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Phoenix smart 24/5000 high temp triggered, cannot clear, inverter in off state.

Have 2 phoenix inverters running 2 domestic systems from a 24V 16kWh LiFePO4 battery bank. 24/500 runs several low draw items year round and 24/5000 runs individual high draw items when required, at least that was the intention. Have sucessfully charged car using its 3pin plug 2.5kW for 3hrs without issue. Boiled kettle 3kW for prob 1min, no issues, and run microwave from it, always individually. I notice the circuit from the 24/5000 has switched off and now high temp alarm is permanent, even if inverter has been off for several hours. When switched on alarm cannot be cleared and inverter is fixed in 'off' state. The device is clearly protecting itself but it can't be over temperature when its been off and disconnected then reconnected and tried a few days later. Is there a thermistor which has gone to open circuit, or is there some other reset I am missing to clear the error? The 24/500 has been on permanently for 2 years without issue and I expected the same reliability from its big brother. Anyone have any ideas what I should look at please?

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Quattro 24/5000 Overheating with small Load from Time to Time

Run a Quattro 5000 with about 500Watt Load

From time to time the Quattro stopps working with Overheat alarm

Messured the Internal transformator Sensors Resistance and one gives me 51Ohm and one 61Ohm on normal Room Temperature, so i think one of these Sensors are defect

Can anyone give me a correct Value of these Sensors or a Diagramm of Resistance?

cannot look on the Sensors Type because they are in Transormator windings foil

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Replace one 500A MEGA fuse with two 250A fuses

Hi there,

I'm a little bit confused - haha :D

Preliminary information

My electronic setup basically looks like the automotive showcase from Victron with some slight differences. Key features:

  • 400Ah Victron Smart Batteries
  • 3000VA Multiplus
  • Lynx Distributor to connect the Multiplus (and 12V loads) to the batteries
  • 2x 95mm2 cables to connect the Multiplus to the Lynx Distributor
  • Copper bar to connect the main switch with the fuse

Example Use Case & Problem Description

My 3000VA Multiplus is mainly used for cooking. In the following scenario, I used a 2kW electric heater in the early morning because my heating system was not ready at this time. (Not a use case anymore, and just for a better understanding of what was going on).

As the electric heater was warming up the inside of our Sprinter van at half power (1kW) for 90mins, suddenly the Cerbo GX showed an over-temperature warning. I got up and took a look at the system. And right at the mounting point of the main system fuse (see the mark in the image below) the copper bar I used to connect the main switch with the fuse was extraordinarily hot (60°C).


I indeed did a test of the whole system months before and did know that this point was going somewhat of an issue as it will heat up first if the system is under high load. So I placed the Multiplus temperature sensor there, just in case. And, well, the alarm struck.

Thoughts & Question

Now I was thinking about how to solve this. (I also asked a friend how is an electrician, but for households and not for 12V/24V systems.)

I'm not quite sure if the problem exists because of the huge load that needs to "get through" this single fuse? Or can it be the different materials the fuse and the copper bar are made of that are causing friction and therefore this point heats up? Because all other parts of the system aren't even hot - sure - they are warm, but not hot :)

So, how about replacing the one 500A MEGA fuse with two 250A fuses to split the load like it is done with the Multiplus connection to the Lynx Distributor? I can't find any answers on this via Google or here.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Alternatives?

Thanks in advance

Fabian :)

P.S. Here's a picture of my setup :)


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Ruuvi tag sensor as Battery Temperature alarm

Now it is possible, I would like to set a Ruuvi tag temp sensor as alarm for my battery temperature.

As I have 2 x 230Ah lead acid batterys (24V), in 1 metal closed box, should I do:

  • 2 sensors? 1 sensor on the top of each battery? or
  • 1 Sensor at the centre of inside of the metal lid?

Thanks for your advise!

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New Quattro 15KVA shows "Temperatur" Alarm LED without any load


one of the brand new six 15KVA quattros shows a Temperature LED alarm right after installation and power up without any load connected to any of the output phases yet.

Due to this the whole three-phase system does not work now. The respective Quattro does not start even in isolated single phase solo configuration because of the "Temperature "alarm (zero load)

Does anyone have a repair or workaround advice? I am in a bush hospital of Africa, sending the unit back home for warranty repair is impossible.

We have all kind of test and measurement tools with us for field repair.

Thanks for any advice

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Alarms - Automatic Reset

EasySolar 24/1600/40

I keep getting a transient battery temp alarm. This comes on and I've traced it to a heater blowing hot air over the sensor.

But the only way I can find to reset it is manual. What I want to do is firstly delay the alarm activation (something like trigger alarm if condition exists for longer than x minutes). And automatically clear when condition clears. Also with a time setting.

Searched all over, found nothing. Nothing in the manual, nothing in the configuration software. But I'm very good at not finding things. Has anyone come across this?

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Victron Quattro 10KW delivering only half rated power

I have dual Quattro 10kva/120s in split phase. We are 'off grid' and have exactly 20kva solar input available using enphase micro-inverters a/c coupled to AC-OUT1. For the battery storage we have 110KWH of lithium ion batteries. These feed the inverters via a Lynx 1000amp bus system with 4/0 cables going to the inverters. Quattro firmware is 430.

When the sun is shining, I have plenty of power available, no issues whatsoever. We can routinely run 15 to 17000 watts of electrical load and STILL charge the batteries at 100-150 amps DC. No thermal or overload issues at all.

However, once the sun is down, if loads go above 10000 watts for any length of time L2 gets a temperature alarm and shuts down the system. This is most frustrating. Our entire farm is on this system, including AC, water heater, well pump, etc. At time of shutdown the Color control shows 4900 watts draw on L1 and 5010 watts draw on L2.

Our A/C draws about 20 amps (240v) when running, which is right at 100 amps of dc.

Throw in another load, such as charging one of our EVs at 20 amps (240v) and the system will only run for between 10 and 20 minutes before we get the dreaded:

VE.Bus System Automatic monitoring Temperature L2: Alarm 2021-06-16 20:06:37 1m, 15s

appears and the inverters shut down.

MOST annoying.

We are using a 1000 amp Lynx system with two sets of 4/0 battery cables to the Quattros.

Cables are matched for length and size.

What can be done to increase my available power when running on batteries?

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Multiplus temperature warning light comes on and shuts down the charging.

Like a lot of people I recently developed trouble with the temperature warning light flashing on on Multiplus 24/3000/70. When charging the batteries (2 x 240 ah lead acid) from about 75% charged the input amps (according to my BMV712 ) are about 50 amps and the unit displays "Bulk". After about 2 minutes the battery warning light flashes on and the charge drops to zero. A few seconds later the temp warning light goes off, the charge slowly returns to 50 amps. A minute later the temperature light flashes again, charging drops to zero, temp light stops flashing, and charge creeps back up to 50 amps. It will keep doing this until the unit switches to "absorption", delivering about 30 amps, which stops the temp light coming on. The pattern happens regardless of whether it is switched to inverter on or charging only. I have tried it having rested the machine overnight. I am in north Netherlands at the moment so ambient temps not a problem. I have removed the unit from the cupboard and put a fan against it, but no change. I charge with a 7kva generator, with a stable sine wave. The system has worked well till now.

We are cruising and hoping the unit does not need to be sent away for repair.

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Relation / Action to Battery temperature

Yesterday my battery temperature rose above 30°C, I got a warning, , no alarm.
But in the charge characteristics I did not notice a reaction of the Quatro.
At what temperature a reaction will be noticeable?

Thanks, Harold


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