12VMan (and Victron staff please). I found your thread on Lithium battery protect settings while searching, but decided my comment should be a new question.

Thanks for your answer in that thread, mentioning that Victron lithium batteries issue a temperature alert at 5C. This gets my attention. My research to date was indicating that lithium batteries are OK for charging down to around 1C (and for discharging well below 0C, as an aside). I need to pursue this, as I'm planning to use Victron LiFePO4 batteries in Arctic conditions, in an expedition yacht that will be static for days to a week or two. Water temps will be down to around 2-3C, sometimes lower depending on icing. I'm looking into the need for heating for the battery box, which will be under the insulated floorboards and so outside of the primary heated spaces. If 5C is the real deal, I need to get serious with calculations on battery energy that might be consumed in making the batteries warm enough to be chargeable. Or other heating.

So, where is this 5C figure coming from? OK, I see +5C mentioned in the 12.8V LiFePO4 battery data sheet.

This prompts a few specific and important questions, about the Victron 12.8V 300Ah variants:

1. What is the lower internal battery temperature at which the battery signals to a connected BMS that charging is not permitted?

2. If the answer to Q1 is different than +5C, what is the consequence in terms of battery health (and charging efficiency?) of charging occurring between the two temperatures?

3. Does the answer to Q2 depend on the rate of charging?

4. If the internal battery temperature is just high enough for the battery to allow itself to be charged, and in this case at a low rate of 20A per battery (80A from a normal alternator, shared between 4 batteries), will this charging slowly warm the batteries up such that a higher rate of charging can be initiated in due course?

5. At what battery temperature (measured by a sensor on the positive terminal, or is there a way to get the internal temperature?) can high rate charging at ~150A per battery be initiated, such that no appreciable damage to battery health occurs? Would it be prudent to step the charging rate up slowly as the batteries warm up?

Clearly, it will be helpful if I rig a temperature sensor for the battery box, to guide appropriate action before each charging session.

The boat will use an Integrel On-Engine Charger (basically a big and very efficient second alternator) which can charge at up to a very high rate. Or it can be turned off so that charging is via the engine's standard alternator only. I might need to raise the battery box temperature before starting to charge each week or so. Heat from the main engine during these charging events will then help.

Thank you for your help with these questions. :-)

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Cerbo GX Temperature sensor update interval?


does anyone know the update interval for the generic temperature inputs (there are 4 of them) for the Cerbo GX (fw 2.52)?

I tried to follow up on the display, even trigger the temp sensor with my hairdryer, but it takes minutes if not longer to get an update on the console.

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HEX Protocol Whitepaper v.10 - Remote control section not clear

I bought Victron MPPT 100/50, BMV 702, Lithium SuperPack 768Wh, and even Victron solar panels. All of it because of the great community support and the ability to read status & control those devices without using manufacturer software.

Unfortunately, VE.Direct HEX Protocol MPPT whitepaper rev. 10 (latest) is promising a feature that does not work: the Remote control registers section (p. 18 and p. 20) states that it is possible to upload battery voltage and temperature to a MPPT (from a BMV). Well, this morning in Darmstadt, Germany my MPPT was happily full-blown bulk-charging the Lithium while the battery temperature was 4deg C. According to Victron SuperPack specs this is below the authorized level. All this in spite of a Python script constantly uploading BMV battery voltage and temperature to the MPPT.

Question (supplication...): can the Remote control registers section in HEX MPPT whitepaper be further clarified regarding the Battery voltage & temperature sense commands, their expected response (currently I'm getting "1"), and whether it is necessary to modify the MPPT Network mode to make them work?

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How many temp sensors should I use?

A temp sensor without a fuse came with the multiplus 24/3000. I can buy a (fused one?) for the shunt (bmv712) and I have ordered the Venus GX and returned the Ve.bus

Should I use the temp sensor for the multiplus on the multiplus? Should I buy more? How many? How many and where in this system?

(FYI - 4x battleborn 12v 100ah series parallel for 24v at 200ah)


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Smart Solar MPPT temperature compensation

Just bought the SmartSolar MPPT250/85 (SCC125085210) along with a Smart battery sense when I came by an article stating that the devices are incompatible:



1. Can/will the charger become compatible with the VE.smart networing and the Smart Battery Sense through a future firmware update, or is this a hardware issue?
2. On a system with a CCGX and BMV 702/712, can the SmartSolar charger voltage compensate from the temperature data on the BMV, that should be available on the VE.bus? DVCC?

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How can I connect an external temperature sensor to the CCGX Color Control?

dear all,

This demand is urgent pls!!!!

we have installed victron solution, which is use for a online monitoring of a telecommunication site here in nigeria. our clients are demanding they want to monitor the actual room temperature of the equipment room, instead of the battery temperature. based on this demand i will like know if there's any way to integrate an external temperature senor on the color control to capture and display the ambient temperature of the on the VRM portal or probably change the battery temperature display on the VRM portal to Ambient Temperature.

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1 Answer

BlueSolar MPPT 75/50 & External Voltage and Temp sensor to optimise charging

Hi team,

Seeking optimal setup for solar charging and ensuring live Volt and Temp values are used during charge cycle.

I understand the BlueSolar will use internal temp sense for baseline just prior to start of day charging. Can the MPPT use the temperature sensor on the 702 for live input during charge cycle to compensate from temperature.

Additionally can the MPPT source voltage at SHUNT on 702 to more actual gauge the votage level at the battery specifically rather that at the MPPT. (I have noted a differance from what the MPPT show as voltage vs what the 702 shows as voltage at the battery by 0.5VDC. The distance between MPPT and SHUNT/Temp Sensor is cable length POS of 5-6 meters plus return of same distanace for NEG. Cable gauge is 70mm2, so I don't believe differance is due to voltage drop over cable length?)

There are 2 x MPPTs and 2 x 702 are connected to VenusGX. I am currently running 702 with temp sensor, but in future would like to move to midpoint monitoring on 702 and use alternative battery temp sensor conneced to VenusGX for use by the MPPTs

Thank you.

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Phoenix Multi 12/1600/70 with 15xxxxx firmware


I have a Phoenix Multi 12/1600/70 which has 15xxxxx firmware (1501116.HEX). I know it is old, but it appears to be working well (I don't really want to replace it!) However, I would like to connect to it with ve.config, or any other application which might allow me to configure it and/or see its parameters. I have looked at the various manuals and whitepapers, but remain a little confused!

I would very much appreciate it if someone would answer the following questions:

1. Which RS485/RS232 interface would work? I believe it should be the Mk.2.2b, but I would like to make sure before I purchase one.

2. Which software should I use? I believe ve.configure Version 1 (although I can't seem to find Version 1 for download). Where can I find a download of ve.configure Version 1, or is there any other software which would connect?

3. Which remote panel would work with it?

4. Presently, there is no temperature sensor connected. Presumably, the temperature sensor currently sold for Phoenix chargers, which connects to the -ve pole of the battery, would be the one to go for, but is this correct?

Thanks in anticipation.



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Can the Multiplus Provide the shutoff temperature to a SmartSolar MPPT charger or Is a BMV required?

I plan on installing a Multiplus 3000 and an SmartSolar 100/30 MPPT charger. The internal BMS of my batteries does not provide low temperature cutoff. As such, I was planning on installing a temperature sensor for the purposes of monitoring when the batteries are too cold to charge, and connecting it to the Multiplus. Can the Multiplus share this temperature directly with the MPPT controller if I set up a VE.Bus network? I do not plan on using a Victron BMS.


kafolske asked
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bmv 712 temp sensor not displaying temperature?

hi all

bmv 712 smart with temp sensor on LiFePO powerplus 12v cell. it doesnt seem to work. i believe wiring is correct, have changed aux settings etc and just no read out. im missing something here but not sure what. help would be much appreciated. best wishes

SouthernOceanSolar asked
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1 Answer

Smart Battery Sense vs BMV712 Battery Sensor

I have a BMV712 battery monitor (with the temperature sensor) and a MPPT 100/50 smart solar controller. The controller manual calls for a "Smart Battery Sense" module for temperature compensation.

Question: Does the BMV712 temperature sensor provide the information to the controller or do I also need a "Smart Battery Sense" module?


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Low temperature cut off with Venus temperature sensor

Dear all,

I have a LiFePo Battery which is connected to a MPPT 150/35.
The MPPT is connected to a Venus GX via VE.Direct.
The Venus GX has a temperature sensor connected.

I need to disable the charge of the battery below 5°C.

My first idea was to setup a VE.Smart Network with a Smart Battery Sense, but in the FAQs there is information not to use this if a Venus GX is connected.

The next idea was to use the Venus temperature sensor with the "Shared Temperature"-Feature, but I found out, that this was planned for Venus OS v2.20, but then not released.

I have read that "Shared Temperature" is only available in connection with a BMV-702.

So the only solution is to use a BMV-702 with a temperature sensor and the "Shared Temperature"-Feature enabled in the Venus GX or is there any plan to include the Venus Temperature Sensor in the near future?

What is the best solution for a temperature cut-off in combination with a Venus GX?

Thank you


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Indoor/outdoor thermostat (air temp) for Victron Connect?

Hi! We build camper vans and would love to add a thermostat or two to display indoor and outdoor temperatures via the Victron Connect app. Does Victron or 3rd-party have a Victron Connect device for this?

robnovotny asked
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1 Answer

Battery Temperature monitoring with Lynx Shunt

I am installing an all Victron system in a vehicle consisting of 12V lithium batteries, Lynx distribution, Lynx shunt, Ve.Bus BMS, Multiplus, smart battery protects, MPPT, BuckBoost, Digital Multi Control, CCGX and am trying to determine how the battery temperature should be measured in order to prevent charging below 5 degrees.

I have a temperature sensor supplied with the Multiplus and what looks like a temperature sensor supplied with the Lynx shunt. I can't find any info for the Lynx shunt sensor - does it connect to negative or positive as the BMV? The only thing I found was "Please don’t use the 2-pin terminal block on the Lynx-shunt" from https://www.victronenergy.com/live/dc_distribution. If this means the sensor why is it supplied?

The CCGX manual states that DVCC should be enabled when the system is "standard" and there are "intelligent batteries" installed. In this case are the other temperature sensors redundant?

Any clarification appreciated.

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Discharge test halted by high temp sensor??? Why did this happen?

I was about an hour into a discharge test of my lithium system and the BMV-712 shut it down about an hour later (see chart) because of high temperature. The ambient temperature was about 70F. The battery bay ambient temperature was about 64F. I had a constant load (convection microwave set to Mix High 325 drawing about 1300W). The internal temperature of the batteries was 70F, according to my Bluetooth utility, at the end of the test. The BMV-712 temp input comes from the battery temp sensor that's connected to the POS battery terminal.

Why would I get this elevated temperature from the battery post while internal battery temperture is staying cool. TIA...

Other equipment includes: (2) Victron LiFePO4-Smart 12,8/300Ah with Bluetooth and Victron MultiPlus 12|3000|120-50|120V.


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Temperature compensation versus simple low temperature cut-off for Lithium

Are there any advantages of temperature compensation versus simple low temperature cut-off for Lithium batteries?

I have a BlueSolar MPPT 100/50, 768Wh 12V Victron Lithium SuperPack and a BMV-702 + Temperature sensor. I could buy Smart Bluetooth dongles and have an "active" temperature compensation on the MPPT. But I'd rather avoid Bluetooth and use a VE.Direct non inverting remote on-off cable with BMV-702 relay to setup simple a low temperature cut-off of the MPPT charging.

The whole system will be stored outdoors in a small metal cabinet (close to Frankfurt, Germany). I expect temperatures from 0 deg C to maybe 50 deg C.

Greg. asked
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SmartLithium Battery Temperature Sensor - believable?


I have 2x SmartLithium 12V/150Ah batteries, as a series 24V pair, located right next to each other.

Battery A claims its temperature is 8°C, with a 2°C offset (i.e. with no offset, 6°C)

Battery B claims its temperature is 6°C , with a 1°C offset (i.e. with no offset, 5°C )

The BMV temperature sensor connected to Battery A positive terminal reads 7°C.

Dedpending on who is correct, these temperatures are close to the "do not charge" threshold of 5°C.

Which should I believe?

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Pheonix Smart IP43 charger connection to temperature sensor?

Can the Victron Pheonix Smart IP43 charger connect to and use a battery temperature sensor?

I know there's a similar question out there but an answer has been added to that question which really isn't an answer and the question has been ignored for months.

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Low temperatute cut off?

It's starting to get cool here so I'm thinking about my LiFePO4 batteries. I have a Victron 100/50 MPPT and a Bmv712 connected via VE network and I have the BMV temperature lead connected to a battery terminal.

The MPPT is set to 5°c cut off but can you confirm this will prevent any charge going to my batteries until they get above 5°c?

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