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Temperature alarms on charge controllers

I’ve got to MPPT 250/100s that are simultaneously reporting battery temperature high alarms. There’s no battery temp sensor connected. The battery temps are in the 50s F. Nothing is hot. It’s below freezing outside. It’s 50 degrees where the controller is. The controllers are not charging the batteries now.


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48v 60v High voltage alarm: Alarm out of nowhere, no changes? TEMP shows -25C

48v system 2 sets of 4x12/200Ah total 400Ah. Aokly GEL

SOLAR: Two strings de 200v 10amp
Cerbo GX v2.92
Quattro-II 48/5000/70-2x50 v500
MPTT 250/70 v3.13
Smartshunt 500A v4.12

The alarms have started since this Monday and never seen them before, no changes have been made lately until today I started checking out the settings.

The alarms are being triggered when it goes from Absorption to Bulk from what I saw on the stats on Monday and Tuesday.

I updated and reset the parameters for the MPTT again as I was updated to 3.13 but I am not sure where to look at as they look OK to me.

I have turned off the charger as I was triggering the high voltage alarm again.

I also noticed the MPTT temperature shows -25C which is wrong. maybe it causing the problem?

is there anyway I can reboot the Quattro remotely? if that helps I am not onsite.

any suggestions what should I check next?







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Phoenix 24/3000, 2.3kW load, high temperature alarm at ambient of +8°C


I have tested my Phoenix Smart 24/3000 connected to a battery to charge a car with 10A at 230V and at a cool ambient temperature of +8°C. The Phoenix is mounted on a concrete wall and there is plenty of free air below and above the Phoenix. The air and the wall did not heated up significantly during this test.

The remote console showed 2.25...2.3kW during the test. But after ~2h the Phoenix sent a temperature warning and turned off completely some minutes later. I did not expected a high temperature shutdown at this low ambient temperatures. For sure in summer I would have expected this behaviour as Phoenix is rated for 2400W up to +25°C ambient temperature. But it looks like I have to reduce the charging current even in the winter season (need a new charging cable to test).

Does anybody can confirm this behavior or is it possible my Phoenix has an cooling/efficiency issue and should be claimed at Victron?

Thanks in advance, any hint is appreciated.


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Multiplus temperature warning light comes on and shuts down the charging.

Like a lot of people I recently developed trouble with the temperature warning light flashing on on Multiplus 24/3000/70. When charging the batteries (2 x 240 ah lead acid) from about 75% charged the input amps (according to my BMV712 ) are about 50 amps and the unit displays "Bulk". After about 2 minutes the battery warning light flashes on and the charge drops to zero. A few seconds later the temp warning light goes off, the charge slowly returns to 50 amps. A minute later the temperature light flashes again, charging drops to zero, temp light stops flashing, and charge creeps back up to 50 amps. It will keep doing this until the unit switches to "absorption", delivering about 30 amps, which stops the temp light coming on. The pattern happens regardless of whether it is switched to inverter on or charging only. I have tried it having rested the machine overnight. I am in north Netherlands at the moment so ambient temps not a problem. I have removed the unit from the cupboard and put a fan against it, but no change. I charge with a 7kva generator, with a stable sine wave. The system has worked well till now.

We are cruising and hoping the unit does not need to be sent away for repair.

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Permanent Temperature Alarm

Anyone had any problems with the internal temperature alarm? My system has a permanent temperature alarm. I suspect it is the internal temperature chip that went faulty. Also can someone advise what the chip details is?

My system details. Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120/50

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Lynx Shunt VE.Can did not shut down MPPT charger due to High Battery Temp

A terminal fault in the battery caused one string to overheat, received battery over temp alarm however had to disable solar charger manually as the BMS did not shut off charging. This would have caused the batteries to severely overheat. Does the BMS in the Lynx shunt not provide this failsafe?

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Phoenix Smart Inverter 24/3000 overheating problem

I have a Phoenix Smart Inverter 24/3000 and an overheating problem. The device works, but after 1 hour it issues a warning "High temperature alarm/warning". I note that the outside temperature is 25°C, and the consumer's power is 1990VA (picture in att.) I also connected an additional (external) cooler, but without results.

Please help...




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Fake High temperature Alarm Quattro 10,000VA


when I turned ON the AC input 1 or AC input 2 in my Quattro 10Kva, the red light " high-temperature warning " blinked, but this warning is fake and the Inverter is cold and working well.

- this fake warning appears only when the battery is full or between 97 to 99 %, if the batteries need to charge from the Quattro no problem, and no warning appears.

Cerbo Version 2.89, Quattro V497, Smartshunt V4.08, ESS mode.

If the Power from AC1 or AC2 is used for Load or to charge the batteries, no warning light, and no problem. but if the batteries are full and have low load consumption this is the problem. In ESS mode, the "Keep batteries charged " option creat to many fake high temp alarms, but "Optimized without BatteryLife" with minimum SOC = 90 to 95% is ok and working without Warnings.

batteries used : SUNLIGHT RES- 6 -SOPZsS - 965 A

Any Help Please?



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Quattro Randomly Indicating Temperature Alarm - Internal Sensor Error?

The first time I started this Quattro 48/8000 it showed a temperature alarm and wouldn't start inverting. After a few minutes the alarm cleared spontaneously and I assumed that it was just a fluke. Now it is re-occurring randomly, usually when Quattro is in passthru mode and not at all hot. Another post mentioned that sometimes the cable to the temperature sensor could become detached in shipping. I have located those connectors and they are attached. Disconnecting them will produce the fault when everything is functioning. The fault seems to last anywhere from 20 seconds to hours. I cannot use the Quattro, even in passthru, during that time. It's part of a three phase system, no issues with the other phases. Not overloaded or really hot, running about 34C now but has gone up to 46C with no problems. Battery temperature sense is not connected. Fans are running at high speed on the affected inverter. Temperature light blinks on startup and then goes solid.

Can anyone give details about the internal temperature sensors on the Quattro? How to test? A new inverter is several weeks away if we have to go that route. The dealer is involved but hasn't seen this error before. Would prefer to be able to replace parts as I have a way to get small parts in the next week or so if I know what to order.

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New Quattro 15KVA shows "Temperatur" Alarm LED without any load


one of the brand new six 15KVA quattros shows a Temperature LED alarm right after installation and power up without any load connected to any of the output phases yet.

Due to this the whole three-phase system does not work now. The respective Quattro does not start even in isolated single phase solo configuration because of the "Temperature "alarm (zero load)

Does anyone have a repair or workaround advice? I am in a bush hospital of Africa, sending the unit back home for warranty repair is impossible.

We have all kind of test and measurement tools with us for field repair.

Thanks for any advice

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Temperature L1: Warning


We keep receiving this "Temperature L1: Warning" message in the last period of time, an alarm that's always cleared after a few seconds.

Does anyone have any idea what's this about?


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BMV 712 and 24V DC / 120V AC Quattro with Cerbo GX

We have a 24V DC Quattro 110-120V AC Inverter/Charger and want to be able to shut off charging from the Quattro to the non-Victron lithium batteries when the temperature drops below a certain point. The system also has a CerboGX and BMV-712 wired in. The Quattro temperature sensor is connected to the 24V battery pack and we have a second temperate sensor we can connect from the BMV-712 smart shunt to the batteries if needed.

Currently the Quattro only measures high battery temperatures as we under stand it. Is there a way to get the relay in the Quattro to disconnect Quattro battery charging if the temperature drops below a certain point?

Thank you for your help with this.

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Cerbo GX Temperature Control Limits

I have the Cerbo GX and a relay connected to a fan. Multiplus II and two SmartSolar Controllers.

Is it possible from the Cerbo GX to watch the temperature of the SmartShunt? Or I see an option to turn on the relay with an Alarm. Can I specifically wait for a temperature alarm?


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Temperature alarms should not need relay assignment

Currently, the alarm for a temperature sensor is not available unless the condition is assigned to a relay. I would like the alarm conditions to be available even if a relay is not assigned to temperature.

What good is an alarm if it is not assigned to a relay? Answer: the alarm status can be displayed where the actual temperature is shown (like in GuiMods mobile overview and flow overviews). A notification could also be generated but that is currently not happening.

Also the location of the alarm settings is a bit odd as it's in the relay configuration page, not in the temperature sensor setup itself.

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alarme température phoenix inverter 48/3000


apres 1 heure d'utilisation dans une piece a temperature ambiante de 20°c et une puissance de 2300W (alimentation de la résistance d'un chauffe eau), mon convertisseur phoenix 48/3000 a le voyant rouge defaut de température qui clignote et se met en alarme température peu de temps après .

le ventilateur tourne bien a grande vitesse d'après le bruit .

j'ai enlevé le capot du dessus pour une meilleure circulation de l'air ,mais rien ni fait.

pour info il ne paraît pas chaud

les caractéristiques de cet appareil indiquent pourtant une puissance de 2400w continue a 25°c

est ce une panne ?

merci cdt

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