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Fake High temperature Alarm Quattro 10,000VA


when I turned ON the AC input 1 or AC input 2 in my Quattro 10Kva, the red light " high-temperature warning " blinked, but this warning is fake and the Inverter is cold and working well.

- this fake warning appears only when the battery is full or between 97 to 99 %, if the batteries need to charge from the Quattro no problem, and no warning appears.

Cerbo Version 2.89, Quattro V497, Smartshunt V4.08, ESS mode.

If the Power from AC1 or AC2 is used for Load or to charge the batteries, no warning light, and no problem. but if the batteries are full and have low load consumption this is the problem. In ESS mode, the "Keep batteries charged " option creat to many fake high temp alarms, but "Optimized without BatteryLife" with minimum SOC = 90 to 95% is ok and working without Warnings.

batteries used : SUNLIGHT RES- 6 -SOPZsS - 965 A

Any Help Please?



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DE - Easyplus schaltet bei Landstrom in Alarm

Hallo in die Runde,

ich versuche mein Glück noch im deutschsprachigen Bereich.

Es handelt sich um eine Installation im Wohnmobil mit folgenden Komponenten:

Aufbaubatterie: Liontron LiFePo 200AH

Shunt: Victron SmartShunt 500A

Inverter: MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 (EasyPlus)

Anzeige: Cerbo GX

Input Landstrom: CCE -> FI -> Sicherung -> Easyplus

Das System arbeitet grundsätzlich gut. Der Inverter tut seinen Job.

Wenn ich allerdings Landstrom anschließe, haut es alles zusammen.

Das Alarmlicht am Easyplus geht an, am Cerbo werden Fehlermeldungen angezeigt. Die Batteriespannung sei zu niedrig, die Temperatur zu hoch.




Vorher - nur Inverter, ohne Landstrom:






Nachher - Landstrom angeschlossen:






Hat jemand einen Anhaltspunkt, mit dem ich weiter den Fehler suchen kann, oder vielleicht schon eine Lösung?

Danke und viele Grüße

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Quattro Randomly Indicating Temperature Alarm - Internal Sensor Error?

The first time I started this Quattro 48/8000 it showed a temperature alarm and wouldn't start inverting. After a few minutes the alarm cleared spontaneously and I assumed that it was just a fluke. Now it is re-occurring randomly, usually when Quattro is in passthru mode and not at all hot. Another post mentioned that sometimes the cable to the temperature sensor could become detached in shipping. I have located those connectors and they are attached. Disconnecting them will produce the fault when everything is functioning. The fault seems to last anywhere from 20 seconds to hours. I cannot use the Quattro, even in passthru, during that time. It's part of a three phase system, no issues with the other phases. Not overloaded or really hot, running about 34C now but has gone up to 46C with no problems. Battery temperature sense is not connected. Fans are running at high speed on the affected inverter. Temperature light blinks on startup and then goes solid.

Can anyone give details about the internal temperature sensors on the Quattro? How to test? A new inverter is several weeks away if we have to go that route. The dealer is involved but hasn't seen this error before. Would prefer to be able to replace parts as I have a way to get small parts in the next week or so if I know what to order.

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New Quattro 15KVA shows "Temperatur" Alarm LED without any load


one of the brand new six 15KVA quattros shows a Temperature LED alarm right after installation and power up without any load connected to any of the output phases yet.

Due to this the whole three-phase system does not work now. The respective Quattro does not start even in isolated single phase solo configuration because of the "Temperature "alarm (zero load)

Does anyone have a repair or workaround advice? I am in a bush hospital of Africa, sending the unit back home for warranty repair is impossible.

We have all kind of test and measurement tools with us for field repair.

Thanks for any advice

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Temperature L1: Warning


We keep receiving this "Temperature L1: Warning" message in the last period of time, an alarm that's always cleared after a few seconds.

Does anyone have any idea what's this about?


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BMV 712 and 24V DC / 120V AC Quattro with Cerbo GX

We have a 24V DC Quattro 110-120V AC Inverter/Charger and want to be able to shut off charging from the Quattro to the non-Victron lithium batteries when the temperature drops below a certain point. The system also has a CerboGX and BMV-712 wired in. The Quattro temperature sensor is connected to the 24V battery pack and we have a second temperate sensor we can connect from the BMV-712 smart shunt to the batteries if needed.

Currently the Quattro only measures high battery temperatures as we under stand it. Is there a way to get the relay in the Quattro to disconnect Quattro battery charging if the temperature drops below a certain point?

Thank you for your help with this.

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Cerbo GX Temperature Control Limits

I have the Cerbo GX and a relay connected to a fan. Multiplus II and two SmartSolar Controllers.

Is it possible from the Cerbo GX to watch the temperature of the SmartShunt? Or I see an option to turn on the relay with an Alarm. Can I specifically wait for a temperature alarm?


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Phoenix Smart Inverter 24/3000 overheating problem

I have a Phoenix Smart Inverter 24/3000 and an overheating problem. The device works, but after 1 hour it issues a warning "High temperature alarm/warning". I note that the outside temperature is 25°C, and the consumer's power is 1990VA (picture in att.) I also connected an additional (external) cooler, but without results.

Please help...




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Temperature alarms should not need relay assignment

Currently, the alarm for a temperature sensor is not available unless the condition is assigned to a relay. I would like the alarm conditions to be available even if a relay is not assigned to temperature.

What good is an alarm if it is not assigned to a relay? Answer: the alarm status can be displayed where the actual temperature is shown (like in GuiMods mobile overview and flow overviews). A notification could also be generated but that is currently not happening.

Also the location of the alarm settings is a bit odd as it's in the relay configuration page, not in the temperature sensor setup itself.

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alarme température phoenix inverter 48/3000


apres 1 heure d'utilisation dans une piece a temperature ambiante de 20°c et une puissance de 2300W (alimentation de la résistance d'un chauffe eau), mon convertisseur phoenix 48/3000 a le voyant rouge defaut de température qui clignote et se met en alarme température peu de temps après .

le ventilateur tourne bien a grande vitesse d'après le bruit .

j'ai enlevé le capot du dessus pour une meilleure circulation de l'air ,mais rien ni fait.

pour info il ne paraît pas chaud

les caractéristiques de cet appareil indiquent pourtant une puissance de 2400w continue a 25°c

est ce une panne ?

merci cdt

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"Battery temperature too high" setting for MPPT?


Device: Solar Charger; Triggered by: Automatic monitoring; Description: Error code: #1 - Battery temperature too high

Error received and MPPT shut down when battery temp hits 50°C as reported by SBS. Where is that setting? I can't find it in MPPT, CCGX or SBS.

System consisting of:

  • MPPT 250/100
  • Quattro 48/5000 120V w/temp sensor
  • 4S2P Trojan T-1275 FLA
  • CCGX
  • BMV-702 w/temp sensor (shared current/voltage sense)
  • SBS (VE.Smart with MPPT)



A remote installation suffered from battery neglect. 4S 2P 12V for 48V system voltage: one string of 4S 12V was experiencing very high temperatures under moderate charging with substantial electrolyte loss. SBS is on one battery in this string, but BMV was shared temp sense on the healthy string, so temp comp and alarms were based on the healthy string. During troubleshooting and testing, ailing string was observed to be... 64°C. Confirmed with IR thermometer.

Bank replacement is planned, but "limped" minimal use is needed for a few more weeks. Current and absorption voltage reduced to better manage temperature. Extended absorption phase to compensate for lower absorption voltage.

Sample simultaneous readings:

  • SBS on side of Battery 1: 38°C
  • BMV-702 on Battery 1, (+) post: 33°C
  • Quattro on Battery 4, (-) post: 27°C

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Phoenix smart 24/5000 high temp triggered, cannot clear, inverter in off state.

Have 2 phoenix inverters running 2 domestic systems from a 24V 16kWh LiFePO4 battery bank. 24/500 runs several low draw items year round and 24/5000 runs individual high draw items when required, at least that was the intention. Have sucessfully charged car using its 3pin plug 2.5kW for 3hrs without issue. Boiled kettle 3kW for prob 1min, no issues, and run microwave from it, always individually. I notice the circuit from the 24/5000 has switched off and now high temp alarm is permanent, even if inverter has been off for several hours. When switched on alarm cannot be cleared and inverter is fixed in 'off' state. The device is clearly protecting itself but it can't be over temperature when its been off and disconnected then reconnected and tried a few days later. Is there a thermistor which has gone to open circuit, or is there some other reset I am missing to clear the error? The 24/500 has been on permanently for 2 years without issue and I expected the same reliability from its big brother. Anyone have any ideas what I should look at please?

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Quattro 24/5000 Overheating with small Load from Time to Time

Run a Quattro 5000 with about 500Watt Load

From time to time the Quattro stopps working with Overheat alarm

Messured the Internal transformator Sensors Resistance and one gives me 51Ohm and one 61Ohm on normal Room Temperature, so i think one of these Sensors are defect

Can anyone give me a correct Value of these Sensors or a Diagramm of Resistance?

cannot look on the Sensors Type because they are in Transormator windings foil

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Replace one 500A MEGA fuse with two 250A fuses

Hi there,

I'm a little bit confused - haha :D

Preliminary information

My electronic setup basically looks like the automotive showcase from Victron with some slight differences. Key features:

  • 400Ah Victron Smart Batteries
  • 3000VA Multiplus
  • Lynx Distributor to connect the Multiplus (and 12V loads) to the batteries
  • 2x 95mm2 cables to connect the Multiplus to the Lynx Distributor
  • Copper bar to connect the main switch with the fuse

Example Use Case & Problem Description

My 3000VA Multiplus is mainly used for cooking. In the following scenario, I used a 2kW electric heater in the early morning because my heating system was not ready at this time. (Not a use case anymore, and just for a better understanding of what was going on).

As the electric heater was warming up the inside of our Sprinter van at half power (1kW) for 90mins, suddenly the Cerbo GX showed an over-temperature warning. I got up and took a look at the system. And right at the mounting point of the main system fuse (see the mark in the image below) the copper bar I used to connect the main switch with the fuse was extraordinarily hot (60°C).


I indeed did a test of the whole system months before and did know that this point was going somewhat of an issue as it will heat up first if the system is under high load. So I placed the Multiplus temperature sensor there, just in case. And, well, the alarm struck.

Thoughts & Question

Now I was thinking about how to solve this. (I also asked a friend how is an electrician, but for households and not for 12V/24V systems.)

I'm not quite sure if the problem exists because of the huge load that needs to "get through" this single fuse? Or can it be the different materials the fuse and the copper bar are made of that are causing friction and therefore this point heats up? Because all other parts of the system aren't even hot - sure - they are warm, but not hot :)

So, how about replacing the one 500A MEGA fuse with two 250A fuses to split the load like it is done with the Multiplus connection to the Lynx Distributor? I can't find any answers on this via Google or here.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Alternatives?

Thanks in advance

Fabian :)

P.S. Here's a picture of my setup :)


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Ruuvi tag sensor as Battery Temperature alarm

Now it is possible, I would like to set a Ruuvi tag temp sensor as alarm for my battery temperature.

As I have 2 x 230Ah lead acid batterys (24V), in 1 metal closed box, should I do:

  • 2 sensors? 1 sensor on the top of each battery? or
  • 1 Sensor at the centre of inside of the metal lid?

Thanks for your advise!

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